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Business letters: unplaced, 1813-1900

Reference Code: GBR/0012/MS JM/B11

Scope and Contents

Business letters sent from unknown places, comprised of 5,690 principal letters and 33 supplementary letters. The correspondents include the following names:

Abdool; H.H. Abercrombie; Edward James Ackroyd (Register, Supreme Court); A.E. Abraham; Achim; Acow & Co. (Akoe & Co. or Akow & Co.); James Adams (Chief Mate, 'Equestrian'); William Stanley Adams M.D. (of Glasgow); C. Murray Adamson; William Adamson; R.F. Addyman; Aderjee Sapoorjee; Afong; A.L. Agabeg Jnr; A.V. de R. Aggersborg; J.A. Ahlmann (P. & O. Steam Navigation Co.); John Ahlmann (Captain of the 'Otto'); Ahmedbhoy Habibbhoy (A. Habibbhoy); Akew; Aladinbhoy Habibhoy (A. Habibhoy); Allock; Thomas Allport; J.M. d'Almada e Castro (Colonial Secretary's Office, Hong Kong); L. d'Almada e Castro (Colonial Secretary's Office, Hong Kong); T. Alston (Captain of the 'Mor'); Mrs Rufina Angelica C. Aguiar; Ahyon; Major Edward Aldrich (Royal Engineers); James Alexander (of the 'Juliet'); William Henry Alexander (Registrar, Supreme Court, Hong Kong); Edward Fleet Alford; Robert Gervase Alford; John Allcock (of the 'Charles Grant'); Isaac J. Allen (U.S. Consul, Hong Kong); Joseph W. Allen; Frederick P. Alleyn; Richard T. Allison (of U.S.S. 'Macedonian'); Rowland Allport; Walter E. Allum; [ ] Almeida; Jose d'Almeida Jnr; A.F. Alves (accountant, Colonial Treasury); J.L. Alves de Selavisa (3rd clerk, Harbour Master's Office, Hong Kong); S.W. Alvord; Alvord & Co.; Ameeroodeen Jafferbhai & Co.; Ameeroodin & Jafferbhoy; L. Amery; Amoo; Dr Alexander Anderson; Captain George Cobham Anderson (Marine Superintendent, Jardine Matheson, Hong Kong); Graham Anderson; Peter Anderson; Edward Andrews; Francis Andrews; J.A. Andrews; F.J. Angier; Alexander Forbes Angus (tea inspector for Jardine, Matheson & Co.); J. Keith Angus; F.D.H. Anson; J.C. Anthon; M.A. Anthony; Margaret F. Anthony; A.A. Apcar; E. Apel; E. Apel & Co.; T.G. Appel; M.J. d'Aquino; George A. Archer; [ ] Armstrong; John A. Armstrong (Thomas Hunt & Co.); P. Armstrong; Armstrong & Lawrence; George Armstrong; John Martin Armstrong (Thomas Hunt & Co.); George Armstrong & Co.; Arnhold, Karberg & Co.; Thomas Arnold; William M.B. Arthur (English master, Diocesan Orphanage); George Elliott Ashburner; [ ] Ashton; Assing; Francisco de Assis Fernandes; [ ] Astell; Otto Asverus; Editor of the 'Athenaeum'; [ ] Austen; [ ] Austin; C.W. Austin; F.J.W.C. Austin; John Gardiner Austin; W.E. Ayers; A. d'Azevedo; Florentino Antonio de Azevedo.

C.F.J. Baar (Imperial Martime Customs); Edward Baker; O.H. Baker (Thomas Hunt & Co.); Captain R.E. Baker (General Manager, Hong Kong & Whampoa Dock Co.); S.W. Baker (Bowra & Co.); George Balfour; Balguerie & Co.; Samuel Ball; W. Ball (Assistant, China Dispensary, Engholm & Co.); T. Frederick Ballance; H.A. Ballard; Aurelio Ballen (of the 'Clarita' and 'Carmen'); [ ] Balley (Edwards & Balley, San Francisco); Juan Ballo; Balls & Co.; D. Bamfield; A.H. Bancroft; Bank of Western India; Robert Barbour & Brother; Captain Robert Barcham; John Thomas Barclay; G.W. Barkley; C.W. Barnes (Olyphant & Co.); George Barnet; D.J. Barradas; J. Barrato; J. Barrett (of the 'Prince of Wales' and 'Black Dog'); [ ] Barretto; Bartolomeu Barretto; Bartolomeu Antonio Barretto; Francisco Barretto; João Antonio Barretto; L.F. Barretto; Luis Barretto; B.A. Barretto & Co.; Captain Juan José de Barroetabeña; J.D. Barrutia; Charles E. Bateson; David Baxter; Henry Vincent Bayley; Captain H.P. Baylis; Revd William Henry Baynes; Revd Canon William Roberts Beach; Thomas Beale; Edward Beart; Thomas G. Beazley (Captain of the 'Isabel Quintana' and 'Catalina'); Harry Macdonald Becher; [ ] Beckett; Ernst Behre; Gustav Behre; E.R. Belilios; [ ] Bell; Charles Bell (Captain of the 'Mercury'); Frederick Hailey Bell; Thomas Bell M.D. (of Ecclefechan and S.S. 'Pekin' and S.S. 'Singapore'); William Harvey Bell ('Daily Press'); John Bell-Irving; R. Belman; J. Bennett; Mrs M.I. Bernard; Robert Bernhard; Robert Berry; D.R. Berwick; James Berwick; William Fraser Bevan; Henry Beveridge; A. Bielfeld; H. Biggs; Steen Andersen Bille; Andrew C. Bing; H.H. Birch (of the 'Cowasjee Family'); Alexander Bird; T.R. Bird; T.J. Birdseye; H. Bjôrling; Frederick H. Black; J. Black (Manager, Sayle & Co.); John Black; A. Noel Blakeman; Franklin Blake (Augustine Heard & Co.); George Blakeway; Henry P. Blanchard; J.H. Bletterman; James Henry Blight; Frederick Horsen Block; Arthur Boate (Deputy Storekeeper, Ordnance Department); C.F.W. Bohm (of the 'Staghound'); Captain Charles James Bolton; Bomanjee & Ardaseer Hormasjee; Bomanjee Jamsetjee; Samuel George Bonham; B.G. Boon (purser of S.S. 'Malta'); George D. Bonnyman (of the 'Pantaloon'); V. Booth; Captain Dionisio Bordenave; Borneo Company Ltd; Thomas S. Borradaile; A. Botelho; G.S. Botelho (compositor, 'Hong Kong Times'); R. Bottado; C.D. Bottomley; Bottomley & Hughes; W.E. Boudinot; William H. Boulnois; John Henry Boulton (Assistant Paymaster, Royal Navy); Bourjau, Hübener & Co.; E. Boustead; R. Bowes; Thomas Ide Bowler; Charles Woollett Bowra; J.H. Bowra; William Addenbrooke Bowra; Bowra & Co.; Bowra, Humphreys & Co.; Clara Mara Aloysia Bowring (daugher of Lewin B. Bowring); John Charles Bowring; C. Boyd; William Sprott Boyd (also Thomas Podé, pseudonym); George H. Bradbury; J.O. Bradford; Charles William Bradley Jnr (Spanish Consular Agent, Swatow); James Bradshaw (of the 'Vixen', 'Pathfinder' and 'Bomanjee'); [ ] Braine; C.J. Braine; George Thomas Braine; Walter Bramston; Adolph Branth; Georgina Brereton (daughter of W.H. Brereton); William Henry Brereton; Brereton & Wotton; W.E. Brewster; William Thomas Bridges; Elijah Coleman Bridgman; George Briggs (retired Major General, Royal Madras Artillery); J.W. Brimelow; C.H. Brinley; Anthony Broadbear & Co.; G.F. Brockett; C. Brodersen; J. Brodie (of the 'Jane Serena'); John Brodie; Rudolf Bröndsted; Gustavus Travers Brooke (Captain, 55th Foot); A. Brooking; Charles Wolcott Brooks (Japanese Consul at San Francisco); E. Burrows Brown; Samuel Brown (Surveyor General); Samuel Robbins Brown; Brown & Co.; Frederick Bruce (Chief Mate of the 'Thomas Arbuthnot'); Frederick William Adolphus Bruce; E. Brunckow; H.P. Bryan; Captain Bryant (of the 'Sarah'); Captain Brydin; W. Buckler; William Buckler Jnr; Mrs Buckton; Charles Buckton; Francis Bulkeley Bulkeley-Johnson (also Francis Bulkeley Johnson, afterwards Bulkeley-Johnson); Bull, Purdon & Co.; John Burd (Captain of the 'Norden' and 'Syden'); John Burd & Co.; Burd, Lange & Co.; John Shaw Burdon (Bishop of Victoria); Richard Burgass; J.W.H. Burgoyne; Abraham Joseph Burley (Captain of the 'John', 'Zenobia' and 'Falcon'); [ ] Burn; C. Burn; David Bryce Burn (Lieutenant, 75th Foot); David Laing Burn (of the 'Edinburgh'); J. Burnett; E. Burnie; O. Hoffman Burrows; Silas E. Burrows; Silas E. Burrows Jnr; F.T. Bush; L.L. Bush; Bush & Co.; Bush, Halsted & Co.; Captain Bushby (of the barque 'Sanderson'); Revd Charles Henry Butcher (Consular Chaplain, Shanghai); William Ormonde Butler (Royal Naval Lieutenant, H.M.S. 'Bittern'); Richard Butt.

Alexander Tod Cadell (Madras Royal Artillery); George Whittingham Caine (Consular Service); Major William Caine (Colonial Secretary of Hong Kong); John Cairns; Robert C. Cairns; Captain Caldbeck (of the 'Bencoolen'); D.R. Caldwell; Daniel E. Caldwell; Henry Charles Caldwell (notary public); Reuben Calhoun (of the 'Isabella Hyne'); Robert Rogerson Calvert; [ ] Cameron; George Paulett Cameron; A. Campbell; Archibald Campbell (Fletcher & Co.); Archibald Neil Campbell (Captain of the Eighteenth Royal Irish Regiment); Colin Campbell (Lieutenant-Colonel, 98th Regiment); H. Campbell (Captain of the 'Queen'); James Campbell (G.P.O.); John Campbell; John Campbell (owner of the 'Fiery Cross'); S.L.D. Campbell; E.P. Campos (P. & O. Steam Navigation Co.); Jir Canaca; J.H. Cannan; J.M. Canny; Canton Insurance Office Ltd; Carapiet & Co.; Thomas Carey (of the 'Juliet'); Fernando F. Carion; Carlowitz & Co.; Carlowitz, Harknt & Co.; Farquhar Carnie; Frederick Stanley Carpenter (Deputy Assistant Commissary General); [ ] Carr; John Carr; R. Carroll; Augustus Carter; John Carter; T. & H. Carter & Co.; A.H. Carvalho; L. Carvalho; John Cass; Cassimbhoy Nathabhoy & Co. (also Casseembhoy Nathabhoy & Co. and Cassumbhoy Nathabhoy & Co.); Luigi Castagnino; H. Castilla (Captain of the 'Lamont' and 'River Bird'); J.M. Cawkitt (of the 'John Taylor'); Robert Dundas Cay; Cyril Cecil; Alexandrino Antonio de Mello, Viscount of Cercal; Antonio Alexandre de Mello, Viscount of Cercal; J. Chadwick (of the 'Santiago'); M.J. Chagas; C.B. Chamberlaine; Albert Fry Chambers (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Kathleen Chambers; R.H. Chambers (Lyall, Still & Co.); R.J. Chambers; Chan A. Fook; Thomas H. Chapman (Dent & Co.); C.P. Chater; J. Theodore Chater; Francis Rawdon Chesney; J.H. Chesney (engineer, S.S. 'Spark'); Arthur Cheyne (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Alexander Chiene (of the 'Harlequin'); Governor of Kwang Provinces, China; China Sugar Refinery, Hong Kong; Chinqua; D. Chisholm; Robert C. Chrystie (Captain of the 'Sarah'); Chun Ayin; Thomas Church (Resident Councillor, Singapore); Captain J. Clark; John Ambrose Clarke; E.W. Clayton; Charles St George Cleverly (Surveyor-General, Hong Kong); O. Cleverly; J.W. Cliff; William Clifton (Captain of the 'Red Rover'); Thomas Coales (Assistant Foreman, Control Department); Frederick W. Coare; R.E. Coates (of the 'Lady Hayes'); Thomas John Cochrane; Cockerell & Co.; Charles C. Cohen; Henry Cohen; J.B. Colah; A.H.L. Cole ('China Mail'); Coley & Gaskill; Maria Collaço; Thomas Richardson Colledge; J. Collins (Chief Constable); Vernund Daniel Collins (dentist); Colvin, Ainslie, Cowie & Co.; Commercial Bank Corporation of India and the East; Charles Spencer Compton; John B. Compton; Spencer Compton; William O. Comstock; P. Conklin; W. Conner; Henry Bardolph Connew (Captain of the 'Sir Charles Forbes'); John Connolly (agent for Tait & Co.); Consequa; James Patfield Cook (partner, Thomas Hunt & Co.); W.S. Cook (of Thomas Hunt & Co.); Joseph Coolidge; J.W. Coombs (Commissariat Stores); M. Cooper; A. Edward Cope (Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation); Herbert Cope; Antonio Vicente Cortella; [ ] Costa; J. Costa; José Philippe da Costa (José Filipe da Costa) (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Polycarpo A. da Costa; James B. Coughtrie; William Cowan; Alexander Cowie; John Cowie; J.C. Cowper; James H. Cox; John Samuel Cox; Mary Cox; A. Coxon; Joseph Webb Cragg; Robert Craig (Jardine, Matheson & Co., Swatow); J.B. Crane; David Robert Fenton Crawford; Robert Wigram Crawford; Charles Vandeleur Creagh; W.K. Cressy; J.P. Croal (Jardine, Matheson & Co.'s Pootung Wharf, Shanghai); James Cromarty (of the 'Equestrian'); Daniel Crommelin & Sons; [ ] Crooke; James Crooke; John Crosby; W. Cruise (clerk, Controller's Office); C.D. Cruz; F.A. da Cruz; W.J. Cullen (St Saviour's College); John Cumming; A.H. Cunningham; C.L. Cunningham; Edward Cunningham; J.A. Cunningham; Arthur Augustus Thurlow Cunynghame; John Currie (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Cursetjee Burjorjee Wadia & Co. (C.B. Wadia & Co.); Herbert J. Curtis; William Curtis ('Hong Kong Times'); John Cushing Perkins; A.B. Cutter (Augustine Heard & Co.); L.L.C. Cutter.

Dadabhoy Burjorjee (D. Burjorjee); George Charles D'Aguilar; W.W. Dale; A. Dalgarno (Issuer of Stores, Control Department); Alexander Grant Dallas; Barnes Dallas (auctioneer, Shanghai); William Dallas (purser of the 'Duke of York'); [A.M.?] Daly [clerk, Augustine Heard & Co., Foochow]; Richard P. Dana; William Danby (Clerk of Works, Surveyor-General's Office); A. Cunningham Dando (Captain of the 'Cowasjee Family'); James Frederick Nugent Daniell (East India Company); William H.F. Darby; William Dato & Co.; G.F. Davidson; W. Davidson; Walter Davidson; William Davidson; W.S. Davidson & Co.; William Davies (of the 'Nymph' and 'Emily Jane'); J. Kennard Davies; James Davies (Ferguson & Co., Chefoo); Charles Davis (private, C Company, 80th Regiment); James Jeremiah Davis (Captain of the 'Austen', 'Lady M. Wood' and 'Arabia'); John Francis Davis; Thomas Davison (for T. & H. Littledale & Co.); [ ] Day; Elizabeth Catherine Day; [ ] Deacon; Richard Deacon; Victor Hobart Deacon (notary public); Robert Deal; Walter Meredith Deane; E.E. Dear; Frédéric Degenaer; Santiago Ruis Delgado; A.J. Denham; Mrs E. Denham; John Denham; Henry Willard Denison (U.S. Vice-Consul General, Yokohama); Dennys & Mossop; Henry Lardner Dennys; Nicholas Belfield Dennys ('China Mail'); [ ] Dent; Alfred Dent; John Dent; Samuel Dent; Thomas Dent; Wilkinson Dent; Dent & Co.; Dent, Thomas & Co.; John Henry De Salis; H.T. De Silver; De Silver & Co.; H. Detmering (Ellissen & Co.); W. Detmering (Detmering & Co. and Ellissen & Co.); J. Dewsnap; Roger D'Faria (Roger de Faria); Dhunjeebhoy Ruttonjee (also D. Ruttonjee and D. Ruttunjee); Dhunjeebhoy Ruttonjee & Co. (also D. Ruttonjee & Co. and D. Ruttunjee & Co.); Thomas Dick (of the 'Recorder' and 'China Mail' offices and Commissioner of Customs, Shanghai); Henry Dickie; Henry Dickinson (merchant; of Shanghai); Ferdinand Diers; Harry A. Dinnis ('Hong Kong Times'); Dinshaw Furdoonjee; Dirom, Carter & Co.; Daniel Disandt; [ ] Dixon; R.C. Dixon; Captain S. D'Lange; A.H. D'Mello; John Dodd; George Dods (M.D., Edinburgh; doctor in Hong Kong); William Dolan (sailmaker, 'Stag Hound'); W.H. Doller; C.M. Donner; Dorabjee Nowrojee (D. Nowrojee); Phillip R. Doral; Alexander Douglas (of the 'Vision'); James Dow; H.K. Drake; Mrs B. Drinker; Kate Drinker; Sandwith Drinker; Drinker & Co.; Drinker & Heyl; Drinker, Heyl & Co.; Thomas N. Driscoll; W.F. Driscoll; F.C. Drummond; James Drummond; William Venn Drummond; Francisco Dublé (Captain of the 'Teresa Ferry'); Frederic Duddell; George Duddell; Agent for George Duddell; Harriet Duddell; Patrick Dudgeon; Robert Dudman; A. Duff (P. & O.); Albert Curtis Dulcken; Philip K. Dumaresq; Thomas Dumayne; Chesney Duncan (Korean Customs and the British Mercantile Marine Officers' Association); Captain John G. Duncan; Robert Duncan (Hong Kong & Whampoa Dock Co.); H. Dundas; George Dunlop (Captain of the 'Investigator'); J.W. Dunn (Russell & Co.); Nathan Dunn; William Dunphy (Novelty Iron Works, Hong Kong); E. Durrant (of St Petersburgh); William Henry Dutton (4th officer of S.S. 'Scotland'); E.H. Duus (Lindsay & Co.); Nicolay Duus; Archibald Brown Dyce.

I.B. Eames (counsellor-at-law); President and Select Committee of East India Company; Editor of 'Eastern Globe'; William C. Eastlack (dental surgeon); Samuel Easton & Co.; Revd Gregorio Echevarria; John Charles Edge; Joseph Frost Edger; William Edmond; Henry F. Edwards; Robert Edwards; St J.H. Edwards; Thomas Dyer Edwards (Edwards & Hunter); Thomas Maitland Edwards (Captain of the 98th Regiment and Assistant Quartermaster General); W. Cochran Edwards; Adolf Eimbcke; Charles Henry Eldredge; R. Ellice; Charles Elliot; John Elliot (18th Foot and 2nd West India Foot); F.E. Ellis (pilot); G. Ellissen; A. Ellissen & Co., Hong Kong; Adam Wallis Elmslie; Benjamin E. Emanuel ('Hong Kong Times'); J.M. Emanuel; Emery & Frazar; Emery, Frazar & Co.; Charles Emerson (Captain of the 'Antonia'); Mrs Emery; A.L. de Encarnaçao (of Humphreys & Co. and S.S. 'Canton'); Ludovino d'Encarnaçao; [ ] Endicott; Henry Collins Endicott; James Bridges Endicott (uncle of Henry C. Endicott); Sarah A. Endicott; William Endicott (of the 'Ann Welsh'); V. Engholm; Engholm & Co.; T. Escario; J.W.H. Escherich; John H. Everett; Percival L. Everett; R. Evers; James Ewing & Co.; T.R. Exham; Exchin; E.D. Ezekiel.

E.A. Fabris; Victor Faga; William John Fagan (commissariat); Charles C. Fail (of S.S. 'Yuentzefee'); John Fairbairn; Fairlie, Clark, Innis & Co.; G. Falconer; Faquirbaij Raisque; E. Farncomb; S.C. Farnham & Co.; Andrew Farquharson; Henry Hubert Farquharson (Lieutenant-Colonel and Barrack Master, Hong Kong); Farr Brothers & Co.; Fatqua; Christopher Fearon; Robert Inglis Fearon (of Augustine Heard & Co.); S. Turner Fearon (Registrar General); A. Ferguson; A. Ferguson (for Barnes Dallas); John Ferguson (Ramage & Ferguson, Leith); W.F. Fergusson; Fergusson & Co.; E. Ferreira; Lieutenant Alexander Walter Ferrier R.A.; James Ferrier; Henry Fessenden; Edward Finlayson (of the 'Miss Kilmansegg'); R. Finck (Oxford & Co.); George Findlay (Fletcher, Larkins & Co.); James Finlay (Corps of Royal Sappers and Miners); Edward Fischer (agent of Jardine Matheson, Yokohama and Osaka); Maximilian Fischer; Fischer, Willis & Co.; L.P. Fisher; Magnis Fisher ('Private, etc.'); E.G. Fisk; William Henry Fittock (British Consulate); M. FitzGibbon (Captain of the 'Gazelle' and 'Pathfinder' and agent at Amoy); [ ] Fletcher; Angus Fletcher; Fletcher & Co.; C. Flores ('Hong Kong Times'); Joseph Floyd; W.P. Floyd; H. Fogg & Co.; [ ] Fonseca; A. Fonseca Jnr; A.J. de Fonseca; Jose Maria da Fonseca; Foochow Pilot Company; B. Foot (Captain of the 'Nautilus'); Sir Charles Forbes, 1st Baronet; Duncan Forbes (Captain of the 'Lady Hayes', 'Folkestone' and 'Mahamoodie'); Frank Blackwell Forbes; John T. Forbes; Paul Sieman Forbes (Russell & Co.); William H. Forbes (Russell & Co.); Martin Ford; C. Forgan; Henry Forman; Robert James Forrest; John Forster; H. Foss; F.E. Foster; F.T.P. Foster (Birley & Co.); W.H. Foster Jnr; [ ] Fox; Samuel C. Fox; [ ] Framjee; Framjee Jamsetjee; Framjee Muncherjee; Framjee Pestonjee; F. Francis; F.M. Franco; William Hales Franklyn (Captain of the 'Little Catherine'); George Washington Fraser (Captain of the 'Rover' and 'Sea Witch'); Henry Fraser (Captain of the 'Good Success'); J. Fraser; John M. Fraser (P. & O. and Borneo Co.); Captain John S.H. Fraser (East India Co.); Simon Fraser (Assay Master, Bombay); W. Fraser; Frazar & Co.; David Freeman; Raimund Freerks; John Noble Arbuthnot Freese (2nd Captain, Royal Artillery); Captain D.S. Fuller; N. Freyberger (Miss C. George's Dramatic Company); James Frisby & Co.; Fryer & Lane; Mariano Benedito Furtado.

Frederick Gach; H.T. Gaddum & Co.; Alexander Gair; William Gammell (Assistant Commissary, Control Department); A.A. Garrett; J. Garthwaite (C. Sergeant); William Gaskell; Edward Gassett; Charles I. Gaupp; L. Gaupp; J.J.C. Gavey; A.O. Gay; Frederick Geare; Thomas W. Gedney (of the U.S. ship 'Plymouth'); William & Thomas Gemmell & Co.; Erich Georg (Siemssen & Co.); W. Gerard (Captain of the 'Snow Squall'); G.J. Gerdon; C. Gerlach M.D.; J.R. Germain; [ ] Gibb; H.B. Gibb; John D. Gibb; T.A. Gibb; Gibb, Livingston & Co.; Captain Gibson; J. Gibson (of the S.S. 'Hong Kong'); G.W. Gifford; James Gilfillan; Sarah B. Gillespie; Gilman & Co.; P. Giquel (Imperial Arsenal, Foochow); Duncan Glass (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Joseph Thomas Glew; William Glew; Thomas Blake Glover; Thomas Gibson Glover (Captain of the 'Mahamoodie'); Glover & Co.; [ ] Goddard; J. Goddard (fl.1852); J. Goddard (fl.c. 1845); W.H. Goddard; F. Godley; Philip H. Going; C. Gombert; A. Gurney Goldsmith; Augusto J. Gomes; Joaõ Baptista Gomes; N.J. Gomes; C.J. Gonsalves; John Burgess Goodridge; [ ] Gopall; Goqua; [ ] Gordon; Alexander Thomas Gordon; Samuel Gore; William Goulbourn; W.E. Gould; John Gover (Captain of the 'Samarang'); O.H. Gordon; J. Goudie (Sub-Conductor of Ordnance); Samuel John Gower (partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); L.A. de Graça (proprietor of the Royal Hotel); Alexander Grand Pré; Alexander Grant (Captain of the 'Jamesina', 'Lord Lowther', 'Castle Huntly' and 'Hercules'); John Grant (Trautmann & Co. and John Budd & Co.); Frederick M. Gratton; James William Graves (Captain 18th Irish Regiment, subsequently Lieutenant Colonel); P.W. Graves (of the 'Spee'); [ ] Gray; G. Gray (Hall & Holtz); J.B. Gray; John Henry Gray; W.F. Gray; [ ] Green; C. Green; Frederick William Green; Richard Green Memorial Fun; A. Gregg M.D.; Joseph Gregory (Captain); Hubert Grenfell; Henry Gribble (of the 'Marquis Camden' and British Consul at Amoy); Gribble, Hughes & Co.; John P. Griffith (of the 'Ann'); Frederick J. Griffiths (Secretary, Reuters, London); P. Grimble Junior ('MacEwen Frickel & Co.'); F. Grobien; E. de Gronvilliers; Francis A. Groom (Glover & Co.); E. Grosser; A.W. Grosvenor; Grosvenor & Co.; Grün & Co.; M.S. Gubbay; J.M. Guedes Jnr; W. & T. Gummell & Co.; [ ] Gutierrez; L.J. Gutierrez; Isaac Gutsell (Captain of the 'Hellas'); Charles Gutzlaff (Karl Friedrich August Gützlaff); F.E. Gwyn.

H.P. Hadow; J.P. Hadow; James Remington Hadow; Hajeebhoy Dawood & Co.; J.M. Hale; Hall & Holtz; F. Hallet; R.W. Hallett; Thomas Hallowell (Star Tavern, Hong Kong); J.S. Halsted Junior; Eldred Halton; J. Hamers; [ ] Hamilton; Mrs J. Hamilton; Richard Farr Hamilton (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Hamilton & Co.; W.P. Hamlin (Manager, Old Ningpo Wharf); Louisa Hams; Alfred N.W. Hancock; Louis C. Hand; Alfred Percival Handley (barrister); C. Handley; Edward R. Handley; Nicholas John Hannen; F.D. Hanson; Revd Andrew Patton Happer; H.R. Hardie; C.F. Harding (Captain of the 'John Wade'); W. Harding; William Hargreaves; Henry H. Harker; Harkort & Co; W.A. Harland; [ ] Harrison; Edward Harrison (Glover & Co.); Thomas Hart (Christadelphian Teacher; reporter with the 'Daily Press'); William Harwood (solicitor); Elizabeth R. Haskell (Elizabeth R. Russell); J.G.T. Hassell; Francis Hathaway Haskell; Frederick E. Haskell (China & Japan Trading Co., Shanghai); George L. Haskell; William Charles Holland Hastings (Assistant Harbour Master and Royal Navy Commander); Joseph A. Havener (Captain of the 'Daphne'); Richard F. Hawke (Acting Naval Storekeeper); W.D. Hay; William Hay; Joseph Hayes; William Haylett; Thomas Child Hayllar (barrister); Francis Innes Hazeland (Crown Solicitor, Hong Kong); J.M. Hazeland; [ ] Heard; Albert Farley Heard; Augustine Heard Jnr; Augustine Heard & Co.; George Farley Heard; John Heard (partner, Augustine Heard & Co.); Thomas Heath; Alexander MacGlashan Heaton; Captain G.H. Heaton; S.L. Heinemann; Rudolph Heinsen; George J. Helland; John Hemery (Captain of the 'Constant'); Andrew Henderson (of the 'Forbes' and 'Water Witch'); F. Henderson; James Henry; Thomas Henry (Captain of the 'John Bunyan'); William Henry; E. Herbst; Revd Francis B. Herce (Procurator, Spanish Catholic Mission); George Heron; A. Hertz (Carlowitz & Co.); J. Herwig; John Hetherington; F.W. Heuermann; William S. Heyl; Alexander Heymann; H. Cleland Heywood; James Hibbert (of the 'Lady MacNaghten'); [ ] Hickson; John Frederick Higson (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Charles E. Hill (Thomas Hunt & Co.); G.B. Hill (Captain, receiving Ship 'Berwick Walls', Shanghai); James Hill; C.B. Hillier; H. Pelly Hinde; John Hine (Captain of the 'Earl of Balcarres'); P. Hirschfeldt; E.A. Hitchcock; F.A. Hitchcock; Luman Norton Hitchcock; Mrs Hobson; Benjamin Hobson; John Minett Hockly (Royal Naval Harbour Master, Shanghai); John Hogan; Captain Hogg; E. Jenner Hogg; G.B. Hogg; James Hogg; Hogg Brothers; [ ] Holden; Robert Holder (Chief Officer); Charles S. Holdforth; Henry Holgate (surgeon); John Holliday; Holliday, Wise & Co.; Holme, Ringer & Co.; Captain Holmes; Henry J. Holmes; R. Holmes; Robert F. Holmes; Holmes & Bingham; Holmes & Co.; Hong Kong & Whampoa Dock Co. Ltd; Hong Kong, Canton & Macao Steamboat Co. Ltd; Hong Kong, Chief Justice; Hong Kong Club; 'Hong Kong Daily Advertiser'; Hong Kong, Naval Storekeeper; 'Hong Kong Times'; 'Hong Kong Times Mail Summary'; Hong Kong, Union Church; Hong Kong, United Club; Hong Merchants (Cohong); Trustees of Hong Merchants; Hoojee; Thomas B. Hooper (Captain of the 'Borderer', 'Lanrick' and 'Glengyle'); Hop Kee & Co.; Charles Southern Hope (son of Charles Hope of London); The Hoppo; George Horback; Edmund Grimani Hornby; [ ] Isabelle Horner; James Hosack; Robert Alexander Houstoun; James How; Thomas Howard (merchant); Howard & Co.; Henry Howe (Secretary to Superintendent of Marine; Officiating Master Attendant); Alfred Howell (Alfred Wilkinson & Co.); Augustus Howell (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); B.C. Howes (Captain of the 'Swallow'); Howqua; Howqua Junior; Howqua Senior; J.P. Hoyland (of the S.S. 'Powan'); C.M. Hsing; Henry W. Hubbell; A. Hudson (of Gilman & Co.); C.W. Hudson; Joseph T. Hudson; Hudson, Malcolm & Co.; Benjamin N. Huestis; Frederick Sowley Huffam (Registrar of Companies, Supreme Court); George Hughes (Commissioner of Customs); Mary Grant Hughes (Mary Grant Macpherson; sister of A.W. Macpherson); Patrick Joseph Hughes (British Consular Service); William H. Hughes (of Gribble, Hughes & Co.); S. Hultman; Alfred Humphreys (of 'Elizabeth'); Henry Humphreys (of the 'Moulmein' and 'Mercury'); Humphreys & Co.; [ ] Humphries; Gervas Humpston; [ ] Hunt; Thomas Hunt (Thomas Hunt & Co.); Thomas Hunt & Co.; Hunt & Tobey; [ ] Hunter; E.H.M. Hunter; R.H. Hunter; William C. Hunter; Samuel George Huskisson (Captain 80th Regiment); Ven. Arthur Blockley Hutchinson (St Stephen's Mission Church, Hong Kong; Archdeacon of Kyushu); Alexander Hutchison (Captain of the 'Rona', 'Clan Alpine' and 'Lancefield'); George Hutchison; H.C. Huttleston; Thomas Hyland (Post Office); H. Hyndman; J. Hyndman.

Ilbery, Fearon & Co.; D. Illingworth; John Inglis (Victoria Foundry); Independent Order of Good Templars; José Maria Ingo; N.S. Ingold; H. Ingram; George Innes (of the 'Foam'); James Innes; Charles Irvine (Captain of the 'Cairngorm'); G.O. Irwin; Revd John James Irwin (Colonial Chaplain, H.K.); Robert M. Isacke (Captain of H.C.S. 'Orwell'); Egbert Iveson.

James Jackson Jnr (Augustine Heard & Co.); Louis Steuart Jackson (Bengal Civil Service); John H. Jacobs; A. Jafferbhoy & Co.; William Jaffray (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Jairaz Fazul & Co.; Horatio Gay James (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); I.W. James; James Jameson; James N. Jameson (Thomas Hunt & Co.); [ ] Jamieson; Jamsetjee Ardaseer & Co.; Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy, 1st Baronet; Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy (Cursetjee Jamsetjee), 2nd Baronet; Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy & Co.; (Sir) Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy Sons & Co.; Joseph Jaques (1st class clerk, Imperial Maritime Customs); [ ] Jardine; Andrew Jardine; David Jardine (partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); David Jardine (founder of Jardine, Skinner & Co.); Joseph Jardine; Sir Robert Jardine, 1st Baronet; Jardine, Skinner & Co.; William Jardine; J. Jarvie; Jaun Mahomed & Co.; Francis Jauncey (of the 'Austen' and 'Governor Findlay'); H.W. Jauncey (of the 'Folkestone'); William Jeffreson (surgeon, H.C.S. 'Thomas Coutts'); Rudolph Jensen; [ ] Jesus; J.G. d'Jesus; J. Victor de Jesus; Charles Turton Johnson; G.F. Johnson (P. & O. Steam Navigation Co.); P. Johnson; Johnson & Co.; Alexander Robert Campbell Johnston; Andrew Johnstone; D. Geere Jones; Edward William Hay Jones (of the 'Scaleby Castle'); James H. Jones (of the U.S.S. 'Macedonian' and U.S.S. 'Powhatan'); T. Jones; Miles Prendergast Jukes (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Jumnojee Nasserwanjee (also Jamnojee Nesserwanjee and J. Nasserwanjee); [ ] Just; L. Just; L. Just Jnr.

P. Karberg; Duncan James Kay; Arthur Saunders Keating; J. Kehoe; D. Kennedy; Kenneth McKenzie Kennedy M.D.; Mrs L. Kenny; N. Kerly; Crawford Kerr; Crawford Davison Kerr (Linday & Co. and Dodd & Co.); William Kerr (Steward, United Club, Hong Kong); [ ] Keswick; James Johnstone Keswick; William Keswick; Khan Mahomed Habibbhoy (K.M. Habibbhoy); Khodabux Clashie (lascar from brig 'Adventure'); Hans Kiaer; F. Kibling (Captain of the 'Benjamin Morgan'); Revd Richard Hayward Kidd (colonial chaplain); William Kidner; Kierulf & Co.; George E. Kilham (of the 'Kensington'); Charles William King (Olyphant & Co., Canton); D. King Jnr.; E.M. King (U.S. Consul, Canton); Frederic A. King; J. King; R.S. King; William D. King (Smith Archer & Co.); John Warden Kinghorn (marine surveyor); Kingqua; Henry Kingsmill; Augustus John Kingston (Royal Naval Commander, H.M.S. 'Perseus'); [ ] Kinsley; William Thomas Kinsley; Thomas Kirby; William Kirby (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); C.A. Kirkaldy; William Montague Hammett Kirkwood; Knoop & Co.; J.S. Knowles; T. Koffer; Nakai Kogo; F. König; Hori Koonai (Governor of Kanagawa); Koopmanschap & Bosman; T. Kroes; T. Kroes & Co.; Kruse & Co.; A.E. Kull; Mrs [ ] Kup; Kwanqua; Kwong Lee Yuen (Achow); Revd John Kyle (Tutor, St Paul's College, Hong Kong).

Lada Bhanjee; Tsêng Spencer Laising; T. Lambani (of the 'Amelia'); A.G. Lambert (of Shanghai); Robert Lambert & Co.; Lammert, Atkinson & Co.; William Lamond (Oriental Bank); William Rudolph Landstein; Odiarne J. Lane (British Consulate; Assistant Interpreter, Canton); Thomas Ash Lane; Lane, Crawford & Co.; Lane, Rowland & Co.; William Lang (Butterfield & Swire); F. Langer; C.H.M. Langley (Captain of the 'Armide'); Douglas Lapraik; John Steward Lapraik; Douglas Lapraik & Co.; Thomas Lancaster Larken (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Thomas Larkins (Captain of H.C.S. 'Marquis of Camden'); H.P.C. Lassen (proprietor of the 'Daily Advertiser'); John Richardson Latimer; J.S. Lattey; Sergeant Alfonse Laurent; Peter George Laurie (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); E. Lavers; A.F. Lawrence; F. William Lawrence; George R. Lawrence; W.E. Lawrence; Robert Lawrie; W. Lay; Walter Thurlow Lay (son of G.T. Lay; of Imperial Maritime Customs); Henry Laycock; A. Le Bozie (Captain of the 'A.M. Cegard'); August Le Coq; P. William Le Geyt; Rachel Le Manquas; George Le Sueur (of the ship 'Violet'); Louisa Le Sueur (sister of George); P. Le Sueur (father of George); T.M. Leatherbarrow; J. Leathley; William D. Leavis; George Lee; J.W. Leemburggen; William R. Leger; Mrs Legge; H. Leighton & Co.; Maria T. Leitgeb (aunt of J.P. da Costa); E. Lemattre; John Lemon; Thomas James Lempriere; John Lenox; William Lent; William Leslie; Henry Lester; Alexander Levy; A.C. Levysohn; [ ] Lewes; [ ] Lewis; B.R. Lewis; E. Lewis; George A. Lewis; William D. Lewis; C.S. Liebschwager; E. Lilley; Lim Hanco; Jozé Maria de Oliveira Lima; Limjee Jemsetjee & Co.; Lin (Superintendent of the Kiangham Customs); Adolph G. Lincker; N.W. Lincoln; A.A. Lind (Coare, Lind & Co.); Adam Lind (of P. & O. and agent for Reuters); Lindsay & Co.; Ling A. Tow (godown compradore); Theophilus Gee Linstead; João Seixeira de Lira; Alfred Lister (Postmaster General and coroner); T. & H. Littledale & Co.; Liu (Governor General); J.G. Livingston; William Potter Livingston; J. Livingston & Co.; William Wynne Lodder (Captain, 59th Foot); Fritz Loewenthal; Henry Benjamin Homes Long R.N. (Paymaster; purser, H.M.S. 'Agincourt'); Revd V. Longo (Roman Catholic missionary); Thomas Longshore; Constantino Jozé Lopes; W.S. Lording (1st Clerk, Harbour Master's Office, Hong Kong); Hugh Loring; W.J. Loring; Thomas Heaton Lovett (Captain 98th Foot); E.G. Low (Augustine Heard & Co.); W.H. Low; A. Lübeck & Co.; A. Lucas; D.M. Luce; W.H. Luce; Alexander Lumley (of the 'Willamette'); George Lungley (of the 'Lady Hayes'); L. Lütkens; Januario da Luz; Charles Lyall; George Lyall; J.A. Lyall; John Lyall; Robert Lyall; Robert Lyall (Lyall, Still & Co.); William Lyall; Lyall, Matheson & Co.; Lyall, Still & Co.; Thomas Arthur Lyon (tea inspector for Jardine, Matheson & Co.).

[ ] Macalister; McAlister (McEwen & Co.); George McAllister; [ ] McAndrew; James Macandrew; M. Macandrew; Macao, Governor of; George Hugh McCallum Ph.C., M.P.S. (Member of Society of Analysts); H. [?] McCleand; Robert John Le Mesurier McClure; Alexander MacClymont; McComb & Co.; A. McCulloch; Charles McDonald; Donald Macdonald; Duncan Macdonald (of the 'Amoor'); Emily Macdonald (aunt of A.W. Macpherson); Mrs M.A. Macdonald; A. McDonald & Co.; V.J. McDonnell; Donald Macdougall (of Inverness); H. MacDougall (of Hong Kong); MacDougall & Co.; Mrs McDowell; J. McElwee (Sergeant, 95th Regiment); M. McEwen; McEwen & Co.; MacEwen, Frickel & Co.; Captain Macfarlane; Malcolm Macfarlane; Walter Macfarlane (of the 'Zephyr'); Francis Coleman Macgregor (of the British Consulate); J. Macgregor; James McGregor; John Macgregor; Sophia W. Macgregor; James E. McGuire; Benito Machado (Captain of the 'Dorothea'); F.J. Machado (1st clerk, Harbour Master's Office, Hong Kong); Alexander Burness M'Hardy (Lieutenant, Royal Engineers, and Acting Surveyor General); John MacInnes (6th Bengal Native Infantry); William W. McIver (of Hong Kong); William Mackay (Captain of the 'John Biggar' and 'Fairy'); Mackay & Co.; Thomas W.L. MacKean; D. McKellar; [ ] Mackenzie; D. McKenzie; Donald W. MacKenzie; Holt Mackenzie (Secretary to Bengal Government); John J. Mackenzie; Kenneth Ross Mackenzie; Robert McKenzie (bill and bullion broker, Shagnhai); (Sir) William Mackenzie (of the 'Governor Findlay'); R.D. McKie; D.H. Mackintosh; E. Mackintosh; James Mackintosh; Thomas McKnight (naval storekeeper); L. Mackinnon (Acclimatisation Society of London); J.E. MacLachlan; [ ] McLane; [ ] Maclean; Alexander Campbell Maclean (partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); George Francis Maclean; Hector Coll Maclean; Louisa Maclean (Louisa Macpherson; sister of A.W. Macpherson); P. Maclean; Maclean Dearie & Co.; [ ] McLeod; A. McLeod (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); J. Mcleod; Malcolm Anderson Macleod (junior partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); George McMillan (Captain of the 'Countess of Minto'); Captain Robert McMurdo; B. Henry F. Macnamara (Surveyor, 2nd class, R.E. Depot); Alexander Wentworth Macpherson; Duncan Macpherson (also McPherson; General, India Army); Ronald Macpherson; Williamina Macpherson (widow of R.W. Macpherson and sister-in-law of A.W. Macpherson); Farquhar Macqueen (Captain, 'Fort William'); William McQueen; [ ] McQuoid; P.C. McSwyney (Deputy Registrar, Supreme Court, Hong Kong); Macvicar & Co.; William A. Macy; [ ] Magniac; Frederick Madan (Captain, H.C.S. 'Berwickshire'); Madras Bank; Charles Magniac (brother of Hollingworth and Daniel); Daniel Snaith Magniac; Herbert St Leger Magniac; Hollingworth Magniac; Magniac, Jardine & Co.; John J. Maguire; William Heriot Maitland-Dougall (also William Heriot-Maitland-Dougall and, previously, William Heriot Maitland) (Acting Lieutenant, H.M.S. 'Hyacinth'); A. Major (Harkort & Co.); Ernest Major; John Major (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); James Malcomson; J. Mammelsdorff; Joseph E. Manger; Manhop; Henry Mann; John Mann (Captain of the S.S. 'Abbotsford'); Walter Mann; John E. Manning; [ ] Manson; Lorenzo Margati; Henry Davies Margesson; Esperanço Maria; Charles Marjoribanks (East India Co.); D. Marks; Thomas Marks; Charles Markwick; Markwick Edwards & Co.; Manuel Marques; Henry Marsh; Marsh Boyer & Co.; G. Marshall (Moul & Co. and Birley & Co.); H.J. Marshall (Captain, P. & O.); J. Marshall; Edward Marston; Henry Martin (Captain of the 'Harlequin'); Mrs Massen; Hannah Eliza Masson; [ ] Matheson; Alexander Matheson; Colin Shaw Matheson; Donald Matheson; Hugh Matheson; (Nicholas) James Sutherland Matheson (also 'Santiago Thomasen', pseudonym); William F.S. Matheson; Matheson & Co.; Matheson & Scott; Dorothea Mathew; William Nicholas de Mattos; Caroline V. Maxwell; A.J. May (English Master, St. Paul's College, Hong Kong); Charles May (Superintendent of Police and 1st Police Magistrate); Walter Henry Medhurst; Emil Melbye (Danish Consulate); Braz de Mello; A.A. de Mello & Co.; Archibald Melville; M. Mendes; Mendieta, Uriarte & Co.; Julius Menke; John Ambrose Mercer (purser on the 'Inglis'); William Thomas Mercer; Baron de Méritens; Merwanjee Dadabhoy (M. Dadabhoy) (of Canton); Federico Albino de Mesquita; Theophilus John Metcalfe; A. Methven; Robert Methven (Captain of the 'Manilla'); Adolph E. Meyer (Meyer Alabor & Co.); F. Meyer; E.R. Michell (Harbour Master); Alexander Michie; John Middleton (of Middleton & Co.); Andrew Millar; A. Millar & Co.; James Miller (late overseer, Takasima); James W. Miller (Superintendent, Shipyard, Thomas Hunt & Co.); Robert M. Miller (Captain of the 'Land O'Cakes'); William Miller (Deputy Commissary General, then Commissary General); T. Miller; James Miln (Captain of the 'Vixen' and 'Mahamoodie'); C. Milne; F.M. Milne (Howard & Co.); William Milne; Milsom, Poy & Ch. Berry; Mingqua; George Nesbit Minto (of the 'Celestial'; J.C. Cowper & Co; and the Hong Kong & Whampoa Dock Co.); J. Miranda; Frederick William Mitchell (Post Office, Hong Kong); William Henry Mitchell (Police Magistrate, Hong Kong); J.A. Mitchell (Captain of the 'Seewo'); R. Mitchell; W. Mitchell (Foochow Pilot Co.); H.N. Mody; Kenneth Mackenzie Moffat (Lieutenant Colonel, Royal Canadian Rifles; in China in 1846); Robert C.D. Moffat; John Yerbury Moggridge (Colonel commanding R.E.); A. Moir (Sailors' Home, Hong Kong); Andres Mölbyé; James Molony (Select Committee, East India Company); Thomas Moncreiff; C.A. Montalto de Jesus; Joseph Mooney (of the 'Emperor', 'Express' and 'Bertha'); A.F. Moor; E. Moore; John Moore (probably of Shanghai); M. Moore; William H. Moore; William M.P. Moore; William Moresby; Charles H. Morgan (Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company); William Morgan (Captain of the 'Pascoa' and 'General Wood'); William Morgan R.N. (Secretary to the Commodore); W.M. Morgan & Co.; John G. Morison; F.J. Morris; [ ] Morrison; Alexander Morrison (Captain of the 'Banshee' and 'Adventure'); James Morrison (Member of Institution of Civil Engineers); Henry Morrison (Captain of the 'Carthage' and 'Rona'); John Robert Morrison; William Morrison (surgeon to the Colony of Hong Kong); William P. Morrison (Thomas Hunt & Co.); [ ] Morrisson; P. Morrisson; William H. Morss; C. Mosengel; A.R.B. Moses; C. Moses; E.M. Moses; Lionel Moses; D. Moss; Michael Moss; Mowqua; C.D. Mugford; J.D. Muir; Miss Augusta Munro (niece of W. Tarrant); Charles W. Murray; Henry Murray (partner of Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Yorick Jones Murrow; T. Musson (Captain of the 'Conch'); George F. Mylius (Captain, 26th Foot).

W. Napier; William John Napier; B.W. Nazer ('Hong Kong Times'); Thomas D. Neave (Macvicar & Co. and Neave & Co.); P. Augustus Nelson; Netherlands Trading Society (Nederlandsche Handel Maatschappy); Edward Newman; Thomas George Newton (tea inspector for Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Paulus N'guyen Din Hân (Annamese Mandarin); H. Nicaise (Borneo Co. Ltd); G.R. Nickerson; James Nicol; Ferdinand Nissen; Woldemar Nissen; Captain Nix (of the 'G.H. Montague'); Charles Noack; Gustaf Norleen; D.L. Noronha; Noronha & Sons; G. Norris (for C. Markwick); R.M. Norris (of the 'Claudine'); Edward Norton; Edward Norton & Co.; Norton, Lyall & Co.; W.H. Notley; William Nott (Captain of the 'Don Quixote'); Charles H. Noyes; Gideon Nye; Nye, Parkin & Co.

Captain Edward Oakes; Horace Oakley (1st Assistant, British Consulate, Canton); R.L. Oldham (of the 'Sarah Louisa'); Old Ningpo Wharf; Manuel de Olea; Duncan Stewart Oliver (Captain of the 'Lancefield'); Hamilton Oliver; Henry M. Olmsted; William N. Olmsted; David Washington Cincinnatus Olyphant; Olyphant & Co.; Oppert & Co.; Oriental Bank Corporation; Walter Ormiston (Chartered Mercantile Bank); Charles W. Orne (Augustine Heard & Co.); Richard Oswald; Eugenio de Otadui; Eugenio de Otadui & Co.; William C. Otis; P. O'Toole; Lieutenant John Ouchterlony; Jose Maria do Outeiro; David Ovenstone (Captain and part-owner of the 'Falcon' and 'Lady Hayes'); Baron Gustave von Overbeck (merchant and Austrian consul); A. Overbury; Roger Carmichael Robert Owen; Captain Samuel Owen; Oxford & Co.

Julius A. Palmer Jnr. (Captain, American Ship 'Nightingale'); James D. Park; Robert D. Park; [ ] Parker; Charles Edward Parker (Augustine Heard & Co.); Ebenezer Francis Parker; H.W. Parker; Harry Smith Parkes; Norcott D'Esterre Parker; J. Parkin; George John Parkyn (Deputy Assistant Commissary General in China); Francis Parry; Edward Parry (Captain of the 'Hercules'); Parry & Co.; J. Parsons (Thomas Hunt & Co.'s steam bakery); Charles J. Pasedag; Patent Fuel Co.; Robert Paterson (of the 'Reiver' and 'Glenartney'); William Paterson (partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Rudolf Patow; Daniel Patridge (Captain of the 'Hellas', 'Falcon', 'Snipe', 'Lanrick', 'Lady Hayes' and 'Berwick Walls'); C. Pattenson (H.C.S. 'William Fairlie'); Captain J.W. Paul; Julian Pauncefote; Payva, Viuva & Filhos; Dr Alexander Pearson; Walter Pearson; H. Pedder; William Pedder; William Henry Pedder; Samuel Peed; B.W. Peirce (of the 'Sea Breeze'); George Peirce (Chief Officer, 'Ruparell'); John P. Peirce (Captain of the barque 'Science'); Stephen Penfold Jnr (of the 'Slyph' and 'Gazelle'); Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co.; Alexander Perceval; Norman Spencer Perceval; Antonio Pereira; B.A. Pereira; F.G. Pereira (Thomas Hunt & Co. and Messageries Imperiales); F.J. Pereira (Dent & Co.); L. Pereira; [ ] Perkins; George R. Perkins; Perkins & Co.; Matthew Calbraith Perry; Oliver H. Perry (United States Consul); M. Pestonjee; Pestonjee Framjee Cama & Co. (also P.F. Cama & Co. and P.F. Camajee & Co.); H. Peters (Knoop & Co.); David Petrie (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); George Pett (ordnance storekeeper); Phillips, Moore & Co.; Lieutenant Colonel George Phillpotts R.E.; F.V. Piccope; Edwin Pickwood; Pingpak; Silbestre A. de la Pinielle; J. de Pinna; R.S. Pinto; M.W. Pitcher (Dent & Co.); [ ] Plata; William Henry Chicheley Plowden (Secretary, Select Committee, East India Co.); Frederick Plumer (clerk, H.M. Dockyard); Miss (or Mrs) S. Pocock; Edward Hutchinson Pollard (barrister); John A. Pond (Denbigh & Co., Shanghai); Hugh Poole (Captain of the 'John Phillips'); Poonqua; John Pope; [ ] Porter; Alexander P. Porter; F. Henry Porter; J. Porter; J.P. Porter (of the 'Chusan'); J.J. van der Pot; Henry Pottinger; Thomas Preston ('Hong Kong Times'); Julius Charles Power (Appraiser of Supreme Court); [ ] Preble; A.A. Preston (Assistant, Imperial Maritime Customs, Swatow); John Macneile Price (Surveyor General); John O. Prior; [ ] Probst; William Probst; D.L. Procter Jnr; A. Provand; Puankequa (also Ponkequa and Pwankequa); Punhoyqua; James Purdon; John G. Purdon; [ ] Purvis; John Purvis; William Pustau & Co.; William E. Putnam; Thomas Pyke (Nye, Parkin & Co.; Bull, Purdon & Co.; and Birley, Smith & Co.).

G.H. Quinton (Captain).

John Timoleon Raimondi (Vicar Apostolic, Bishop of Acanthus); Colonel James Ramsay (49th Regiment, China); Floriano Antonio Rangel (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Horace D. Ranlett; Rawle, Drinker & Co.; Rawle, Duus & Co.; Rawling, Medlen & Co.; S. Rawson; E.C. Ray; Ray & Co., Hong Kong; G. Raynal; Raynal & Co.; John G. Reddie (Master Attendant, Calcutta); J.E. Redding; John Rees (Captain of the 'Dansborg', 'Kronberg', 'Colonel Young', 'Austin' and 'Lady Hayes'); W. Rehhoff; John Reid (of 'Gazette Office'); Paul Reimann (W. Pustau & Co.); E.L. Reimer; E. Reimers; Reiss & Co.; [ ] Remedios; C. dos Remedios (Thomas Hunt & Co., and 'La Ventura'); G. Remedios; José A. dos Remedios (Remedios & Co.); Joze Candido dos Remedios; Remedios & Co.; T.B. Rennell (Manager, Union Dock Co., Whampoa; subsequently at Customs, Shanghai); J. Rennie; Mrs N.M. Rennie; Richard Temple Rennie; Reuter's Telegram Company Ltd; Thomas J. Reynolds (Reynolds & Co.); John Riach; Adelino A.V. Ribeiro (foreman, 'Daily Press'); Vincente Vieira Ribeiro; George Richards; R. Richards (of the 'James Scott'); William M. Richards (naval storekeeper); Thomas H. Rickaby (Captain of the 'Runnymede'); Captain J.W. Rickard; James Rickett Jnr (P. & O.); John Rickett (Captain of the 'Austin'; Secretary of the Hong Kong Club; and surveyor, Canton Insurance Office); Thomas Riddoch; R. Rienaecker (Acting Colonial Treasurer); Rifle Battalion; C. Ripke; W. Ritchie; A.H. Roberts; Issachar Jacob Roberts; J.H. Roberts; John Roberts; Oliver Everett Roberts (of Wetmore & Co.; U.S. Commissioner of Claims in China); Alexander Robertson; Graham Moore Robertson (Jardine, Skinner & Co.); James B. Robertson (of the 'Patrician'); Robertson & Co.; Captain Robinet; William M. Robinet; William M. Robinet & Co.; G.M. Robinson; John Robinson (of Hong Kong); William F. Robinson; John Springfield Robison; Vicente Caetano da Rocha Jnr.; Alexander Rodger (Dent & Co.); F.R. Rogers (Lammert Atkinson & Co.); T. Rogerson; Edward Rohde; G. Röhl, Robert Holmested Rolfe (of Jardine, Matheson & Co. and Bocking); Agostinho Guilherme Romano (Portuguese Vice-Consul); Matthew Rooney (of the 'Spray'); George Roope (Captain of the 'General Wood', 'Bomanjee Hormasjee' and 'Vixen'); Rose & Co.; John Baillie Ross; W.F. Ross; Ross Barber & Co.; J.C. Rossell (Chief Officer, S.S. 'Rowan', 'Kinshan' and 'White Cloud'); J.H. Rossman (of the 'Warlock;); Leonce Routh (Deputy Assistant Commissary General); Richard Rowett; W.T. Royle (Captain of the 'Glenroy); Emigdio Jozé do Rozario; F. do Rozario; M.J. do Rozario; P.H. Rozario (clerk, Colonial Secretary's Office, Hong Kong); A.W.G. Rusden; [ ] Russell; Francis Whitworth Russell; H. Vernon Russell (Captain of S.S. 'Corea' and S.S. 'Appin'); Samuel Russell; William Fellowes Russell (Thomas Hunt & Co.); Russell & Co.; Robert Rutherfurd; J.C. Ryan; James Ryan; Charles Ryder; George M. Ryder; Phineas Ryrie.

Captain Ste Croix; George de St. Croix (Gilman & Co.); D'Auvergne de Ste Croix (of the 'Wingsang'); J. de Sá; Sabubutty Chitty & Co. (Sababutty Chitty & Co.); Edward J. Sage; Very Revd Fernando Sainz; J. Salado (of the 'Gitana'); William Salway (architect); Theophilus Sampson; Samqua; F. Sander; George U. Sands; [ ] Sandilands; Mrs S. Sanger; Sanshing; A.M. Santos; Sapoorjee Jewajee; David Sassoon, Sons & Co.; F.W. Sauermann (Russell & Co.); Lieutenant Allan Saunders (adjutant, 80th Regiment); J.C. Saunders; Savage & Co.; Sayle & Co.; Thomas J. Scales (Post Office, Hong Kong); John Scarth; Bernhard Schaar (Dircks & Co.); A.G. Schaeffer; F. Schellhass; Eduard Schellhass & Co.; W.S. Schenck (Imperial Maritime Customs, Foochow); W. Schmidt (Fletcher & Co.); William Schmidt; G. Schöttler; H.M. Schultz; Franz Sebastian Schütze (Margesson & Co.); D.W. Schwemann; [ ] Scott; Miss Scott (sister of Adam & William Scott); Adam Scott; Albert Scott (Lane Crawford & Co.); Edward William Smyth Scott (2nd Lieutenant, Bengal Artillery, subsequently Colonel); James Scott; James H. Scott (Butterfield & Swire); Robert Scott (P. & O.); William Scott (brother of Adam Scott); W. Scott & Co.; Francisco Antonio Seabra (of Macao); Francisco Antonio Seabra (Nye, Parkin & Co. and Augustine Heard & Co.); Thomas Seccombe (Lieutenant, 26th Foot); Baron von Seckendorff (German Consulate; interpreter in Canton; Vice Consul in Charge at Swatow); Secret Commercial Committee; Bernardino de Sena Fernandes; Benjamin Seare; M.J. Senn van Basel (Acting Netherlands Consul); S.A. Seth (Captain of the 'Charlotte'); Seu, His Excellency the Imperial Commissioner; H.H. Severs; M. Sevilla; George Frederick Seward; Shanghai, General Chamber of Commerce; Alexander Shank (T. Beale & Co., China); John L. Shannon; Edmund Sharp; Granville Sharp; Sharp & Co.; Sharp, Toller & Johnson; Charles Shaw; J.V.Y. Shaw; John Shaw (barrister; eldest son of Thomas Shaw, late of Bengal); W.W. Shaw; R.H. Shepard; R.B. Sherard; W.H. Sherlock; John Shillaber; Theodore Shillaber; Robert Shirreff (Major, 2nd Madras N.I.); Jehu Lewis Shuck; J.B. Shuttleworth & Co.; Nicolaus August Siebs; Siemssen & Co.; M.A. Silva; G.A. da Silva (Bourjau Hübener & Co.); Ignacio M. Silva (Thomas Hunt & Co.); J.M. da Silva; P.F. da Silva; A. da Silveira; Frederick Simpson; James Simpson; Charles Anthony Sinclair; James Sinclair (Bank of Western India and Oriental Bank); James Sindry; [ ] Skinner; John Skinner (Jardine, Skinner & Co.); John Slade; Richard B. Slate (Williams & Co.); William S. Sloan; John Smale; A. Small; J. Small; Thomas Small (Captain of the 'Robert Small' and 'William Jardine'); [ ] Smith; Captain Smith; Arthur Smith (Birley, Smith & Co., London, and Birley & Co., Canton); C.T. Smith; Cecil Clementi Smith; E.C. Smith; F. Smith; F. Smith (Court House, Hong Kong); Frederick T. Smith; G. Smith; George Smith; George Smith (Smith, Kennedy & Co.); Bishop George Smith; George J.O. Smith (Captain of the 'Mermaid'); George K. Smith; George Mackrill Smith; Gilbert Smith; H.H. Smith; Herbert Smith (partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); J. Smith; J. Mackrill Smith; James Adam Smith; James Read Smith (Russell & Co.); John Smith M.D. (surgeon, H.M.S. 'Cambrian'); Mrs M.M. Smith; William McGregor Smith; Smith & Brimelow; Smith, Archer & Co.; Smith, Elder & Co.; Mrs Snowden (wife of Francis Puisne Judge); Mrs Soames; Captain W. Soames; Isaac Solomon; John Robert Somerville M.D., L.F.P.S.; [ ] Sorabjee; [ ] Souza; Camillo Lelis Souza; M. Souza (Hong Kong & Whampoa Dock Co.); E.F. de Souza (Chancellor, Spanish Consulate); J. de Souza (De Souza & Co., printers, etc.); Editor of the 'Spectator'; J. Speechly (of the S.S. 'Honan'); [ ] Speiden; [ ] Spence; G.G. Spencer (David Sassoon Sons & Co.); H.K. Spencer; C.W. Spooner; D.N. Spooner; W.B. Spratt; F. Spring (postmaster); Edward Keate Stace; [ ] Stanford; Joseph Stanton (Captain of H.C.S. 'General Harris'); Revd Vincent John Stanton (Colonial Chaplain, Hong Kong); William Staveley; Samuel Stephen (Captain of S.S. 'Cyphrenes'); Major Stephens; R. Stephenson; Stephenson & Co.; J. Steuart; E.W. Stevens; George R. Stevens & Co.; Yorke Steward; [ ] Stewart; Charles Stewart (of Manila and Hong Kong); Charles E. Stewart (of the 'Austen'); Frederick Stewart; H.D. Stewart; John Stewart (Turner & Co.); Louisa Stewart; T. Stewart; William Stewart (partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Keith William Stewart-Mackenzie; Charles Frederick Still; Edmund A. Still; James Stirling; J. Stockham; Stockhausen & Rose (Oriental Hotel, Hong Kong); Joachim Hayward Stocqueler (editor and proprietor, 'Englishman'); L.H. Stoddard; Alfred Parker Stokes; George Edward Stokes; William Stokoe (Captain of the 'General Wood'); F. Stone (Augustine Heard & Co.); Robert Warner Stone (Captain, 80th Regiment); John Storm; William Stout; [ ] Strachan; George Strachan; Robert Strachan; William Gavin Stronach; A. Strother (of E. Katerinburgh); C.F. Stuart; J. Stuart; John Studd; Henry P. Sturgis; James Perkins Sturgis; Robert Shaw Sturgis; Joseph J. Stutchbury (Johnson & Co.); G.H. Styan; Captain Thomas Sullivan; Sun Mutual Insurance Co.; Aubone Stewart Surtees (ensign, 41st Madras N.I.).

George A. Taber; Taishing (Taising); A. Tait (of P. & O. Steam Navgiation Co.); James Tait (Spanish Vice-Consul, Amoy); R.P. Tait; Takqua; H.J. Talbert; J.O.B. Tandy; William Handyside Tapp; Henry Jefferd Tarrant (barrister); William Tarrant; J. Priestley Tate; George Bulkeley Tattersall (Captain, Ceylon Rifle Regiment); Charles R. Taylor; Henry D. Taylor; James B. Taylor (Smith, Archer & Co.); Nicanor Tejerina; B. Telge; John Templeton; H.P. Tennant; Charles R. Thatcher; Robert Thom; Charles Thomas; Lewis P. Thomas; Sean Thomas; A. Thompson (Captain, barque 'Competitor'); R. Thompson; Richard Thompson (Captain, 26th Regiment); William Thompson (of Liverpool; of Thompson Anderson & Co.); C. Thomsen; Henry George Thomsett (Royal Navy Master and Harbour Master); A.G. Thomson (on board 'Emilie'); Francis Ballantyne Thomson (late of the 'Carthage'); T.E. Thomson; J.D. Thorburn; John Thorne (Wetmore, Cryder & Co.); F.H. Tiedeman; K. Timpe (Captain, German barque 'Brema'); B.F. Tolatee; William Wilkinson Toller; George L. Tomlin (1st Clerk, Surveyor-General's Office); Richard Toms; Tong King Sing; Tong Mowche; H. Topping (of Fleet, Hampshire); Edward Townend; Edward Townend & Co.; Robert Towns; P. Townsend; P. Townsend & Co.; Eric Robert Townshend-Farquhar (Eric Robert Townshend Farquhar); Johann Friederich Heinrich Trautmann; Trautmann & Co., Shanghai; G. De Trenqualye (French Consul); James Trubshaw; Tso Tszechun; Captain B.W. Tucker; S. Tucker (mate, 'Jemima Peirce'); J.W. Tucker & Co.; Charles K. Tuckerman; John Tulloch; Tuneshing; Tung Alok; Alexander Turing; George Cooper Turner; Richard Turner (of Canton); Turner & Co.; J.F. Twombly; George Tyson.

J.G. Ullman (Magniac & Co.); Union Dock Company Ltd; R. Upton; J.M. Uriarte; George Urmson; Martha Urmson.

G.H. Vachell; William Herbert Vacher; John H. Vail; A. Valentine; Antonio F. Vandenberg; Frank A. Vandenberg (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); J. Van der Valk (Captain, Dutch ship 'Honigby'); J.P. Van Loffelt; J. Vano (Clerk, Spanish Consulate, Shanghai); W.B. Varco; Warner Varnham (of the 'Alabama'); George Vasmer; Albert E. Vaucher; Vaucher frères; John Vaughan (formerly of S.S. 'Nanzing'); John Vaux (of the 'Anonyma' and 'Balcarres'); Joaquim Jozé Ferreira Veiga; J.M. Vernon; Veysey & Co.; Samuel L. Veysey; J.M. Vickers; Victoria Recreation Club; A. Viegas; Roza Maria Vieira; Revd B. Vigano (Roman Catholic priest); J.M. Villon (supercargo, 'F. Ferry'); Edward Vincent (of the 'Cora'); F. Vincenot; James Vincent (Naval Yard, Hong Kong); Vogel & Co.; O. Voigt (Oxford & Co.); J.G. Vollenhoven; J. Ph. Von Hemert; E.G. Vouillemont (Comptoir d'Escompte de Paris); Revd D. Vrooman (missionary, not connected to a specific mission).

E. Wadman; H.P. Wadman; Christian Wagner (clerk, Control Department Store Office); Wahee, Smith & Co.; Robert Ernest Wainewright (solicitor, Shanghai); John Walcott (of the 'Ruparell'); Thomas W. Waldron; John Walker (of the 'Don Manoel' and 'Black Joke'); Robert Walker; Robert S. Walker (P. & O.); Robert Sandilands Frowd Walker (Lieutenant, 28th Regiment); Thomas L. Walker (Surveyor General's Office); William Walkinshaw (Turner & Co., Canton, and the Hong Kong & Canton Steam Packet Co.); C.F. Wallace; Robert Wallace; Thomas Wallace (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Edward Waller (Secretary to Rear-Admiral Sir Thomas Cochrane); Thomas Walsh; Walter B. Walter (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); F. Ward; F.H. Ward; L.P. Ward (Thomas Hunt & Co.); E. Warden; W. Warden (of the East India Company's Steam frigate 'Queen'); W.H. Wardley & Co.; R.H. Waterman; J.R. Watmore; Robert Watmore; George Watson & John Percival; J.H. Watson (of the 'Trafalgar'); Frederic Webb (Chief Officer of the 'Niphon'); William Hacker Webb (British Vice-Consul at Manila); A. Webster; David Webster; James Webster (Oriental Bank); Robert Webster; Daniel Weld (Augustine Heard & Co.); George Frederick Weller (Augustine Heard & Co.); E.A. Westley; [ ] Wetmore; Wetmore, Cryder & Co.; Wetmore, T. Whitley (P. & O.); Captain Whitmore; Jacob D. Whitmore; Williams & Co.; G.H. Wheeler; A.A. Wheeley; F.A. Wheelock; Captain Whipple (of the 'Eureka'); George Whitfield; [ ] Whittall; James Whittall; J.R. White; Thomas Blenkinsop White (Captain of the 'Lanrick' and 'Fiery Cross'); William White; Whiteman & Co.; Henry Wase Whitfeild (Whitfield); Wieler & Co.; Frederick Wiese; Ludwig Wiese; E.B. Wieters; [ ] Wilcocks; Benjamin Chew Wilcocks; R. Chatterton Wilcox ('Daily Press'); H. Wiles (Russell & Co.); J. Wilkinson (at Penang); Sarah Wilkinson; John Wilks; C.D. Williams; Charles Williams; Charles F. Williams; Charles Williams (Assistant Commissary General); George Williams (of the 'Sea Serpent'); H.B. Williams (of San Francisco); Harry Williams (E. Ins., R.N., Inspector of Machinery); J. Williams; John Williams; John P. Williams; Samuel Wells Williams; Williams & Co.; Anthon Williams & Co.; Charles Willis (tea-taster for Jardine, Matheson & Co.); [ ] Wilson; Alexander Wilson; David Wilson (of the 'Hercules'); H.G. Wilson (Head Steward, S.S. 'Erin'); J.H. Wilson (of Dent & Co.?); Roger William Wilson (Major, 65th Bengal Native Infantry); Wilberforce Wilson (Surveyor General); D. Wilson & Co.; Horace Wiltshire; Charles Alexander Winchester; G.R. Winslow; Captain Alexander Winsor; John Wise; Robert Wise & Co.; Henry Ernest Wodehouse; Andrew Wohlters; R. Daniel Wolterbeek; A.G. Wood (Gibb Livingston & Co.); [ ] Woodbury; Captain Charles Woodbury; William Woodgate; E.L. Woodin; Robert Woodnorth; Richard Woosnam; S. Wroms (proprietor, Oriental Hotel); William Wotton (notary public); Alfred Wright; Henry Wright (partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Henry Wright (Captain of the 'Red Rover'; son of Henry Wright, a partner of Jardine, Matheson & Co.); R.S. Wright; W. Wright (of Canton); Miss H.K. Wrightson.

Yan Woo; Yangtsze Insurance Association; Joaquin Ybar; Samuel Yeates; F.E. Young; James H. Young (surgeon; member of the Hong Kong Dispensary; brother of Peter Young); Peter Young (surgeon); R. Young; William C. Young (Gibb Livingston & Co.); Gabriel de Yruretagoyena (G. Goyena); Yvanovich; G.A. Yvanovitch.

Zetland (Masonic) Lodge, no. 525, Hong Kong.


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