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Subject Source: Local sources

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 File — NHPH 6/6/5

Dame Rosemary Murray and the Harkness rose named after her, 2004

Reference Code: GBR/3124/NHPH 6/6/5
Scope and Contents

Colour snap of Dame Rosemary taken at the Chelsea Flower Show, 24 May 2004, together with slide of 'Original Dame Rosemary Rose', ie the Harkness rose named after her in celebration of New Hall's 50th anniversary.

Dates: 2004

Family photographs, 1931 - 1990

Reference Code: GBR/0271/GCPP Furst 2/1
Scope and Contents

Photographs of Lilian Furst and her parents and other family members.

Dates: 1931 - 1990
Conditions Governing Access: From the Fonds: The papers are open for research.
 File — GCPP Megaw 4/2/2

Germany / Austria 1946: Item 2, 1946

Reference Code: GBR/0271/GCPP Megaw 4/2/2
Scope and Contents Photographs. Bundle of 45 cards on which black and white photographs are pasted. Arranged chronologically, 20 March - 21 April 1946, all the photographs are labelled and dated. A note in the bundle dated 1978 in Helen Megaw's hand reads 'Travels in Germany & Austria 1946 - - - Most of the photos taken by H D M - some sent by R C E [R C Evans]. Most photos are of places, showing destruction [ie World War II damage] - one or two are scenery - one of an ox-wagon - -- '. There are also...
Dates: 1946
 File — AHRF 6/9

History of the Strangeways Research Laboratory (formerly Cambridge Research Hospital) 1912-1962, 1962

Reference Code: GBR/1919/AHRF 6/9
Scope and Contents

1905-26 by E D Strangeways; 1927-62 by F G Spear; Cell Biology by Honor B Fell. Written on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Laboratory. Illustrated with b/w photographs.

Dates: 1962
 File — GCPP Parkes 12/45


Reference Code: GBR/0271/GCPP Parkes 12/45
Scope and Contents

Photograph of Louis Belloc taken by Barraud & Jerrard of London. 6 x 10 cm. Also 5x7ins copy print made circa 2000.

 File — GCPP Parkes 12/48

'Marie Belloc aged 20', 1888

Reference Code: GBR/0271/GCPP Parkes 12/48
Scope and Contents

Photograph of Marie Belloc Lowndes. With copy of same.
The mounted copy bears the name of the photographic studio, Fradelle & Young, 246 Regent Street London. However the name of the photographic studio has been crossed out and written on the reverse is 'Miss Belloc Lowndes copyright'.

Dates: 1888
 File — NHPH 3/2/1

Matriculation photographs, 1955 - 2018

Reference Code: GBR/3124/NHPH 3/2/1
Scope and Contents

1955-57, 1960 (copy) 1961-73, 1975-1982, 1984-present. All with keys to names except 1960 and 1967. Several copies of most years. B/w 1955-73: in colour from 1975.

For 1974, 1983 and 2019 - see NHPH 3/2/2 (mounted photographs).

For 1960 - see also NHPH 3/2/3 (total undergraduate body).

Dates: 1955 - 2018
 File — NHPH 3/2/2

Matriculation photographs (mounted), 1967 - 2005, 2019

Reference Code: GBR/3124/NHPH 3/2/2
Scope and Contents Matriculation photographs mounted on board with College crest. Incomplete series - see NHPH 3/2/1 for main series of matriculation photographs. Matriculation photographs: 1967-1991, 1996, 2001, 2005 and 2019. 2019 includes postgraduate matriculation. Photographs taken by Stearn & Sons 1967 to 1971 and by Eaden Lilley from 1972. 2019 is Lafayette Photography. Black and white from 1967 to 1974; colour from 1975. There are several copies for some years. Most photographs...
Dates: 1967 - 2005; 2019
 File — GCPP Crews 5/13

Me'am Lo'ez - photographs

Reference Code: GBR/0271/GCPP Crews 5/13
Scope and Contents

Four plates, with negatives.

 File — GCPP Anderson 4/2

Miscellaneous papers of Frank Anderson, 1949 - 1954

Reference Code: GBR/0271/GCPP Anderson 4/2
Scope and Contents

File contains:
b/w photograph of ? Frank Anderson and two other people (no date);
order of service for the enthronement of William Louis Anderson as Lord Bishop of Salisbury 20 July 1949, cover signed 'William Sarum' [father / brother of Frank Anderson?];
photographs of Tin Pan Alley Ball and related letters to Frank Anderson, 1954.

Dates: 1949 - 1954
 Series — NHPH 3/4/7

Miscellaneous photographs, 1943 - 2005

Reference Code: GBR/3124/NHPH 3/4/7
Scope and Contents

6 CDs containing photographs, mostly 'born digital', some converted from non-digital sources. CDs created by Anna Thompson, graduate library trainee, summer 2007. The CDs contain photographs of people, events and buildings and thus contain a wider range of subjects than just students but they have been placed in this part of the classification for convenience in order to keep them together.

Dates: 1943 - 2005
 File — NHPH 5/4/5

Miscellaneous photographs of New Hall buildings, 1984

Reference Code: GBR/3124/NHPH 5/4/5
Scope and Contents

15 b/w snaps, internal and external, including the entrance to Clover House and Hammond House, together with a related letter from Alison Howes, 1 April 1984, offering them for consideration for the college prospectus.

Dates: 1984
 File — GCPP Jolliffe 3/3/2

Notes and photographs relating to the University of Cambridge Diploma in Classical Archaeology, 1925 - 1948

Reference Code: GBR/0271/GCPP Jolliffe 3/3/2
Scope and Contents

University of Cambridge examination papers for Paper V (on Greek and Roman Epigraphy) of the Diploma in Classical Archaeology (eight papers dating between 1925 and 1948), together with notes by Norah Jolliffe on the drafting of questions on Roman Epigraphy, and photographs by Gibson & Son (Hexham) of Roman antiquities, also postcards of Roman antiquities in Bath, York and Arles. One of the postcards from Arles is addressed to N J from Avignon by A Woodward, 3 July 1938.

Dates: 1925 - 1948

Papers of Joseph Larmor: Photographs, 1895 - 1940

Reference Code: GBR/0279/CPS 15/3/6
Scope and Contents

The photographs listed here were found in a portfolio labelled 'Porfolio B: Group Photographs. All associated with Sir Joseph Larmor'. They were then arranged in three files, as follows.

Dates: 1895 - 1940
 File — GCRF 8/1/8/5

Pepper family photograph, 1915

Reference Code: GBR/0271/GCRF 8/1/8/5
Scope and Contents Copy of a family photograph taken to commemorate the golden wedding in June 1915 of Charles Pepper (1840-1924) and Elizabeth Clayton Pepper (1841-1920), showing their youngest daughters, Beatrice (back row far left) and Edith (back row far right), also Charles (1878-1957) and Fanny (1876-1968) Pepper and their daughters Phyllis (1909-2003) and Dorothy (b. 1911) [mother of Valerie Warrior and Susan Leach, donors of the Beatrice and Edith Clayton Pepper papers]. On the left of the photo is...
Dates: 1915
 Item — DCPP/HIL/2

Photograph, 1917 - 1927

Reference Code: GBR/0269/DCPP/HIL/2
Scope and Contents

Not clear whether this is a photo of Hillson.

Dates: 1917 - 1927
Conditions Governing Access: From the Fonds: Open to researchers
 File — GCPP Anderson 2/4

Photograph, 1880

Reference Code: GBR/0271/GCPP Anderson 2/4
Scope and Contents

Sepia photograph of two women on horseback, otherwise unidentified. Found in an envelope inscribed 'Miss Ruth Sworder, Girton College'. Front of photograph reads 'C & P at [illegible' 2/7/80 [1880?] - Killarney'.

Dates: 1880
 File — GCPP Power, B 1/2

Photograph, 1961

Reference Code: GBR/0271/GCPP Power, B 1/2
Scope and Contents

B/w snapshot of a group of 6 at dinner, Beryl Power presumed to be front left. Written on photo: 'Orange [Oranye?] May 1961'.

Dates: 1961
 File — GCPP Graham, A2 2

Photograph album, 1929 - 1932

Reference Code: GBR/0271/GCPP Graham, A2 2
Scope and Contents

Album of b/w and sepia snaps. Places include: Bonn; Cambridge; St Mary's Abbey, Leiston, Suffolk. People include: Edith Laspeyres; Rolf Schroers, Agatha and Alethea Graham; Linchen Richtsteig; Brigitte Erikson; Mr Willett; Mr Blunt; Jack Hunter; 'Mother' [Aelfrida]; Humphrey Warren; Helen Byrne; Mrs Vellacott; Orrell Strafford; Prof Raffaello Piccoli; Ellen Schallengruber; Robert Fitzgerald.

Dates: 1929 - 1932
 File — GCPP Furst 2/2

Photograph album, 1925 - 1960

Reference Code: GBR/0271/GCPP Furst 2/2
Scope and Contents

Contains black and white photographs from Lilian Furst's studies and travels in France, Switzerland and Italy; also Britain, including Oxford, Cambridge, Stratford-on-Avon, Windsor, Chester and Llandudno, 1950-60. Including some photographs of L F in academic dress for matriculation and / or graduation. At back: six photographs of family members (probably parents and grandparents), undated.

Dates: 1925 - 1960
Conditions Governing Access: From the Fonds: The papers are open for research.
 File — GCPP Jeffreys 5/5

Photograph album, 1937 - 1940

Reference Code: GBR/0271/GCPP Jeffreys 5/5
Scope and Contents

Album containing photographs of people and places, taken in Jersey, Guernsey, Sark and Bournemouth. Volume half blank. Bookplate pasted onto flyleaf reads 'Presented to Bertha Blaxley Christmas 1897. From Clara & Tet' [Clara and Harriett, sisters of B B]. Photographs include Bertha Blaxley and 'Minnie' [? Minnie Webb as in GCPP Jeffreys 5/4].

Dates: 1937 - 1940
 File — NHPP 2/6/2

Photograph album, 1891 - 1904

Reference Code: GBR/3124/NHPP 2/6/2
Scope and Contents Contains large sepia photographs, press cuttings, letters and certificates pasted into the volume. Includes the following photographs: Cheltenham VIII 1892 (including Corporal D B Gore-Booth); Public Schools Battalion 1893 Aldershot; 1st GVRE 1893 (including Corporal Gore-Booth); Loch Ness; Glen Urquhart; Pembroke College Cambridge [1890s?]; Pembroke Clinker Four 1894 (D B Gore-Booth was the cox); Pembroke II on the river May 1895; Pembroke II May 1895 (formal photo - DBGB was the cox);...
Dates: 1891 - 1904
 File — NHPP 2/6/4

Photograph album, 1880 - 1893

Reference Code: GBR/3124/NHPP 2/6/4
Scope and Contents Contains the following items pasted in: sepia group photograph entitled 'RE Aldershot 1886', with key to names, including Major Gore-Booth; sepia photograph of a (hunting?) gathering in front of 'Government House, Aldershot' 1886, with key to names, including Geordie Gore-Booth and Mrs Gore-Booth; sepia photograph of a military group at Hythe, 1880, with partial key to names, including Captain Gore-Booth RE ('Right Wing 105 Party'), photo by W Perry; 3 sepia photos of troops at Aldershot,...
Dates: 1880 - 1893
 File — GCPP Wilson, A 1

Photograph album of a trip to Greece in 1948, and to Italy and Sicily in 1949., 1948 - 1949

Reference Code: GBR/0271/GCPP Wilson, A 1
Scope and Contents Album of 66 items, mainly b/w snapshots (6cm x 8.5cm), taken during a trip to Greece, Easter 1948 and during a trip to Italy and Sicily, Easter 1949. Although the album includes photographs of Delphi the four friends on the trip did not actually visit Delphi. Anne Wilson thinks that these photographs may have been obtained later, possibly from Alison Duke. It is thought that most of the photographs were taken by Margaret Bowen.Most of the photographs and postcards are titled, and...
Dates: 1948 - 1949
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