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Subject Source: Local sources

Found in 941 Collections and/or Records:


Grant to Elianora de Gurnay of a messuage (as in 119), 1270

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/13/120
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: Roger de Wykes, mayor; Peter de Wilbraham; William Eliot; John Portehors, bailiffs; Eustace Eldcorn; Eustace Dunning; Roger Warin; John Aldred; Walter Blangernun; Robert Dunning; Henry Hyrp; Thomas Dunning; Robert Wymund, clerk

Dates: 1270

Grant to Elias Wal and Matilda his wife of a messuage, formerly the property of Robert Deueneys and a meadow with hedges and ditches, 1311-03-21

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/24A/A 53
Scope and Contents

The messuage lies between the messuage and croft of Gilbert the clerk (N) and the croft of Robert Wygges (S) and abuts on the field called Aldewyk (E) and on the king's highway (W).
Witnesses: John de Cantebregge; Peter Sonke; Richard Springold; Robert Thomas; Robert Wygges; Richard de Grey; John Cler'.

Dates: 1311-03-21

Grant to Eudo de Elpringham, clerk, and William his son of 2 selions of arable with meadow adjacent, and another piece of land., 1313-07-08

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/36/7
Scope and Contents The selions and meadow lie between a croft formerly of Eborard de Newnham and land of Robert Sabyn on one side and land of the said Eudo on the other, and extend from land formerly of John Goldryng to Bradeweye. This land they had of John Wombe. The other piece of land, twenty perches long, lies between land of the said Eudo and the highway and abuts on Bradeweye and they had it of John son of Master Simon de Huntingdon.Witnesses: Robert Sabyn of Grantchester; Geoffrey Knyvet; Hugh le...
Dates: 1313-07-08

Grant to Eustace le Smet, her brother, of a messuage and 2½ acres of land in Prilliston, 1349-04-17

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/31E/6
Scope and Contents

The messuage lies between a messuage formerly of Henry Austin (E) and a messuage of William de Fornham (W) and the 2½ acres lie between land of John son of Walter Spicer (S) and land of William son of Thomas (E).
Witnesses: William de Shimpling; Robert de Mezan Mari; William de Fornham; Simon le Clerk.

Dates: 1349-04-17

Grant to Everard de Wimpole of a messuage next the river bank in St Clement's parish formerly of Anger son of Anger, held of king Richard, for an annual rent of 5s. Gersuma: 40s, 1189 - 1199

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/15/1
Scope and Contents The messuage lies between land of Turstan Grennard and land of Roger son of Gilbert Claud.Witnesses: Peter de Beche; Peter his son; William Calvus [Bald]; William de Trump[ington]; Robert Uncle (auunculus); William de Tirne; Baldwin Blangernum; Alebric Ruf; Algar Nobilis; Hugh Plume; Hervey Grim; Robert Seman; John his brother; Adam Wiriel; Baldwin and Nicholas his brothers; Robert ?Young (iuuene?); Henry son of Keleman Curteis; Ralph son of Geoffrey; Ralph Mod; Hugh Maur; Warin chele;...
Dates: 1189 - 1199

Grant to Everard son of Hugh of land in Milne Street between land of Geoffrey Prat and land of Eustace Ston, 1220 - 1270

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/16 C/7
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: Hervey the clerk; Michael son Ernicus; William son of Morice; Martin son of Brithnod; Hervey Brithnod; John son of Hervey; Roger Doi; Henry Mullock; Reinold Mullock; John Anure; John Pepper; John Frede

Dates: 1220 - 1270

Grant to Francis Shouldham of Kingham, Norfolk, and John Fisher of Honing, Norfolk, of the advowson of Fulmodeston cum Croxton conditionally on their making the first presentation to Thomas Wilson junior., 1630-07-20

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09L/B 1g
Scope and Contents From the Series:

The advowson was purchased by the college in 1718. For the early history of the advowson see 1a below.
For the decision to purchase on the favourable report of two fellows, see Chapter Book, 3, pp. 64-5.
The modern references for 1g and 1h have been reversed to preserve the chronological sequence.
Nos 7, 9, 11 and 13 not used.

Dates: 1630-07-20

Grant to Geoffrey de Belton and John de Shimpling of a messuage between a tenement of Thomas Morice and a tenement of Daniel de Felsted and abutting on the highway., 1349-04-13

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/11/40
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: Robert de Brigham, mayor; Thomas Morice; Nicholas de Stowe, Simon de Hengham; William Martin

Dates: 1349-04-13

Grant to Geoffrey de Boudon, citizen and spice-dealer of London, of 20s annual quit rent from a corner tenement in the tenancy of Peter le Smith in the parish of St Andrew within Barnwell Gates., 1317-01-04

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/10/4
Scope and Contents

The tenement lies between a tenement once Walter le Usher's (N) and the King's Ditch (S) abd extends from the king's highway (W) to the King's Ditch (E).
Witnesses: Robert Dunning, mayor; John de Denford; Robert de Welton; Gilbert de Chacy; William de Bodeney, bailiff; Simon de Refham; Guy Lespicer; John de Leyk'; Adam de Bungay; Thomas de Elm.

Dates: 1317-01-04

Grant to Geoffrey de Spertegrave and Agnes his wife of half a messuage and three acres of land which he had inherited from John Gerard, his uncle and which were previously Roger Harvey's. Consideration: 5 marks, 1350 - 1430

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/03/13c
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: Robert son of Stephen of Croxton; Stephen of Hauxton; John de Fonte; Robert de Scopelawe; Roger Dunning; Andrew le Carreter; John Coffin.

Dates: 1350 - 1430

Grant to Geoffrey Mitchell of Finchingfield and Richard Billingford, clerk, of a tenement as in 87, 1384-11-19

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/18/89
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: Richard Masterman, mayor; Thomas Trivet; Roger Barber; William Brittling; Thomas Hart.

Dates: 1384-11-19
 File — CCCC09/02/16

Grant to Geoffrey Seman of a holm in St Peter's parish., 1314-07-01

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/13/111
Scope and Contents

The holm lies between a tenement of the said Geoffrey, formerly William de Hulme's on one side and a willow hedge of the grantor's running from the watercourse to his wall on the other, and extends from the tenement of the said Geoffrey to Bin brook..
Witnesses: John Morice, mayor; Robert Dunning; John de Marblethorp; Robert le Long; Simon de Brunne; John de la Sale; Anselm de Costesseye.

Dates: 1314-07-01

Grant to Geoffrey Seman of Cambridge of the manor of Stokes Chaument in Somerset., 1326-06-24

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/31F/1
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: Elyas de Suffolk; Thomas de Berkynge; John de Wyncestre'; John to Watton; Bartholomew de Ballingbery; John de Hingiston, all of London.

Dates: 1326-06-24

Grant to Geoffrey Seman of eleven acres of land in Cambridge (unspecified)., 1338-06-10

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/04/1/69
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: Richard Tuliet, mayor; John Pilat; Robert Dunning; John Brown; Henry, clerk, of Esshedon.

Dates: 1338-06-10

Grant to Geoffrey Seman of two roods of meadow next a meadow once Robert Sterisman's in Cambridge, 1316 - 1324

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/04/1/29
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: Robert Dunning, mayor; John de Marblethorp

Dates: 1316 - 1324

Grant to Geoffrey son of Edward de Barton of 3 selions in Barton fields. Gersuma: 11s 6d. One penny payable annually at Michaelmas, for services, etc., 1260-11

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/36B/1
Scope and Contents The land lies at Netherholes, between land of William son of Warin and the head of a croft belonging to the said Geoffrey son of Edward and his neighbours, and abuts at one head on Brunnebroc and at the other on land of Geoffrey le Deveneys,Witnesses: Ralph son of Alan; Thomas his brother; William son of the clerk; William son of William Cissor; William son of Warin; Warin son of Thomas; William son of William the clerk; John de Marisco, all of Barton; Walter Fleming of Whitwell; Walter...
Dates: 1260-11

Grant to Geoffrey son of Laurence Seman of Cambridge of half a messuage and half a croft adjacent at the head of the vill of Chesterton towards Cambridge, 1313-10-04

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/17/1/15
Scope and Contents

The messuage, formerly Thomas Gerard's is between land of William Wolwy [Wollewy] and land of the said Geoffrey Seman and abuts on the highway towards Cambridge and on lityle (?) Milton Way..
Witnesses: Stephen de Houghton; Robert de Erpingham, clerk; Robert le Frank; William Wolwey; Robert son of Andrew.
Endorsed 'Carta Galfridi atte Chirchegate . . .'

Dates: 1313-10-04

Grant to Gilbert Clerk (clericus) of an acre of arable in the field called Aldwyk; annual capital fee of 12d payable., 1220 - 1270

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/24A/A 46
Scope and Contents

The land lies between land of the said Henry (S) and the road leading to the church (N) and abuts (E) on the meadow called Grymesmad and (W) a croft of the said William [who?].
Witnesses: Nicholas de Bullingbbruk; Peter Sonke; Nicholas le Grey; Richard le Grey; Richard le Wancy; Roger Auncel; Robert Thinars.

Dates: 1220 - 1270

Grant to Gilbert de Hardlestone, clerk, of a messuage with buildings inherited from his father, its south side on Glomery Lane and north side on land once John de Walda and abutting on the high street ('magna strata') and land of Peter Curcey's., 1260 - 1272

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/08/121
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: Robert de Sancto Edmundo; Michael Bernard; Ernisius Mercator; Reginald Sherewynd; Hervey son of John Gogging; Nicholas ultra Forum; Riche le Tailor; Robert le Furmager; Roger de Ely.

Dates: 1260 - 1272