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Subject Source: Local sources

Found in 941 Collections and/or Records:


Grant by royal licence to the Master and Scholars of CCCC of 3 messuages, 31 acres of land and 8 acres of meadow., 1411-08-10

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/35/109
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: John Herrys; Nicholas Morice; John Burgoyn; Roger Warde; John atte Lane.
The licence in mortmain is at CCCC09/3/1.

Dates: 1411-08-10

Grant by virtue of the will to Henry de Beche, burgess and tanner, of a messuage between a tenement once of Robert Womb and a tenement once of the said Simon de Refham deceased., 1335-03-19

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/18/45
Scope and Contents

The will was proved in Cambridge Guildhall before Richard Tuliet, mayor; Geoffrey de Lynn; John Pittock senior, John de Toft,John de Weston, Daniel de Felsted, John de Newton, and Thomas de Chadenhall.
Witnesses: Richard Tuliet, mayor; Benedict Pittock; John de Barrington; John Baron; William Martin, bailiffs; John de Weston; Daniel de Felsted; Robert Martin; Henry de Brunne

Dates: 1335-03-19

Grant confirming to Thomas Wyth the reversion of all lands, rents and tenements as in the last., 1342-07-01

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/04/1/73
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: Phlip Cayly, mayor; Edmund de Ovington; John Arnald; John Vavasour; Robert de Weton, bailiff; John de Toft; John de Thorp; Henry de Middleton; Robert de Quy; Thomas Joachim; Robert atte Church.

Dates: 1342-07-01

Grant for £4 to George Bond of a parcel of land measuring 24 rods by 18 rods., 1599-08-30

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/21/33
Scope and Contents

Note on dorse of delivery of seisin.

Dates: 1599-08-30

Grant for life to John Beche and Joan his wife of one messuage (as in 26) at an annual rent of 20s., 1332-02-24

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/11/28
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: John Pilet, mayor; Gilbert de London; Simon Bernard; Robert de Tichewell; Daniel de Felsted, bailiff; John Morice; John de Weston.

Dates: 1332-02-24

Grant in confirmation of the last., 1348-07-17

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/09/56
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: Robert de Brigham, mayor; Thomas de Wells; Robert Martin; Daniel de Felsted; Henry de Beche, bailiff; Robert de Cottenham; John de Pocklington; Roger de Islip.

Dates: 1348-07-17
 File — CCCC09/02/4

Grant in frank almoin of or lands, premises and rent in Cambridge to Corpus Christi College, 1449-03-20

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/02/4
Scope and Contents

viz. a tenement, one parcel of ground in Cambridge, four cottages in Newnham, a house with a garden in Bridge Street, Cambridge, and an annual rent of three shillings from a tenement in Trumpington Street (neighbours and/or tenants specified.

Dates: 1449-03-20
 Item — CCCC09/03/18

Grant of 2 acres of arable in Fulbourn to Robert Attemoor of Hinton, 1393-10-12

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/03/18
Scope and Contents

The land lies in Fulboarndonneffeld between land of the parson of Hinton and land of Philip Mason of Hinton and abuts W on the highway leading to [ ].
Witnesses: Richard Chaumberleyn; Philip Mason of Hinton; Robert Ellis; John Modderyng; Simon Martin; Roger Diner.

Dates: 1393-10-12

Grant of 3 acres and one rood in Methwold to John Young and Robert Roose, both of Methwold, for an annual obit, with Placebo, Dilexi and Mass, for his father Thomas and his forebears., 1529-08-31

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/31E/3
Scope and Contents 1½ acres lies between land of the rector of St Mary's, Feltwell, on either side and abut on Croftwell heueds (N); 1½ roods lie next to crown land now in the tenure of Richard Stallworthy (E) and abut on land of John Tendall, esq., (S); 3 roods lie between land of George Young (E) and land of the Prior of Slesham' (W) and abut on land of the said John Tendall (S); half an acre and half a rood lie between land of the said George Young (S) and land of the rector of Methwold (N) and abut on...
Dates: 1529-08-31

Grant of a messuage and two acres in Cambridge field to Richard son of Thomas, nephew of the Prior of Wells, on his marriage to Margaret, daughter of Henry., 1293

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/12/3
Scope and Contents The messuage lies between a messuage of Master Adam Eliot and a messuage of Master John de Wimpole and abuts on the road towards, or over against, Dame Nicholesyth [Dame Nichola's hythe] and on the lane leading to St Michael's church. Of the land in Cambridge field, one and a half acres lie between land of the Prior of Barnwell and land of Merton College and abut on land of the Prioress of St Radegund; and half an acre lies next to land of St John's Hospital and abuts on Huntingdon...
Dates: 1293
 Item — CCCC09/03/29

Grant of a messuage with buildings and of one acre in the vill of Whittlesford Bridge to Warin son of John Hoblyne of Shelford and Alex' his wife, daughter of the grantor. Gersuma: 40s. Annual fee of one peppercorn, 1280 - 1350

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/03/29
Scope and Contents The messuage lies between the messuage of Edith, sister of the grantor and the road to Whittlesford and abuts on the king's highway. Of the acre, half lies between land of Brian Le Child and land of the said Edith, and abuts on the said messuage and on land of the said Brian; the other half acre lies between land of Robert Saffrey of Pampeswrth and land of the said Edith and abuts on a messuage of the said Robert and on land of the said Brian.Witnesses: Nicholas de Ponte; Thomas Le...
Dates: 1280 - 1350
 Item — CCCC09/03/19

Grant of a piece of land in Great Wilbraham to John de Dunton and Helewys Braciaeric his mother, 1331-02-24 - 1331-03-03

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/03/19
Scope and Contents

The land lies in the field called Wexehesfeld next to land of Robert le Paumier on one side, abutting on Le Middlefield and extending to Hildersham Way.
Witnesses: Adam de Lelenetot; John clericus; John Geffrye; Henry le Palmer; John Derby; Edward son of Alan ad Pontem; Edmund de Hulme

Dates: 1331-02-24 - 1331-03-03
 Item — CCCC09/03/11

Grant of a selion in Comberton to John le Mareys of Barton, 1294-03-12

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/03/11
Scope and Contents

The selion lies in 'le Coppene Aker' between land of Roger Atchurch [atte Church] (ad Ecclesiam) and land of William de Mareys and abuts on land of John de Mesk called Horeborouhauedlond. Feudal due: a halfpenny.
Witnesses: William Sterne of Haslingfield; William le Jouene; John Godred; John le Bole; Peter le Webbe

Dates: 1294-03-12

Grant of a shop, as in last, to William le Comber., 1273-11

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/08/66
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: Bartholomew Gogging, mayor; John Martin; William Eliot; Henry Nadun; Henry Tuliet; John de Aylsham; Henry de Barton; John Bot, clerk; Nicholas son of Symon Pistor.

Dates: 1273-11
 File — CCCC09/02/1

Grant of a tenement in St Benedict’s parish (neighbours specified) to Thomas Chesterton, William Beketon, clerk, Hugh Plowryght and Thomas Jacob., 1408-06-24

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/02/1
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: John Gainsford, mayor, John Sexton, bocher, Stephen Neel, John Eversden and Alan Boberd, bailiffs.

Dates: 1408-06-24

Grant of all his right in 10s 6d rent, 1308 - 1309

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/04/1/62
Scope and Contents

Witnesses include Roger de Costessey and James Godlomb, bailiffs

Dates: 1308 - 1309
 Item — CCCC09/03/15

Grant of Henry Flesshewere and Joan his wife of 12 selions in Elsworth and Conington with reversion of 3 selions which Richard Spendelowe holds of William Sewyne, his brother., 1351-02-21

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/03/15
Scope and Contents One selion lies in Elsworth field between land of William Dill and land of Richard de Weston and buts against uppende [Wa]rene (?); one lies below grehornhaueden next to land of Simon West and abuts on Grethortlign; one lies at . . . Welle between land of Peter (?) Attewell and land of William Diller; one lies in Holebroke between land of William de Bestan' and land of William de . . . and abuts on a headland of John Attegrene; one lies above Salthoupernehed between William de Ceston and...
Dates: 1351-02-21

Grant of land as in last to Thomas Jacob, burgess, John Titteshall, clerk, Adam Leverington and Richard Sexton., 1425-01-10

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/04/1/128
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: John Warwyk, mayor; John Carpe; Richard Busshe; Thomas Sturmyn; John Wyllymot, bailiff.

Dates: 1425-01-10

Grant of land to Geoffrey son of Ordgar at an annual rent of 2d plus 1d for Christmas offering, and 1d for hagable on Hock Tuesday (oketiwesdai). Gersuma, 55s., 1260-11

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/12/1
Scope and Contents

The land lies between the stone house of the said Geoffrey and land formerly Robert Gulastre's in which Richard the weaver ('telarius') lives.
Witnesses: Hervey Grim; William his brother; Geoffrey Potekin; Alard son of Ordgar; Gilbert Aurifaber; Hervey his son; Ralph son of Roger; William his brother; Henry de Barton; Hervey son of Seman; Geoffrey Winter; Paris the clerk.

Dates: 1260-11
 Item — CCCC09/31D/1

Grant of lands and tenements, etc., with a mill in Great Gransden to Sir Philip de Stowe, knight, and Matilda his wife, which lands, etc., they hold by gift and feoffment of the said Sir Philip., 1334-11-02

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/31D/1
Scope and Contents After the deaths of Philip and Matilda twenty-seven acres of arable called Le Stokkyng de Henwykand the remaining inhabitants of the hamlet of Grantesden Henwyk, viz. Simon Scutard, Richard Mabbotessone and William Elyz are to pass to Hugh de Musters for the term of his life on payment of a rose bud annually at Eltisley; and after his death all lands, etc., to pass to the heirs of Sir Philip de Stowe.Witnesses: Thomas Scot of Abbotsley; Walter le Brec of Winteringham; Richard Baudewyne;...
Dates: 1334-11-02
 File — CCCC09/02/3

Grant of lands to Henry VI., 1448-06-28

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/02/3
Scope and Contents The lands comprise one garden next St Edward’s hostel recently in the tenure of Robert Joyner and a garden next the river bank in the tenure of John Wells, clerk, and a tenement in Gt St Mary’s parish called ‘le Horshead’ on the High St., abutting on School Lane to the N. and on a tenement of the Master and Brethren of the Hospital of St John the Evangelist to the S., and on a parcel of land proposed for the scholars of the King’s College of the BVM and St Nicholas to the W.,And also...
Dates: 1448-06-28

Grant of the advowson to his son Thomas Wilson junior., 1630-08-02

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09L/B 1h
Scope and Contents From the Series:

The advowson was purchased by the college in 1718. For the early history of the advowson see 1a below.
For the decision to purchase on the favourable report of two fellows, see Chapter Book, 3, pp. 64-5.
The modern references for 1g and 1h have been reversed to preserve the chronological sequence.
Nos 7, 9, 11 and 13 not used.

Dates: 1630-08-02
 Item — CCCC09/31B/3

Grant of the Manor of Wydyngton [Widdington][ with advowson of the church to John le Baud, parson of Grantchester and Sir John ate Lee, chaplain., 1351-05-16

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/31B/3
Scope and Contents

A wood called 'Lundinghoc' (London Jock) and the hedges and ditches surrounding it is excepted.
Witnesses: John de Ros; Robert de Geddinge, knights; Thomas de Shelton; Robert de la Rokele; Oliver de Barle; John Flambard; William Flambard; John de Wydyngton

Dates: 1351-05-16

Grant (patent) to Robert son of William de Madingley of homage and service of Thomas de Glemsford, his tenant, for one messuage and lands in Madingley of the fee of the Master of the Knights Templar., 1301-08-01

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/17/2/14
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: Sir Geoffrey de Burdeleys; John son of William de Madingley; William his brother; James Warin; Roger Wendut; Roger Terri; William Ogle; John le Palmer.

Dates: 1301-08-01