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Subject Source: Local sources

Found in 951 Collections and/or Records:


Grant to Geoffrey Seman of eleven acres of land in Cambridge (unspecified)., 1338-06-10

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/04/1/69
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: Richard Tuliet, mayor; John Pilat; Robert Dunning; John Brown; Henry, clerk, of Esshedon.

Dates: 1338-06-10

Grant to Geoffrey Seman of two roods of meadow next a meadow once Robert Sterisman's in Cambridge, 1316 - 1324

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/04/1/29
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: Robert Dunning, mayor; John de Marblethorp

Dates: 1316 - 1324

Grant to Geoffrey son of Edward de Barton of 3 selions in Barton fields. Gersuma: 11s 6d. One penny payable annually at Michaelmas, for services, etc., 1260-11

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/36B/1
Scope and Contents The land lies at Netherholes, between land of William son of Warin and the head of a croft belonging to the said Geoffrey son of Edward and his neighbours, and abuts at one head on Brunnebroc and at the other on land of Geoffrey le Deveneys,Witnesses: Ralph son of Alan; Thomas his brother; William son of the clerk; William son of William Cissor; William son of Warin; Warin son of Thomas; William son of William the clerk; John de Marisco, all of Barton; Walter Fleming of Whitwell; Walter...
Dates: 1260-11

Grant to Geoffrey son of Laurence Seman of Cambridge of half a messuage and half a croft adjacent at the head of the vill of Chesterton towards Cambridge, 1313-10-04

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/17/1/15
Scope and Contents

The messuage, formerly Thomas Gerard's is between land of William Wolwy [Wollewy] and land of the said Geoffrey Seman and abuts on the highway towards Cambridge and on lityle (?) Milton Way..
Witnesses: Stephen de Houghton; Robert de Erpingham, clerk; Robert le Frank; William Wolwey; Robert son of Andrew.
Endorsed 'Carta Galfridi atte Chirchegate . . .'

Dates: 1313-10-04

Grant to Gilbert Clerk (clericus) of an acre of arable in the field called Aldwyk; annual capital fee of 12d payable., 1220 - 1270

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/24A/A 46
Scope and Contents

The land lies between land of the said Henry (S) and the road leading to the church (N) and abuts (E) on the meadow called Grymesmad and (W) a croft of the said William [who?].
Witnesses: Nicholas de Bullingbbruk; Peter Sonke; Nicholas le Grey; Richard le Grey; Richard le Wancy; Roger Auncel; Robert Thinars.

Dates: 1220 - 1270

Grant to Gilbert de Hardlestone, clerk, of a messuage with buildings inherited from his father, its south side on Glomery Lane and north side on land once John de Walda and abutting on the high street ('magna strata') and land of Peter Curcey's., 1260 - 1272

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/08/121
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: Robert de Sancto Edmundo; Michael Bernard; Ernisius Mercator; Reginald Sherewynd; Hervey son of John Gogging; Nicholas ultra Forum; Riche le Tailor; Robert le Furmager; Roger de Ely.

Dates: 1260 - 1272

Grant to Gilbert de Whittlewood, tanner, and his wife, Elena, of a messuage with buildings between a tenement of Master Thomas Dowerfield and a tenement of little William Miller and extending from the high road to Swinecroft [perhaps next to house C]., 1308-10-04

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/14/22
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: John Dunning, mayor; Robert Tuliet junior; John Culling; James Godlamb; Roger de Costesesye, bailiffs; Peter de Berningham; Robert de Comberton; John Robillard; Hugh Faber and William Glathewyne [Gladwyn].

Dates: 1308-10-04

Grant to Gilbert Thorgor and Peter Nayland, clerks, of a vacant plot of land., 1415-11-20

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/10/28
Scope and Contents

The plot is between a messuage once John Refham's and the highway and abuts on land of CCCC and on a messuage of Walter Cotton.
Witnesses: John Bilney; Simon Bentybow; John Meteham, draper; John Weston; Roger Falcon.

Dates: 1415-11-20

Grant to God and the Gild of St Mary of an acre of arable land in Barnwell, 1267 - 1288

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/17/3/11
Scope and Contents

The land lies between land of the Prior of Barnwell and land formerly of William Balsich (?) and abuts on land of Sterisbrigge [Sturbridge].
Witnesses: John Martin, mayor; Roger de Weathersfield; John Perrin; Simon de Bradley; Reginald de Comberton, bailiffs; John Buth; William Eliot; John Franceys; Nicholas Aurifaber; William Marbys.

Dates: 1267 - 1288
 Item — CCCC09/03/28

Grant to God, the BVM and the Knights Templar in England of an annual rentcharge of 6d in Weston [Weston Colville] with homage and the tenement of Ralph son of Toni which they used to pay to him., 1250 - 1320

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/03/28
Scope and Contents

The grant is for the health of his soul and those of his forebears and descendants.
The tenement lies in Weston fields between land of Richard Logman (N) and land of John Toni (S) and abuts (W) on land of Simon son of Warin.
Witnesses: Adam . . .; John de Gloez; John del Hill; Richard his brother; Henry Bacun; Robert Curteys; William Curteys; Richard son of Reiner; Humphry . . . lgate; Alan le Curteys; William de Camera; Richard Pain

Dates: 1250 - 1320

Grant to Godefrey de Hauxton, merchant, and Hawisia his wife of a tenement between the tenement of Matilda del Solde and the lane leading to the 'Glomeria' and abutting on the king's highway and on a tenement once Gilbert Bernard's., 1288-07-11

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/08/76
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: John Martin, mayor; Robert de Shelford; Reginald de Comberton; John de Braunketre; John Pawe, bailiffs; Humfrey de Costessey; Geoffrey le Ferur; Robert de Madingley; Alan de Hinton; Robert le Walsh.

Dates: 1288-07-11

Grant to Godfrey Seman of a river meadow with vines and trees with free access via the lane which leads from the said holm and from the messuage of Laurence Seman and Agnes his wife to the King's highway., 1308-02-15

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/13/110
Scope and Contents

The holm lies next to the King's Ditch ('Regia alta aqua') and is ditched on the other three sides.
Witnesses: John Dunning, mayor; Richard Dunning; Robert his son; Walter Bindebere; Michael Woolward.

Dates: 1308-02-15

Grant to Godin son of Lady Helen de Beche of the guardianship of Gilbert son of Aelward de Beche with all his lands and properties for a yearly payment of a pair of gilt spurs worth 6d., 1247 - 1260

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/35/2
Scope and Contents Also granted are an acre called Bremhacre in Stratfield; an acre lying between land of William son of Emma and land of the widow Alice in the same field; an acre in Tunstalfield next to land of Roger son of Alwin in Blakeland; an acre lying between land of the parson and of the widow Goda in the same field; an acre in Scachebowefield between land of Henry de Colville and land of Robert Freeman; an acre in the same field between land of Thomas le King and the widow Alice; and a dole which...
Dates: 1247 - 1260

Grant to Godwin de Ditton, burgess, and Basilia his wife, of land which he had by gift and enfeoffment from Cassandra his mother., 1270 - 1307

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/16 C/16
Scope and Contents The land lies behind the messuage of Simon de Nutley and extends 10 perches (at 17 feet a perch) in length between the land of the said Simon and a watercourse, and 6 and a half perches in width between a common way belonging to the house of Cristiana Warin, mother of the said Cassandra, and a ditch of Haneye [Henney] belonging to the said Simon of Nutley.Witnesses: Simon ad Aquam; Walter Em; Reginald Sherewind; Thomas Plote; Robert de Teversham; Thomas Woolward; Godfrey ad Aquam;...
Dates: 1270 - 1307

Grant to Gregory son of Julian of a messuage between the land of Hervey son of Brithnot and the land of Henry V ivien at an annual rent of 18d at two terms,., 1210 - 1240

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/11/7(3)
Scope and Contents

The messuage had been given to Ely in free alms by Simon, son of Hugh of Kirtling.
Witnesses: Bartholomew, chaplain of Cambridge; Hervey Gogginge Eustace de Wimpole; Richard his brother; Reginald son of Alfred; John his son; Simon his son.

Dates: 1210 - 1240

Grant to Guy le Spicer and Simon de Refham, burgesses, of an annual rent-charge of 8d payable by the brethren and sisters of the gild of the Blessed Mary on a tenement., 1312-06-26

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/18/23
Scope and Contents

The rent-charge which William holds by feoffment of John Wombe is on a tenement between a messuage of Eudo de Elpringham and a messuage of Thomas de Branketre.
Witnesses: William de Comberton; John Morice; John Pawe; John Culling; William Thurrock.

Dates: 1312-06-26

Grant to Helen Sherewind and Margaret her daughter of all tenements in the parishes of St Botolph and St Benedict received after the death of his mother, Joan ad Aquam, once Margaret Bracy's., 1301-07-02

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/11/7(15)
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: Simon de Stockton, mayor; Walater Cole; Philip de Comberton; Richard de Bottisham; Robert de Comberton, bailiff; Bartholomew Gogging; Robert de Hinton; William de Leeds; William Holay; Walter de Caston.

Dates: 1301-07-02

Grant to Helen Sherewind of a messuage between one of the same Helen and one of Margaret Sherewind and abutting on the highway., 1240 - 1250

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/11/9
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: John Dunning, mayor; Bartholomew Gogging; John de Branketre; William Faber; Nicholas Barefoot; Robert Madefrey; Walter de Caston

Dates: 1240 - 1250

Grant to Henry de Barton of an annual quit rent of one penny from a tenement lying between land of Leo son of Adam and land of Henry Hyrp., 1275 - 1290

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/13/82.a
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: Robert de Sancto Edmundo; Leo son of Adam; John de Barton; John Portehors; William de Pickering; Eustace Eldcorn; Peter Curteys; Richard son of Yvo; Robert Vivien; Richard Hoppecarne; Roger son of Warin; John Aldred; Henry Hyrp.

Dates: 1275 - 1290

Grant to Henry de Baules of half an acre of wood with covered ways (speluncis) and hedges granted to Geoffrey by Richard son of William. Rent: 6d; gersuma: 2½ marks., 1280 - 1310

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/24A/D1
Scope and Contents

The wood lies lengthwise next to the messuage of the said Henry to the east and abuts on the King's highway.
Witnesses: Richard butler of the lord's fee; Ralph de Furnell; William de Furnell; Robert de Sareners; Geoffrey his son; Richard Grey; Peter son of William'; William his brother; Jordan de Horemad; Stephen his son; Hamon son of William; Robert de Sanford; John son of Reginald; Richard son of Maurice; William de Storteford, clerk, scribe.

Dates: 1280 - 1310

Grant to Henry de Brunne and Margaret his wife of a messuage which he had from William de Garton (see X 4.b)., 1336-12-11

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/09/10
Scope and Contents

The messuage lies next to a messuage of the said Henry (N) and a messuage once Simon Bernard's (S) and stretches from the king's highway to a messuage of John White.
Witnesses: Richard Tuliet, mayor; Benedict Pittock; John de Barnton; John Baron; Richard Martin, bailiff; John Morice; Simon de R[efham]; John Pilat; John Pittock.

Dates: 1336-12-11

Grant to Henry de Brunne, burgess, and Margaret his wife of a messuage in St Mary's parish and 2 acres of arable land in Carmefield., 1337-04-24

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/08/258
Scope and Contents The messuage is between Glomery Lane and a tenement once John de Trumpington's and abuts on the king's highway and on a tenement once Simon Bernard's, Of the 2 acres in Carmefield, one and a half acres lie between land of John Pilat and the lands of Nicholas Crocheman, St John's Hospital, John Pilet and John Morice and abut on Carmedole; the other half acre lies towards Pourtebrigges between land once Robert de Brunne's and land once Thomas Ward's and abuts on Pourtebrigges.Witnesses:...
Dates: 1337-04-24

Grant to Henry de Brunne, burgess, and Margaret his wife of annual rent of 40s for life from a messuage held of the gift of the said Henry and Margaret., 1346-09-27

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/08/83
Scope and Contents

The messuage is between Glomery Lane and a tenement once John de Trumpington's and abuts on a tenement of Henry de Beche and on the king's highway.
Witnesses: Richard Tuliet, mayor; Adam de Bungay; Henry de Beche; William de Sledemere; Richard le Tableter; John de Pocklington.

Dates: 1346-09-27