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Subject Source: Local sources

Found in 941 Collections and/or Records:


Grant to Andrew de Hitchin, burgess of Cambridge, of a curtilage with hedges on either side in Newnham (apparently as in 6), 1312-11-07

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/13/10
Scope and Contents

The curtilage lies between a messuage of Henry Pestur and a messuage of of St John's Hospital and extends between the king's highway to the lands of the said Andrew and of the said hospital.
Witnesses: Guy le Spicer, mayor; John Martin; Bartholomew Morice; Walter Butcher (Carnifex), Robert le Long, bailiffs; John Morice; James Godlomb; William le Bolour; John Pete; John le Charner.

Dates: 1312-11-07

Grant to Andrew Doket, President of the Queens' College of St Bernard and St Margaret, of five parcels of land., 1465-11-02

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/10/34
Scope and Contents

The parcels lie separately between a tenement of the said Margery (N) and another tenement of the said college, commonly called St Nicholas' Hostel, lately in the tenure of John Lane deceased (S) (dimensions given).
Witnesses: Robert Coope, mayor; Walter Ferrour; William Barford; John Coke, skynner; and Thomas Mast, bailiffs.

Dates: 1465-11-02

Grant to Andrew Doket, rector of St Botolph, of a messuage as in 3(1), 1441-06-10

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/11/3(3)
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: Thomas Jacob, mayor; John Belton; Thomas Goode; Robert Hayreman; Richard Toogood, bailiff.

Dates: 1441-06-10

Grant to Anger, clerk of Whitwell, of one selion of land in the fields of Barton and Whitwell at an annual rent of one clove at Easter for services. Free disposal., 1270 - 1280

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/36B/2
Scope and Contents

The selion lies at Fowerteneyerden between land of the Prior of Barnwell and a certain boundary, and abuts on land once of Peronell of Cotes.
Witnesses: Everard of Whitwell; Walter son of Walter; John of Meteringhan; John Goldsmith (Aurifaber), all of Barton; John de Mareys of the same; Richard Saveri of Cotes; Henry le Heyr of the same.

Dates: 1270 - 1280

Grant to Bartholomew Gogging, burgess, of 8 acres of arable land in the fields of Cambridge and Newnham of the fee of Sir William Mortimer (de mortus mari) which Bartholomew had by feoffment from Robert Huberd., 1290-10-20

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/04/1/33
Scope and Contents

Consideration: annual rent of 5s 6d
Witnesses: John But; Michael Pilat; Robert Tuliet; Thomas Tuliet; Robert de Shelford; Geoffrey Audre; William de Aulmo; Michael Wlward; Maurice le Taylor.

Dates: 1290-10-20

Grant to Bartholomew Gogging of one acre in Cambridge field in the little field ('parvo campo'), 1282-02-04

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/04/1/30
Scope and Contents

The land lies between land of St John's Hospital and a ditch and abuts on Edynebrook and on land of the said Bartholomew.
Consideration: rent, a rose and 1d to the feudal lords; gersuma, two and a half marks.
Witnesses: John Martin, mayor; Nicholas Morice; John Portehors; John le Palfreyman; John Gerunde; Reginal de Cumberon, Michael Pilat; Gerard ad Stangum; Alan ad Stangum; Nicholas Derepot.

Dates: 1282-02-04

Grant to Bartholomew son of Michael Gogging of one acre in Cambridge field, in Middlefen which was the dowry of his mother Mariota [sister of Bartholomew Gogging], 1263 - 1270

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/04/1/21
Scope and Contents

The land lies between land of Luke son of Walter de Sancto Edmundo and land of Nicholas-ultra-forum.
Consideration: rent, a rose; gersuma, 30s.
Witnesses: Richard Laurence, mayor; William Elyotht; Simon ad Aquam; Gerard ad Stagnum, bailiff; Robert de Madingley; Ernisius the merchant; John Michel; William Bracy; William de Cotes; Randulf ad Portam de Trumpington.

Dates: 1263 - 1270

Grant to CCCC of all lands, tenements, liberties and lands in Over, as in 18 and 20., 1492-07-24

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/21/29
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: Master William Dalling, clerk; Robert Coope; John Sampson; Richard Christmas and Robert Fynge

Dates: 1492-07-24

Grant to CCCC of land as in 33., 1616-04-30

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/21/34
Scope and Contents

Endorsed as 'pecia terrae ad finem pomarij in manerio de Over ex dono Georgii Bond'.

Dates: 1616-04-30

Grant to CCCC of the manor of Wilbraham Parva with appurtenances., 1571-09-27

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/23/7
Scope and Contents From the Fonds:

Nos 11-13, 26-199 not used. 223 (1) relates to the manor of Barton Lancaster and is there housed and listed.
See also under Grantchester XXXVI G 129.1: Dr Hooke's notebook of his livings at Grantchester and Little Wilbraham, 1762-76.
Membrane 5 of 09/35/141 has records of the court of Wilbraham Rycotts for 1631, 1635 and 1636.

Dates: 1571-09-27
 Item — CCCC09/13/123(1)

Grant to Cecilia, formerly daughter of Richard son of Laurence of Cambridge of a piece of land lying between land formerly of John Frost, chaplain, and land of John Aldred., 1270

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/13/123(1)
Scope and Contents

The property extends in length from the grantor's curtilage towards the S. for 13 perches, and in width at the S. end 1 perch 12 feet, and at the other hend (at his curtilage) 3 perches.
Witnesses: John Aldred; Walter son of Ralph; Walter Blangernun; John Portehors; John Hytti (Hycci?); William Tuliet; Robert Wymund, clerk.

Dates: 1270

Grant to Constance daughter of Hugh Farman of Great Chishill of a messuage with houses, gardens, hedges and ditches., 1318-01-29

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/24A/E6
Scope and Contents

The messuage lies between a messuage formerly of Jordan de Bideford and a croft of the vicar of Manuden and abuts on a croft formerly of John Hyme and on the road from Manuden to Stortford.
Witnesses: Robert de Pinchepol; John Batayle; John Saucerner; Thomas Frere (?= his brother); John le Fenman.

Dates: 1318-01-29

Grant to Custance, daughter of Roger le Gray of Fulbourn of three acres of arable land in Barnwell fields, 1270 - 1280

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/17/3/2
Scope and Contents Two acres lie behind the house (mansio) of the Preaching Friars between land of Alberic the butcher and the highway leading to Greencroft and abut on land of St John's Hospital and on the highway to Hinton; the other acre lies between land of the Prior of Barnwell and land formerly of Thomas Tuliet and abuts on Pissewelleway and on land of Robert de Madingley.Witnesses: Walter, servant of Cambridge University; Henry Nadun; Thomas bookbinder (ligator librorum); John Matelaske; William le...
Dates: 1270 - 1280

Grant to Daniel de Felsted, burgess, and Benedicta his wife of one messuage received from Simon Attepond, tanner., 1332-06-11

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/11/29
Scope and Contents

The messuage lies between the churchyard and vicarage of St Botolph [S] and land of Peter de Newnham and land once John le Breton's [N], and extends from land of the said Peter to land of Master William de Wells'.
Witnesses: John Pilet, mayor; Simon Bernard; Gilbert de London; Robert de Tithewell, bailiff; John Morice; William de Saham; William Holay.

Dates: 1332-06-11

Grant to Daniel de Felsted of two messuages as in 6(1)., 1361-12-06

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/11/6(2)
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: Stephen, son of John Morice, mayor; John de Baldock; Richard Martin; Richard de Arderne Andrew de Cottenham.

Dates: 1361-12-06

Grant to Durand de Harfleur of land as in 3.a except that length is136 feet (6 score and 16), 1216 - 1240

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/15/3.b
Scope and Contents

Rent: 2d per annum for services. Gersuma: 11s 10d.
Witnesses: Robert Seman; Adam Wiriel; Eustace de Wimpole; Geoffrey Siberd; Henry Alegod; John Bernard; Hubert son of Norman; Walter, clerk (i.e. as in 3.a but with Hubert son of Norman replacing Perleben).
Endorsement similar to 3.a

Dates: 1216 - 1240

Grant to Durant de Harfleur of a piece of land lying behind land of Henry Alegod, 1216 - 1240

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/15/3.a
Scope and Contents The land measures 60 feet in length; 20 feet in width nearest to Alegod's land, and 18 feet at the far end towards the meadow. Rent: one penny per annum for services, etc. Gersuma, 5s 6d.Witnesses: Robert Seman; Adam Wiriel; Eustace de Wimpole; Geoffrey Siberd; Henry Alegod; John Bernard; Roger (?) Perleben; Walter, clerk.Endorsed in Botwright's hand: Carta Johannis fil: Adleny de quadam parte terre iacentis retron terram Henr' Alegod fact' Duranto de Hartle [duplicata] uvi Eudo de...
Dates: 1216 - 1240

Grant to Edmund, chaplain of South Creek in Norfolk, of six strips of land lying towards 'le Thorp' at 'dedemannesdole' in le Portefield in Cambridge field., 1299-11-23

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/04/1/35
Scope and Contents

The strips lie next to land of John son of Robert de Shelford and abut on land of the Prior of Barnwell, land of Reginald de Comberton and land of St John's Hospital.
Consideration: gersuma, 4 marks.
Witnesses: Sir Clement, chaplain of North Creek; Sir Robert chaplain of South Creek; Master Richard de Stanhow; John Dunning; Reginald de Comberton; William de Bekeswelle; John Portehors; John Prentice; Robert Tuliet; Thomas Tuliet.

Dates: 1299-11-23

Grant to Edmund Coningsburgh and William Malster, clerks, of a tenement which they hold by gift of Angew Jacob, John More, clerk, and Richard Sexton, 1463-06-06

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/18/135
Scope and Contents

The tenement lies between tenements of CCCC and abuts (S) on the highway and (N) on a tenement late of John Duxworth and a tenement of the Prior of Anglesey.
Witnesses: John Belton, mayor; Walter Ferrour; Thomas Regewyne; John Saye; Stephen Skynkyll, bailiffs

Dates: 1463-06-06

Grant to Edmund Hanson, John Collin and John Bramton, clerks, of a tenement which they held by gift of John Bunne and John Neel., 1478-08-01

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/18/143a
Scope and Contents

The tenement lies between tenements of CCCC and abuts S on the highway and N on a tenement once of John Duxworth and a tenement of the Prior of Anglesey.
Witnesses: John Whyton, mayor; Richard Roper, alias Smith; John Kensham; William Pycharde; William Waleys, bailiffs

Dates: 1478-08-01

Grant to Edmund Lister, burgess, of a messuage between two messuages of William Note and extending 'Est & West', 1373-06-02

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/16 C/85
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: William Horwode, mayor; John Morice; Stephen Morice; Thomas Lolworth; William Note.

Dates: 1373-06-02

Grant to Edward de Becheswerthe of three acres of meadow in Offham for 5 silver marks., 1280 - 1300

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/31H/1
Scope and Contents

The land lies at the head of the stream (fons) there.
Witnesses: Sir William Paynel; Luke de Vienne, knights; Elias de Chenny; William de Bulesham; John de Codham; William de Berghamwyke; Gervase de Wyldebrugges; Richard Jeudewyne.

Dates: 1280 - 1300

Grant to Eleanor de Gurnay of a parcel of land at an annual rent of a pair of white gloves. Gersuma of 18 shillings sterling (neighbours as in 09/10/1., 1260 - 1290

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/10/3
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: William Eliot; Thomas Plate'; Henry de Mordon; William Godson; John le Cutler; Robert Edward; William Molendinar; John Faber; Robert de Hauxton of York, scrivener.

Dates: 1260 - 1290

Grant to Eleanor de Gurnay of a parcel of land at an annual rent of one halfpenny. Gersuma of one silver mark., 1260 - 1290

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/10/2
Scope and Contents

The land constitutes the southernmost part of Matilda's messuage and lies between the messuage held by Eleanor and a house given by Matilda to her daughter, and abuts on a tenement of Helen Althope and land once Simon Godelot's.
Witnesses: William Eliot; Peter de Wilbraham; Robert de Madingley; Ernisius Mercator; William Goldring; Robert Edward; William Molendinar'; William Godson; John le Cutler; Nicholas Day.

Dates: 1260 - 1290