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Business letters: Shanghai, 1844-1891

Reference Code: GBR/0012/MS JM/B7/37

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There are 10,805 principal letters and 15 supplementary letters. The correspondents include the following names:

W.R. Adamson; W.R. Adamson & Co.; R.F. Addyman; Agra & United Service Bank Ltd; Chaloner Alabaster; Samuel Alcock; Joseph W. Allen; Thomas Allen; J. Allmand Jnr (of Yokohama); Alexander Anderson (Inspector of Maitland Ewing & Co.'s estate); Captain George Cobham Anderson (Marine Superintendent, Jardine Matheson, Hong Kong); John Henry Anderson (Robert Anderson & Co., Kiukiang and Hankow); Robert Anderson (Robert Anderson & Co., Kiukiang and Hankow); Robert Anderson & Co.; Adolf André (Consul for Austria-Hungary at Hong Kong); Angel & Co.; Alexander Forbes Angus (tea inspector for Jardine, Matheson & Co.); American Trading Co.; Francis Annand; Robert Crawfurd Antrobus; Elphinstone D'Oyley D'Auvergne Aplin; W.H. Aretz; John Martin Armstrong (Thomas Hunt & Co.); Philipp Arnhold; James William Murray Ashby (Paymaster, Royal Navy); John Ashton; Hugh Piercy Austin (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); W.E. Ayers.

O.H. Baker (Thomas Hunt & Co.); Richard Beckwith Baker (Chartered Mercantile Bank); Thomas Baker; F.H. Balfour (of the newspaper 'Celestial Empire'); George Balfour; Bank of Hindustan, China & Japan Ltd; James S. Barber (of Kanagawa); John George Barkley (Executive Engineer, Shanghai-Nanking Railway); George Barnet; George Barnet & Co.; B.A. Barretto & Co.; A. Barstow; Edward William Batt (of Jardine, Matheson & Co., then G. Barnet & Co.); John Thomas Batt (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Captain H.P. Baylis; N. Baynes; Thomas Chay Beale; Harry Macdonald Becher; William Beckett (Captain of the 'Clan Alpine', 'Wild Wave', 'James Shepherd', S.S. 'Unadilla' and 'Flying Spur'); F. Bell (of S.S. 'Ganges'); John Bell-Irving; J. Bemelmans; Benjamin David Benjamin; Captain Isaac Bernard (of S.S. 'Ganges' and 'Malacca'); Julius Bernard (Secretary of the Shanghai General Hospital); T. Bertolini (of Messageries Impériales); Frederick J. Besley; Henry Beveridge; H.S. Bidwell; Robert Wilberforce Merthius Bird; Birley, Worthington & Co.; W. Birt & Co.; Aelius Marcellus Bisbee (Harbour Master); Henry Blackwood (Chief Engineer of the 'Rona'); Blain, Tate & Co.; Henry P. Blanchard; C. Bohnen; Captain Charles James Bolton; Captain Dionisio Bordenave; Bower, Hanbury & Co.; [ ] Bowman; John Bowring; Boyd & Co. (of China); J. Bradfield; Oliver B. Bradford (Deputy Consul-General, U.S. Consulate); George Thomas Braine; Brand Brothers & Co.; Lewis C. Brayley (of the 'Gresham'); J.W. Bridge (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Charles W. Brooks & Co.; William Broughall; J.G.H. Brown (Agent, Agra & U.S. Bank, Bombay); Richard C. Brown (son of Captain Richard H. Brown); W.R. Brown (former Captain of the 'Macnaghten'); C. Buchanan; Buchheister & Co.; Buissonnet & Co.; Francis Bulkeley Bulkeley-Johnson (also Francis Bulkeley Johnson, afterwards Bulkeley-Johnson); Thomas Lowndes Bullock; H.A. Burgevin; James W. Burns (engineer on the 'Sin Nanzing'); Henry Edward Bush; Bush Brothers; George A. Butler (of the Shanghai Steam Navigation Co.); Butterfield & Swire; E. de Butzoff (Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary for Russia at Peking); B Edward Byrne (Captain of the 'Zingari', 'London' and 'Telegraph').

Ewen Cameron (of the Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation); William Cameron; J.M. Canny; J.M. Canny & Co.; R.M. Campbell (Agra Bank); John Cardno; Bento José Cardoso; Farquhar Carnie; Revd S. Carpenter; Carter & Co.; H. Castilla (Captain of the 'Lamont' and 'River Bird'); Chai Fok Huig; Albert Fry Chambers (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); E.W. Chambers; Chapman, King & Co.; J. Chapsal (of Messageries Maritimes); Chartered Mercantile Bank of India, London & China; Chen-Sui-Fong; John How Cheverton; China Fire Insurance Co. Ltd; China Merchants Steam Navigation Co.; China Sugar Refining Co. Ltd (China Sugar Refinery Co. Ltd); Chu (Hsu) (District Magistrate); Chunfaiting; Clapp & Co.; A. Brodie Clark (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Clark & Morrice, London; W.J. Clarke (Fergusson & Co., Chefoo); Clausen, Droege & Co.; C. Colnett; Commercial Bank Corporation of India and the East; Comptoir d'Escompte de Paris; Charles Spencer Compton; B.W. Comstock; William O. Comstock; P. Conklin; James Patfield Cook (partner, Thomas Hunt & Co.); John H. Cook; Cope, Cheshire & Co.; Antonio Esteves Cordeiro; Miers Coryell (Shanghai Steam Navigation Co.); [ ] da Costa; William Coulson (Captain of the 'Kelso' and 'Maitland'); P. Cousin; Cowasjee Pallanjee & Co. (Cawasjee Pallanjee & Co.); George J.W. Cowie; Cowie & Co.; Robert Calver Crawford (Captain of the 'Mahamoodie'); Walter Crawford (Captain of the 'Unrivalled'); Arthur Crooke; H.J. Crutchett (gun room steward on H.M.S. 'Audacious'); William Wetmore Cryder; Edward Cunningham; Herbert J. Curtis; William Curtis ('Hong Kong Times'); Samuel R. Curwen; John Cuthbert.

Dadabhoy Cowasjee Tata (D.C. Tata); Trustees of the estate of Dadabhoy & Co; W. Dale (Captain of the 'Octavia'); Alexander Grant Dallas; Arthur Davenport; Duncan George Davidson (Captain of H.M.S. 'Hornet'); Henry Tudor Davies; John Davies (Captain of the 'Pudsey Dawson'); Richard Bell Davies; James J. Dawson; William Dawson (Captain of the 'Cornwall'); E. Deacon; Frank S. Deacon; William Denny & Brothers; John Dent; Dent & Co.; Alfred Dent & Co.; Dent, Beale & Co.; Deutsche Bank; J. Dewsnap; Thomas Dick (of the 'Recorder' and 'China Mail' offices and Commissioner of Customs, Shanghai); Walter George Dickson M.D.; Harry A. Dinnis ('Hong Kong Times'); Thomas Dixon & Co.; George Basil Dixwell (Augustine Heard & Co.); John Dodd; Dodd & Co.; George B. Dodwell; James Dow; Dow & Co. (of Shanghai); C. Dowdall; George Dowman (Captain of the 'Iona'); T.B. Drage (Captain of S.S. 'Hochung' and S.S. 'Sin Nanzing'); H.K. Drake & Co.; William Venn Drummond; Drummond, Latham & Leach; Thomas M. Drysdale; Drysdale, Ringer & Co.; Charles J. Dudgeon; R. Dunman; J.G. Dunn; Durant & Co.; J. Durbrow.

I.B. Eames (counsellor-at-law); East India & China Association, London; B. Edan (French Consul); E.C. Elfen; Ellis Elias; Hyman Elias; Ney Elias; Elles & Co.; M.E. Ellis; Henry B. Endicott; Henry Collins Endicott; James Bridges Endicott (uncle of Henry C. Endicott); William Endicott (of the 'Ann Welsh'); A.M.A. Evans (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); D. Evans (Captain of the 'La Escocisa'); L. Ewald; J.S. Ezekiel (David Sassoon, Sons & Co.).

Eugène Fajard; Eugène Fajard & Co.; Falkner, Bell & Co.; Thomas Jefferson Falls; S.C. Farnham & Co.; [ ] Fearon; Robert Inglis Fearon (Augustine Heard & Co.); Fearon, Low & Co., Amoy; Alexander M. Fell (of the 'Gulnare'); [ ] Fergusson; Robert Fergusson (Chartered Mercantile Bank); Thomas T. Fergusson; Fergusson & Co.; Frederick Kentish Fesenmeyer (Assistant Paymaster, Royal Navy); Edward Fischer (agent of Jardine Matheson, Yokohama and Osaka); Edward Fischer & Co.; J. Fisher (Captain of the 'Mary Spencer'); M. FitzGibbon (Captain of the 'Gazelle' and 'Pathfinder' and agent at Amoy); George Henry Fitzroy; Fletcher & Co.; H. Fogg & Co.; Captain Fontanarrossa (of the Peruvian barque 'Santiago'); Duncan Forbes (Captain of the 'Lady Hayes', 'Folkestone' and 'Mahamoodie'); Frank Blackwell Forbes; William Forbes (Gibb, Livingston & Co., Tientsin); John Forster & Co.; F.E. Foster; W. Foster; Evan J. Fraser; J.R. Fraser; Everett Frazar; Frazar & Co.; Charles Fullford.

Peter Gabain; M. Gabriel; F.W. Galles; C. Garraway; William Whitehall Garrett (chaplain, H.M.S. 'Furious'); William Garthon (Captain of the 'Arabia'); Gellatly, Hankey & Sewell; William & Thomas Gemmell & Co.; Charles George (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Robert Gerrard; T.A. Gibb; Gibb, Livingston & Co.; William Gilbert (Augustine Heard & Co.); Gilman, Bowman & Co.; D. Gilmour; Duncan Glass (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); George Rutgert Reinhardt Gleimius (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Thomas Blake Glover; William Glover; Glover & Co.; Glover, Dow & Co.; J.R. Goldsborough (1st Lieutenant, U.S.S. 'Saratoga'); Henry Stafford Goodfellow (3rd Officer, S.S. 'Glengyle'); Charles Wycliffe Goodwin (Supreme Court for China and Japan); George Gordon; R.F. Gould (Secretary to Municipal Council); Samuel John Gower (partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); John Grant (of Trantmann & Co. and John Budd & Co.); P. McGregor Grant; P.V. Grant (of Nicolson & Boyd and S.S. 'Kieng Wo'); Frederick M. Gratton; Great Northern Telegraph, China & Japan Extension Co. Ltd; G.F. Green; Samuel Gregson; William Jardine Gresson; Henry Gribble (merchant); Henry Gribble (merchant); Francis A. Groom (Glover & Co.); Thomas George Grosvenor; Alfred A. Gundry; Isaac Gutsell (Captain of the 'Hellas').

Alexander Wylly Habersham; J.R. Haggitt; Hall & Holtz; Thomas Hanbury; Nicholas John Hannen; A.V. Hansard (Captain of the S.S. 'Coringa'); W.P. Hansenberg (Captain of the 'Crawshay Baily'); Edward James Hardcastle (Comptoir d'Escompte de Paris); Hargreaves & Co.; Leonard Harker; Wiler R.J. Harris; Henry L. Hart (Captain of the 'Stornaway'); William H. Harvey (formerly of the S.S. 'Yuentzefa'); J. Alexander Harvie; William Harwood (solicitor); Francis Hathaway Haskell; Hatch & Co.; M. Hawtrey; Charles W. Hay (Boyd & Co.); Thomas Child Hayllar (barrister); Augustine Heard & Co.; George Farley Heard; George J. Helland; David Marr Henderson (M. Inst., C.E.; Engineer in Chief, Imperial Maritime Customs); E. Hey; Charles E. Hill (Thomas Hunt & Co.); G.B. Hill (Captain, receiving ship 'Berwick Walls', Shanghai); H.M. Hillier (Comissioner of Customs, Chinkiang); Charles Hinds (Captain of the 'Colinsburgh'); Hoa Seang; Herbert Elgar Hobson; William Hockley; John Minett Hockly (Royal Naval Harbour Master, Shanghai); James Hogg; Hogg Brothers; H.A. Holcomb; Holladay & Flint, San Francisco; Charles J. Holliday; Henry Holmes (Captain of the 'Claro Babuyan'); Matthew Gay Holmes; M.G. Holmes & Co.; Revd W.S. Holt (U.S. Presbyterian Church; i/c Presbyterian Mission Press); Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation; 'Hong Kong Daily Advertiser'; Captain Hoole (of the S.S. 'Viola'); John Hoole (Captain of the 'Pootung' and 'Kiushu'); Thomas B. Hooper (Captain of the 'Borderer', 'Lanrick' and 'Glengyle'); Charles Southern Hope (son of Charles Hope of London); Admiral James Hope; Frederick Hopkins; Hormasjee & Rustomjee; Edmund Grimani Hornby; R.S. Housden; C.V. Housman; Robert Alexander Houstoun; Abraham Howard; Howard & Co.; William Gunston Howell; Howland & Aspinwall; George F. Hubertson; Hubertson & Co.; Charles Hudson & Co.; Charles Huffnagle; Patrick Joseph Hughes (British Consular Service); Thomas Hunt (Thomas Hunt & Co.); Thomas Hunt & Co.; Alexander Hutchison (Captain of the 'Rona', 'Clan Alpine' and 'Lancefield'); J. Hutchison (formerly Captain of the S.S. 'Whampoa'); W.H. Hyde.

Henry Alexander Ince; Secretary to Marine Department, Government of India, Calcutta; Indo-China Steam Navigation Co. Ltd; A. & J. Inglis; T.A. Ives; Iveson & Co.

John Burnett Jack; William Jaffray (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Horatio Gay James (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); D.C. Jansen (Manager, Astor House Hotel); Frederick du Jardin; [ ] Jardine; David Jardine (partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Joseph Jardine; Sir Robert Jardine, 1st Baronet; Jarvie Thorburn & Co., Shanghai; Java Sea & Fire Insurance Co.; Clement P. Jayne (Augustine Heard & Co.); Andrew Craig Jeffreys (Assistant Paymaster, Royal Navy; of H.M.S. 'Growler'); Edward F. Jenkins (of Shanghai); F. Jerdein; Johnson & Co.; Alexander J. Johnston (Secretary to Shanghai Municipal Council); John Jones (Captain of the 'Veloz'); K. McK. Jones (of the 'Lanrick' and 'Mahamoodie'); L. Josephs; Judah & Co.

W.R. Kahler; Demetrios [?] Karogin; A. Kassburg; Henry Kelly; Edward Herbert Kenney (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); [ ] Keswick; James Johnstone Keswick; William Keswick; [William?] Kidner; Charles King (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Charles John King (Moncreiff, Grove & Co.); Charles T. King (Captain of the 'Magnet'); George King (Captain of the 'Emma Colvin'); Robert J. King; Thomas W. Kingsmill; William Kirby (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Francis P. Knight; H. Knight; T. Knight; Knight & Co.; Ernest Koch; Alfred Adolphus Krauss; T. Kroes; T. Kroes & Co.

Lane, Crawford & Co.; Archibald Lang (Chief Engineer, S.S. 'Appin'); H. Lang (Editor, 'Shanghai Evening Courier'); H. Langer (Captain of the S.S. 'Cassandra'); Douglas Lapraik & Co.; Thomas Lancaster Larken (of Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Peter George Laurie (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Robert Law; Edward Lawrance; Henry Lazarus; Andrew John Leach; William Lent; C.G. Lessing (Captain of the brig 'Aurora'); Henry Lester; W.F. Lewes; B.R. Lewis; H.J. Limby; G.A. Lindsay; Lindsay & Co.; Robert Linn (3rd Engineer on the 'Rona'); Theophilus Gee Linstead; Robert William Little; G.N. Livesay (Captain of the 'Nile); Margaret Livingston; J. Livingston & Co.; J. Llewellyn & Co.; I. Mathias Lloyd (Accountant, Municipal Council); Lloyd, Matheson & Co.; William Lockhart; F. Loureiro (Russell & Co.); O. Loureiro; P. Loureiro; Pedro Loureiro Jnr.; E.G. Low (Augustine Heard & Co.); Thomas Lowndes & Co.; Lucas & Co.; H.J. Lumby; William Lūnd (Captain of the Hawaiian barque 'Mameluke'); Lyall, Still & Co.; Dominick H. Lynch (Captain of the 'Chieftain').

James Macandrew; John McArthur (engineer on the 'Glengyle'); John McArthur (Captain of the 'Pet', 'Despatch' and 'Australia'); Robert MacColl; J. McDouall (Oriental Bank); H. MacDougall (of Hong Kong); J.P. McEuen (Royal Naval Assistant Harbour Master); John Macgregor; T. Macgregor (Captain of the 'Chevy Chase and 'Clarendon'); Alexander McIvor (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); George Mackay; J. Mackenzie (Pootung Foundry); James Mackenzie (Boyd & Co.); Kenneth Ross Mackenzie; William Mackenzie (Mackenzie & Richardson); Mackenzie & Co.; Mackenzie Brothers & Co.; J. MacKillop (Jarvie Thorburn & Co.); E. Mackintosh; Alexander Campbell Maclean (partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); David McLean (Oriental Bank and Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation); George Francis Maclean; Hector Coll Maclean; John Lauchlan Maclean; A. McLeod (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Malcolm Anderson Macleod (junior partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Herbert St Leger Magniac; R. de Lobet Mahy (French Consulate); Ma Ki etchong; Maitland, Ewing & Co.; Inspectors of the Estate of Maitland Ewing & Co.; A. Major (son of John Major); John Major (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); R. de Malherbe; James L. Man; John Mann; Charles Maries; John Markham (British Consul); J. Marshall; J.G. Marshall; R.F. Martins (Business Manager of the newspaper 'Celestial Empire'); Alexander Matheson; Donald Matheson; Hugh Matheson; Matheson & Co.; Richard Matthews (Captain of the 'Ringleader'); Thomas G. Mead; Thomas Taylor Meadows (British Consulate); Walter Henry Medhurst; Samuel Mendel; William Mesny; Messageries Maritimes, Compagnie des; F.B. Metta & Co.; Bernard Francis Meyer R.N. (Assistant Paymaster, H.M.S. 'Dwarf'); Alexander Michie; H.N. Middleton; Osborne Middleton; James Milisch; James W. Miller (Superintendent, Shipyard, T. Hunt & Co.); T. Miller; James Miln (Captain of the 'Vixen' and 'Mahamoodie'); F.M. Milne (Howard & Co.); Milson & Tod; Milsom & F. Poy; William Mitchell; [ ] Mody; Robert C.D. Moffat; Paul Georg von Möllendorff (Vice-President of Korean Foreign Office); Thomas Moncreiff; Moncreiff, Grove & Co.; Inspectors of the Estate of Moncreiff, Grove & Co.; Joseph Mooney (of the 'Emperor', 'Express' and 'Bertha'); Bernard Moore; E. Moore; Henry Morrison (Captain of the 'Carthage' and 'Rona'); Charles Edward Morgan (Captain, 67th Regiment); Herbert S. Morris (North China Insurance Co.); Morris & Co.; Morris Lewis & Co.; James Morrison (Member of Institution of Civil Engineers); William P. Morrison (Thomas Hunt & Co.); William H. Morss; M. Moses (David Sassoon Sons & Co.); Robert Anderson Mowat; D. Muirhead; Joseph Mullens; Henry Murray (partner of Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Noél Murray & Co.; Mustard & Co.; Alexander Myburgh.

Charles H. Nail Jnr.; New Oriental Bank Corporation Ltd; Richard Newby; A. Nicaise (Captain of the 'Frederic'); R. Nichol; Alexander Nicolson (Captain of the 'Red Riding Hood' and 'Argonaut'); Nicolson & Boyd; O.C. Nightingale; W.G. Nisbet (Captain of the S.S. 'Teviot'); J.M. Nixon Jnr.; Johannes Nölting; North China Insurance Co.; North China Steamer Co.

John Thomas O'Bree R.N. (Chief Engineer, H.M.S. 'Tartar'); Laurence Oliphant; Olyphant & Co.; Robert Morrison Olyphant; Emil Oppert (of the 'Rona'); Oppert & Co.; Oriental Bank Corporation; Oriental Bank Corporation, Attorney for Official Liquidator of; Peter Orme (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); James Osborne; Osler & Co., London; Overweg & Co.; Edward Lavington Oxenham; Oxford & Co.

J. Paderin (Acting Consul for Russia); Edward S. Palmer; W.W. Palmer; William H. Palmer; William Alexander Park (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); J.H.P. Parker; Parrott & Co.; J. Parsons (of Thomas Hunt & Co.'s steam bakery); Alexander Paterson (Oriental Bank Corporation); William Paterson (partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Daniel Patridge (Captain of the 'Hellas', 'Falcon', 'Snipe', 'Lanrick', 'Lady Hayes' and 'Berwick Walls'); George Pauncefort; Adolf Pavenstedt; Thomas Payn Jnr; Thomas Peacock & Co.; Andrew Littlejohn Pearey (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); W.T.C. Pearse (Captain of the 'Annesley'); Walter Pearson; H. Pelegrin; Alexander Perceval; Edward Petherwick (of the 'Leander'); David Petrie (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); David Phillips (Chief Engineer, P. & O.); Pitman & Co.; J. Pitman & Co., Yokohama; Thomas Platt; Willoughby Poignard; Thomas Power (Captain of the 'Matilda Atheling' and 'Clara'); Thomas Preston ('Hong Kong Times'); Dr William John Preston (Hong Kong Dispensary); Preston Breuell & Co.; Hall Rokeby Price; Wilfred Thomas Rokeby Price; John A. Primrose; John G. Purdon; William Pustau & Co.; Henry Pybus (Captain of R.M.S. 'Empress of India').

W.T. Quayle (Captain of the 'Frances Henty').

Charles A. Ranlett; Horace D. Ranlett; Rehhoff Vale & Co.; Reiss & Co.; F.F. dos Remedios (H. Fogg & Co.); Remedios & Co.; Remi Schmidt & Co.; James Rennie; Richard Temple Rennie; Captain Richards (of the 'Powerful'); P.F. Richards; P.F. Richards & Co.; L. Eliot Richardson; Baron Ferdinand von Richthofen; Thomas H. Rickaby (Captain of the 'Runnymede'); Captain J.W. Rickard; John Melancthon Ringer; Thomas Ripley & Co.; David Ritchie (Captain of the 'Gananoque'); John P. Roberts; Captain Robertson (of the 'Edith'); D.T. Robertson; Daniel Brooke Robertson; James Robertson (Captain of the 'Diamond'); James B. Robertson (of the 'Patrician'); John Robertson (Captain of the 'Stornaway' and 'Cairngorm'); William M. Robinet; John Springfield Robison; E. Rohl (S.C. Farnham & Co.); G. Röhl; James Rose (Captain of the 'Isle of France' and 'Waverley'); Alfred E. Rosenthal; William Samuel Rosenthal; John Roskell (Captain of the 'Thebes' and 'Thales'); Captain J. Rouse; H. Vernon Russell (Captain of S.S. 'Corea' and S.S. 'Appin'); William Fellowes Russell (Thomas Hunt & Co.); Russell & Co.; Russo-Chinese Bank; Rustomjee Pestonjee (R. Pestonjee); John M. Ryrie (Captain of the 'Flying Spur' and 'Cairngorm').

D. de Ste Croix (Chief Mate on the 'Rona'); Lino J. Sá (of Jardine, Matheson & Co.); E.D. Sassoon & Co.; David Sassoon, Sons & Co.; H. Savage; F. Scarlett; G.C. Schwabe & Co.; Edward Scott (Captain of the 'Sir Charles Napier'); James A. Scott (Turnbull Howie & Co.); James H. Scott (Butterfield & Swire); John Scott (Inspector of Maitland Ewing & Co's Estate); M.C. Scott (of Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation); Thomas D. Scott (Captain of the 'Laju', formerly of the 'John Brightman'); J.N. Seagrove (Captain of the 'Harriet' and 'Palmerston'); E. Seligmann (Manager, Deutsche Bank); W.V. Sentence; George Frederick Seward; John L. Seward (Clerk, U.S. Consular Court); Herbert Sewell; 'Shanghai Evening Courier'; Shanghai Gas Company; Shanghai, General Chamber of Commerce; Shanghai General Hospital; H.E. Tartar of Shanghai; Holy Trinity Cathedral Trust, Shanghai; Commissioner of Imperial Customs, Shanghai; Secretary of Municipal Council, Shanghai; Municipal Council; Shanghai Sailors' Home; Shanghai Steam Navigation Co.; Reading Committee of Temperance Society, Shanghai; Thomas E. Shaw (Captain of the 'Laughing Wave'); Trustees of the Estate of Shaw Brothers & Co.; A.N. Shearer; Peter Sheen (Captain of the 'Claro'); Frederick A. Sheppard; C.W. Siegfried; Siemssen & Co.; D. Sillar; D.A. Silva; M.F. da Silva; L.A. Simmonds; James Simpson; C.T. Smith; Henry Smith (Jardine, Matheson & Co., Amoy, and Elles & Co.); Herbert Smith (partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Thomas George Smith (Chief Clerk, British Supreme Consular Court); Joseph Mackrill Smith; Smith, Kennedy & Co.; A.W. Spencer; Spencer & Wolff; [ ] Stalman; Peleg Staples (Captain of the 'Nellie Merrill'); Reginald D. Starkey; Thomas F. Stevenson; William Stocks (Captain of S.S. 'United Service' and S.S, 'Dragon'); L.H. Stoddard; J. Stranack (Captain of the 'Raleigh'); G.H. Styan; Captain Thomas Sullivan; W. Summerfield (Captain of the 'Macedon'); John Sunley Jnr; William Swanson (Captain of the 'Sir Hugh Rose'); John Samuel Swire.

Lewis H. Tamplin; William Handyside Tapp; William Tarrant; J. Taylerson (of the 'Berengaria'); Charles Smith Taylor (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); James A. Taylor (Chartered Mercantile Bank); Nicanor Tejerina; B. Telge; Charles R. Thatcher; Captain E. Thebaud; Revd E.H. Thomson (Protestant Episcopal Church of the U.S.A.); George Thomson (Captain of the 'Ettrick', 'Viola', 'Lanrick' and 'Carthage'); C. Thorne; John Thorne & Co.; A. Thurburn; Ting Mow Chee; Tong King Sing; J. Noel Tratman; Johann Friederich Heinrich Trautmann; Trautmann & Co., Shanghai; Tsa Man Kwai; Tuck Sing; J.W. Tucker (Captain of the 'Phoebe Dunbar'); Turner & Co.; J.F. Twombly.

Union Insurance Society of Canton.

William Herbert Vacher; John H. Vail; T. Harold Vale; Vaucher frères; Andrew Veitch (Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation); John G. Veitch; Edward Vincent (of the 'Cora'); Thomas Vincent (Captain of the 'Banshee'); O. Voigt (Oxford & Co.); Guillaume Vollhardt; E.G. Vouillemont (Comptoir d'Escompte de Paris).

H.T. Wade; H.S. Walcott; H. Wallich (Manager, Comptoir d'Escompte de Paris, Shanghai); Thomas Walsh; John Walsham; John Walker; Walter B. Walter (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Edward Ward (silk inspector for Jardine, Mathesom & Co.); F. Ward; John Ward; L.P. Ward (Thomas Hunt & Co.); Benjamin Waterhouse (of the barque 'Actif'); Thomas J. Waters; Robert Watmore; Watson & Co.; W. Watson & Co.; Watson Cleave & Co.; Alexander G. Webster (Captain of the 'Maggie'); Captain M.S. West; Alfred C. Westall; Aaron J. Westercott; William Shepard Wetmore; G.H. Wheeler; John A. Wheelock; Wheelock & Co.; Wheelock & Meller; George Whitfield; Whitfield & Kingsmill; [ ] Whittall; Edward Whittall; James Whittall; H. Howe Wiggins (Agent, Commercial Bank of India); Frederick Wilkie; Franklin Delano Williams (agent, Wetmore & Co.); John Williams; Z. Williams (Thomas Hunt & Co.); Williams & Co.; Anthon Williams & Co.; Charles Willis (tea-taster for Jardine, Matheson & Co.); [ ] Wilson (Captain of the 'Siam'); George Wilson (Chartered Mercantile Bank); J.A. Wilson (Glover & Co.); J.H. Wilson (J. Llewellyn & Co.); John Wilson (Lane, Crawford & Co.); Wilson, Cornabé & Co.; Charles Alexander Winchester; Wolcott Bates & Co.; Wotton & Deacon; James Wright (Captain of the S.S. 'Alonso'); James H. Wright.

S.Y. Yaish; Matthew Tyson Yates; His Excellency Ying; S.N. Young; Yow Loong (of Hankow); A. Yvanovich (Jardine, Matheson & Co.).


  • Creation: 1844-1891


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