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Business letters: Foochow and River Min, 1846-1890

Reference Code: GBR/0012/MS JM/B7/11

Scope and Contents

There are 4,291 principal letters and 8 supplementary letters. The correspondents include the following names:

W.R. Adamson & Co.; Adamson, Bell & Co.; Edward Fleet Alford; Walter E. Allum; Alexander Forbes Angus (tea inspector for Jardine, Matheson & Co.); C. Alidel (?); Edward C. Anthony (Captain of the 'Guinevere'); Peter Arthur (Chief Officer, S.S. 'Glenfinlas'); J.R. Ashton; Hugh Wylie Auld (Captain of S.S. 'Melbourne' and S.S. 'Glenlyon').

Alexander Badenoch (Captain of the 'Herald of Light'); Revd Stephen Livingstone Baldwin; James Bannister (Captain of the 'Great Britain'); Henry Barnett (of the 'Lord of the Isles' and 'Flying Spur'); R.B. Beard (Captain of the 'Florence Nightingale' and 'Borealis'); John Bell-Irving; M.E. Bennett; Edward Bird (Captain of the 'Anglo-Indian'); Birley & Co.; Adam Blacklock (Captain of the 'Lady Agnes Duff' and 'Macduff'); Lewis C. Brayley (of the 'Gresham'); Thomas Brockett; E. Brown (Captain of the barque 'Dora'); James Brown (Acting Commissioner of Customs); Brown & Co. (of Australia and London); Francis Bulkeley Bulkeley-Johnson (also Francis Bulkeley Johnson, afterwards Bulkeley-Johnson); Bull, Purdon & Co.; William Burrows (Captain of the 'Runnymede'); Edward Byrne (Captain of the 'Zingari', 'London' and 'Telegraph').

F.B. Cama & Co.; Alexander Cameron (Captain of the 'Florence Nightingale'); George L. Castle (of S.S. 'Viking'); China Sugar Refining Co. Ltd (China Sugar Refinery Co. Ltd); John Pierce Clark (Captain of the 'Napoleon', 'Banshee' and 'Ettrick'); M. Clark; Charles Spencer Compton; James Patfield Cook (partner, Thomas Hunt & Co.); Captain James Cooper (of the 'Carisbrooke'); Captain E. Coppell (of the 'Matilda Atheling'); José Philippe da Costa (José Filipe da Costa; of Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Polycarpo A. da Costa; J.P. Cowles; Robert Calver Crawford (Captain of the 'Mahamoodie'); Francis Croft (Chief Officer of the 'Mahamoodie'); W.J. Cubitt (Captain of the 'Robert Henderson' and 'Lord Warriston'); William Curtis (of the 'Hong Kong Times').

H.L. Dalymple (Birley & Co.); John Davies (Captain of the 'Pudsey Dawson'); Richard Bell Davies; A.D. Dobie; Thomas Donkin (Captain of the 'Inverness'); Downie & Murphy; Sandwith Drinker; J.A.H. Drought; Robert Duncan (Captain of the 'Fiery Cross').

Eastern & Australian Mail Steam Co. Ltd; E.D. Edgell; Richard Edmonds (Captain of the 'Sir Lancelot'); Henry Collins Endicott; Captain A. Enright.

[ ] Fearon; Alexander Findlay (Captain of the 'Heather Bell'); Edward Finlayson (of the 'Miss Kilmansegg'); E.M. Firmin (Elles & Co.); George V.W. Fisher; M. FitzGibbon (Captain of the 'Gazelle' and 'Pathfinder' and agent at Amoy); C.A. Fletcher; 'Foochow Herald'; John Forster; John Forster & Co.; J.S. Forsyth; R.S.R. Fussell; Fussell & Co.

William Pitcairn Galton; Edward Gassett; Gibb, Livingston & Co.; Gilman & Co.; Thomas Gibson Glover (Captain of the 'Mahamoodie'); William Graham (of Jardine, Matheson & Co.); J.B. Grant (Captain of the 'Land o' Cakes' and 'John Bunyan'); Francis Hamilton Grove.

Frederick Howe Hale; Richard Farr Hamilton (of Jardine, Matheson & Co.); C. Hannen (Commissioner of Customs); W.H. Harton Junior; [ ] Heard; Augustine Heard & Co.; Alexander MacGlashan Heaton; Hedge & Co.; James Henderson (of the 'Norham'); John Henderson (Captain of the 'Red Riding Hood'); James Henty & Co.; A. Hertel (Captain of the 'Minnie'); Archer Rotch Hewlett; A.G. Hogg & Co.; 'Hong Kong Daily Advertiser'; 'Hong Kong Times'; Hormasjee & Rustomjee (Hormusjee & Rustomjee); Edwin Henry How; E.H. How & Co.; Thomas Hunt & Co.; William L. Hunter (of Adamson Bell & Co.).

D.D.M. James (Captain of the 'Lancefield' and 'Carthage'); David Jardine (partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Joseph Jardine; Sir Robert Jardine, 1st Baronet; H.W. Jauncey (of the 'Folkestone'); Captain Johnson (of the S.S. 'Meath'); Thomas Johnson (Captain of the 'Burmah'); Caleb Jones (U.S. Consul); Henry Jones (Captain of the 'Ballarat' and 'Far East').

T. Kalcklöser (Captain, North German barque 'Matador'); [ ] Keswick; James Johnstone Keswick; William Keswick; Richard Lawrence Keys (Captain of the 'Golden Fleece'); Kin To; Charles King (of Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Charles John King (of Moncreiff, Grove & Co.); King & Co.; Henry R. Kinnear; Kinnear, Larken & Co.; W. Krohn.

James Laird (of the 'Anglo-Saxon'); John Patrick Lalor; Thomas Lancaster Larken (of Jardine, Matheson & Co.); William Lemann; C.G. Lessing (Captain of the brig 'Aurora'); Lindsay & Co.; Edward Lloyd; John Lloyd (tea inspector for Jardine, Matheson & Co.); J.G. Lowe (Captain of the 'Shelburne'); W.H. Luce; J.R. Luckes (Captain of the 'Thracian'); Thomas Arthur Lyon (tea inspector for Jardine, Matheson & Co.).

George S. MacBain (Captain of S.S. 'Glengyle' and S.S. 'Gleneagles'); R. McCaa; John McDougall; McGregor, Gow & Co.; C.J. McKenzie; Robert Samuel Maclay; Malcolm Anderson Macleod (junior partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Herbert St Leger Magniac; Robert William Mansfield (British Consulate); Donald Matheson; Matheson & Co.; Walter Henry Medhurst; Baron de Méritens; John Miller (Captain of S.S. 'West Indian'); S.J. Miller (Captain of the 'Algernon'); T. Miller; James Miln (Captain of the 'Vixen' and 'Mahamoodie'); J. Mitchell (3rd Officer of the 'Mahamoodie'); W. Mitchell (Foochow Pilot Co.); Septimus Moate (1st Officer of the 'Mahamoodie' and Captain of the 'Wild Wave'); Thomas Moncreiff; Gabriel James Morrison (Member of Institution of Civil Engineers); Henry Morrison (Captain of the 'Carthage' and 'Rona'); Captain D.G. Munro (late of the 'Azof', formerly of P. & O.); Joseph Murdoch (of the 'Janet Stewart'); Henry Murray (partner of Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Frederick Murrell (Captain of the 'Esperanza').

Edward C. Nickels (of the 'John Q. Adams'); Charles Noack.

John Odell; Thomas Scruton Odell (tea inspector for Jardine, Matheson & Co.); George Oliver & Co.; B. Orchard (Captain of the 'Peterborough'); J. Owen.

E.J. Pashley (Captain of the 'Agincourt'); William Paterson (partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Revd Lyman B. Peet; H.G. Pemberton; Alexander Perceval; Edward Petherwick (of the 'Leander'); Phipps Hickling & Co.; Thomas Pollard; R.K. Pope (Captain of the 'Lord Raglan'); Thomas Preston (of the 'Hong Kong Times').

W.M. Reeves; Thomas Rennie M.B. (Master of Surgery, Aberdeen); T.W. Riddles (of the 'Mahamoodie' and 'Cama Family'); Daniel Ritson (1st Officer of the 'Fiery Cross' and Captain of the 'Caliph'); James S. Robertson (Captain of the 'Isabella Hercus', 'Lord Warriston' and 'John Lidgett'); Samuel Robertston; Robertson & Co.; Richard Robinson (of the 'Fiery Cross' and 'Sir Lancelot'); T.E. Robinson (Captain of the 'Panic'); Rodewald Schönfeld & Co.; George Rorie (Captain of the 'Lanrick', 'J.H. Becker' and 'Pathfinder'); James Rose (Captain of the 'Isle of France' and 'Waverley'); Russell & Co.; George Ruxton (Captain of the 'Cleveland'); John M. Ryrie (Captain of the 'Flying Spur' and 'Cairngorm').

E.D. Sassoon & Co.; Joseph R. Scaplehorn (of the 'Ziska'); J.N. Seagrove (Captain of the 'Harriet' and 'Palmerston'); H.I.M. Consul General, Shanghai; Thomas Shaw (of the S.S. 'Vancouver'); Thomas E. Shaw (Captain of the 'Laughing Wave'); Siemssen & Co.; John Silverlock & Co.; Charles Anthony Sinclair; Captain Smith; Herbert Smith (partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); James Smith (Captain of the 'Polonaise'); James Spence (Captain of the 'Queen Margaret'); William Donald Spence; Stephen Spowart (Captain of the 'Guinevere'); Daniel N. Stephens (Captain of the 'Harkaway'); George R. Stevens & Co.; John W. Stevenson (Captain of the 'Khimjee Oodowjee' and 'Euphrates'); Tom Sargent Stockman (Captain of the 'Broadwater' and 'Grasmere'); Henry M. Stone; William Storey (Captain of the 'Spartan' and 'Herald'); A.B. Stuart; Captain Thomas Sullivan.

Taishing (Taising); Nicanor Tejerina; H.P. Tennant; Thacker, Daniell & Co.; S.J. Thomas (Captain of late barque 'Shakespeare'); Thompson & Co., Pagoda Island; George Thomson (Captain of the 'Ettrick', 'Viola', 'Lanrick' and 'Carthage'); Thomas Thompson; J. Torrance (of the 'Francis Henty'); Edward Turnbull (Captain of the 'Antipodes'); Turner & Co.

Edward Vincent (of the 'Cora').

George Frederick Weller (Augustine Heard & Co.); Robert Warden (Captain of the 'Japan', wrecked in 1861); J.H. Watson (of the 'Trafalgar'); Thomas Watters (British Consulate); Robert Richard Westall; Westall Galton & Co.; George Whitfield; Whitfield & Kingsmill; J. Whitfield & Co.; Edward Whittall; James Whittall; Franklin Delano Williams (Agent, Wetmore & Co.); John Williams; John Wilson (of Jardine, Matheson & Co.); William Wilson (Captain of the 'Alfred the Great' and 'Anglia'); John Winchester (Captain of the 'Carribbean' and 'Coral Nymph'); George Wordsworth.

John Young (of the 'J.J. Mitchell').


  • Creation: 1846-1890


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The original letters are not available to readers, but microfilm copies may be ordered in the Manuscripts Reading Room - Reels 507 (letters nos 1-318), 508 (319-467), 509 (468-789), 510 (790-1124), 511 (1125-1415), 512 (1416-1685), 513 (1686-1895), 514 (1896-2230), 515 (2231-2406), 516 (2407-2611), 517 (2612-2969), 518 (2970-3276), 519 (3277-3523), 520 (3524-3784), 521 (3785-3917), 522 (3918-4083) and 523 (4084-4291 and S1-8).


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