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Business letters: Amoy, 1833-1898

Reference Code: GBR/0012/MS JM/B7/1

Scope and Contents

The correspondents include the following names:

H.E.C. Abendroth; Rutherford Alcock; Walter E. Allum; L.A. Andersen; J.W. Andrew; Nicolas Tanco Armero; Hugh Wylie Auld (Captain of S.S. 'Melbourne' and S.S. 'Glenlyon').

John Backhouse; Allan W. Bain; Bain, Low & Co.; James Matthew Banks (Captain of the 'Augusta May' and attorney for John Cuthbert, Sydney); Henry Barnett (of the 'Lord of the Isles' and 'Flying Spur'); John G. Batty (Captain of the 'Viola'); John Bellamy; Henry Beveridge; Shearman Godfrey Bird (Acting Assistant Surveyor-General and member of Dodd & Co.); C. Bismarck (German Consul); Captain Charles James Bolton; Bom Giok (widow of Koo Ong Seng); Thomas Deas Boyd; Boyd & Co., China; Charles William Bradley; Brandáo & Co.; Captain H.D. Brown; Brown & Co.; Brown & Co. (formerly H.D. Brown & Co.); F.C. Brown & Co.; H.D. Brown & Co.; J. Bruce; Robert H. Bruce; Henry P. Brumell (Captain of the 'Lady Macdonald' and 'Bengal'); Francis Bulkeley Bulkeley-Johnson (also Francis Bulkeley Johnson, afterwards Bulkeley-Johnson); T.D. Burrows (Imperial Maritime Customs).

James S. Cadenhead (Captain of the 'Philip Laing'); Thomas Callan; John Carnegie M.D.; J. Gratton Cass (for Elles & Co.); John Cass; China Sea, Saigon & Straits Steamship Co. Ltd; China Sugar Refining Co. Ltd (China Sugar Refinery Co. Ltd); Francis Chomley; Thomas Richbell Collingwood (Royal Naval Master, H.M.S. 'Comus'); Charles Spencer Compton; James Patfield Cook (partner, Thomas Hunt & Co.); J.B. Cordeiro; Captain Coreil (of the 'Nizam'); Robert Calver Crawford (Captain of the 'Mahamoodie'); W.J. Cubitt (Captain of the 'Robert Henderson' and 'Lord Warriston'); William Curtis (of the 'Hong Kong Times').

Alexander Grant Dallas; Dauver & Co.; Richard Bell Davies; David Dick (Captain of the 'Robin Gray'); John Dodd.

Eduljee Framjee & Co.; St J.H. Edwards; Jamieson Elles; Elles & Co.; Charles Elliot; F.F. Elwell; Benjamin E. Emanuel (of the 'Hong Kong Times').

Fernandez & Peyton; J.S. Ferries (Captain of the 'Peiho'); M. FitzGibbon (Captain of the 'Gazelle' and 'Pathfinder' and agent at Amoy); Duncan Forbes (Captain of the 'Lady Hayes', 'Folkestone' and 'Mahamoodie'); J.S. Forsyth; Charles James Fox (of the 'Anonyma', 'Gazelle' and 'Adventure'); Marmaduke Cremour French (Royal Naval surgeon, H.M.S. 'Serpent'); John C. Fulcher (of the 'Pathfinder').

C. Gerard & Co.; Herbert Allen Giles; William Raymond Gingell; G.F. Graham (Captain of the 'Lizzie'); H.J. Grau (Captain of the 'Emma'); Henry Gribble (of the 'Marquis Camden' and British Consul at Amoy).

Robert Hay (Captain of the 'Wagoola'); [ ] Heard; Augustine Heard Jnr; T. Hellon (Captain of the 'Ellen Lewis'); Edward Hight (Captain of the 'Roxburghe Castle'); H.J. Hinschberg; Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation; 'Hong Kong Times'; William Hoseason (Captain of the 'Gaviota'); Robert Alexander Houstoun; Augustus Howell (of Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Howland & Aspinwall; George Hughes (Commissioner of Customs); Thomas Hunt & Co.; Francis Hutchings.

D.D.M. James (Captain of the 'Lancefield' and 'Carthage'); [ ] Jardine; Joseph Jardine; J.T. Jarman (Captain of the 'Wodonga'); Andrew Craig Jeffreys (Assistant Paymaster, Royal Navy; of H.M.S. 'Growler'); H.U. Jeffries; Robert Jenkins (Royal Naval Commander, H.M.S. 'Comus'); H.O. Jeyes; C.P. Jones (Captain of the 'Oxfordshire'); G.H. Jones (of S.S. 'Quangse'); Jones, Carnegie & Scott; Miguel Jorro.

Keephin; [ ] Keswick; James Johnstone Keswick; William Keswick; James Kirkwood; M.J. Knight (Captain of the 'Leander'); Ferdinand Knoblauch; C.O. Kopp.

W. Laidlaw; M. Larken; William Lang (Captain of the 'Sea Witch'); De Westley Layton; Temple Hillyard Layton (British Consulate); W. Leonard (Captain of the 'Julia Ann'); Thomas Lidbetter; G.C. Lin & Co.; John Lloyd (tea inspector for Jardine, Matheson & Co.); W.J.W. de London; J.R. Luckes (Captain of the 'Thracian').

James Macandrew; George S. MacBain (Captain of S.S. 'Glengyle' and S.S. 'Gleneagles'); William C. McGowan; William Mackay (Captain of the 'John Biggar' and 'Fairy'); Alexander Campbell Maclean (partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Malcolm Anderson Macleod (junior partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Captain Robert McMurdo; Neil McPhail; [ ] Magniac; Herbert St Leger Magniac; Henry Martin (Captain of the 'Harlequin'); [ ] Matheson; Donald Matheson; Matheson & Co.; Walter Henry Medhurst; L.P. Michelsen; T. Miller; James Miln (Captain of the 'Vixen' and 'Mahamoodie'); William Henry Mitchell (Police Magistrate, Hong Kong); Mitchell & Co.; Nicholas Moalle (Captain of S.S. 'Yuentzefee'); Septimus Moate (1st Officer of the 'Mahamoodie' and Captain of the 'Wild Wave'); Joseph Mooney (of the 'Emperor', 'Express' and 'Bertha'); José Maria Morales; Alexander Morrison (Captain of the 'Banshee' and 'Adventure'); Martin Crofton Morrison (of the British Consulate); J.D. Muir; N. Murton.

Charles Grindrod Nash R.N. (Assistant Paymaster, H.M.S. 'Acorn'); George Naunton (Captain of the 'Somass').

B. Orchard (Captain of the 'Peterborough'); W.S. Orr.

Pasedag & Co.; E.J. Pashley (Captain of the 'Agincourt'); William Paterson (partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Andrew Littlejohn Pearey (of Jardine, Matheson & Co.); William Henry Pedder; Luis Pedroso; Joaquin Pedroso y Echeverria; Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co.; Alexander Perceval; James Peters (Captain of the 'Palmerston'); H.A. Petersen & Co.; B. Peyton; Thomas Preston ('Hong Kong Times'); Edmund Pye; Randall Howell Pye.

G.M. dos Remedios; [ ] Ritchie (Captain of the 'Clarissa'); William M. Robinet; George Roope (Captain of the 'General Wood', 'Bomanjee Hormasjee' and 'Vixen'); Alfred Roper (Captain of the 'Salamander'); Alec P. Rose; William Roy; Russell & Co.

David Sandeman; Grant Scott; P.F. da Silva; M.G. Scott; A. Seurin; Heromich Shugio (Japanese Consulate); Siu Se Tong; C.A. Sjoberg; [ ] Smith; Captain Smith; Henry Smith (Jardine, Matheson & Co., Amoy, and Elles & Co.); James Spence (Captain of the 'Queen Margaret'); Ernst Stiller; W.A. Sturrock; [ ] Sullivan; James Sullivan; Captain Thomas Sullivan; F.D. Syme & Co.

James Tait (Spanish Vice-Consul, Amoy); Tait & Co.; S. Tanabe; Tan Heng; H. Taylor (Captain of the barque 'Pet'); Nicanor Tejerina; John Thomson; George Tickell (Captain of the 'Coldstream'); Tong Cheong & Co.; J.T. Torkilson (Captain of the 'Goolwa'); Captain B.W. Tucker.

Thomas Vincent (Captain of the 'Banshee').

James Crispin Walsh (Royal Naval surgeon, H.M.S. 'Contest'); [ ] Whittall; James Whittall; W. Williams (of the brig 'Vivid'); Robert Wilson (Elles & Co.); Adam Wood; H.W.J. Wood (Agra & United Service Bank).


  • 1833-1898

Conditions Governing Access

The original letters are not available to readers, but microfilm copies may be ordered in the Manuscripts Reading Room - Reels 465 (letters nos 1-350), 466 (351-815), 467 (816-1230), 468 (1231-1552), 469 (1553-1869), 470 (1870-2194), 471 (2195-2699), 472 (2700-3168), 473 (3169-3565), 474 (3566-3979) and 475 (3980-4298).


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