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Business letters: India, 1819-1898

Reference Code: GBR/0012/MS JM/B6/9

Scope and Contents

Letters from India (excluding Bombay, Calcutta and Madras), with some from Ceylon, Persia and Burma. There are 1,595 principal letters and 9 supplementary letters. The correspondents include the following names:

Abraham & Co.; Ackland & Boyd; Robert Abercrombie; Peter Adams; Aga Mohamad Jaffer bin Mohamad Ali Saffer; Aga Mohamad Rahim Sapper; J.C. Aguiar; Richard Alexander; Amerchund Dramochande (Amarchande Dramochande); P. Anstruther; T.M. Appavoopillay & Co.; Arbuthnot & Co.; Benjamin Armitage; John Armitage; Armitage, Adams & Co.; Armitage Brothers; Armitage, Scott & Co.; George Elliott Ashburner.

Ange de Babick; Mrs P. Baldwin; John Thomas Barclay; Barclay & Morgan; Robert Baring; Cecilia Barnes (also Cecilia James, subsequently Barnes, and Mrs D.D.M. James); Lousada Barrow; C.J. Barter; George Mitchell Barton; John Batson; Arthur Frederick Battye; F. Bayley (of the P. & O. Steam Navigation Co.); T.G. Beaumont; Robert Spear Begbie; Begbie & Co.; Board of Revenue, Government of Bengal; Bhugwan Nanjee (Bhugvan Nanjee); Binny & Co.; Byramjee Bhuajee (Biramjee Bhuajee); Isabel S. Black; John Black; John Black & Co.; T.M. Blainey; C.S. Blok; F.W. Böder; Bomanjee & Ardaseer Hormasjee; Political Department, Government of Bombay; Maximilian Böse; Raoul de Bourbel; George Charles Brayson; Alexander C. Brice & Co.; Alexander Forrester Brown; Lewis George Brown (Captain of the 5th Regiment of the Bombay Native Infantry); Henry P. Brumell (Captain of the 'Lady Macdonald' and 'Bengal'); Bulloch Brothers & Co.; Burnside & Co.; François Burot & Co.; Burot, Gerber & Co.; James Cecil Burton; W.H. Buttery.

George Caldwell; Lieutenant Colonel Hugh Archibald Beauchamp Campbell R.A.; Mrs Maria Louisa Campbell; Thomas Campbell; Cangy Beramogy; Caramochande Arcachande; Cargill & Co.; Charles Forbes Carnac; Hugh Cathie; Robert Barclay Chapman; W. Chapman; P. Arnachellum Chitty (P. Arnachellum Chittiar); T. Venkataram Chitty; B. Veerasawmy Chitty & Co.; M. Govindoo Chitty & Co. (M. Govindoo Chetty & Co.); M. Coopoo Chitty & Sons (M. Coopoo Chetty & Sons); John Pierce Clark (Captain of the 'Napoleon', 'Banshee' and 'Ettrick'); Thomas Clark (of Galle); Clark, Spence & Co.; William Clifford (of the 'Ettrick' and 'Reiver'); C.H.R. Cocq; H.R. Cocq; J.R. Cocq; W.M. Colvin; Colvin, Cowie & Co.; Arthur Cooke; W. Cooper; Thomas Stock Cowie; Evelyn Baring, John Cran; W.E. Crawford; Earl of Cromer; A. & R. Crowe & Co.; William Curtis (of the 'Hong Kong Times').

John Dallas (Captain of the 'Fiery Cross'); A. Dalziel; Darley, Butler & Co.; Davamul Suchanund; Dayaram Dulabdass (also Dearamo Dulobor, Diaramo Dulobo or Dyaram Doolub); Eugene De Larche; E.T. Delmege; Delmege, Reid & Co.; Alfred Anthony Des Voeux; Matthew Theodosius Denis De Vitre; Dhunjeebhoy Cowasjee; Abercromby Dick; James Dickie; B.A. Dickmann; A. Dickson (of Todd, Findlay & Co.); J.M. D'Sequeira; George Duddell; Duncan Dunbar & Sons; [ ] Duncan (of Mackintosh & Co., Calcutta); John Duncan; W.H.G. Duncan; Susan Dunlop; William Dunlop (Lieutenant-Colonel, 49th Bengal Native Infantry); Andrew Durham; J.J. Dussumier; Archibald Brown Dyce; Lamplugh Frescheville Ballantine Dykes.

Ashley Eden; Richard Jones Edgerley; N.B. Edmonstone; J. Edwards & Co.; William Erskine.

William Cunningham Fairley; Faquirbaij Raisque; Robert Nesham Farquharson (opium agent, Behar); Fergusson & Co.; Finlay & Co.; G.S. FitzGerald; William FitzGerald; Fleming & Co.; Henry Stilles Foord; Duncan Forbes (Captain of the 'Lady Hayes', 'Folkestone' and 'Mahamoodie'); Lewis A. Forbes; James Stewart Fraser; Fryer, Schultze & Co.

Gardner & Co.; Gendur Manckchunder; Ghirthur Manchund (also Geerder Manchund, Geertherdass Manchand or Gertherdass Manchand); David Gibson; W.C. Gibson, Read, Davidson & Co.; Gillanders, Arbuthnot & Co.; Charles Gonne; A. Gönner; Joseph Goolden; A. Norman Gordon; Alexander Grant M.D. (surgeon, P. & O. ship 'Malta'); Grasemann & Co.; Gray, Paul & Co.; Gunnessdass Kestnajee; John Guthrie (Captain of the 'Polonaise').

H.P. Hadow; James Remington Hadow; Hajee Haroon Jaun Mahomed; Hajee Mohammed Cassum; Haji Ahdoonaly Mohamad Ali Sapper; N.L. Hall; Halliday Bulloch & Co.; Halliday, McMillan & Co.; C. Hamilton; Henry Charles Hamilton (opium agent, Ghazeepore); Robert North Collie Hamilton; Walter Hamilton; Hamilton, Brown & Co.; Hamilton, Higginson & Co.; P. Hansen (of the Danish Government at Tranquebar); John McKnight Hartigan; Augustine Heard & Co.; Herapit & Arratoon; Thomas Hey; Quintin Hogg; Hong Kong, Colonial Secretary; George Horback; P.A. Hormasjee (P.A. Hormarjee); Hormasjee Bhicajee & Co.; Hormasjee Dorabjee; Henry Hoseason; Mary Grant Hughes (Mary Grant Macpherson; sister of A.W. Macpherson); John A. Hume; James Hunt; Robert Augustus Carew Hunt (Lieutenant, 5th Bombay Native Infantry); Alexander Hutchison (Captain of the 'Rona', 'Clan Alpine' and 'Lancefield').

Elijah Impey (Surgeon-Major, Bombay Army); James Innes; Isboo Lebbe Assena Muckar; Ismail Libbe Markar (E.L. Ismail Markar).

Philip Jackson; Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy, 1st Baronet; Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy (Cursetjee Jamsetjee), 2nd Baronet; (Sir) Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy Sons & Co.; [ ] Jardine; David Jardine (partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Joseph Jardine; William Jardine; Jardine, Skinner & Co.; Jaun Mahomed; Jaun Mahomed & Co.; Jeeva Ranchord; Jehangir Sapoorjee Mehta (also Jehangeer or Jehangier Shapoorjee Mehta); James Francis Johnstone; T. Jowett.

Karrumchund Hurruckchund (Currumchund Hurruckchund); Karrumchund Premchund Amdabadey (also Curamchund Premchund Amdavady or Currumchund Premchund Ahmedabady and Kurrumchund Premchund Amdabadey); Denis Francis Keegan; Joseph Forbes Keith M.D. (1st Lancers); Edward F. Kelly; Scipio J.N. Kennedy; George Kerr (Captain of the 'Boldon Lawn'); [ ] Keswick; William Keswick; C. King (agent to Arbuthnot & Co.); H. King (Lieutenant; Secretary, Bolarum Aless.); Ernst Kraushaar; John Kydd (of Milne, Cargill & Co.).

T. Lambard (Captain of the 'Childwickbury'); Thomas Bruce Lane; Langlois & Co.; Manuel Larruleta; M. Larruleta & Co.; Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Crozier Law; E.H. Lawder; P. William Le Geyt; D.P. Leavitt; J.L. Ibraim Lebbe; C.A. Leechman; Leechman & Co.; James Mathew Leishman; P. Leslie; William Leslie; Thomas Ligertwood; Magnus Linklater; John H. Lloyd; Edward Lodwick; James Longridge; Edward Harbord Lushington (of the Board of Revenue, Calcutta).

Isaac Forsyth MacAndrew (Captain, 19th Bengal N.I.; Deputy Commissioner 3rd Cl., Oude); W. Macaulay (P. & O. agent, Hong Kong); George Beane Macdonnell; D. Macgregor (Captain of the 'Clarendon); George Macgregor; Macgregor & Co.; Robert Alexander MacGoune; J. McKay; Edward MacKellar; Alexander Mackintosh; Mackintosh & Co.; T.R. McLellan; D. McLeod; Malcolm Anderson Macleod (junior partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); J.M. Macmartin; J. McPhail; Alexander Wentworth Macpherson; Duncan Macpherson (also McPherson; General, India Army); Ronald Macpherson; Macrae Begbie & Co.; J. McTaggart; Madura Chitty & Co.; [ ] Magniac; Charles Magniac (brother of Hollingworth and Daniel); Hollingworth Magniac; M.A. Mahomet; Alexander Matheson; Maiden & Co.; Hugh C. Mair; Manuchande Caramachande; Manuckchund Harruckchund (Maneckchund Huruckchund); Donald Matheson; (Nicholas) James Sutherland Matheson (also 'Santiago Thomasen', pseudonym); Matheson & Co.; M.P. Abraham Menon; Edward Menzies; Meppen & Co.; Messageries Maritimes, Compagnie des; Robert Methven (Captain of the 'Manilla'); J.S. Middleton; John Middleton (Middleton & Co.); May Jepson James Mignon; Miller & Buchanan; Milne, Cargill & Co.; Mody Dorabssā Nosservangy; Mohamadoe Sarifoe Sinne lebbe Markar; J.L. Mohammad; Mohammedoo Sharieboo Packier Mohidin (also Mahemidoe Sariboo Pakir Mohidin and Mohamado Sairibo Packeir Mohedien); Alfred Mohr; Carl Mohr; Edward Mohr; Mohr Brothers & Co.; J.W. Moir (of Finlay & Co.); A.S. Molison (Captain of the 'Lancashire Witch'); J. Moore; J.H. Morel; Marshall Pritchard Moriarty; Norman Morison; Moteeram Mayaram (also Motiram Mayaram and Motteeram Mayaram); Mottet Pernon & Co.; Captain C. Mudie; W. Müller (of Galle); Alexander Henry Murray; Murree Brewery Co. Ltd.

Nagalurga Chitty & Co.; Nanabhoy Burkorjee; Nanrojee Burjorjee; James Neish (Captain of the 'Fort William'); M. Nelleappa Daven & Co.; Nemochande Janerchande; William Nevill; F. Newman; Neyna Markair Segoe Cassim (Naina Markar Seego Casim); Charles Oldfield Nicholetts.

John Ogilvy, Hay & Co.; John Henry Orr; Lieutenant John Ouchterlony.

Parry & Co.; James Parsons (Brigadier, 66th Bengal Native Infantry); J. Paterson (Superintendent, P. & O., Calcutta); Frederick Barnes Peacock; Robert H. Peirce; Lewis Pelly; Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co.; Alexander Perceval; J.W. Phillips (of the 'Valetta' and 'Brightman'); C. Rungasany Pillar & Sons; John Pirie & Co.; Chrisopher H. Platt; Arthur Poole; Purdhan Bhugga (Purtham Baga); John Purvis & Co.

H.D. Rae; V.C. Ramasawmy & Co.; Ramdass Herrachund; Ramlaal Huckulam; Colonel James Ramsay (of the 49th Regiment in China); W.P. Ranney; Thomas Hedger Rees (Captain, Bombay Army); Alexander Reid; James Reid; Alexander Reid & Co.; Remington & Co.; G. Richardson (Captain of the 'Trafalgar'); Robert John Richardson; James S. Robertson (Captain of the 'Isabella Hercus', 'Lord Warriston' and 'John Lidgett'); Peter Robertson (of J. Gibson Thomson & Co.); W.R. Robertson (M.R.A.C., Superintendent of Government Farms, Madras); Roovachund Boodheermull (Roevachund Boodamull); J.N. Rose; Francis Whitworth Russell; Rustomjee Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy; Ruttonjee Eduljee.

W.H. St Albin; Sabubutty Chitty & Co. (Sababutty Chitty & Co.); S. Ibrahim Sahiboo; Saib Binnah Jaun Mahomed; William Henry Salwey (Captain, 26th regiment); Samsie Libbe Marikar Ebraim Libbe Marikar (Samsy Libbe Markar Ibrahim Libbe Markar); H.P. Sawell; Alexander Binny Scott; Binny Scott; Charles J. Scott (Scott Brothers & Co.; nephew of John Abel Smith); David Scott; Alexander & Binny Scott & Co.; C. Shand & Co.; Julião Joze da Silva Vieira; A. Simion; Frederick Mackenzie Skues; E. Sidney Smith; William Robinson Smyth; G. Smythan; John H. Starcich (Captain of the 'Countess of Derby'); James Alexander Stewart-Mackenzie (also James Alexander Stewart Mackenzie); J.M. Stohmann; Stohmann & Co. (of Rangoon); William Stokoe (Captain of the 'General Wood'); James Stott (Captain, barque 'Kate'); George Strachan; Thomas Sutherland (of Rangoon); Thomas Swaine; Bamlet Walker Switzer.

Tarrachund Seetaram; W. Templer; George Frederick Upton, Lord Templeton (also Hon. George Frederick Upton); Charles Thomas & Co.; A.G. Thomson (Thomson, Vinay & Co.); H. Thomson (Master Attendant, Cocanada); John Gibson Thomson; John Gibson Thomson & Co., Colombo and Galle; Todd, Findlay & Co.; Philip Torrance; Treacher & Co.; Treacher & Co. Ltd; Thomas Coutts Trotter (Bengal Civil Service; opium agent, Behar); W. Tuck; Thomas Turner; Thomas Jacob Turner (Indian Civil Service); William Turner (Captain, Indian Army. Deputy Paymaster, Agra).

T. Unsworth; W. Unsworth; J.M. Uriarte.

J.J. Van der Spar; J.J. Van der Spar & Co.; W. Venables.

Edmund Walker; John Walker & Co., Kandy; Robert Grant Webster; Sir John Wemyss; David White; James Whittall; Whittall & Co.; William White; H. Whymper; Charles Wilford; Thomas Williamson (Bombay Civil Service; Secretary to the Government in judicial, general and marine departments); David Wilson (of the 'Hercules'); Captain J.R. Wilson (Secretary, Mess Committee, Hingolee); Wilson Clark & Co.; Wilson Ritchie & Co.; Geega Wittal; George Benjamin Wolseley.

Donald Smith Young (surgeon, Indian Army).


  • 1819-1898

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