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Subject Source: Local sources

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 File — CCCC02/T/10

Candidates for admission I, 1870 - 1879

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC02/T/10
Scope and Contents

Bound volume of printed pro formas completed by candidates, giving: name in full; when and where born; when and where baptized (with request for baptismal certificate); whether confirmed or not; where educated; present address of father or guardian; name and address of referee.
Date of entry of successful candidates noted top right.

Dates: 1870 - 1879
 File — CCCC02/T/11

Candidates for admission II, 1880 - 1889

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC02/T/11
Scope and Contents

As 01/T/10 but with the extra information required: Possible line of study at Cambridge -- Will Honours be aimed at?
Apparently includes only successful candidates.

Dates: 1880 - 1889
 File — CCCC02/T/12

Candidates for admission III, 1890 - 1900

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC02/T/12
Scope and Contents

As 02/T/11

Dates: 1890 - 1900
 File — CCCC04/O/15

Cautions, 1628-1685, 1629 - 1685

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC04/O/15
Scope and Contents The college meeting on 16 January 1628/9 decreed that, to supplement the college finances, caution money should be paid to the Master at the rate of £5 by fellow commoners, £3 by pensioners and £1 10s by sizars on their admission. The money would then be paid to the bursar, who return their cautions to those leaving during his term of office, and hand the residue to his successor.For the term of his mastership,m Dr Butts kept the record, after which it was kept by the bursar.As well...
Dates: 1629 - 1685
 File — CCCC04/O/16

Cautions, 1685-1780, 1685 - 1780

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC04/O/16
Scope and Contents

From 1689 sizars paid £2; from 1698, pensioners £10, sizars £6, from 1700., scholars £8, from 1703. fellow commoners £15 (sometimes £30). Further increases follow. By 1780 the rates were: fellow commoners £25, pensioners £15, sizars and ten year men £10.

Dates: 1685 - 1780
 File — CCCC04/O/18

Cautions, 1765-1777, 1765 - 1777

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC04/O/18
Scope and Contents

Designated 'Bursar's account' in a 20th-century hand..
Tipped in at front: the assessment of the college for window tax, resident by resident, 1775; list of fees duye for a DD not previously BD. Three other items tipped in towards the late 1770s.

Dates: 1765 - 1777
 File — CCCC04/O/17

Cautions, 1781-1860, 1780 - 1860

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC04/O/17
Scope and Contents

Pp. 1-2: list of compounders and non-compounders, July 1849; pp. 4-242: cautions accepted and returned, 1780-1843; p. 254: note of fees received for DD and LLD and their distribution; p. 255: note of MA fees received, and their distribution; pp. 256-265: Bursar's account with the college for Mas, etc. 1848-56; pp. 331-351: lists of cautions on deposit, 1814-1860.

Dates: 1780 - 1860
 File — DCGB/S/1/1

Draft register 1811-13, 1811 - 1813-03

Reference Code: GBR/0269/DCGB/S/1/1
Scope and Contents

Endorsed: Enter this very neatly and close leaving 2 blank pages at the beginning.

Dates: 1811 - 1813-03
Conditions Governing Access: From the Management Group: Governmental records are closed for 50 years from date of creation, except for those dealing with elections, tutorial matters and appointments which are closed for 100 years.

Extract from register of the Archdeaconry of Norfolk relating to 'Fulmerson' and 'Crokestone'., 1630

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09L/B 1a 3
Scope and Contents

On verso the same for the neighbouring village of Kettlestone. Note at foot: 'In the booke, by an old hand (but much differing from the Character of the handwriting of the whole booke) there is a note written in these wordes: Iste liber compilatus est tempore Stephani Regis.'

Dates: 1630
 File — CCCC04/S/2

Foundations of scholarships, etc., 1750 - 1891

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC04/S/2
Scope and Contents A collection of transcripts of foundation documents, etc., comprising: p. 1: Eastbridge Scholarships (1568); p. 4: Archbishop Tenison's Will [d. 14 Dec. 1715]; p. 7: Rochdale School (1565); p. 14: Privy Council decree concerning praelections (6 Nov. 1718); p. 18: Extract from the will of Samuel Chapman (1700); p. 21: Extract from Dr John Spencer's deed of settlement [1687]; p. 34: Extract from the codicil to the will of Edward Tenison, Bishop of Ossory [1735]; p. 37: Extract from the will...
Dates: 1750 - 1891
 Item — CCCC09/01/31

Leases and licences, 1683 - 1911

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/01/31
Scope and Contents Chronological register of leases granted, with fines, and of licences of alienation, sometimes with explanatory comments.At front: account of Rebecaa Palmers receipts and expenses at the 'Dye House' [St Botolph's parish] 1745-49; printed 'catalogue' of brick houses in Benet Street, Longditch, Westminster, to be sold by auction on 28 Jan. 1730/1; valuation of the tennis court estate, 27 Jan, 1810. At back: an account of the land sown with grain in the parish of East Chinnock, Soms, in...
Dates: 1683 - 1911
 Item — CCCC07/11

Library and Plate, 1708 to 1771, 1708-02-22 - 1771-06-19

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC07/11
Scope and Contents

Record of plate, muniments, manuscripts and occasional printed books taken out and returned, including, from 1768, many items taken to James Nasmith's room.

Dates: 1708-02-22 - 1771-06-19
 Item — CCCC07/12

Library and Plate, 1771 to 1809, 1771-06-20 - 1809-07-17

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC07/12
Scope and Contents

Record of plate, muniments, manuscripts and occasional printed books taken out and returned, including, from 1768, many items taken to James Nasmith's room.

Dates: 1771-06-20 - 1809-07-17

List of admissions, 1850 - 1863

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC04/O/11
Scope and Contents

Surnames and initials only

Dates: 1850 - 1863
 File — CCCC04/O/12

Names on boards, 1850 - 1877

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC04/O/12
Scope and Contents

'A list of those who were members of the college, April 27,1850, the day on which James Pulling, B.D., was elected Master'.
Dates of subsequent degrees given, and deaths recorded, the latest dated 1877.

Dates: 1850 - 1877
 File — CCCC04/O/13

Names on boards, 1870 - 1877

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC04/O/13
Scope and Contents

'Names on the Boards, Lady Day 1870; also names placed on the Boards in 1870, 1871, 1872'.
Similar to 04/O/12; no event noted after 1877.

Dates: 1870 - 1877
 File — CCCC04/O/19

Names on the boards of the college, 1861 - 1878

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC04/O/19
Scope and Contents From one end the volume lists those with their names on the boards admitted from 1861 to 1873, including, to 1869, indication of scholarships held and to 1867 details (greater or lesser) of class and subject of B.A.. Dates of removal of names from boards, and occasionally year of death are also recorded,From the other end the volume contains names of candidates for admission from 1873 to 1878, including indication of whether baptized, confirmed and being a communicant. From 1876 there...
Dates: 1861 - 1878

Parvum registrum, 1573 - 1590

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC04/O/4
Scope and Contents

Inserted before p. 155 in the first chapter book. Records names of Master and Fellows, and their replacements of each other., also admissions of pensioners, annually. From 30 September 1581 the day of admission is also noted. Last leaf blank.

Dates: 1573 - 1590

Praelector's book, 1867 - 1894

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC02/P/2
Scope and Contents From the Management Group:

Master, bursar, dean, praelector, steward, tutor, 'visitors' and others.

Dates: 1867 - 1894

Praelector's book, 1837-10 - 1867-10

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC02/P/1
Scope and Contents Lists matriculations, leave granted by the college to supplicate, degrees conferred, etc. from page 35. Previous pages carry regulations, formulae, etc.Praelectors: James Goodwin, 1835; J. Pullen, 1836-38; James Pulling, 1839-41; J. G. Mould, 1842-44; William Martin, 1844-45; George Jarvis, 1845-46; William Martin, 1846-49; J. J. Perowne, 1849-50; William Emery, 1850-52; E. H. Perowne, 1852-54; J. J. Perowne, 1854-55; W. M. Snell, 1855-56; T. B. Wilkinson, 1856-57; E. H. Perowne, ...
Dates: 1837-10 - 1867-10
 File — CCCC04/O/5

Register, 1590 - 1699-06

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC04/O/5
Scope and Contents

Records admissions of fellows, including Masters, (ff. 1-23), of scholars (ff. 34-77), of fellow commoners (ff. 78-92), of pensioners, with county of origin and name of tutor (ff. 108-138), of sizars, also with county of origin and name of tutor (ff. 148-171) and names of those approved by the Master and Fellows for supplication for degrees (ff. 194-228). References are to modern foliation.

Dates: 1590 - 1699-06
 File — CCCC04/O/6

Register, 1698 - 1795

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC04/O/6
Scope and Contents As 04/O/5, with sections for different classes of admission (fellows, fellow commoners, etc.) indicated on title page. Includes copies of certificates of fellows having taken the oaths of allegiance and supremacy. From the back (pp. 560-543) register of marriages in the college chapel, 16 April 1719 to 9 Dec. 1753. Pasted in at front, declarations of those not intending to proceed in arts, 1773-85; copy of the Solemn League and Covenant subscribed by John Fairfax, and a receipt for rent...
Dates: 1698 - 1795
 File — CCCC04/O/7

Register, 1795 - 1821

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC04/O/7
Scope and Contents

As 04/O/5, with sections for different classes of admission (fellows, fellow commoners, etc.) indicated on title page.

Dates: 1795 - 1821
 File — CCCC04/O/8

Register, 1822 - 1844

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC04/O/8
Scope and Contents

As 04/O/5,, with sections for different classes of admission (fellows, fellow commoners, etc.) indicated on title page. On p. 37 a form of 'bene discessit'.

Dates: 1822 - 1844
 File — CCCC04/O/9

Register, 1845 - 1878

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC04/O/9
Scope and Contents

As 04/O/5,, with sections for different classes of admission (fellows, fellow commoners, etc.) indicated on page 1.

Dates: 1845 - 1878
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