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Subject Source: UK Archival Thesaurus

Found in 412 Collections and/or Records:


Home Office, 1910 - 1911

Reference Code: GBR/0014/CHAR 12
Scope and Contents INTRODUCTION TO CHAR 12: THE HOME OFFICE: GENERAL The Home Office papers contain correspondence, printed material and papers which were created or accumulated as a result of WSC's activities as Home Secretary. The papers have been arranged into correspondence and subject-based files. The Home Office papers form a departmental sub-class of the official class of the Chartwell Papers which was divided according to the various offices held by WSC. Files containing varying numbers of items were...
Dates: 1910 - 1911
Conditions Governing Access: From the Fonds: The Churchill Papers are made available to researchers using Churchill Archives Centre and worldwide in digital format. The digital edition of the Churchill Papers is published by Bloomsbury Academic and is available online to subscribing institutions at The Churchill archive is freely available in our reading rooms and onsite at Churchill College (via the Churchill College wireless network). Researchers can download images of documents directly from and so are encouraged to consider bringing a laptop or other device for this purpose. For conservation reasons, the fragile originals are no longer issued to researchers. This digital edition is open to researchers unless otherwise marked in the catalogue. Some material has been closed by the Cabinet Office or by Churchill Archives Centre in accordance with data protection legislation.

Homerton College Archive

Reference Code: GBR/3243/HOM
Dates: 1761 - 2020
Conditions Governing Access: Access to some of these records are restricted under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018, as they contain personal and / or medical data about living individuals. Some of the records in this collection are CLOSED.
Please see individual descriptions for further details or contact the College archivist at

Household and Domestic, 1943 - 1978

Reference Code: GBR/0014/CSCT 9
Scope and Contents

This series of records contains information about the running of the Churchill households, at Chartwell in Kent and at 28, Hyde Park Gate in London. There are details of the domestic staff and their rates of pay; household expenditure; and menu planning for the Churchills and their staff.

Dates: 1943 - 1978
Conditions Governing Access: From the Fonds: With the exception of the staff wages books in CSCT 9/1, the collection is open for consultation by researchers using Churchill Archives Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge.

"Inspecting canteen workers", 1919-08

Reference Code: GBR/0014/BRDW I Photo 1/92
Scope and Contents

Photo shows WSC inspecting a line of female canteen workers during visit to inspect British forces in Cologne, Germany.

Dates: 1919-08
Conditions Governing Access: From the File: Digital copies are available, to protect the fragile original.

"Inspecting nurses", 1919-08

Reference Code: GBR/0014/BRDW I Photo 1/90
Scope and Contents

Photo during visit to inspect British forces in Cologne, Germany, shows WSC inspecting a line of female nurses wearing a uniform with long skirt.

Dates: 1919-08
Conditions Governing Access: From the File: Digital copies are available, to protect the fragile original.

Interview for [?] Woman's Own magazine, and also a European election campaign meeting and press conference, 1989-06-13

Reference Code: GBR/0014/KNNK 26/2/102
Scope and Contents

Subjects include: Labour's policy review, particularly on defence; the European elections; improving attitudes towards women; greater support for working women and extending childcare provision; the Government's short-termism; food standards regulation; environmental policy; Stephen Kinnock's and Rachel Kinnock's attitude to politics; press coverage of Labour.

Dates: 1989-06-13
Conditions Governing Access: From the Sub-Series: Access copies available.

Interview with Carolyn Harris MP: a new Private Members' Bill that helps 1950 women affected by the State Pension Age increase, 2018-10-02

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 1/44
Scope and Contents Harris, Labour MP for Swansea East brought in a new Private Members' Bill to alleviate the hardship caused to 1950s born women who have seen their pension ages increase. At least 2.6 million women are said to be affected by these staggered changes to the age at which they can now retire. The Pensions (Review of Women's Arrangements) Bill was supposed to be read for a second time on the floor of the House at the end of October 2018 but Harris asked for it to be rescheduled on one sitting...
Dates: 2018-10-02

Interview with economist Vicky Pryce - 50 years on and still NO equal pay in #Vote100 year, 2018-03-15

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 1/15
Scope and Contents Pryce begins explaining why she thinks women do not get paid equally; stating that it is either because of the culture of organisations or because they have children. She states that women in their 20s earn more than men in many professions, but into their 30s, they do not. Often, organisations are not prepared to allow anyone to work flexibly. Many organisations lose women too early for them to end up in senior positions. Sones asks about the attitude of women in corporate situations, Pryce...
Dates: 2018-03-15

Interview with Jo Swinson MP and baby Gabriel: Proxy Voting, 2018-09-13

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 1/42
Scope and Contents Swinson made parliamentary history by taking her 11 week old son Gabriel into the Chamber of the House of Commons while she listened to the end of a debate on Proxy Voting. Swinson had spoken previously in the same debate before leaving to feed Gabriel. Swinson speaks about supporting proxy voting. Swinson had spoken passionately about the difficulties of getting young babies to 'latch' when breast feeding and revealed that she keeps expressed milk not alcohol in her office fridge. Swinson...
Dates: 2018-09-13

Interview with Jo Swinson MP on #Equal Power: Northern Ireland abortion reforms, women in the boardroom, women and rape, local election results and MPs and maternity and paternity leave, 2018-06-01

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 1/29
Scope and Contents Sones and Swinson discuss Northern Ireland and abortion reforms, Swinson cannot believe Northern Ireland is this far behind, especially in light of the Republic of Ireland voting to make abortion legal. The pair discuss devolution and how it impacts decisions of this kind, Swinson argues that this is a human rights issue and that devolution should not allow for human rights breaches. Sones asks about women in the boardroom and the recent government report. They discuss Swinson's book, 'Equal...
Dates: 2018-06-01

Interview with Rupa Huq Women and Brexit, 2018-09-04

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 1/41
Scope and Contents Huq, Labour MP for Ealing Central and Acton held a debate in Parliament's Westminster Hall to discuss the impact of 'Brexiting' the EU on women and their families. Huq believes that Brexit would affect women, particularly those in low paid caring jobs, who would also have to bear the brunt of any resulting economic downturn when many were already in insecure and low paid jobs. Conservative Minister Victoria Atkins responded to her concerns saying that the government would be conducting a...
Dates: 2018-09-04

Interview with Sarah Wollaston MP: a new law on stalking and supporting Theresa May on her new Brexit Plan, 2018-06-12

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 1/37
Scope and Contents

Wollaston, MP for Totnes had a new Private Members Bill going through Parliament that would allow victims of stalking to get the police to take out stalking protection orders. She hoped the government would expedite the PMB just like it did with Wera Hobhouse MP's Upskirting Bill. On the new Chequers Brexit Plan, Wollaston states that she thinks Theresa May is doing a 'very good job'.

Dates: 2018-06-12

Interview with Vicky Ford MP: #AskHerToStand, Proxy Voting, Brexit White Paper and on her Prime Minister Theresa May, 2018-07-19

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 1/39
Scope and Contents Ford, Conservative MP for Chelmsford, chairs the All Party Parliamentary Group on Women in the House of Commons, this week with others she laid a wreath at the statue of Emmeline Pankhurst to commemorate Pankhurst's birthday. Ford had been attending Pankhurst parties and she is part of a movement which is encouraging women from all parties to come forward and stand for parliament with the campaign group #AskHerToStand. Sones asks about the week's events in Westminster as the government got...
Dates: 2018-07-19

Interviews with Helen Goodman MP and Sarah Wollaston MP: The Amendable Vote: A Second Referendum and a People's Vote or even another General Election? And the Stalking Protection Bill., 2018-11-28

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 1/57
Scope and Contents Goodman and Wollaston separately discuss the #Brexit Amendable Vote in December 2018. Goodman is the Labour MP for Bishop Auckland and she sits on the House of Commons Procedure Committee that decides how the proceedings in the House of Commons will be conducted when Theresa May's Withdrawal Bill is put to vote. The Committee decided the motion to approve the Bill would be fully amendable allowing MPs to suggest improvements to it. Goodman planned to vote against the Bill because she...
Dates: 2018-11-28

Issues of Britannia, official newsletter of the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU), 1915 - 1917

Reference Code: GBR/0014/HDLM 2/2/18
Scope and Contents From the Sub-Series:

Includes Else's diaries (in German) and account books and papers relating to the suffragette movement.

Dates: 1915 - 1917
Conditions Governing Access: From the Fonds: The collection is open for consultation by researchers using Churchill Archives Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge.

#IWD2018 interview with Alison McGovern MP as she talks about Harriet Harman MP and those all too male works of art in Westminster, 2018-03-06

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 1/13
Scope and Contents

McGovern was just one year of age when Harman was elected to Parliament. McGovern talks about Harman's influence, all-women shortlists, having a nursery in the Houses of Parliament. Sones asks about how 'male' Parliament is, McGovern recognises that it will take time through the Committee.

Dates: 2018-03-06

Labour and Women, 1986-11 - 1988-03

Reference Code: GBR/0014/KNNK 2/1/82
Scope and Contents Includes: printed papers; speech notes; press releases; papers from the Labour Listens to Women and Labour’s Agenda for Women campaigns; minutes of the Women’s Caucus; correspondence with Jo Richardson, Labour spokesperson on women’s rights; notes on the impact on women from Labour’s policies; source material; papers on Labour’s Ministry for Women, including the transcript of an interview with Jo Richardson from BBC’s A Week in Politics; Parliamentary questions by Jo Richardson on measures...
Dates: 1986-11 - 1988-03
Conditions Governing Access: From the Fonds: The collection is open for consultation by researchers using Churchill Archives Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge.

Labour party political broadcast "Listening to Women", 1987-04-08

Reference Code: GBR/0014/KNNK 26/2/39
Scope and Contents From the Sub-Series:

Includes: recordings from radio interviews with NK and other members of the Shadow Cabinet; recordings from press conferences and Labour Party events, particularly election rallies and Party Conferences; recordings taken from newspaper interviews; recordings of various speeches by NK.

Dates: 1987-04-08
Conditions Governing Access: From the Sub-Series: Access copies available.

Literary: Articles by WSC for the Strand Magazine., 1931

Reference Code: GBR/0014/CHAR 8/301
Scope and Contents Includes research notes, proofs and cuttings relating to various articles: notes by Professor F A Lindemann [later 1st Lord Cherwell] predicting scientific and technical advances over the following 50 years; "Humours of electioneering" on WSC's experience of local elections and the suffragettes; an article on King Alfonso XIII of Spain (including newspaper cuttings on the King's death); an article about Lord Balfour (including an obituary of Balfour); "Cartoons and Cartoonists" on WSC's...
Dates: 1931
Conditions Governing Access: Open

Literary: Sunday Chronicle articles by WSC., 02 Jan 1938 - 27 Mar 1938

Reference Code: GBR/0014/CHAR 8/619
Scope and Contents Includes galley proofs and press cuttings from the Sunday Chronicle for: "I Escape" on WSC's capture by the Boers and details of his subsequent escape; "The Blunder that Beat Germany" on the Battle of the Marne [France]; "The True Story of the Tank" on the development of the tank during World War I, its initial rejection, WSC's intervention, and its first use in action; "When Britain Nearly Starved" on the German submarine campaign during World War I, British anti-submarine warfare, and...
Dates: 02 Jan 1938 - 27 Mar 1938
Conditions Governing Access: Open

Literary: Sunday Dispatch articles by WSC: 3., Mar 1940 - 19 May 1940

Reference Code: GBR/0014/CHAR 8/667
Scope and Contents Includes proofs, suggested introductions and cuttings from the Sunday Dispatch for: "Lloyd George" praising [David] Lloyd George on his contribution to British life, commenting on his actions during World War I, his fall from power, and his personal qualities; "England" on English traditions, qualities, and patriotism; "How Does the Chancellor Do His Job?" on WSC's experiences as Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Gold Standard, and budgets; "Women in War", looking at the subject from both an...
Dates: Mar 1940 - 19 May 1940
Conditions Governing Access: Open.

Literary: Sunday Dispatch articles by WSC: 5., 13 Jul 1941 - 29 Aug 1941

Reference Code: GBR/0014/CHAR 8/694
Scope and Contents Includes cuttings from the Sunday Dispatch for: "Sea raiders" on the German ships "Scharnhorst" and "Gneisenau" and their eventual destruction during World War I; "A speech that prevented war" on [David] Lloyd George's speech at the Mansion House [London] on the Agadir [Morocco] Crisis in 1911; "Why I believe in government for the people" on totalitarianism in Germany, ranking the citizen higher than the state, and comparing the constitutions of Britain and the United States; "A People...
Dates: 13 Jul 1941 - 29 Aug 1941
Conditions Governing Access: Open.

Literary: various articles by WSC., Jan 1938 - Nov 1938

Reference Code: GBR/0014/CHAR 8/609
Scope and Contents Includes: Press cutting for "1938 - World's Year of Fate", published in Answers (29 January 1938), briefly commenting on rearmament, the Spanish Civil War, the threat of Japan, Italy and Germany, and the role of Britain, France and the United States. Cuttings and proofs for "Women in War", published in the February edition of the Strand Magazine, looking at the subject from both an historical perspective, focusing on figures such as Joan of Arc, and examining the contemporary situation...
Dates: Jan 1938 - Nov 1938
Conditions Governing Access: Open

Minnie Pate: Scrapbook

Reference Code: GBR/0012/MS Add.7637
Scope and Contents

Scrapbook of photographs; cuttings from the Cambridge Evening News, Cambridge Review, and other publications; and letters, relating to the Cambridge University Typewriting Office, Cambridge luminaries, and Cambridge life in general.

Dates: 1892-1963
Conditions Governing Access: Unless restrictions apply, the collection is open for consultation by researchers using the Manuscripts Reading Room at Cambridge University Library. For further details on conditions governing access please contact Information about opening hours and obtaining a Cambridge University Library reader's ticket is available from the Library's website (

Minutes of meetings of the Committee on Grant to Women's Colleges, 1924 - 1941

Reference Code: GBR/0265/UA/Min.VII.16
Scope and Contents From the Management Group:

The category - Corporate management records - embraces records of the central decision-making bodies, University officers such as the Vice-Chancellor and the Registrary, and their administrative support. It includes constitutional records.

Dates: 1924 - 1941
Conditions Governing Access: From the Sub-Management Group: The minutes of some Committees are closed to scholars for periods of years; see each catalogue entry for further detail.