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Business letters: Whampoa, 1825-1885

Reference Code: GBR/0012/MS JM/B7/51

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The correspondents include the following names:

William H. Adams (of the 'Maria'); George Allcot; C.H. Allen; Jordan Allen (Captain of the 'Polonaise'); João Lourenço d'Almeida; Angier & Allanson; John Martin Armstrong (Thomas Hunt & Co.); Joseph Arquit (Captain of the 'Candace'); Antoine Auzias (Captain of the 'Josephine Amédee'); W.E. Ayers.

Frederick E. Baker (Captain of the 'Niphon'); Aurelio Ballen (of the 'Clarita' and 'Carmen'); A.H. Bancroft; Henry Barnett (of the 'Lord of the Isles' and 'Flying Spur'); Bartolomeu Antonio Barretto; Captain Juan José de Barroetabeña; James T. Barry (Captain of the 'Spray' and 'Barreda Bros'); C.H. Baskfill (Captain of the 'Lochnagar'); H. Bate; Captain D. Bates; John B. Bates (Captain of the 'Fort William'); Henry Haywood Bell; Charles Best (Captain of the 'Sea Bird'); Alexander Bird; Birley & Co.; W.G. Blackler; Henry P. Blanchard; C.F.W. Bohm (of the 'Staghound'); Captain Charles James Bolton; George D. Bonnyman (of the 'Pantaloon'); J.J. Boulton (Chief Officer of H.C.S. 'Mangles'); Bovet Brothers & Co.; William Sprott Boyd (also Thomas Podé, pseudonym); Thomas Brady (Captain of the 'Regina'); D.P. Bramhall (Captain of the 'Ganymede'); G. Brice; J.W. Brimelow; Peter Brown (Captain of the 'Sultan'); W.G.O. Brown; Charles Buckton; John Bufham; William Henry Burgoyne (Captain of the 'Claramont'); Abraham Joseph Burley (or J. Burley; Captain of the 'John', 'Zenobia' and 'Falcon'); John Burnett.

Reuben Calhoun (of the 'Isabella Hyne'); William Canning (of the 'Rosa R. de Courcy'); United States Consulate, Canton; D. Carlin (Captain of the 'Deerfoot' and 'Deerhound'); Carlowitz, Harknt & Co.; José A. Carrillo; H. Carroll; Carvalho & Co.; J.M. Cawkitt (of the 'John Taylor'); Frederick Chambers (Captain of S.S. 'Commander'); R.C. Chesebrough; Thomas Clark (Captain of the 'Isabella Watson' and 'Thomas Campbell'); George Clarke (Tide Surveyor in Charge, Maritime Cutoms); Richard Clarke (of the 'Nova Bella'); John Clarkson (of the 'Cumbrian'); Captain George Coffin; Seth D. Cole (Captain of the 'Rolling Wave'); James Patfield Cook (partner, Thomas Hunt & Co.); John H. Cook; Joseph Coolidge; Coolidge & Ryan; Domenico Copello (Captain of the S.S. 'Glensannox'); William Coulson (Captain of the 'Kelso' and 'Maitland'); Captain John Cow; Cowie, Scott & Roxburgh; J.C. Cowper; J.C. Cowper & Co.; Cowper & Grosvenor; Walter Crawford (Captain of the 'Unrivalled'); J.F. Crockett (Captain of the 'Hellespont' and 'Clan Alpine'); Thomas Crossley (Captain of the 'Astarte'); C.D. Cruz; F.A. da Cruz; Thomas Cubbins; E. Cucullu; E.F. Cunningham; John Cunningham (Captain of the 'Stirlingshire'); William Curtis ('Hong Kong Times').

A. Cunningham Dando (Captain of the 'Cowasjee Family'); James Jeremiah Davis (Captain of the 'Austen', 'Lady M. Wood' and 'Arabia'); Frederick Dawson (Imperial Maritime Customs); William Dawson (Captain of the 'Cornwall'); Captain Deferrari (of the 'Petronela'); W.M. Dennison; Alexander Douglas (of the 'Vision'); Robert Dow; Samuel R. Down (Captain of the 'Sir Bevvis'); Sandwith Drinker; Drinker & Co.; Francisco Dublé (Captain of the 'Teresa Ferry'); A. Duncan (tidewaiter, Imperial Maritime Customs); William Dunning; [ ] Durdet (1st Lieutenant, French corvette 'Capricieuse'); John R. Dyse (1st Officer of the barque 'Mermaid').

E.D. Edgell; R.P. Ellis (Captain of the 'Queen of the Age'); William Ellison (Captain of the 'Cornubia' and 'Prince Alfred'); [ ] Endicott; Henry B. Endicott; Henry Collins Endicott; James Bridges Endicott (uncle of Henry C. Endicott); James Bridges Endicott Jnr; D.S. Eward (of the 'Lochiel'); Robert Ewart (of the 'John Nicholson'); Ezra & Judah.

William Abdy Fellowes (Royal Naval Commander, H.M.S. 'Comus'); James Ferguson (Captain of the 'Caroline Agnes'); Fadeo Ferria (Fadeo Ferry); Juan Ferry (of the barque 'Ferera Ferry'); Robert Findlay (Captain of the 'Foam'); James Finlay (of S.S. 'Spee'); John Fisher (Captain of the 'Mary Sparks'); H.B. Fletcher (of the 'Aden'); Robert Bennet Forbes (Russell & Co.); W.W. Fortman (Chief Officer of the 'Maggie Miller'); Thomas Fortune (of S.S. 'Madras'); Samuel Jeremiah Foster (Captain of the 'Aallotar'); J. Francis (of the 'Rob Roy'); Louis Hugh Franklyn (in medical charge of H.B.M.'s consulates and Chinese Maritime Customs, Tamsui and Whampoa); Alexander Fraser (chief mate of the 'Ianthe'); George Washington Fraser (Captain of the 'Rover' and 'Sea Witch'); W. Fraser; J.M. de Freitas Branco (Captain of the 'Saida'); Captain French.

George Garwood (Captain of the 'Gipsy'); J.P. Geoffroy (Chief Officer of the 'Antonio Ferry'); W. Gerard (Captain of the 'Snow Squall'); David Gillespie (Captain of the 'Lord Raglan'); C.V. Gillespie; David Gillies (Manager of the Hong Kong & Whampoa Dock Co. Ltd); William Gladson (Captain of the 'Gateshead'); F. Godley; Edwin Gooch (of S.S. 'Unicorn' and the 'Cressy'); Frederick Gorham; J.B. Grant (Captain of the 'Land o' Cakes' and 'John Bunyan'); P.W. Graves (of the 'Spee'); J. Gray (of the 'Cama Family' and S.S. 'Canton'); John Henry Gray; M. Green; A. Gregg M.D.; A.W. Grosvenor; Grosvenor & Co.; James H. Gunn; J. Gye M.D. (Medical Attendant to Imperial Maritime Customs).

Frederick Howe Hale; Nathaniel Hale (Captain of the 'Argonaut'); G.S. Hall (Thomas Hunt & Co.); Charles W. Hamilton; Henry Fletcher Hance; Henry Handley (Captain of the 'Sultan'); [ ] Harins; E.H. Harlow; J. Harry; Francis Hathaway Haskell; Moses Hawes (Captain of the 'Competitor'); William Lee Hays; Augustine Heard & Co.; [ ] Heath (of the S.S. 'Kinshan'); P. Hennings; Henry L. Hepburn; T. Heritage; Robert Hodge (Captain of the 'Statesman'); John Holliday; Holliday, Wise & Co.; A. Holmes; 'Hong Kong Daily Advertiser'; 'Hong Kong Times'; [ ] Hooper; Thomas B. Hooper (Captain of the 'Borderer', 'Lanrick' and 'Glengyle'); H.M.S. Hornet, Gun Room Officers of; Augustus Howell (of Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Cyrus Howes; Henry W. Hubbell; James Hudson (Captain of the 'Mercia'); Alfred Humphreys (of 'Elizabeth'); Thomas Hunt (Thomas Hunt & Co.); Thomas Hunt & Co.; Hunt & Tobey; George Hunter (Captain of the 'Monsoon'); William C. Hunter; John Hurlin; Samuel George Huskisson (Captain, 80th regiment); C.W.H. Hutchins (Captain of the 'Lauderdale'); Alexander Hutchison (Captain of the 'Rona', 'Clan Alpine' and 'Lancefield').

James Innes.

Charles Jameson (of the 'Linnet' and 'Bombay'); William Jamieson (Captain of the 'William Stewart', 'Lord of the Isles' and 'Guinevere'); Andrew Jardine; Joseph Jardine; Sir Robert Jardine, 1st Baronet; Clement P. Jayne (Augustine Heard & Co.); J.G. d'Jesus; J. Victor de Jesus; F.P. Johns (Captain of the 'Maggie Miller'); John Johnson; William S. Johnson (of the barque 'Peep o' Day'); W. Johnstone (Imperial Maritime Customs); C.R. Jones; Charles George Jones (of the 'Marquis Camden', 'William Jardine' and 'Prima Donna').

James Edward Kennedy (watcher, Imperial Maritime Customs); Captain J. Kenny; William Keswick; F. Kibling (Captain of the 'Benjamin Morgan'), J. Kyle (of the 'Pride of the Ocean').

John W. Lambert (purser, S.S. 'Canton'); J.P. Larragosti; Peter George Laurie (of Jardine, Matheson & Co.); W.E. Lawrence; William Hyde Lay; R. Lever; H.H. Lewis (Lieutenant, U.S.S. 'San Jacinth'); William D. Lewis; Peter Leydan (of the 'Queen'); Jozé Maria de Oliveira Lima; G.N. Livesay (Captain of the 'Nile); James Lowther (Captain of the 'Sebastopol'); A. Lübeck & Co.; Dominick H. Lynch (Captain of the 'Chieftain').

John McArthur (Captain of the 'Pet', 'Despatch' and 'Australia'); James McCormick (Captain of the 'Countess of Seefield' and member of Alvord & Co.); Charles McDonald; M. McDougall (of the 'Edmonstone'); J. Macfarlane; J. McGregor (Foreman Boiler Maker, Union Dock Co.); William Macgregor (Captain of the 'Good Success'); G.S. Mackay; Duncan Mackenzie (of the H.C.S. 'London'); J. MacKenzie (Captain of the 'Dewa Gungadheer'); John Mackintosh (Captain of the 'Claramont'); A. McLeod (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Malcolm Anderson Macleod (junior partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); James McNidder (Captain of the 'Caroline Agnes'); Alexander Wentworth Macpherson; [ ] Magniac; Domingos S. Marques (Thomas Hunt & Co.); Alexander Martin; A.R. Marty; D. Masterman; [ ] Matheson; Alexander Matheson; Colin Shaw Matheson; (Nicholas) James Sutherland Matheson (also 'Santiago Thomasen', pseudonym); Thomas Taylor Meadows (British Consulate); Antonio Mercader; Captain Minto; George Nesbit Minto (of the 'Celestial'; J.C. Cowper & Co; and the Hong Kong & Whampoa Dock Co.); A.S. Molison (Captain of the 'Lancashire Witch'); William H. Moore; Captain John W. Morice; Henry Morrison (Captain of the 'Carthage' and 'Rona'); C.D. Mugford; H. Müller (Captain of the 'Wilhelmsburg'); Henry Murray (partner of Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Robert Murray (Chief Officer on the 'Centurion'); Yorick Jones Murrow.

P. Augustus Nelson; Nelson & Co.; Thomas George Newton (tea inspector for Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Thomas Niblo (of U.S.S. 'Vincennes'); Alexander Nicolson (Captain of the 'Red Riding Hood' and 'Argonaut'); Thomas G. Nickerson (of the 'Oriental'); Matthew Noall (Captain of the 'Saint Ja'); Gustaf Norleen; William Nott (Captain of the 'Don Quixote'); Nye, Parkin & Co.

Duncan Stewart Oliver (Captain of the 'Lancefield'); John Ord (Captain of the 'Margaret').

Captain Palha (of the 'Milheiro II'); E.J. Pashley (Captain of the 'Agincourt'); A. Paterson (of the 'Sir F. McNaughton', 'Isabella', 'Austen' and 'Spy'); William Paul (Captain of the 'Thomas Mitchell'); George Peirce (Chief Officer, 'Ruparell'); William Penfold; Alexander Perceval; F.G. Pereira (Thomas Hunt & Co. and Messageries Imperiales); Thomas Pereira (Chief Officer, 'Pantaloon'); John B. Perry (commanding Dutch barque 'Emilie'); Oliver H. Perry (United States Consul); Lewis A. Peterson (Captain of the 'Maria'); W. Peurice (Captain of the 'Empress'); J.W. Phillips (of the 'Valetta' and 'Brightman'); Edward Hutchinson Pollard (barrister); Hugh Poole (Captain of the 'John Phillips'); James Pope; Captain Potter (of the 'Shelsmith' [?]); D. Potter; George J. Potts; Thomas Powell (Captain of the 'Earl of Clare'); Thomas Preston (of the 'Hong Kong Times'); William Probst; William Broughton Pryce (Captain of the 'Walmer Castle'); C. Pulsipher; William Pustau & Co.; William E. Putnam.

Charles Rawle (of the 'Star of the North'); W.G.S. van Reesema; Joze Candido dos Remedios; [ ] Richards; P.F. Richards; John Rickett (Captain of the 'Austin'; Secretary of the Hong Kong Club; and surveyor, Canton Insurance Office); William Riddoch (of the 'William Mitchell'); Cadwalader Ringgold; P. Rionda; David Ritchie (Captain of the 'Gananoque'); L. Robert (Captain of the 'Clair'); James S. Robertson (Captain of the 'Isabella Hercus', 'Lord Warriston' and 'John Lidgett'); William M. Robinet; William M. Robinet & Co.; T.E. Robinson (Captain of the 'Panic'); A.A. de Rocha (purser of the 'Canton' and 'Lily'); William J. Rogers (of the 'Flavius'); John Rossiter (Captain of the 'Red Riding Hood'); James Rowe; Russell & Co.; H. Vernon Russell (Captain of S.S. 'Corea' and S.S. 'Appin'); James Ryan; George M. Ryder; A. Ryrie (of the 'Mazeppa'); John M. Ryrie (Captain of the 'Flying Spur' and 'Cairngorm').

H.O. Sage; Theophilus Sampson; M.C. Schmidt; George Schroder (Captain of the 'E.T.L.'); Arthur Scott (Captain of the 'Undine'); Francisco Segobia; J.C.D. Senna (G. Dubost & Co.); J. Sevilla; Thomas Shaw (of the S.S. 'Vancouver'); Richard Shillitoe M.R.C.S., L.S.A.; Jehu Lewis Shuck; Siemssen & Co.; M. Simesen (Captain of the Danish barque 'Danneborg'); Charles Simpson (2nd Officer on the 'Nanzing'); S.J. Sinden; J. Slade (Chief Steward on the S.S. 'Norna'); George J.O. Smith (Captain of the 'Mermaid'); George K. Smith; George Mackrill Smith; Smith & Brimelow; Oliver C. Spencer (of the 'J. Wade'); Edmund Staines; D. Steen (of the Hamburg barque 'Julia'); John W. Stevenson (Captain of the 'Khimjee Oodowjee' and 'Euphrates'); F.S. Stewart (of the lorcha 'Canton'); J.P. Stewart; George Sturgis; J. Sturgis (U.S. Consul, Whampoa); Captain Thomas Sullivan; Daniel Swanson (of the 'Ernani'); William Symington (Captain of the 'Northfleet').

William Tarrant; Lewis Thomas (Captain of the 'Anonyma', 'Charlotte' and 'Sovereign of the Seas'); Walter Thompson (Captain of the 'Albert Victor'); Captain A.E. Thomson; Thomas Gresham Thorpe (Captain of the 'Herald'); George Tickell (Captain of the 'Coldstream'); James Tosh (Chief Officer, 'Emigrant'); John Townsend (Captain, P. & O. steamship 'Granada'); James Turner.

Warner Varnham (of the 'Alabama'); J.M. Villon (supercargo, 'F. Ferry'); Thomas Sutton Vinall R.N. (Paymaster, H.M.S. 'Comus'); Edward Vincent (of the 'Cora'); George W. Virgin.

L.P. Ward (Thomas Hunt & Co.); John Wallace (of the 'State House'); S. Weber; J. Weissenhorn (Captain of the 'Mary Wienholt'); Trustees Whampoa Bethel; Secretary of the Whampoa Customs Library; Captain White; Captain J.D. Whitmore; Jacob D. Whitmore; Austin Whitney (Captain of the 'Signal'); [ ] Whittall; Edward Whittall; G.(?) Whittall (of Canton); James Whittall; Ludwig Wiese; D. Williams; George Williams (of the 'Sea Serpent'); Captain J.R. Williams; John P. Williams; Anthon Williams & Co.; John F. Williston (of Salem, Massachussetts); J.A. Wilson (of S.S. 'Spark'); William Wilson (Captain of the 'Alfred the Great' and 'Anglia'); John Winchester (Captain of the 'Carribbean' and 'Coral Nymph'); Captain Alexander Winsor; Thomas Worth.

F.E. Young; W. Young (Captain of the 'Broadwater'); W.O.M. Young.


  • Creation: 1825-1885


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