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Business letters: China coast, 1825-1893

Reference Code: GBR/0012/MS JM/B7/10

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The correspondents include the following names:

Alexander William Ainslie (of U.S.S. 'Benicia'); James Alexander (of the 'Juliet'); John Allcock (of the 'Charles Grant'); Jordan Allen (Captain of the 'Polonaise'); Frederick P. Alleyn; L. d'Almeida (purser, S.S. 'Canton'); Richard T. Allison (of U.S.S. 'Macedonian'); Jose d'Almeida (of Macao); T. Alston (Captain of the 'Mor'); Francis Anderson (Captain of the 'Mars'); Captain George Cobham Anderson (Marine Superintendent, Jardine Matheson, Hong Kong); James Anderson (Captain of the 'Rajasthan'); Robert Anderson (of the 'Harlequin' and 'Folkestone'); Nathaniel Andrew (Captain of the 'Dragon'); Nicanor de Arriu; James William Murray Ashby (Paymaster, Royal Navy); Hugh Piercy Austin (of Jardine, Matheson & Co.).

Frederick E. Baker (Captain of the 'Niphon'); J. Baker (Captain of S.S. 'American'); James Baker (Captain of the 'Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy'); Josias George Baker (Captain of the 'Granville'); R.B. Baker (Captain of the 'Earl of Balcarres' and 'Singapore'); Aurelio Ballen (of the 'Clarita' and 'Carmen'); Juan Ballo; T. Bamford (of S.S. 'Taisang'); Henry Barber (Captain of the 'Annie Bucknam'); C.F. Barker (of S.S. 'Lancefield'); Richard Barnes (of the 'Druid'); William Barnes (Captain of the 'Chieftain'); Henry Barnett (of the 'Lord of the Isles' and 'Flying Spur'); J. Barrett (of the 'Prince of Wales' and 'Black Dog'); [ ] Barretto; Bartolomeu Barretto; Bartolomeu Antonio Barretto; Luis Barretto; Captain Juan José de Barroetabeña; J.D. Barrutia; G.R. Barry (purser on the 'Susquehanna'); James T. Barry (Captain of the 'Spray' and 'Barreda Bros'); Charles Ellison Bates (Lieutenant, 8th Punjab Infantry); Henry William Baxter (Captain of the 'Witch of the Seas'); Nathaniel Beard (Captain of the 'Gundreda'); Thomas G. Beazley (Captain of the 'Isabel Quintana' and 'Catalina'); William Beckett (Captain of the 'Clan Alpine', 'Wild Wave', 'James Shepherd', S.S. 'Unadilla' and 'Flying Spur'); Edward Belcher; Thomas Bell M.D. (of Ecclefechan and S.S. 'Pekin' and S.S. 'Singapore'); W.T. Bell (Captain of the 'Eveline'); Captain Isaac Bernard (of S.S. 'Ganges' and 'Malacca'); Captain William Berry; Joaquim Bianqui; R. Bibby (Chief Officer of the 'Liverpool'); George Bilton (Captain of the 'Ardencraig'); Edward Bird (Captain of the 'Anglo-Indian'); William Blackney (Assistant Paymaster, Royal Navy, H.M.S. 'Actaeon'); Francis H. Bluxome (seaman on the 'Stag Hound'); Joseph Blyth (of the 'Cumbrian'); W. Brenton Boggs (purser on U.S.S. 'Vincemus'); Captain Charles James Bolton; George D. Bonnyman (of the 'Pantaloon'); James Boucaut (of the 'Bon Manoel'); John Boyd (Chief Officer on the 'Zemindar'); William Sprott Boyd (also Thomas Podé, pseudonym); James Bradshaw (of the 'Vixen', 'Pathfinder' and 'Bomanjee'); George H. Brady; Charles Brewer; James Henry Bridges (Royal Naval Lieutenant, H.M.S. 'Columbine'); E.W. Brightman; Frederick Bristow (Captain of the 'Southern Cross'); J. Brodie (of the 'Jane Serena'); Thomas Brow; Joseph Browne; Richard Brownsdon (Royal Naval Paymaster, H.M.S. 'Rattler'); C.H. Bruce (of the 'Lady Amherst'); Henry William Bruce; Francis Bulkeley Bulkeley-Johnson (also Francis Bulkeley Johnson, afterwards Bulkeley-Johnson); John Burd (Captain of the 'Norden' and 'Syden'); William H. Burgess (of the 'Thomas W. Sears'); Abraham Joseph Burley (or J. Burley; Captain of the 'John', 'Zenobia' and 'Falcon'); David Laing Burn (of the 'Edinburgh'); Captain James Burnett; William Burrows (Captain of the 'Runnymede'); J. Burt (of the 'Ariel'); Joseph Bushby Jnr (of the 'Mary Sparks').

[ ] Caballero; Alexander Cameron (Captain of the 'Florence Nightingale'); John G. Cameron (of the 'Euphrates'); John Campbell Jnr (of the 'Nepaul'); Peter Campbell (Captain of the 'Walmer Castle'); M. Cardonnet (of the 'De Golconde'); Mrs Carr; John Carr; William Carr (Captain of the 'Mangles', 'Mercury', 'Vixen' and 'Hellas'); A.W. Catto (of the 'Beautiful Star'); J.M. Cawkitt (of the 'John Taylor'); Albert Fry Chambers (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); W. Christian (Chief Officer of the 'Orisa'); B.J. Church (Chief Officer of the 'Bucks'); Captain Chute (of the 'Gazelle'); John Clarkson (of the 'Cumbrian'); P.J. Clarrebutt (of the 'Bencoolen'); Andrew Paul Clemens (of S.S. 'Carmarthenshire'); Hanet Cléry; William Clifton (Captain of the 'Red Rover'); W.H. Coad (3rd Officer of the 'Parana'); R.E. Coates (of the 'Lady Hayes'); George Ward Cole; Thomas Richbell Collingwood (Royal Naval Master, H.M.S. 'Comus'); H.B. Conner (of the 'A. Apcar'); H. Cook; James Patfield Cook (partner, Thomas Hunt & Co.); Coolidge & Ryan; Captain E. Coppell (of the 'Matilda Atheling'); H.P.P. Couche (of S.S. 'Flamingo'); Thomas Coupar (Captain of the 'Thomas Fielden'); Augustus Cousins (Captain of the 'Walmer Castle'); Charles B. Cow (Captain of the 'Phoebe Dunbar'); Francis Cowan (Chief Officer of the 'Mohawk'); Richard Henry Cox (of H.C.S. 'Duchess of Atholl'); J. Craufurd (mate of the 'Jean'); R. Crawford (mate of the 'Ichang'); Robert Calver Crawford (Captain of the 'Mahamoodie'); Josiah Perkins Creesy; J.F. Crockett (Captain of the 'Hellespont' and 'Clan Alpine'); James Cromarty (of the 'Equestrian'); Zenas Crosby; James H. Crowe (Captain of the 'Hurkarn'); John Cruickshank (Captain of H.C.S. 'Farquharson'); C.D. Cruz; W.J. Cubitt (Captain of the 'Robert Henderson' and 'Lord Warriston'); Richard Curgenven (Royal Naval Paymaster and Secretary to Rear Admiral); John Currie (of Jardine, Matheson & Co.); William Curry (of the 'Williamette'); William Curtis (of the 'Hong Kong Times'); W. Cushing (Captain of the 'Hindostan').

Alexander Grant Dallas; George Darby (of the 'Sappho'); Robert Davidson (Captain of the 'Elphinstone'); William Dawson (Captain of the 'Cornwall'); Albert Deacon; Robert Deas (of the 'Ganges'); Captain Deferrari (of the 'Petronela'); De Silver & Co.; W. Dickinson (of H.C.S. 'Duchess of Atholl'); Walter George Dickson M.D.; William Dolan (sailmaker, 'Stag Hound'); J. Donaldson (engineer on S.S. 'Rose'); James Doncaster (Captain of S.S. 'Flintshire'); Thomas Donkin (Captain of the 'Inverness'); J.B. Douthy (Captain of the 'Stakesby'); George Dowman (Captain of the 'Iona'); J.S. Draper (of H.C. steam frigate 'Auckland'); Sandwith Drinker; [ ] Duddell; George Dunlop (Captain of the 'Investigator'); William Durant (Captain of the 'Good Success'); William Durham (Captain of the 'Cowasjee Family').

William Eames (Captain of the 'Good Success'); Arthur Edie (of the 'Jeremiah Garnet'); H. Edwards (Captain of the 'Beatriz', 'Maggie' and 'Hydrabad'); J.C. Eldredge (purser of the 'Powhatan'); Charles Elliot; William Ellison (Captain of the 'Cornubia' and 'Prince Alfred'); Charles Emerson (Captain of the 'Antonia'); A.L. de Encarnaçao (of Humphreys & Co. and S.S. 'Canton'); [ ] Endicott; Henry Collins Endicott; James Bridges Endicott (uncle of Henry C. Endicott); John Endicott (of S.S. 'Spark'); William Endicott (of the 'Ann Welsh'); Captain A. Enright; Juan G. Espejo (of the 'Sil').

Thomas Jefferson Falls; Fergusson & Co.; Fadeo Ferria (Fadeo Ferry); Juan Ferry (of the barque 'Ferera Ferry'); Robert Findlay (Captain of the 'Foam'); [ ] Fisher (at Namoa); M. FitzGibbon (Captain of the 'Gazelle' and 'Pathfinder' and agent at Amoy); H. Flebbe (Captain of the 'Rose'); R.H. Fleetwood (of the 'Sir Charles Forbes'); H.B. Fletcher (of the 'Aden'); Duncan Forbes (Captain of the 'Lady Hayes', 'Folkestone' and 'Mahamoodie'); Fox, Rawson & Co.; Framjee Pestonjee; Charles W. Francken (of H.C.S. 'Inglis'); George Washington Fraser (Captain of the 'Rover' and 'Sea Witch'); John Freebody (Captain of the 'Mary Nicholson'); B.D. Freeman (of the 'Caroline Coventry'); David Freeman; Thomas Frost (of P. & O. steamship 'Canton').

Edward Garrett (of the 'Ratcliff'); William Garthon (Captain of the 'Arabia'); William Henn Gennys (of H.M.S. 'Castor'); J.P. Geoffroy (Chief Officer of the 'Antonio Ferry'); William Renshaw George (of Charles Thomas & Co.); John Gery (of the 'Minerva'); George Giffard (Royal Naval Commander, H.M.S. 'Vixen'); Alexander Gillanders (engineer; of U.S.S. 'Yantic' and the China Sugar Refining Co.); William F. Gilmore (of Jardine, Matheson & Co.); George A. Glenday (2nd Officer, S.S. 'Bothwell Castle'); David Glover (of the 'Audax'); John Glover; R. Godfree (of the 'Phlegethon'); J.R. Goldsborough (1st Lieutenant U.S.S. 'Saratoga'); Edwin Gooch (of S.S. 'Unicorn' and the 'Cressy'); F.P.C. Goode (of the S.S. 'Yeddo'); G.F. Gottlieb (Captain of the 'Flora' & 'Samadany'); M.A. Gouvia (purser, S.S. 'Spark'); Samuel John Gower (partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); W.H. Gowry (engineer on the 'Spark'); William Graham (Captain of the 'Lord Lyndhurst'); Alexander Grant (Captain of the 'Jamesina', 'Lord Lowther', 'Castle Huntly' and 'Hercules'); J.B. Grant (Captain of the 'Land o' Cakes' and 'John Bunyan'); P.V. Grant (of Nicolson & Boyd and S.S. 'Kieng Wo'); A. Gregg M.D.; Samuel Gregson; [ ] Grovena; S. Gwyther (Captain of the 'City of Kandy').

William B. Haffenden (Captain of the 'Union'); [ ] Hamilton; Richard Farr Hamilton (Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Thomas Hamlin (of S.S. 'Conquest' and S.S. 'Haining'); C.F. Harding (Captain of the 'John Wade'); John Harley (of the 'Bombay'); Charles B. Harris (of the 'Nina'); John Harris (of the 'Omega'); S.B. Harris (of the 'Fly Away'); Norwood Harrison R.N.R. (Sub-Lieutenant; of the 'Windsor Castle'); Henry L. Hart (Captain of the 'Stornaway'); John Hatchard (schoolmaster, H.M.S. 'Iris'); [ ] Heard; John Heard (partner, Augustine Heard & Co.); Thomas Hector (Captain of the 'Lady Hayes'); Benjamin Clifton Henderson; W.W. Henry (Captain of 'Romance of the Sea'); James Hibbert (of the 'Lady MacNaghten'); Edward Hight (Captain of the 'Roxburghe Castle'); John Frederick Higson (of Jardine, Matheson & Co.); J.B. Hildreth (of the 'Gazelle'); William Hinde (of the 'Penang'); Luman Norton Hitchcock; R. Hodge (clerk of Jardine, Matheson & Co. and served on the 'Adventure' and 'Wild Wave'); W.R. Hodgkins (purser, S.S. 'Tartar'); John Hoggart; A. Holton (of the 'Mary Ann'); 'Hong Kong Times'; Edwin Hooper (Chief Officer of the 'Result'); Thomas B. Hooper (Captain of the 'Borderer', 'Lanrick' and 'Glengyle'); Augustus Howell (of Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Cyrus Howes; Victor Howes (Captain of the 'Burlington'); Henry W. Hubbell; R. Hudleston; Enoc Hughes; Alfred Humphreys (of 'Elizabeth'); Henry Humphreys (of the 'Moulmein' and 'Mercury'); Thomas Hunt (of Thomas Hunt & Co.); Thomas Hunt & Co.; Hunt & Tobey; William C. Hunter; Alexander Hutchison (Captain of the 'Rona', 'Clan Alpine' and 'Lancefield'); George Firebrand Hyde R.N. (Assistant Paymaster, H.M.S. 'Audacious').

James Innes; Charles Irvine (Captain of the 'Cairngorm'); Revd John James Irwin (Colonial Chaplain, H.K.); Ezra Isaac.

Thomas J. Jackson (of H.C.S. 'Hannah'); W.H. Jackson (of the S.S. 'Kwong Sang' and S.S. 'Kutsang'); D.D.M. James (Captain of the 'Lancefield' and 'Carthage'); Charles Jameson (of the 'Linnet' and 'Bombay'); [ ] Jardine; Andrew Jardine; David Jardine (partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Joseph Jardine; William Jardine; H.W. Jauncey (of the 'Folkestone'); F.P. Johns (Captain of the 'Maggie Miller'); Andrew Johnstone; Charles George Jones (of the 'Marquis Camden', 'William Jardine' and 'Prima Donna'); Edward William Hay Jones (of the 'Scaleby Castle'); Revd Henry Jones R.N. (chaplain, H.M.S. 'Castor'); W. Jones (of the 'Charles Grant'); [ ] Joyant; A. Van Wyck Jurriaanse (Dutch barque 'Iroan Johanna').

G.R. Kemp (Captain of the 'Emigrant'); Crawford Kerr; James Johnstone Keswick; William Keswick; George E. Kilham (of the 'Kensington'); M.J. Knight (Captain of the 'Leander').

William Henry Ladd (of the 'Austen'); James Laird (of the 'Chusan'); T. Lambani (of the 'Amelia'); Robert Glasspoole Lancaster (of Ferguson, Turner & Co. and H.C.S. 'Buckinghamshire'); George E. Lane (of the 'Sweep Stakes', and P.M. Steamship Co.); Archibald Lang (Chief Engineer, S.S. 'Appin'); C.H.M. Langley (Captain of the 'Armide'); E. Lanier (of the U.S.S. 'Mississippi'); J. Le Boeuf (of the 'Hindostan'); Charles Leckie (of the 'Cornwallis'); S.S. Lee (Commander, U.S.S. Frigate 'Mississippi'); Robert Lees (of the 'Lapwing'); George Leslie (of the 'Good Success'); C. Lewis (of the 'Justina'); Revd John K. Lewis U.S.N. (chaplain, U.S.S. 'Hartford'); John William Lewis (of the 'Lady Leith'); Carl Wilhelm Lind (of the 'Kronborg'); G.N. Livesay (Captain of the 'Nile'); Revd John Llewellin R.N. (Chaplain, H.M.S. 'Modeste'); Rodney Maclaine Lloyd (Royal Naval Lieutenant, H.M.S. 'Bouncer'); Henry Benjamin Homes Long R.N. (Paymaster and purser, H.M.S. 'Agincourt'); Robert Low (o/c 'Beautiful Star'); N.H. Lucas (of the 'Gulware' [?]); George Lungley (of the 'Lady Hayes'); J.H. Luscombe.

George Macalister (of the 'Bomanjee'); Commercial Community at Macao; John McArthur (Captain of the 'Pet', 'Despatch' and 'Australia'); A. McClelland (Captain of the 'Reindeer' and 'Cecilia'); W.H. McConnell; William J. McCluney (Captain of the 'Powhatan'); D. McDougall (Captain of the 'Sir Lancelot'); H.F. McElligott (of the S.S. 'Fokein'); W. Macfarlane (of the 'Ariel'); Walter Macfarlane (of the 'Zephyr'); John Macgregor; T. Macgregor (Captain of the 'Chevy Chase and 'Clarendon'); William Macgregor (Captain of the 'Good Success'); Benito Machado (Captain of the 'Dorothea'); William Mackay (Captain of the 'John Biggar' and 'Fairy'); C.J. McKenzie; H. McKay; J. MacKenzie (Captain of the 'Dewa Gungadheer'); (Sir) William Mackenzie (of the 'Governor Findlay'); John Mackintosh (Captain of the 'Claramont'); Dugald Macleod (of the 'Reiver' and 'Clan Alpine'); Malcolm Anderson Macleod (junior partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); F.W. Macondray; Farquhar Macqueen (Captain, 'Fort William'); Farquhar A. McQueen (of Lyall Still & Co.; and the 'Daphne'); Donald Main (Captain of the 'Tamana'); James Malcolm (Captain of the 'Zouave'); T. Malmgren (Chief Officer on the 'Foam'); and Henry Davies Margesson; F. Markham (Captain of the 'Kossuth'); Domingos S. Marques (Thomas Hunt & Co.); E.H. Marshall (Captain of the 'Minden'); T. Marshall (Captain of the 'Statesman'); Marshall & Edridge; C.W. Martin (Captain of the 'Clarendon'); Henry Martin (Captain of the 'Harlequin'); Alexander Masters (of the 'Willamette'); [ ] Matheson; C. Matheson (Captain of the 'Fleda'); Donald Matheson; (Nicholas) James Sutherland Matheson (also 'Santiago Thomasen', pseudonym); Lewis T. Mercer (of the 'Lorenzo'); John Miller (Captain of S.S. 'West Indian'); T. Miller; James Miln (Captain of the 'Vixen' and 'Mahamoodie'); James Mirrielees (of the 'Kynance'); James Moir (Captain of the 'Minerva'); A.S. Molison (Captain of the 'Lancashire Witch'); C. de Montigny (of the 'Challenger'); William Morgan (Captain of the 'Pascoa' and 'General Wood'); A. Morris (of the 'Dumfries'); Alexander Morrison (Captain of the 'Banshee' and 'Adventure'); John Robert Morrison; William H. Morss; George A. Mott (Chief Officer on the 'John Horton'); Muncherjee Burjorjee (of Canton).

C.J. Nash (of the 'Princess Charlotte'); Samuel Henry Nash (Chief Officer on the 'Royal Albert'); James Neish (Captain of the 'Fort William'); Alexander Nicolson (Captain of the 'Red Riding Hood' and 'Argonaut'); J. Nicholson (Captain of the 'Emma Colvin'); Edward C. Nickels (of the 'John Q. Adams'); William Thomas Nixon (Captain of the 'Gananoque'); Gustaf Norleen; James Norse (James Nourse) (Captain of the 'Tasmania' and 'Ganges').

R.L. Oldham (of the 'Sarah Louisa'); Emil Oppert (of the 'Rona'); John Ord (Captain of the 'Margaret'), C.H. Onslow (of the 'Claudine'); William H. Osborne (of the 'Jessine'); J. O'Shea (Chief Officer on the 'Thistle').

Richard C. Paige (Captain of the 'Navarino' and 'Venilia'); Edward Parry (Captain of the 'Hercules'); George F. Parson (Captain of the 'Hopewell'); E.J. Pashley (Captain of the 'Agincourt'); D. Partridge (of the 'Harlequin'); John Paterson (of the 'Edinburgh'); Robert Paterson (of the 'Reiver' and 'Glenartney'); Daniel Patridge (Captain of the 'Hellas', 'Falcon', 'Snipe', 'Lanrick', 'Lady Hayes' and 'Berwick Walls'); George N. Patten (of the 'Architect'); Captain J.W. Paul; James Pearson (of the 'Lady of the Lake'); James Pedersen (of the 'Inca' and 'Nagasaki'); William H. Peele; George Peirce (Chief Officer, 'Ruparell'); J. Pepper (of the 'Actor'); Alexander Perceval; John B. Perry (commanding Dutch barque 'Emilie'); W. Peurice (Captain of the 'Empress'); William Pigott (of H.C.S. 'Balcarres); J. Pinel (Captain of the 'Tiptree'); R. Pollard (of the 'Queen'); J.P. Porter (of the 'Chusan'); Thomas Powell (Captain of the 'Earl of Clare'); Thomas Power (Captain of the 'Matilda Atheling' and 'Clara'); Pow Kwai Shang (of the S.S. 'Fooksang'); W.F. Pratt (1st Officer, 'Stag Hound'); L.F. Preston (2nd Officer, S.S. 'Bombay'); William Broughton Pryce (Captain of the 'Walmer Castle'); Henry Pybus (Captain of R.M.S. 'Empress of India').

Walter Halliburton Rae R.N. (Assistant Paymaster; in charge of H.M.S. 'Teazer'); John Stephenson Ramsay R.N. (Assistant Paymaster, H.M.S. 'Victor Emmanuel'); [ ] Rangel; Daniel Rankin (boiler maker, 'Fiery Cross'); Charles Rawle (of the 'Star of the North'); James Rawstorne (Royal Naval Lieutenant, H.M.S. 'Agincourt'); J.H. Raymur (Captain of the 'Celestial'); A. Reddie (Captain of the 'Abdul Medjid'); Henry Redpath (Captain of the 'York'); John William Reed R.N. (Master commanding H.M.S. 'Rifleman'); John Rees (Captain of the 'Dansborg', 'Kronberg', 'Colonel Young', 'Austin' and 'Lady Hayes'); R.M. Reid (Engineer, 'Clan Alpine'); Robert Reid (Captain of the 'Sumner'); C. dos Remedios (of T. Hunt & Co., and 'La Ventura'); G. Richardson (Captain of the 'Trafalgar'); R.L. Richmond (Captain of the 'Marion'); John Rickett (Captain of the 'Austin'; Secretary of the Hong Kong Club; and Surveyor, Canton Insurance Office); William Riddoch (of the 'William Mitchell'); Daniel Ritson (1st Officer of the 'Fiery Cross' and Captain of the 'Caliph'); T. Roberts (Captain of the 'Ellen'); John Robertson (Captain of the 'Stornaway' and 'Cairngorm'); A. Robinson (of Macao); Richard Robinson (of the 'Fiery Cross' and 'Sir Lancelot'); A.A. de Rocha (purser of the 'Canton' and 'Lily'); David Rodger (of the 'Lightening'); Percy H. Rolfe (of the 'Wingsang'; 2nd mate, S.S. 'Kukeang'); Robert Holmested Rolfe (of Jardine, Matheson & Co. and Bocking); A.S. Rollason (Captain of the 'Formosa'); Matthew Rooney (of the 'Spray'); George Roope (Captain of the 'General Wood', 'Bomanjee Hormasjee' and 'Vixen'); R.S. Ross (of the 'Hooghly'); J.C. Rossell (Chief Officer, S.S. 'Rowan', 'Kinshan' and 'White Cloud'); J.H. Rossman (of the 'Warlock;); [ ] Routh (Captain of the 'Inglis'); M.J. Row (Captain of the 'Mary Anne'); H. Vernon Russell (Captain of S.S. 'Corea' and S.S. 'Appin'); D. & M. Rustomjee & Co.; James Ryan; John M. Ryrie (Captain of the 'Flying Spur' and 'Cairngorm').

C.H. Sawyer (Captain of the 'New Era'); Robert Scott (of the 'Waterloo'); Francisco Antonio Seabra (of Macao); Francisco Antonio Seabra (Nye, Parkin & Co. and Augustine Heard & Co.); J.N. Seagrove (Captain of the 'Harriet' and 'Palmerston'); G. Sellars (Captain of the 'Cincinnatus'); F. Severguis; John Shillaber; James Shirreff; E. Shuter (of the 'Fortescue'); Alexander Sinclair (Captain of the 'Lady Ann'); Captain Smith; Frank Smith (Captain of the 'Messenger'); Herbert Smith (partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); James Smith (of the 'Herbert'); James F. Smith (Captain of the 'North Star'); John Smith (of the 'Red Rover'); William Smith (2nd Engineer on the 'Glengyle'); William H. Smith (of the 'Ariel'); Camillo Lelis Souza; J.W. Spalding (of the U.S.S. 'Mississippi'); W.R. Spalding; James Spence (Captain of the 'Queen Margaret'); T.C. Spencer (of the S.S. 'Chusan'); Stephen Spowart (Captain of the 'Guinevere'); Cabel Sprague (Captain of the 'Gravina'); W.R. Stanford (Chief Officer, 'Bombay' and 'John Adam'); Charles Marsden Starks (Captain of the 'Eleanor'); Daniel N. Stephens (Captain of the 'Harkaway'); Charles E. Stewart (of the 'Austen'); William Stewart (partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); William Stokoe (Captain of the 'General Wood'); William Strachan (Captain of the 'Lady Hayes'); B.T. Stassert (of the barque 'Clara Anna Maria'); James Stroyan (mate on the 'Syria'); Francis Stuart (Chief Officer of the 'City of Derry'); Russell Sturgis (U.S. Consul, Canton); Captain Thomas Sullivan; Daniel Swanson (of the 'Ernani'); H.S. Symes (of the 'Matilda Atheling').

Captain Tadman (of the 'Royal Stewart'); Edward Taylor (Captain of the 'Mary Catherine'); John Temple (of the 'Harlequin' and 'Urow Johanna'); [ ] Terry; Robert Thom; Lewis Thomas (Captain of the 'Anonyma', 'Charlotte' and 'Sovereign of the Seas'); G.S. Thompson (of the 'Mohugra'); Josiah Thompson; George Thomson (Captain of the 'Ettrick', 'Viola', 'Lanrick' and 'Carthage'); James Thomson (Captain of the 'Troughton'); William Thomson (Chief Officer, 'Mary Catherine'); J. Tomlinson (Captain of the 'Elmstone); Henry Tudor (of the 'Sir Charles Malcolm').

Warner Varnham (of the 'Alabama'); George Vasmer; Cuthbert Vaux (Captain of the 'Havering'); John Vaux (of the 'Anonyma' and 'Balcarres'); Edward Vincent (of the 'Cora').

John Walcott (of the 'Ruparell'); John Walker (of the 'Don Manoel' and 'Black Joke'); Robert Wallace (Captain of the 'Pluto', 'Cowasjee Family' and 'Challenger'); Edward Waller (Secretary to Rear-Admiral Sir Thomas Cochrane); William Walsh R.N. (mate and Acting Lieutenant, H.M.S. 'Bittern'); Robert Warden (Captain of the 'Japan', wrecked in 1861); W. Warden (East India Company's Steam Frigate 'Queen'); William Waring (Captain of the S.S. 'Breconshire'); James Warren (of the 'Sarah'); Thomas Robert Warren R.N. (staff surgeon, H.M.S. 'Topaze'); James Watkins (of the 'Antelope'); J. Webb (Captain of the 'Lady Ann'); Richard M. Whichelo R.N. (purser, H.M.S. 'Blenheim'); [ ] Whittall; James Whittall; T. White (engineer, S.S. 'Spee'); Thomas Blenkinsop White (Captain of the 'Lanrick' and 'Fiery Cross'); H. Wild (of the 'Julia'); J.S. Wiles (of the ship 'C.S. Forbes); John P. Williams; C.J.H. Wilson (Captain of the 'Catalina'); David Wilson (of the 'Hercules'); J.H. Wilson (Captain of the 'Earl of Clare'); William Wilson (of the 'Countess of Minto'); John Winchester (Captain of the 'Carribbean' and 'Coral Nymph'); William Woodward (2nd mate on the 'Tapley'); Henry Wright (partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); J. Wright (of Canton); J.W. Wright (Captain of the 'Eneas'); M.A. Wright (Captain of the S.S. 'Jeddo').

Alexander Yates (Captain of the 'Sesostris'); [ ] Young (Captain); E. Young (of the 'Brigand'); John Young (of the 'Lady MacNaughten').


  • Creation: 1825-1893


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