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Browning, Oscar, 1837 - 1923 (historian and educational reformer)


Dates and places

1853-1913 KCC 1856

Legal status / Nationality


Sphere of activity

Historian, Educational Reformer

Found in 19 Collections and/or Records:


Abraham, Charles John, 1898-05-21 - 1902-12-25

Reference Code: GBR/0272/WCG/1/Abraham
Scope and Contents

3 ALS from Abraham to WCG.

Dates: 1898-05-21 - 1902-12-25

Account of Oscar Browning's life in Cambridge

Reference Code: GBR/0272/NW/1/19
Scope and Contents

An autograph manuscript account in the form of a draft letter to the 'Editor' to comment upon Browning's 'Memories of Later Years'. Contains a note in John Saltmarsh's hand, 'Wedd on O.B. (Not part of the Memoirs). JS'.


Browning: The Papers of Oscar Browning

Reference Code: GBR/0272/OB
Scope and Contents Oscar Browning had extremely wide interests and concerns, a long life in which to indulge them, and a body of correspondents so numerous and varied as to form a cross-section of British society of his time. He seems methodically to have preserved virtually every communication that he received, including dinner invitations and replies, and correspondence with tradesmen. The largest section of the present correspondence concerns his work as a teacher and educational reformer. Because of the...
Dates: 1853 - 1983

Correspondence between J.M. Keynes and Oscar Browning

Reference Code: GBR/0272/JMK/PP/45/53
Scope and Contents

13 autograph letters, signed, 1 typed letter, signed, and 1 autograph postcard, signed to J.M. Keynes. 1910-20.
1 carbon typed letter, signed, from J.M. Keynes. 16 Dec. 1920.
This file also contains: printed verses celebrating Oscar Browning's 70th birthday, by 'A.C.B.', 1907, and his 80th, by Claude Greening, 1917; and a typescript copy of a letter from Walter Durnford to Oscar Browning, 10 June 1920.


Extracts from letters from JHC to Oscar Browning, 1897 - 1913

Reference Code: GBR/0272/JHC/1/Browning
Scope and Contents

The file comprises photocopies of typescript extracts from letters.

Dates: 1897 - 1913

Journals, 1884 - 1941

Reference Code: GBR/0272/CRA/1
Scope and Contents

This series comprises diary entries by Charles Ashbee and his wife Janet, letters to both, photographs, picture postcards, cartoons, poems, newspaper cuttings and other printed ephemera.

Dates: 1884 - 1941

Journals, 1906 - 1938

Reference Code: GBR/0272/RSM/1/1
Scope and Contents The journals record day to day events and reflections on family, friends and relationships during chiefly the period of RSM's education at Bedales School and King's College, service in the Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry, including on the Western Front in 1918 and in co. Cork in 1919 and life in London after the First World War. Certain passages are annotated by RSM or [Arthur] Elliott Felkin in the course of subsequent reading. Assorted letters, photographs, school, university and West...
Dates: 1906 - 1938

Letter from Oscar Browning to Cambridge University Musical Club, 1893-09-14

Reference Code: GBR/0272/OB/Add/17/CUMS
Scope and Contents

1 typed letter signed, resigning as treasurer of the club. The file also contains a letter relating to the donation of the letter.

Dates: 1893-09-14

Letter from Oscar Browning to MRJ, 1920-02-09

Reference Code: GBR/0272/MRJ/D/Browning
Scope and Contents

1 autograph letter signed, concerning books by MRJ, Browning's world history and life in Rome; with a long postscript on the Cambridge Reform Committee, education and literature.

Dates: 1920-02-09

Letters from Oscar Browning to Edward Dent, 1919-04-22 - 1919-09-10

Reference Code: GBR/0272/EJD/4/62
Scope and Contents

1 autograph letter signed and 1 autograph postcard signed.

Dates: 1919-04-22 - 1919-09-10

Letters from Oscar Browning to E.M. Forster, 1923

Reference Code: GBR/0272/EMF/18/74
Scope and Contents

2 typed letters to E.M. Forster.
To request these documents, please use the following call mark: vol. 8/24

Dates: 1923

Letters from Oscar Browning to GLD, 1916 - 1920

Reference Code: GBR/0272/GLD/5/4
Scope and Contents

Four autograph letters signed.

Dates: 1916 - 1920

Letters from Oscar Browning to HB, 1861 - 1881

Reference Code: GBR/0272/BRA/2/21
Scope and Contents

4 autograph letters signed, with 1 autograph letter signed from H. Sidgwick to Oscar Browning, [1876], enclosed.

Dates: 1861 - 1881

Letters from Oscar Browning to JTS, 1901 - 1922

Reference Code: GBR/0272/JTS/2/29
Scope and Contents

8 autograph letters signed and 3 typed letters signed. The file also contains a menu card for a dinner given at King's College to celebrate Browning's 70th birthday, 19 Jan. 1907, and a typescript Latin verse 'Ara' by Browning, 1916.

Dates: 1901 - 1922

Letters from Oscar Browning to Nathaniel Wedd, 1887-12-01 - 1923-01-15

Reference Code: GBR/0272/NW/2/6
Scope and Contents

25 autograph letters, signed, and 1 typed letter.

Dates: 1887-12-01 - 1923-01-15
 Sous-sous Fonds — Container: KCAS/19/1

Manuscript papers read at meetings, 1950 - 1951

Reference Code: GBR/0272/KCAS/19/1
Scope and Contents

- C.S. Bennett on Oscar Browning
- C.S. Bennett on gossip
- A. Caiger-Smith on patronage of fine arts
- M. Shuttleworth on the ethos of King's College in 1951
- Jasper Rose on Thackeray
- Jasper Rose on the senses
- Simon Raven on Pygmalion
- Francis Haskell on the impact of certain books on a young man
- Francis Haskell on tolerance and hypocrisy.

Dates: 1950 - 1951
Conditions Governing Access: From the Fonds: Some records contain personal information as defined under the terms of the Data Protection Act (1998) and will be reserved.

Papers relating to a disagreement with Oscar Browning over the office of Dean, 1877

Reference Code: GBR/0272/JEN/1/Browning
Scope and Contents

The file comprises:-
- 4 autograph letters signed from Augustus Austen Leigh to JEN, 4 Dec. 1877 (some letters are undated), and a draft incomplete letter from JEN to Austen-Leigh, undated;
- 1 autograph letter signed from Oscar Browning to JEN, 3 Dec. 1877;
- 1 incomplete letter from JEN to [H.] Sidgwick, undated;
- 1 autograph letter signed from A. W. Verrall to JEN, 29 Nov. 1877;
- 3 formal statements/clarifications of position by JEN, Dec. 1877.

Dates: 1877

Papers relating to the 'Robbie Ross affair' and to College discipline, 1889

Reference Code: GBR/0272/JEN/1/Ross
Scope and Contents The file contains papers relating to Arthur Tilley and JEN's part in the 'Robbie Ross affair', in which Ross was ducked in King's College fountain by a group of students at the instigation of Tilley, and the subsequent debate about College discipline, comprising:-- 1 autograph letter signed from Augustus Austen Leigh to JEN, 2 May 1889;- 5 autograph letters signed from Oscar Browning to JEN, 6 May - 16 July 1889;- 1 autograph letter signed from 'H.A.B.' to JEN, 20 May 1889;-...
Dates: 1889

Papers relating to women students' degrees, 1897

Reference Code: GBR/0272/JEN/7
Scope and Contents The file contains papers relating to the University vote on whether or not to award degrees to women students, comprising:-- 1 autograph letter signed from J. T. Abdy [?] to JEN, 13 May 1897;- 1 autograph letter signed from W. Bateson to JEN, 8 May 1897;- 1 autograph letter signed from George Blakesley to JEN, 13 May 1897;- 1 autograph letter signed from Neville Borton to JEN, 12 May 1897;- 1 autograph letter signed from S. K. Borton to JEN, 15 May 1897;- 1 autograph...
Dates: 1897

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