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Subject Source: Local sources

Found in 1140 Collections and/or Records:


Acceptance of settlement of a dispute between the college and Thomas Wendie of Haslingfield and the their respective tenants in Barnwell concerning rights of way there, 1607-10-31

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/17/13
Scope and Contents From the Sub-Fonds: No. 17 not used. Nos 31 (a,b), 33 (a-c), 37 (a,b),42, 45 (a-f) , 47 and 49 were in one packet entitled 'Title Deeds relating to a Freehold Messuage, Premises, Ropewalk situtated in New Street in the Parish of St Andrew the Less, Cambridge, belonging to Corpus Christi College. Purchased from the Mortgagees of Mr J. Bowd'. They were passed to Messrs Few & Kester on 15 Feb. 1951. Nos 41 and 43 were taken by Francis & Co. on the sale of the property on 1 Sept. 1939.All these...
Dates: 1607-10-31
 Item — CCCC02/M/14/30

Acknowledgement by the three colleges of Parker's benefactions., 1572-02-01

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC02/M/14/30
Scope and Contents For CCCC: alteration and change of arms into a better form, so confirmed by heralds; revision of statutes; devising of a Latin history of the college; grammar school at Rochdale to be overseen by the Master and Fellows; exhibition for 3 Norwich scholars (4 June 1567); books for the library by indenture of 1 Aug. 1569 with orders concerning them of 1 Jan. 1572; expenses of fitting up the inner library, with reparations to the bible clerk's chamber above; the advowson of St Mary Abchurch;...
Dates: 1572-02-01

Acquittance for sums received from Robert Graveley, collector of farmed rents and leases for Cambridge and Landbeach., 1455-07-07

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/35/185
Scope and Contents From the Fonds:

No. 1 not used. No. 116 relates to Swaffham; No. 178 is now 207A
Also included are holdings in the nearby parishes of Milton (Middleton), Cottenham (Cotenham), Impington (Impiton or Empiton), and elsewhere

Dates: 1455-07-07

Acquittance to Sir Henry de Colville and Thomas de Eltisley, parson of Lambeth, for 200 marks., 1354

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/35/42
Scope and Contents From the Fonds:

No. 1 not used. No. 116 relates to Swaffham; No. 178 is now 207A
Also included are holdings in the nearby parishes of Milton (Middleton), Cottenham (Cotenham), Impington (Impiton or Empiton), and elsewhere

Dates: 1354

Agreement between him and the Master and Scholars of CCCC concerning the appropriateion of the rectory of Landbeach., 1355-07-13

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/35/46a
Scope and Contents

Whereas on the appropriation the college was bound in an annual payment of 100s to Sir John, this is now replaced by an annual dole of 1d to each of 500 poor people on Sir John's birthday during his life and on his anniversary after his death.
Witnesses: Sir Richard de Kelshall; Thomas Chamberlain and Warin of Bassingbourn, knights; William Lavenham and Richard Sprotford of Kingston.

Dates: 1355-07-13
 Item — CCCC02/M/14/16

Agreement between the City of Norwich and the college for the maintenance of two fellows and two scholars, with ordinances and a plan showing the situation of their rooms., 1569-08-06

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC02/M/14/16
Scope and Contents The City of Norwich receives £320 and grants to the College a yearly annuity of £18 arising out of rents of corporate properties in the city. The mayor and the most part of the aldermen are to nominate two fellows and two scholars from the grammar schools of Norwich, Wymondham and Aylsham. There are penalties for non-payment of the annuity. Matthew Parker has promised to the city a basin and ewer of silver, 'whole double gilt' of 1175 oz. The Mayor, etc., are to be bound in £100 annually...
Dates: 1569-08-06
 Item — CCCC02/M/14/14

Agreement between the college and the Dean and Chapter, mediated by Parker, for three 'Canterbury' scholars, 1569-05-31

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC02/M/14/14
Scope and Contents The scholars are to be chosen by the Dean and Chapter from the free school in Canterbury being the children of their tenants and farmers in Norfolk, Suffolk and Lincolnshire; in default of the Dean and Chapter making such a choice it is to be made by the Dean and Chapter of Westminster from students of Westminster free school. The scholars are to receive chambers, commons, barber, 'launder' and 'Reedings' and other necessaries as other scholars. The college is to pay a 20s fine for not...
Dates: 1569-05-31

Agreement concerning the advowson of Landbeach for observance of the surrender for which John has entered a bond of 100 marks in the Court of Chancery., 1362-05-11

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/35/56
Scope and Contents From the Fonds:

No. 1 not used. No. 116 relates to Swaffham; No. 178 is now 207A
Also included are holdings in the nearby parishes of Milton (Middleton), Cottenham (Cotenham), Impington (Impiton or Empiton), and elsewhere

Dates: 1362-05-11
 File — CCCC09/02/11

Agreement concerning various tenements in Cambridge, recently the subject of dispute and controversy., 1552-12-01

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/02/11
Scope and Contents

Signed by Master and Fellows of Corpus and by Edwin Sandys, VC
Dorse: Edmund Pierpoynt’s receipt of two indentures.

Dates: 1552-12-01
 Item — CCCC09/02/17

Agreement for an annual rent of 12s proceeding from three shops, as in last, recently the subject of dispute., 1409-09-14

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/08/251
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: John Gainsford, mayor; John Herris; John Bilney; Simon Bentybow; Roger Falcon, clerk.
Dorse: S: by d. Wendy for the rentes remytted pro paschal yard.

Dates: 1409-09-14

Agreement for exchange of lands between the Lord of the Manor and the Rector., 1747-04-14

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09L/G 10
Scope and Contents From the Series:

Diocese of Bristol, deanery of Shaftesbury. The living was purchased by Archbishop Tenison in 1697 from John Clements and Lord Shannon and bequeathed to the college with the condition that the incumbent should hold no other cure, the emoluments being well above average

Dates: 1747-04-14

Agreement for lease to Richard de Saham of one shop on the corner opposite the Carmelite Friars for 10 years, 1322

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/16 C/49.b
Scope and Contents

Witnesses: Simon de Refham, mayor; Robert de Bury; William de Thaxted; William de Sledemere; John le Barber, bailiffs; Robert de Comberton; Ralph de Comberton; William Holay; Henry le Barber.

Dates: 1322

Agreement for sale to CCCC of Brians Close (2½ acres), Dovehouse Close (2½ acres), and 80 acres of arable land, meadow and leas, scattered in the fields, with the liberty of sheepgate and fold-course belonging to a messuage called Brians, 1587-12-16

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/22/2
Scope and Contents

The document records the assent of John Russell, as lord of the manor of 'Holmehall in Stowquy'; the exclusion of a watermill from the liberty; the previous ownership of Sir Francis' father, Sir John Hynde, and the former occupation by John Sterne and Thomas Smith on a 40-year lease

Dates: 1587-12-16
 Item — CCCC02/M/14/9

Agreement for the maintenance of three Norwich scholars at CCCC and for annual sermons at Thetford, Wymondham, Norwich St Clements Bybridge, and the Green Yard 'or other such common place' in Norwich., 1567-06-24

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC02/M/14/9
Scope and Contents

Parker has granted the city £200 in return for which the city will pay the college £10 per annum from the manor of Hethhild with Carlton, co. Norfolk, for the maintenance of the scholars, retaining, however, £2 to pay for the sermons, with fees for officials. Schedule of ordinances for scholars attached.

Dates: 1567-06-24
 Item — CCCC02/M/14/13

Agreement for the provision for 2 scholars annually for 200 years to be chosen by the Master of the Hospital and the Dean of Canterbury on payment by the Hospital of £6 13s 4d per annum at the west door of Westminster Abbey., 1569-05-22

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC02/M/14/13
Scope and Contents Witnesses: Thomas Colby, esquire; John Whittney; Henry Maynore, gent (gents?) and Matthew Allen, scribe.The instruction that the scholars are to be known as Canterbury scholars is interlineated thus giving rise to possible confusion with the Canterbury scholars established by John Parker after his father's death, allegedly in accordance with his will.Appended are confirmations by Matthew Parker as Patron of the Hospital, Lambeth, 23 May 1569 and the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury, 26...
Dates: 1569-05-22

Agreement governing the grant in 65 and 66., 1506-02-08

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/36B/67
Scope and Contents

Fan is to retain the use of the land on payment of £26 10s to Seyntwary in annual instalments of £5 at the feast of the Purifcation in Corpus Christi College, the last payment to be of £6 10s.

Dates: 1506-02-08
 File — CCCC09/02/13

Agreement that if 10 silver marks are repaid in Great St Mary's the following Pentecost the charter (CCCC09/2/12) to be null and void., 1309-10-31

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/02/13
Scope and Contents From the Management Group:

Entries in Lease Book 1 are noted as copies, or, where the originals are no longer held, are intercalated, Note that this lease book has many marginal notes, mostly by Matthew Parker, seldom entered here, giving cross-references to later leases of the same proprty, and indications of the 'present' tenant.

Dates: 1309-10-31

Agreement that if they get possession of a parcel of garden then the said grant (97) shall be null and void., 1391-06-13

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/18/98
Scope and Contents

The parcel of garden lies between the tenement of Margaret Barber and a tenement of Richard Clerk and Richard Dunmow (E) and between the Rectory of St Bene't's and the tenement of Clerk and Dunmow (N, W and S).
Witnesses: John Blancpain, mayor; John Coton; Simon Bentybow..

Dates: 1391-06-13

Agreement to accept one tenement in lieu of settlememt of a bond in £40 taken out the same day,, 1443-02-12

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/11/8(1)
Scope and Contents

The tenement lies next to a tenement of CCCC (N) and a tenement of the Rector of St Botulph's (S) and abuts (E) on a garden of the college and (W) on the High Street.
Witnesses: Thomas Cross, mayor; Richard Toogood; John Sexton; Thomas Sturmin; Henry Simson, bailiff.

Dates: 1443-02-12