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Annan: The Papers of Noel Gilroy Annan

Reference Code: GBR/0272/NGA
Scope and Contents

The collection includes notes and drafts of published writings, texts of speeches given to the House of Lords and to other institutions, reference notes, subject files, engagement diaries, and personal papers.

Dates: 1889 - 2001
Conditions Governing Access: Some files are closed because they contain personal information. Most files which are marked as restricted access can be read with the written permission of the author. All other files may be consulted in the Archive Centre following the standard registration procedures.

Ashbee: The Papers of Charles Robert Ashbee

Reference Code: GBR/0272/CRA
Scope and Contents This collection contains several documents concerning C.R. Ashbee and his work with the Guild and School of Handicrafts, as well as several additional items on the Ashbee family. The heart of the collection is in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries, with the journals and memoirs of Charles Ashbee and his wife, Janet. The collection also contains a small number of pieces of creative writing - essays, reports, plays and poems - as well as a number of published volumes written by...
Dates: 1689 - 2012

Avery: The Papers of Peter William Avery

Reference Code: GBR/0272/PWA
Scope and Contents

This collection mainly comprises correspondence received by Peter Avery.

Dates: 1971 - 2003

Balfour: The Papers of Ronald Edmond Balfour

Reference Code: GBR/0272/REB
Scope and Contents

The papers contain press cuttings, articles, research notes and other material relating to Balfour's academic career, postcards and photographs from his travels, material from REB's time during World War II and a small collection of correspondence.

Dates: 1898 - 2004

Barnes: Papers Relating to George Reginald Barnes and his Family

Reference Code: GBR/0272/GRB
Scope and Contents

The papers mainly consist of correspondence to members of the Barnes family but there are also writings by George Barnes and Anthony Barnes. There are also photographs and newspaper cuttings.

Dates: 1882 - 1988

Bell: The Papers of Julian Heward Bell

Reference Code: GBR/0272/JHB
Scope and Contents

This collection comprises essays, reviews, poetry, plays and correspondence written by Julian Bell, as well as secondary material; that is, correspondence, printed obituaries and news cuttings assembled since Julian Bell's death by Quentin Bell.

Dates: 1922 - 1997

Bloomsbury: Papers Relating to Bloomsbury

Reference Code: GBR/0272/BLM
Scope and Contents

Material relating to Bloomsbury figures for whom there is not an existing collection, or relating to more than one of the Bloomsbury collections.
Contains BLM/1-19, and publications.

Dates: 1900 - 1982

Bradshaw: The Papers of Henry Bradshaw

Reference Code: GBR/0272/BRA
Scope and Contents

This collection contains mainly correspondence, with a few papers relating to Bradshaw's work at the University Library and King's College, and a small handful of family papers.

Dates: 1817 - 2022

Braithwaite: The Papers of Richard Bevan Braithwaite

Reference Code: GBR/0272/RBB
Scope and Contents

The collection includes manuscripts and typescripts of notes and lectures, an album of cuttings of early published articles, typescript pieces, and some letters received from journal editors.

Dates: 1919-04-25 - 1984-11-08

Brooke: The Papers of Rupert Chawner Brooke

Reference Code: GBR/0272/RCB
Scope and Contents

This collection brings together items by and about Rupert Brooke from a variety of sources. It includes manuscript and typescript copies of Brooke's poetry and prose, correspondence between Rupert Brooke and others and a number of photographs. A limited amount of biographical and supplementary material, concentrated on items originating after Brooke's death, can also be found in this collection.

Dates: 1869 - 1989

Browning: The Papers of Oscar Browning

Reference Code: GBR/0272/OB
Scope and Contents Oscar Browning had extremely wide interests and concerns, a long life in which to indulge them, and a body of correspondents so numerous and varied as to form a cross-section of British society of his time. He seems methodically to have preserved virtually every communication that he received, including dinner invitations and replies, and correspondence with tradesmen. The largest section of the present correspondence concerns his work as a teacher and educational reformer. Because of the...
Dates: 1853 - 1983

Bulmer: The Papers of Edward Frederick Bulmer and the Bulmer Family

Reference Code: GBR/0272/EFB
Scope and Contents The collection documents social aspects of the Bulmer family, rather than its business enterprise, and relates principally to Edward Frederick Bulmer and his wife Sophie Friederike Bulmer. The papers include correspondence between members of the Bulmer family and letters received by them, a range of personal papers, photographs, texts of speeches made by E.F. Bulmer and others, and printed material. Many of the biographical and genealogical sources were compiled by Robert Harold Bulmer,...
Dates: 1838 - 2006

Canning: Papers Relating to Sir Stratford and Lady Canning

Reference Code: GBR/0272/SCR
Scope and Contents

The collection comprises correspondence written by Sir Stratford and Lady Canning, and a newspaper clipping about him.

Dates: 1825 - 1888

Carey: The Papers of Francis Clive Savill ('Clive') Carey

Reference Code: GBR/0272/FCSC
Scope and Contents

The collection comprises mainly correspondence between Carey and Edward Dent, Percy Lubbock and Alwyn Scholfield, with papers and photographs relating to the University Greek Plays in the early years of the 20th century.

Dates: 1902 - 1965

Carter: Papers Relating to John Waynflete Carter

Reference Code: GBR/0272/JWC
Scope and Contents

The papers constitute a satirical publication by JWC and an obituary for him.

Dates: 1933 - 1975

Charleston Papers

Reference Code: GBR/0272/CHA
Scope and Contents The collection of Charleston papers contains mainly the correspondence of Clive Bell, Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant which had accumulated at their home, Charleston Farm House. In 1965 the papers were sorted by Professor Quentin Bell and were deposited in King's College Library by Professor Bell and Mrs Angelica Garnett. Two sets of photocopies of some of the papers were made by the College at the time of deposit, one set to be kept by the College and the other set by Professor Bell. The set...
Dates: 1869 - 1964

Clapham: Papers Relating to Sir John Harold Clapham

Reference Code: GBR/0272/JHC
Scope and Contents

This collection comprises correspondence and lecture notes, with a commonplace book and a few miscellaneous personal papers.

Dates: 1812 - 1946

College Archives

Reference Code: GBR/0272/KC
Scope and Contents From its foundation by Henry VI in 1441 to the present day, King's College has preserved records of its internal administration, the construction of its buildings, and the lives of its members. The archives offer researchers outstanding sources for the study of architecture, religious upheaval, patterns of consumption, development of the curriculum, social and political history. Mundum Books recording payments for goods and services, and Commons Books documenting Kingsmen dining in Hall, are...
Dates: 1085 - 2020
Conditions Governing Access: Some records contain personal information as defined under the terms of the Data Protection Act (1998) and will be reserved.

Compton-Burnett: The Papers of Ivy Compton-Burnett

Reference Code: GBR/0272/ICB
Scope and Contents

The papers comprise drafts of two of Ivy Compton-Burnett's novels, translations of poems by Margaret Jourdain, correspondence, press cuttings, broadcasts about ICB's work, diaries and a few photographs.

Dates: 1900 - 1985

Cory: Papers Relating to William Johnson Cory

Reference Code: GBR/0272/WJC
Scope and Contents

Fair copies and photocopies of poems by Cory, and letters from him.

Dates: 1840 - 1990

Dampier Family Papers

Reference Code: GBR/0272/DAMP
Dates: 1758 - 1853

Dent: The Papers of Edward Joseph Dent

Reference Code: GBR/0272/EJD
Scope and Contents The papers contain little relating to Dent's early life, his family or his work as a music professor. The bulk of the collection concerns his work as a translator of operas and as a music journalist and author. There are a small body of papers relating to his involvement with Sadler's Wells and Covent Garden opera houses, and to his presidency of the International Music Research Society and the International Society for Contemporary Music. Among Dent's own research papers are his transcripts...
Dates: 1882 - 1968

Dickinson: The Papers of Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson

Reference Code: GBR/0272/GLD
Scope and Contents

This collection includes the fiction and non-fiction writing of GLD, including prose, poems, academic and political writing, personal and professional correspondence, articles written for newspapers and magazines, and his autobiographical writing. It also includes some newscutting, and writings about GLD after he died.

Dates: 1862 - 2012

Edwards: Papers Relating to Charles Joseph Edwards

Reference Code: GBR/0272/CJE
Scope and Contents

Comprising mainly TS memoirs including Edwards' time at King's College and books he wrote for cadet training courses.

Dates: 1914 - 1970

Eliot: The Papers of the Hayward Bequest of T.S. Eliot Material

Reference Code: GBR/0272/HB
Scope and Contents These papers comprise the typescripts, manuscripts, letters, and photographs given by T.S. Eliot to his friend, John Davy Hayward. They include drafts and proofs for some of T.S. Eliot's most famous works, including 'The Waste Land', 'Sweeney Agonistes', 'Four Quartets', 'Murder in the Cathedral', 'The Family Reunion' and 'The Cocktail Party'. Also included are the texts of several broadcasts and lectures, books from T.S. Eliot's library (many of them annotated), and over 350 photographs...
Dates: 1860 - 1988; 1860 - 1988
Conditions Governing Access: HB/M/21 is reserved (not available to researchers) under the Data Protection Act.
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Latin 1
Grant, Duncan James Corrowr, 1885 - 1978 (painter) 3
Annan, Noel Gilroy, 1916 - 2000 (Baron Annan, historian) 2
Bell, Vanessa, 1879 - 1961 (painter) 2
Forster, Edward Morgan, 1879 - 1970 (novelist) 2
Hayward, John Davy, 1905 - 1965 (editor, critic and bibliographer) 2
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Keynes, John Maynard, 1883 - 1946 (Baron Keynes, economist) 2
Leach, Edmund Ronald, 1901 - 1989 (anthropologist) 2
Sheppard, John Tresidder, Sir, 1881 - 1968 (Knight, Provost of King's College Cambridge) 2
Sprott, Walter John Herbert, 1897 - 1971 (psychologist) 2
Ashbee, Charles Robert, 1863 - 1942 (architect, designer and romantic socialist) 1
Avery, Peter William, 1923 (Persian scholar) 1
Balfour, Ronald Edmond, 1904 - 1945 (historian) 1
Barnes, George Reginald, Sir, 1904 - 1960 (Knight, Principal of University College of North Staffordshire) 1
Bell, Arthur Clive Heward, 1881 - 1964 (art critic) 1
Bell, Julian Heward, 1908 - 1937 (poet and essayist) 1
Bell, Julian, 1952 (son of Quentin and Anne Olivier Bell) 1
Bradshaw, Henry, 1831 - 1886 (scholar, antiquary and librarian) 1
Braithwaite, Richard Bevan, 1900 - 1990 (philosopher) 1
Brooke, Rupert Chawner, 1887 - 1915 (poet) 1
Brown, John, 1830 - 1922 (Congregational minister) 1
Browning, Oscar, 1837 - 1923 (historian and educational reformer) 1
Buckingham, May, 1904 - 1989 (nee Hockey) 1
Buckingham, Robert Joseph, 1904 - 1975 (policeman and friend of E M Forster) 1
Bulmer Family 1
Bulmer, Edward Frederick, 1865 - 1941 (cider maker) 1
Burnett, Ivy Compton, Dame ((1892-1969) novelist) 1
Canning, Stratford, 1786 - 1880 (1st Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe, diplomatist) 1
Carey, Francis Clive Savill, 1883 - 1968 (baritone, opera director and teacher) 1
Carter, John Waynflete, 1905 - 1975 (bibliographer) 1
Clapham, John Harold, Sir, 1873 - 1946 (Knight, economic historian) 1
Cory, William Johnson, 1823 - 1892 (poet and master at Eton) 1
Cox, Katherine Laird, 1887 - 1938 (neo-pagan) 1
Dampier, Henry, Sir, 1758 - 1816 (Knight, judge) 1
Dent, Edward Joseph, 1876 - 1957 (Professor of Music) 1
Dickinson, Goldsworthy Lowes, 1862 - 1932 (humanist, historian and philosopher) 1
Edwards, Charles Joseph, 1886 - 1970 (music publisher) 1
Eliot, Thomas Stearns, 1888 - 1965 (poet) 1
Felkin, Arthur Elliott, 1892 - 1968 (diplomat) 1
Ford, David Everard, 1797 - 1875 (Congregational minister) 1
Ford, David, 1763 - 1836 (Congregational minister) 1
Forster, Alice Clara, 1855 - 1945 1
Forster, Edward Morgan Llewellyn, 1847 - 1880 1
Forster, Laura Mary, 1839 - 1924 1
Fry, Roger Eliot, 1866 - 1934 (painter and art critic) 1
Fry, Sara Margery, 1874 - 1958 (Principal of Somerville College Oxford) 1
Garnett, Angelica Vanessa, 1918 (artist) 1
Garnett, David, 1892 - 1981 (author) 1
Green, William Charles, 1832 - 1914 (Rector of Hepworth, classical scholar) 1
Haslam, William Heywood (b c 1887) amateur actor) 1
Hyde, John Reginald Lang ((b 1899) author) 1
James, Montague Rhodes, 1862-1936 (biblical scholar, antiquary and palaeographer) 1
Jourdain, Margaret, c (. 1876-1951) author and furniture expert) 1
Kahn, Richard Ferdinand, 1905 - 1989 (Baron Kahn, economist) 1
Kaldor, Nicholas, 1908 - 1986 (Baron Kaldor, economist) 1
Keynes, Geoffrey Langdon, Sir, 1887 - 1982 (Knight, surgeon and bibliophile) 1
Keynes, Lydia Lopokova, 1892 - 1980 (wife of Baron Keynes, ballet dancer and actress) 1
Kingston, Gertrude Angela, 1862 - 1937 (née Kohnstamm, actress) 1
Lehmann, Rosamond Nina, 1901 - 1990 (wife of 2nd Baron Milford, novelist) 1
Leslie, John Randolph Shane, Sir, 1885 - 1971 (3rd Baronet, writer) 1
Loder, Robert E (. (b c 1925) prisoner of war) 1
MacNeice, Louis, 1907 - 1963 (poet and dramatist) 1
Macpherson, Roderick Ewen, 1916 - 2000 (administrator) 1
Marsh, Edward Howard, Sir, 1872 - 1953 (Knight, public servant and patron of the arts) 1
Menke, William Theodore, 1931 (physician) 1
Meredith, Hugh Owen, 1878 - 1964 (economist) 1
Moorsom, Raisley Stewart, 1892 - 1981 (dilettante) 1
Munby, Alan Noel Latimer, 1913 - 1974 (librarian, bibliographer, historian and book collector) 1
Nixon, John Edwin, 1840 - 1916 (Professor of Rhetoric at London University) 1
Olivier, Brynhild, 1886 - 1935 (afterwards Popham) 1
Partridge, Frances Catherine, 1900 - 2004 (writer and literary journalist) 1
Partridge, Reginald Sherring, 1894 - 1960 (writer, known as Ralph) 1
Pigou, Arthur Cecil, 1877 - 1959 (economist) 1
Pole, Reginald William, 1887 - 1971 (playwright) 1
Popham, Arthur Ewart, 1889 - 1970 (Keeper of Prints and Drawings at British Museum) 1
Prothero, George Walter, Sir, 1848 - 1922 (Knight, historian) 1
Radcliffe, Philip FitzHugh, 1905 - 1986 (musicologist) 1
Ramsey, Frank Plumpton, 1903 - 1930 (mathematician and philosopher) 1
Ramsey, Lettice Cautley, 1898 - 1985 (née Baker, psychologist and photographer) 1
Raven, John Earle, 1914 - 1980 (botanist) 1
Richmond, Herbert William, 1863 - 1948 (mathematician) 1
Richmond, Oliffe Legh, 1881 - 1977 (poet and classical scholar) 1
Robinson, Edward Austin Gossage, Sir, 1897 - 1993 (Knight, economist) 1
Robinson, Joan Violet, 1903 - 1983 (née Maurice, economist) 1
Rylands, George Humphrey Wolferstan, 1902-1999 (literary critic and dramatist) 1
Salt, George, 1903 - 2003 (entomologist and ecologist) 1
Saltmarsh, John, 1908 - 1974 (historian) 1
Simeon, Charles, 1759 - 1836 (Founder of Church Missionary Society) 1
Steegman, John Edward Horatio, 1899 - 1966 (author) 1
Stephen, James Kenneth, 1859 - 1892 (poet) 1
Stephens, Ian Melville, 1903 - 1984 (Indian civil servant and journalist) 1
Stone, John Richard Nicholas, Sir, 1913 - 1991 (Knight, economist) 1
Strachey, Giles Lytton, 1880 - 1932 (biographer and critic) 1
Thornton family 1
Thornton, Marianne, 1797 - 1887 1
Turing, Alan Mathison, 1912 - 1954 (computer scientist) 1
Waley, Arthur David, 1889 - 1966 (orientalist) 1
Walston, Charles, Sir, 1856 - 1927 (Knight, archaeologist) 1
Wedd, Nathaniel, 1864 - 1940 (historian) 1
Whichelo family 1
White, Eric Milner ((1884-1963) Dean of York) 1
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