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Business letters: Australasia, 1824-1898

Reference Code: GBR/0012/MS JM/B6/3

Scope and Contents

There are 4,827 principal letters and 47 supplementary letters. The correspondents include the following names:

G.F. Agnew; Agra & Masterman's Bank Ltd; Alcock & Co.; C.J. Aldridge; John Alexander (of Gilchrist, Alexander & Co.); J. Allport; Allport & Roberts; Captain George Cobham Anderson (Marine Superintendent, Jardine Matheson, Hong Kong); Thomas Andrew; T.E. Angel; Australian Agricutural Co.

J. Badcock; Henry C. Bailie; J. Baillie; A.B. Bain (of Cargill & Co.); John W.D. Bain; James Balfour; James Balfour & Co.; H.P. Bance; A.H. Bancroft; Bank of Australasia; Bank of New South Wales; Bank of New Zealand; James Matthew Banks (Captain of the 'Augusta May' and attorney for John Cuthbert, Sydney); T.H. Barlow; Cecilia Barnes (also Cecilia James, subsequently Barnes, and Mrs D.D.M. James); Leonard Barnes; A.V. Barretto; B.A. Barretto & Co.; A. Bartleman; T.H. Barton; W.B. Bastian (of the barque 'Ettrick'); J. & W. Bateman; Walter Bateman; R.B. Beard (Captain of the 'Florence Nightingale' and 'Borealis'); Captain Robert North Beauvais; G.S. Beaver; T.E. Beaver & Co.; Charles and F.J. Beck; Frederick J. Beck; F.J. Beck & Co.; Becke, Master & Co.; S. de Beer; Beilby & Scott; John Bell; T.W. Benney; Charles Best (Captain of the 'Sea Bird'); Walter Angus Bethune; A.T. Betts & Co.; G. Bevis; Wallae Bickley; Bickley & Co.; John Bilton; Bingle & Co.; Bingle & Son; Bingle, White & Co.; F.W. Binney; Newton Binney; Alexander Bird; Janet Thomson Bird; Patricia Bird; Robert Black (Captain of the 'Kelso'); W. Black; A.R. Blackwood; H.D. Bloxham (Manager, London Chartered Bank of Australia, Sydney); James W. Bogie; A. Boldt; William D. Box; William Sprott Boyd (also Thomas Podé, pseudonym); Boyd & Co.; Isidor Braun; Bright Brothers & Co.; C. Brigstocke (Captain of the 'Burnswark'); W.L. Brockman; J.W. Brooks; James & Alexander Brown; Henry Brown; S. Brown (of James & Alex. Brown); Thomas Brown (of Brown & Co., Hobart); Brown & Co. (of Australia and London); Brown & Risien; Gordon Browne; Henry P. Brumell (Captain of the 'Lady Macdonald' and 'Bengal'); G. Budd; Francis Bulkeley Bulkeley-Johnson (also Francis Bulkeley Johnson, afterwards Bulkeley-Johnson); Bulli Coal Mining Co.; Bunce Brothers & Co.; Captain James Burnett; George Byworth.

John Cairns; Calder, Blacklock & Co.; Mrs M.E. Cameron; Alexander Campbell (Manager of the Agra & Masterman's Bank, Sydney); Robert Campbell (1); Robert Campbell (2); Robert Campbell Jnr; Joseph J. Capes; C.E. Capper; Cargill & Co.; W. Cargill; Cargills & McLean; Cargills, Gibbs & Co.; John Carr; William Carr (Captain of the 'Mangles', 'Mercury', 'Vixen' and 'Hellas'); Carr, Rogers & Owen; Charles Carroll; George Carruthers; James H. Carter; J. Carter & Co.; T. & H. Carter & Co.; Cartwright & Allport; Caughey & McCleary; Helen Caught; Albert Fry Chambers (of Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Kathleen Chambers; L. Charles; Chartered Mercantile Bank of India, London & China; Ernest Stevens Chester; E.S. Chester & Co.; China Sugar Refining Co. Ltd (China Sugar Refinery Co. Ltd); Edward Chisholm; Jabez W. Clark (Captain of the 'Titania'); John Pierce Clark (Captain of the 'Napoleon', 'Banshee' and 'Ettrick'); Sarah A. Clark; Cleve & Co.; William Clifford (of the 'Ettrick' and 'Reiver'); Daniel Climie; J.H. Clough & Co.; Cohen, Harris & Co.; George Ward Cole; Collier & Co.; Duncan Comrie; James Patfield Cook (partner, Thomas Hunt & Co.); Cookson, Bowler & Co.; A. McD. Cooper; Frederick Cooze; J. Corletti; H.B. Cotton; James Cousins; W. Cowderoy; Cowlishaw Brothers; E.C. Cracknell; William Parry Crake; W.J. Crawford (Manager, Union Bank of Australia, Adelaide); Croaker, Scott & Co.; William Edward Crook; William C. Cross (of S.S. 'Pekin'); Charles Crowther; Crowther & Co.; George S. Curtis; William Curtis (of the 'Hong Kong Times'); John Cuthbert.

E. Dacomb; Dalgety, Blackwood & Co.; Arbuthnot Dallas; John Dalton; [ ] Daniell; Arthur Cecil Daniell; Daniell, King & Co.; J.M. Dargaville & Co.; R. Darkeman; James Darwent; F.P. Davis; J. Murray Davis (Scott & Gale); James Jeremiah Davis (Captain of the 'Austen', 'Lady M. Wood' and 'Arabia'); Captain Jeremiah Davis (formerly of the barque 'Fanny Connell'); Thomas Dawson; Thomas Dee; Dennistoun Brothers & Co.; Paul Dickinson; Charles Dinsdale; Alexander Downie; Downie & Murphy; Josiah Dummelow; Frank Dunn; John Dunn.

C.H. Ebden; H. Edwards (Captain of the 'Beatriz', 'Maggie' and 'Hydrabad'); Thomas Dyer Edwards (Edwards & Hunter); Edwards & Hunter; Edwards, Cohen & Co.; David Eedle; J.C. Ellis; William Ellison (Captain of the 'Cornubia' and 'Prince Alfred'); C. Elouis; R.W. Espinasse; J. Everard & Co.

John Fairbairn; Fairlie, Bonham & Co.; J. Falconer (contractor at Melbourne); E. Fawckner; John P. Fawkner; W. Scott Fell; W. Scott Fell & Co.; G. Ferguson (of Sydney); Ferguson, Webb & Co.; Henry Fisher & Son; George C. Forbes (of Sydney); M. Forster; Fox Brothers; Fraser & Co. (of Sydney); Francis, Wilson & Co.; Fraser, Eaton & Co.; Frazer & Co., Melbourne.

Thomas Gardner & Co.; W.L. Garrod; John Gebbie; Gibb, Livingston & Co.; H.J. Gibbs & Co.; John Gilchrist (of Gilchrist, Watt & Co., Sydney); Gilchrist, Alexander & Co.; Gilchrist, Watt & Co.; David Glover (of the 'Audax'); G. Glyde; G. Glyde & Son(s); J.P. Goldstone; William Graburn; E.W. Graham (Bingle, White & Co.); Walter Graham; James Gray (Gray, Marshall & Co.); James Gray & Co.; Gray, Marshall & Co.; Green & Parsons; W. Gregg & Co.; Robert H. Grierson; C. Growther; Guthrie & Co.; William Smellie Grahame; Revd William Newton Guinness; Charles Gunther.

A. Haig; Richard Farr Hamilton (of Jardine, Matheson & Co.); J. Hamlin; John S. Hanks; E.S. Harley; John Harper; Leonard Harper; Harper & Co.; Robert Harper & Co.; W.M. Harper; Harris, George & Co.; J. & C. Harris; J. Hyde Harris; W.C. Harrison & Co.; W.H. Harrison; Harrold Brothers; H.P. Hausenberg; Thomas Hector (Captain of the 'Lady Hayes'); James Henderson (Manager, Bank of Australasia, Sydney); A. Henry; Herbert James Henty; James Henty; James Henty & Co.; Henty Learmouth & Co.; Hong Kong Sugar Refinery Co.; J.C. Heussler; N.E.S. Hickson; Thomas Hill (Registrar of Shipping, Dunedin); W.R. Hodgkins (purser, S.S. 'Tartar'); George Holmes & Co.; Edward B. Holt; 'Hong Kong Times'; James W. Hope; Alfred Houstoun-Boswall; Edward Hughes (Manager, Bank of Australasia, Sydney); Thomas Hunt (of Thomas Hunt & Co.); Thomas Hunt & Co.; A. Hunter; M.D. Hunter; M.D. Hunter & Co.; Alexander Hutchison (Wienholt & Co.).

John Inglis (of Christchurch, New Zealand; Manager, Matheson's Agency).

F.W. Jackson; P. Jackson; T.W. Jackson; T. Jamieson (Union Bank of Australia); [ ] Jardine; David Jardine (partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Joseph Jardine; William Jardine; Jardine, Skinner & Co.; Henry Jennings; George Joachim; George Joachim & Co.; Adam Johnston (Captain of the 'Gooleva'); Richard Jones; Jacob Joseph & Co.; D.N. Jonbert.

C. Ruck Keene; Alexander Kerr & Co.; Kerr, Bogle & Co.; [ ] Keswick; James Johnstone Keswick; William Keswick; George Icke Kettle; Charles King (George King & Co.); George King (Thacker & Co. and George King & Co.); Robert King; Robert J. King; George King & Co.; Kong Meng; Kong Meng & Co.; Kum On.

William Henry Ladd (of the 'Austen'); Laidley Ireland & Co.; Alfred Lamb; Alfred Lamb & Co.; Lamb & Parbury; Lamb, Parbury & Co.; John Stoneman Lane; James Langridge; Thomas Larkins (Captain of H.C.S. 'Marquis of Camden'); John Richardson Latimer; Peter George Laurie (of Jardine, Matheson & Co.); James Lawrance; E.W. Layton & Co.; Anne Le Biere; Joseph Leary; William Leipold; F.G. Lender; C.G. Lessing (Captain of the brig 'Aurora'); Levin & Co.; George J. Lewis; S. Linngren; F.J. Litchfield; London Chartered Bank of Australia; J.P. Lord; Lord & Co.; Alexander Louttit.

John McArthur (Captain of the 'Pet', 'Despatch' and 'Australia'); A. McClelland (Captain of the 'Reindeer' and 'Cecilia'); J. McCrea; John McDonald; Macfarlane Brothers & Co.; M. Machardy; D. Mackintosh; Peter Macintyre (Captain of the 'Alfred the Great'); Mackay, Balharry & Co.; John McLachlan; McLean Brothers & Rigg; Captain Robert McMurdo; Francis Macnab & Co.; J.W. McNeile; Trustees of Mrs Macqueen; F.A. Macqueen (Union Bank of Australia, Sydney); Richard Maltby; F. Mangles & Co.; H.E. Manning; John E. Manning; B.M. Marchant; Dr Samuel Marjoribanks (British Consulate, Canton); John Marks (of the 'Strathmore'); W.E. Marmion; W.E. Marmion & Co.; J.J. Marshall; J.J. Marshall & Co.; B. Mason; Mansfield Mason; P. Mason; [ ] Matheson; Alexander Matheson; Donald Matheson; (Nicholas) James Sutherland Matheson (also 'Santiago Thomasen', pseudonym); Matheson & Co.; H. Matson & Co.; W.H. Meek; Edward C. Mereweather; W.H. Merryman; Henry Milford; George Miller; George Miller & Co.; J.J. Miller; Millington Becker & Co.; Henry Charles Mitchell; Charles M'Lachlan; Herman Moll; Moncreiff, Grove & Co.; F.C. Monger; F.H. Monger; John Henry Monger; Montefiore Joseph & Co.; J.V. Moody; Henry Moore; Joseph Moore (of William Walker & Co., Sydney & London); Percy G. Moore; Moore & Co.; R.A.A. Morehead; W. Morgan & Co.; Askin Morrison; Emma du Moulin; C.J. Müller; C.J. Müller & Co.; Lewis E. Murphy.

National Bank of New Zealand Ltd; National Mortgage & Agency Co. of New Zealand Ltd; H. Neatby; Neill & Co.; Neill Brothers; Christopher Nesbitt; Thomas Newton (of James & Alexander Brown); New Zealand, Supreme Court of, Otago & Southland District; James Lauder Nicholls; Nicholls, Brothers & Co.; Germain Nicholson; J. Nicholson (of Sydney); R. Nicholson; William L. Nicholson; Alexander Nicolson (Captain of the 'Red Riding Hood' and 'Argonaut'); A. Nielson; William Thomas Nixon (Captain of the 'Gananoque'); M. Nolan (Captain of the 'Queen of England'); W.H. Notley.

Olyphant & Co.; Oriental Bank Corporation; Oriental Tea Co; Henry Ormerod.

Padbury, Lotun & Co.; J. Paddon; J. Page; Parbury, Lamb & Co.; Harry Smith Parkes; George Parkyns (of the 'Merope' and Chediston Hall, Suffolk); A.S. Paterson (Russell, Ritchie & Co.); James Paterson (owner of the barque 'E.M. Young'); William Paterson (partner, Jardine, Matheson & Co.); Paterson & McLeod; Edward Pearce; Pearse & Owston; James Pearson (of the 'Lady of the Lake'); Isaac Peck; Perth Co-operative Society Ltd; K. de Piotrowski; Timothy G. Pitman; Thomas Pollard; George Porter & Co. (of London and Sydney); Power, Rutherford & Co.; Prost, Köhler & Co.; William Pulham; Vincent A. Pyke.

Rabone, Feez & Co.; R. Rae; G. Raff & Co.; J. Rattray & Co.; Henry E.B. Read; W. Read; J.G. Reeves; John Reid (of Newcastle, Australia); Mr. [ ] & Mrs [ ] Rennie; W.B. Rhodes & Co.; H. Richardson; W. Rigg; David Ritchie (Captain of the 'Gananoque'); John Macfarlane Ritchie; Charles Robertson; Robert Robertson (faher of John J. Robertson; apprentice on the 'Isabella Hercus'); James C. Robertson & Co.; Robertson & Everard; A.A. Robinson; T.M. Robinson; Rockingham Bay Mining & Mercantile Co.; E. Rodd; Antonio Rodriguez; Rolfe & Co.; A.S. Rollason (Captain of the 'Formosa'); George Roope (Captain of the 'General Wood', 'Bomanjee Hormasjee' and 'Vixen'); Lavington Roope (brother of George Roope); James Lemon Rounce (Captain of the 'Thomas King'); George Gray Russell; George Gray Russell & Co.; Russell, Ritchie & Co.; Rustamjee Bhikhajee & Son; John M. Ryrie (Captain of the 'Flying Spur' and 'Cairngorm').

Edward Beauchamp St. John (Captain, 35th regiment; A.D.C. to Sir Hercules Robinson); Lionel Samson; Samuel, Ladd & Co.; G. Sanderson; Henry Saw; Henry A. Saw (of Perth); Henry James Saw (of Fremantle); Mary Ann Saw; H.P. Sawell; T.G. Sawkins; Charles J. Scott (Scott Brothers & Co.; nephew of John Abel Smith); Scott & Gale; Scott Brothers & Co.; C.W. Searle; A. Shannon; Alfred Shaw & Co.; Edward Shenton; George Shenton; George Shenton Jnr; George Shenton & Co.; Shepheard Hart & Co.; Shing Lewn Fat; J. Shoobert; E. Shun & Co.; Siemssen & Co.; Dudley Sinclair (son of Sir George Sinclair); James Sinclair (of Geelong); John Sinclair (engineer and boiler-maker, Melbourne); John Slade; Aaron Smith; Andrew Blowers Smith; James Warly Smith (formerly of Jardine, Matheson & Co.); John Smith (Captain of the 'Prince Albert' and 'Tell'); John W. Smith; A.B. Smith & Co.; H.A. Smith & Co.; Smith, Campbell & Co.; Captain A. Somerly; Spain & Salwey; Spain, Sly & Salwey; Spence Brothers & Co.; W. Spencer; G. Sprigg; Alfred Stephen; William Stewart (Captain of the 'Lennox Castle'); William S. Stockley (Captain of the 'Neptune' and 'Lord William Bentinck'; partner, F. Mangles & Co., Perth); Charles F. Stokes; Henry Stokes; Charles F. Stokes & Co.; J.B. Stout; A. Stuart; Charles Swanston; E. & D. Syme; J. Syme.

R.J. T[ ]; Arthur Tapsell; John Thacker; Thacker & Co.; Thacker, Daniell & Co.; Thacker, Mason & Co.; Josiah Thomas; S.H. Thomas; Timms, Wilson & Co.; W.A. Tolmie; Robert Towns; Hamilton Traill; F.H. Troup; Samuel Tulloch; W. & G. Turnbull & Co.; William Turner (Deputy Postmaster General, General Post Office, Melbourne).

Union Bank of Australia; Unmack, Heussler & Co.

J. Veenman; George Verey; C.T. Voge.

Wahee, Smith & Co.; A.R. Wahl; William Walker (of William Walker & Co.); William Walker & Co. (of Sydney & London); William Walkinshaw (of Hobart Town); Robert B. Wallace; S.H. Wallace; Nathaniel Wallich M.D.; Walsh & Co.; C. Krämer Walter; G. Want; Randolph John Want; Want Johnson & Want; Want Roxburghe & Want; [ ] Wappäns (of Hamburg); Edward Ward; Joseph Ward & Co.; G.M. Waterhouse; Charles Watt; John B. Watt; Richard Wells; J.B. Were & Co,. J.B. Were, Kent & Co.; Westgarth Ross & Co.; Wheal Fortune Mining Co.; Thomas E. White (Alfred Shaw & Co.); J.H. White & Co.; F.W. Whitson; James Whittall; D. Wienholt; Wienholt & Co.; Wienholt Walker & Co.; Willis Lloyd & Co.; W. Wilson; Wilson Buchanan & Co.; Wing Cheong Sang; Wiseman Brothers; Henry D. Woolfe; Alfred Woolley & Co.; Alfred Woolley & Nephew; James T. Wright.

George Histon Young.

James Zuill.


  • 1824-1898

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