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Speeches: House of Commons and Non-House of Commons: Speech notes and source material., 04 Nov 1950 - 14 Dec 1950

Reference Code: GBR/0014/CHUR 5/39A-C

Scope and Contents

Speech notes and typescript for WSC's speech (6 November, House of Commons) entitled "Housing", for the housing amendment in the debate on the address, on failed Government election pledges on housing, the contrast with the post-First World War housing programme, rent increases, the results for the building trade of limiting the housing target, the possibility of increasing the target, including increasing the production of building materials, the harm done by the overuse of economic controls, the priority needed for local authority housing and the social effects of the housing shortage. Source material includes a note of a quotation for the speech found by George Christ [Parliamentary Liaison Officer, Conservative Party], notes of questions to be asked by Aneurin Bevan [Minister of Health], a message from 1st Lord Cherwell [earlier F A Lindemann] on the house building rate, and galley proofs [from "The Second World War"] of directives by WSC in 1944 on rebuilding bomb-damaged houses and building emergency housing. Also includes a contents table for the speech notes. Published: Complete Speeches VIII pp 8119 - 29.Speech notes and extract from Hansard for WSC's speech (30 November, House of Commons) entitled "The International Situation" on subjects including: the continuing threat from the Soviet Union since the disbanding of the Allied armies; hopes for a settlement while the United States still has a superior atomic stockpile, and the need to keep building up Western forces; Soviet proposals for a 4-Power conference; the advance into Korea by China, and its possible use in a Sino-Soviet conspiracy as a distraction from the danger to Europe; the burden borne by the United States in Korea and the Far East; the lapse of the Combined Chiefs of Staff Committee; the unity of the English-speaking world and Western Europe as an example for self-defence. Source material includes: notes for a speech by Anthony Eden [later 1st Lord Avon] in the foreign affairs debate (29 November) on the Soviet conference proposals, a European Army and relations with Egypt and China; a message from Christopher Soames on Eden's speech, United Nations forces in Korea, and the use of Chinese forces in Formosa [later Taiwan]; press cuttings from the Yorkshire Evening Post, the Observer and the Daily Telegraph on British military unpreparedness, tanks being sent to Egypt, the risks of showing weakness with the Soviet Union and the proposed conference; copy of the Conservative Research Department's general brief for the foreign affairs debate. Published: Complete Speeches VIII pp 8130 - 5.Speech notes and typescript for WSC's speech (6 December, Palace of Westminster) entitled "The Earl of Oxford and Asquith" for the unveiling of the statue to 1st Lord Oxford and Asquith, on his relations with WSC, his stature and career, skills in debate and radicalism. Published: Complete Speeches VIII pp 8135 - 7.Speech notes for WSC's speech (13 December, House of Commons) entitled "Oliver Stanley", in tribute to Stanley. Published: Complete Speeches VIII pp 8138 - 9.Speech notes for WSC's speech (14 December, House of Commons) entitled "The International Situation" on subjects including: the importance of keeping up relations with the United States, and the reluctance of the Prime Minister [Clement Attlee] to do so, particularly over Korea; the advantage of maintaining a fortified line in Korea; the need to censor the despatches of the United Nations war correspondents from Korea; appeasing from strength, not weakness; the lack of consultation with Britain by the United States over its atomic weapons; the Government's responsibility to avoid domestic divisions during the crisis, such as the Steel Nationalization Bill and the harm the bill could do to rearmament; the priority of defending Europe and the risk of Western forces being pinned down in China; the duty to try for a peaceful settlement. Published: Complete Speeches VIII pp 8139 - 46.


  • 04 Nov 1950 - 14 Dec 1950

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