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Semi-official letters from Shanghai to Hong Kong, 4 Jan. 1922-28 Dec. 1922

Reference Code: GBR/0012/MS JM/J1/24/28

Scope and Contents

Semi-official letters nos 277-354 from B.D.F. Beith and A. Brooke Smith to D.G.M. Bernard, with enclosed letters and papers.

There is an index at the beginning of the volume containing the following entries:

A: J.T. Asquith; R.M. Austin; K.E. Allan; G.W. Aveyard; Captain Anderson; Annual Accounts, 1920/21; Annual Accounts; Chartered Accountants; Annual Accounts, Hankow; Accounts - Chengtu; Annual Accounts - Tsingtao; Auditor; Annual Accounts - Peking; Accounts - Tientsin; Accounts - Newchwang; Accounts - Engineering Department; Auditor's Report upon Tsingtao Agency & Accounts dated 21st September 1922; Accounts, 1921/22 - Northern Agencies; Annual Accounts, 1921/22.

B: Balance Sheet; J.E.H. Bibby; A. Brooke Smith; C.W. Beswick; J. Barr; Ian Beith; C.C. Boyd; B.D.F. Beith; A.S.A. Bishop; British & Chinese Corporation Ltd; J.W. Bateman; C. Barraclough; G.H. Bowker; Bristles - Chesnutt, Cooper & Co.; Birmingham Small Arms; Beith, Stevenson & Co. Ltd; Beith's Agreement; Balfour's; Brooke Bond; British Trade Corporation; B.E.A. Corporation; Captain Barrett; Book Office.

C: Coal Contract - Admiralty; Raw Cotton; Copper Braziers; Canton Insurance Office; Canton Insurance Office - Second Fire Agency; Chesnutt, Cooper & Co.; Changsha; Consortium; Calico Printers' Association; Ceylon Arbitration Award; Chungking Agency; General Charges; David Campbell; W.B. Cornaby; A.H. Chambers; C. Chicken; L. Camera; J. Cockin; G.K. Chatham; R.D.K. Curling; E.B. Clarke; V.D.K. Craddock; F.W.G. Clark; Claims on Chinese Government; Cocoons; Letters of Credit; New Consul-General for Shanghai; Representation of the Associated Chambers in London; Agency & Departmental Commissions; Beith's Commission; A.C. Clear; China Sugar Refinery; Chengtu; Continentale Produkten-Gesellschaft; Cigarettes - Abdullah; Cotton Futures; Compradore Accounts.

D: J.G. Dickie; W.S. Dupree; W. Divens; G.F. Duddridge; J.J. Dunne; G. Dunlop; W.A. Dalgarno; Huntley Davidson; W. & C. Dunlop; Deferred Ordinary Shareholders; Renewal of Drafts.

E: Hong Kong Exports; Other Exports; Ewo Cotton Mill Scrip; Ewo Shares; Ewo Cotton Mills Ltd; Ewo Filature; Ewo Yu; Ewo Cold Storage Co. Ltd; 'Eldridge'; E.C. Emmett; D.L. Evamy; J.P.B. Eastwood; H.G. Elliot; Future of Engineering Department; Engineering Department - Profit at 31st December 1921; Education of Chinese; Exchange; Engineering Corporation; Engineering Department; Engineering Department - Beith's Commission; Engineering Department - Finance; Engineering Department - Matheson's Commission; English Electric Co. Ltd - Shanghai Agency; Engineering Department - William Beardmore; Engineering Department Commissions; Ellerman's; Ellerman Line - Commission on Refrigerated Cargo; Egg Yolk; Egg Factory.

F: G.P. Forster; J.F. Feely; William Ford; Funds; Finance - Peking; Finance; 'Flying Spur'; Signature of Firm in England; Firm's Capital.

G: General; A.E. Greenland; John S. Green; W. Galloway; F. Gandossi; Untanned Goatskins; Thibetan Goats; Gregory & Sons; Great China Debentures; Great China Cotton Mill; Government Outstandings; Glen Line; Gollin & Co. Pty Ltd.

H: F.C. Hall; E.B.C. Hornell; C.J. Hession; C. Hodgson; T.S.H. Hoey; F.T. Howard Ford; A.J.P. Heard; Harbin; Hankow; Hankow Staff; Hankow Imports; Hankow-Canton Railway; Horace Hickling & Co.; Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation - Shanghai Register; Hongkong Fire Insurance Co.; Hongkong Iron Mine; House Flag; Hangyang Ore; Helvetia.

I: Interest on Overdrafts; Imports; Ichang Accounts, 1921/22; Ichang Looting; Insurance; Insurance Office; Reinsurance Companies; Insurance Companies; Insurance - Silk; Indo-China - New Tonnage; Indo-China Steam Navigation Co. Ltd; Indo-China Pensions; Indo-China Funds; Indo-China - Contingency Fund; Indo-China Shore Staff; S.S. 'Kingsing'; (Cost of) 'Fuhwo'; Indo-China - Net Return; Floating Staff Pay; S.S. 'Pingwo'; Commission on New Indo-China Tonnage; Indo-China - Compulsory Retirement; 'Hangsang' Firemen; Indo-China Freight on Ponies; S.S. 'Koonshing'.

J: Sir R.W.B. Jardine; E.A. Jenkinson; John Johnstone; G.M. Jameson.

K: Ellis Kadoorie; L.G.M. Kidd; W.H. Tindal King; Kobe; Kwangtung Coal.

L: V.H. Lanning; A.H. Leslie; H.H. Lennox; W.H. Leslie; F.P. Lachlan; Trading Losses; Chinese Labour; Charles Ley.

M: D. Mackintosh; G.E.R. Mayell; A. Morfey; J. McCaig; G. McGuffog; A.H. Mangold; D.R. Mackenzie; T.R. Macdonald; Machine Tools for Hongkong University; Myself; No. 1 Mess Account.

N: R.M. Nash; Yokohama Contract with Noto Railway Co.; New York; New York Stocks; New York Sales & Stock Telegram for March; New York Interest on Account Sales; Drafts on New York; Nisshin Kisen Kaisha and Pool; New Ventures; Nobel's Agency.

O: J.F. Owen; R. O'Brien; Orders from Railways & Government Departments; Orenstein & Koppel; Osaka Shosen Kaisha - Calcutta Line.

P: Private Office; Private Letter from A.B.S. of June 14th; Private Accounts in Hong Kong; Property - New Hong, Shameen Crown Leases, Rent of Property Accounts, Sir Robert Jardine's Property, Bungalow at Wei-hai-wei; S.H. Peek; J.J. Paterson; Colonel Pottinger; R.J. Paterson; E.C. Peters; G. Purton; Peking Outstandings; Produce Department in London; Produce Department; Produce - China; Produce Department - Clayton, Oldsburgh & Co.; Produce Office Letter No. 328 to New York, Hankow; Produce - Hankow; Produce Department - Hong Kong; Pay - Home Leave; Power Traction Finance Co.; Political; Provident Fund; Piece Goods; Pacific Marine Insurance Corporation.

R: Alex Rae (Rea); A.R. Riddle; W.W.G. Ross; C.H. Rolfe; A.J. Rea; A. Ross; J.H. Radcliffe; W.B. Rigden; M.L. Railton; Chinese Central Railways; Hankow-Canton Railway; Canton-Hankow & Shanghai-Hangchow-Ningpo Railways; Orders from Railways & Government Departments; Shanghai-Nangking Railway; Peking-Mukden Railway; Railway Finance; Railway Contract - Tientsin-Pukow.

S: Shipments & Gross Profits Drawn For; Saghalien Timber Concession; Swatow; Swatow Relief Fund; Shantung Coal; Shanghai Dock & Engineering Co.; Shanghai & Hongkew Wharf; Strawbraid; Strawbraid Staff, Tsingtao; Sugar; H.J. Stevenson; T.F. Singer; G.W. Sheppard; Leo Smith; H.L.N. Snow; F.W. Selby; A.M. Scott-Morris; T.G. Smeaton; E.J. Surman; Staff Passages per Indo-China Steamers; Staff Leave; Stucken & Co.; Staff; Salaries Generally; Shares in Public Companies; Shares; Shipping Strike; Shipping Office Staff; G.W. Sheppard's Report; Silk; Silk Insurance; Silk - New York; Silk - Canton; J.C. & A. Steuart; Shirokiya Store, Tokio; Silk by City Steamers.

T: J.J. Turnbull - Coal Expert; A.S.B. Tull; J.C. Taylor; C.R.W. Thompson; C.T. Tod; Tientsin New Offices; Tientsin Drafts - Renewal; Tariff Revision; Tea Department; Tea; Tsingtao - Strawbraid; Typhoon; Timber.

W: F.W. Warrington; E.G. Wilkinson; Walter Fiddes-Wilson; Wood Oil; Wood Oil - Hankow; Wood Oil Consignments - New York; Wood Oil in Bulk; Wool for Messrs Brown, Shipley & Co.; Wool - Tientsin; War Memorial.

Y: Yangtsze Pool; Yangtsze River Trade.

Z: I.A. Zellensky.


  • Creation: 4 Jan. 1922-28 Dec. 1922


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