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'1605 [Exhibita] coram Dre Clayton, Procan:', 1601-8

Reference Code: GBR/0265/UA/VCCt.III 12

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1. Label;

2. Schedule of expenses of Francis Cattlyn, MA, in an appeal cause assessed at 29s 4d by Robert Newcome and Isaac Barrow, ?exhibited 27 Sept. 1605;

3. Exceptatoria of Daniel Rogers, etc., against witnesses of Francis Cattlyn in an injury cause on 12 Apr. 1604/5 [sic], 19 July 1605;

4. Interrogatories ex parte Catlin for witnesses of Rogers (whether Catlin was born in the year that his father William was under-sheriff to Mr Cage, late of Stow), exhibited 7 Aug. 1605;

5. Interrogatories ex parte Catlin for witnesses of Rogers (as to circumstances of signing of bond), exhibited 2 Aug. 1605;

6. Schedule of expenses of Catlin in injury cause brought against him by Rogers, 2 Mar. 1603/4-2 Oct. 1605; assessed by John Cowell, Vice-Chancellor, at £6, 1 Oct. 1605;

7. Allegations of Richard Lund of Buckden Park against John Pickering in a debt cause, exhibited 9 Aug. 1605;

8. John Pickering bound in £10 to Richard Lund for payment of £5 (in the house of John Holmes, commonly called The Eagle and Child), 4 Feb. 1604/5. Witnesses: Robert King and Richard Robinsonne, exhibited 9 Aug. 1605;

9. Richard Lund appoints Robert Turner his proctor, 12 July 1605;

10. Allegations of John Pickering, cook, against William Gray in an injury cause ('a Cunny Catchinge cheatinge fellowe', etc.), exhibited 27 Sept. 1605;

11. Allegations of John Pickering, cook, against William Gray in a debt cause, exhibited 27 Sept. 1605;

12. John Pickering appoints Turner his proctor, 9 Aug. 1605;

13. John Pickering appoints Turner his proctor, 9 Aug. 1605;

14. Allegations of Gray against Pickering in an injury cause (a knife attack at Benjamin Prime's house), exhibited 27 Sept. 1605;

15. William Gray appoints Martin Berry his proctor, 26 Sept. 1605;

16. Schedule of expenses of Lund in action against Pickering, 31 May-4 Oct. 1605; assessed by John Cowell, Vice-Chancellor, at 25s, [4 Oct. 1605];

17. Allegations of John Drake, MA, against Robert Harding for unlawful detention of a bay gelding purchased by Drake from John Holland for a hogshead of vinegar, 19 July 1605;

18. Drake appoints John Blomfield his proctor, 26 June 1606;

19. Allegations of Harding against Holland (for selling the same horse twice), exhibited 25 Oct. 1605;

20. Allegations of Harding tracing descent of a debt-book from Robert Exon (mentioned in Harding's libel) to Exon's widow, Katherine, and her executor, Nicholas Skevington, 11 Oct. 1605, exhibited 11 Oct. 1605;

21. Allegations of Harding incorporating list of debts collected and/or still due in part to Skevington as Katherine Exon's executor, 25 Oct. 1605, exhibited 25 Oct. 1605;

22. Harding appoints Martin Berry his proctor, 26 Sept. 1605;

23. Inventory on decease of goods of Robert Exon, made and appraised by Thomas Nash, Robert Harding, Christopher Harrison and Robert Anderson, 19 Apr. 1604, exhibited ?;

24. Copy (attested by James Tabor, notary public) of extracts from John Simpson's 'book' with sums collected and disbursed 21 Oct. 1603-23 Sept. 1603, exhibited 27 Sept. 1605;

25. Probate inventory of Katherine Exon (with registration endorsed), made 7 May 1605;

26. Alexander Cotterell, yeoman, and Richard Clavelshay, gent., bound in £40 to John Sherman, MA, for payment of £35, 21 Dec. 1603. Witnesses: Robert Swift, Robert Goldinge and William Whiskin. Dorse: note by William Smythe (scribe of the bond) undertaking to see it discharged, [exhibited 31 Oct. 1605];

27. Allegations of Leonard Glasscock against [James] Atkinson in an action for injurious words ('Thou are a scurffy Jackanapes and one that livest by extortion') in Andrew Chapman's house in Bridge Street, exhibited [31] Oct. 1605;

28. Glasscock appoints Turner and Blomfield his proctors, 24 Oct. 1605. Dorse: schedule of expenses of both parties assessed (Glasscock, 9s; Atkinson, 5s 6d) by John Cowell, Vice-Chancellor, 31 Oct. 1605;

29. Certificate of Robert Spalding to Vice-Chancellor that 'James Atkinson had bought a facing for my gowne before ever Leonard Glascock came to my chamber with his', 25 Oct. [1605];

30. Henry Wray, stationer, and Richard Griffin, upholsterer, bound to Hugh Burwell, stationer, in £8 for payment of £4, 19 July 1605. Witness: William Dale, notary public;

31. Allegations of Edward Eves against John Richardson in an action for debt (rent of a house in Trumpington Street), exhibited 25 Oct. 1605;

32. Personal answer of John Richardson, 24 Jan. 1605/6;

33. Schedule of expenses of Richardson, 15 Oct. 1605-21 Feb. 1605/6; assessed by Richard Clayton, Vice-Chancellor, [21 Feb. 1605/6];

34. Eves appoints John Blomfield his proctor, 20 Oct. 1605, [exhibited 25 Oct. 1605];

35. Citation for creditors of Thomas Evers deceased (his daughter Ann/Agnes Porter, administratrix), 20 June 1606; with note of proceedings (Turner proctor for Ann Porter), 11 July 1606;

36. Allegations of Richard Lawson, MA, of Peterhouse, against Richard Metcalfe in an action for debt (Matthew Aldred [Holldred] surety with RM in bond dated 13 Feb [?1604/5], [exhibited 17 Jan. 1605/6]);

37. Lawson appoints Berry his proctor, [ ] Jan. 1605/6, [exhibited 17 Jan. 1605/6];

38. Lawson appoints Turner his proctor, 10 Jan. 1605/6, [exhibited 17 Jan. 1605/6];

39. Interrogatories ex parte the Proctors for Richard Flower of Ely, pretended under-purveyor to Robert Warden, His Majesty's purveyor of coarse poultry, relating to some geese, n.d.;

40. Depositions in the above action by: Arthur Johnson, MA, deputy Proctor; Miles Raven, Proctor; William Allanby, John Richardson and John Jones, 30 Jan. 1605/6. Deposition of Richard Ridding, esquire bedell, in the same action, 2 Jan. 1605/6;

41. Allegations of Jeremy Bridgeman against John Langford in an injury cause (assault by the market cross and false arrest), 24 Jan. 1605/6, [exhibited 24 Jan. 1605/6];

42. Interrogatories ex parte John Fletcher, MA, of Gonville and Caius College, for witnesses of John Langford, relating to suicide of [Thomas] Yates, Fellow of Magdalene College, and his alienation of college plate, [exhibited 28 Mar. 1606];

43. John Langford appoints Turner his proctor, 10 Jan. 1605/6;

44. Interrogatories ex parte Bridgeman for witnesses of Langford respecting alleged debts for beer, [?exhibited Apr. 1606];

45. Interrogatories ex parte Bridgeman for witnesses of Langford, especially for Francis Saunders [?exhibited Apr. 1606];

46. Interrogatories ex parte Saunders for witnesses of Bridgeman, exhibited 2 Dec. 1606;

47. Jeremy Bridgeman bound to Saunders in £6 for payment by instalments of £3 10s, 20 Nov. 1605. Witnesses: William Chaplin and Thomas Sander, [exhibited 4 July 1606];

48. Schedule of expenses of Saunders in action against Bridgeman, 8 Mar. 1605/6-31 Oct. 1606 (not assessed), 31 Oct. 1606;

49. Saunders' receipt for five books of his exhibited in court by Berry on 30 Oct. 1605, 4 Nov. 1605;

50. Edmund Haylock, husbandman, binds himself to pay 10s due to James Tabor, 28 May 1605. Witness: Thomas Faldoe, [exhibited 19 July 1605];

51. Allegations of William Keble, MA, in an action against James Tabor for debt of £6, [exhibited 24 Jan. 1605/6];

52. James Tabor bound in £12 to William Keble for payment of £6 by 29 June 1605 (copy), 7 July 1604. Witnesses: Richard Keble and John Lanfer, exhibited 24 Jan. 1605/6;

53. Interrogatories ex parte Keble for witnesses of Tabor (Richard Keble was servant and clerk to Tabor, both before and after Tabor moved from Corpus Christi College into the town), [?exhibited 17 Oct. 1606];

54. Schedule of expenses of William Keble in action against Tabor, 17 Jan. 1605/6-12 Dec. 1606; assessed at £3 16s 2d by Samuel Harsnett, Vice-Chancellor on 19 Dec. 1606;

55. Keble appoints Turner his proctor, 10 Jan. 1605/6;

56. Mark Charlton of Waterbeach, yeoman, bound in £16 to Francis Saunders, beerbrewer, for payment of £8 (copy), 2 Aug. 1602. Witnesses: John Bankes, Thomas Merett (scribe) and Thomas Charlton, [exhibited 14 Feb. 1605/6]; with note by Saunders of return of original bond, 21 Mar. 1605/6;

57. Allegations of Richard Hanger, BA, of St John's College, against Paul Thomson, BD, of Trinity College, in an injury cause (accusation of drunkenness), [exhibited between July and Oct. 1606]. Note of swearing of witnesses Mowell and Ridding;

58. Further allegations of Hanger against Thomson (striking him with a wand outside Trinity College gates). Note of swearing of witnesses Mrs Turrit and Dr Porter, [exhibited between July and Oct. 1606];

59. Interrogatories ex parte Thomson for witnesses of Hanger (implying that Thomson was trying to stop a brawl between Trinity and St John's men), [?exhibited 24 Oct. 1606];

60. Further interrogatories ex parte Thomson for witnesses of Hanger with reference to Thomson's complaint of Hanger to the Vice-Chancellor and incitement of Hanger to sue, [exhibited 24 Oct. 1606];

61. Interrogatories ex parte Hanger for witnesses of Thomson (as to details of brawl), [?exhibited July 1606];

62. Hanger appoints Berry his proctor, 30 July 1606, exhibited 31 July 1606;

63. Copy of bond of Thomas Oldfield and Thomas Robinson, gents., in £16 to Anthony Thomson, tailor, for payment of £8 4s, 26 Mar. 1606. Witnesses: William Withers and John Scott, notary public;

64. Allegations of John Brewster of Bishop's Stortford, factor to Francis Saunders, in an action for debt brought against him by Anne Croftes, widow of John Simpson (claims that witness John Cragg is Anne's uncle and witness John Philips her brother), [1606];

65a. Allegations of Anne Croftes against Brewster (with mention of John Simpson's death of plague and of encounters among the hops at Sturbridge Fair), exhibited with 65b, 7 Mar. 1605/6;

65b Letter from John Philips to John Croftes relating to willingness of himself and Mr Foot to swear to Brewster's indebtedness, [Feb./Mar. ?1605/6], exhibited with 65a, 7 Mar. 1605/6;

66. Allegations of Brewster in action against him by Croftes (alleging that any monies received by him were received for Saunders), [?exhibited 21 Feb. 1605/6];

67. Interrogatories ex parte Brewster for witnesses of Croftes (general), [exhibited 2-9 May 1606];

68. Interrogatories ex parte Brewster for witnesses of Croftes (relating to account books), [?exhibited 16 May 1606];

69. Interrogatories ex parte Francis Saunders for witnesses of Anne Croftes (with details of brewers' accounting practices], [?exhibited 16 Jan. 16067];

70. Interrogatories ex parte Anne Croftes for witnesses of Saunders (relating to accounts and with implication that witnesses are ex-servants of Saunders), n.d.;

71. List of tallies remaining with John Simpson on his departing from Saunders on 23 Sept. 1603, exhibited 21 Nov. 1606;

72. Exceptatoria of Anne Croftes (mostly relating to accounting procedures), exhibited 27 Sept. 1605;

73. Edward Maskall, wheelwright, and John Munday, blacksmith, and Philip Bemont of Milton, husbandman, bound in £10 to Stephen Perse, MD, for payment of £5 2s 6d, 24 Dec. 1602. Witnesses: Christopher and William Cotton, exhibited 7 Mar. 1605/6;

74. William Wright, cook of Emmanuel College, and John Halliwell, yeoman, bound in £10 to Stephen Perse, MD, for payment of £5 2s 6d, 8 Nov. 1601. Witnesses: William Cotton and Francis Tuthill, [exhibited 2 May 1606];

75. Perse appoints Turner his proctor, 6 Apr. 1606;

76. Perse appoints Turner his proctor, 20 May 1606;

77. Schedule of expenses of Perse in action for debt against Elizabeth Wright, 26 Apr.-2 May 1606, exhibited 2 May 1606;

78. Letters of attorney, Perse to Henry Boccham, BA, of Gonville and Caius College, to recover debts, 19 Feb. 1605/6. Dorse: list of debtors: Edward Maskall, John Munday and Philip Bemont (v. 73); John Hall, rapper, and Richard Garret, carpenter (£4 bond for £2); Marmaduke Toulson, baker, and Richard Ward (£28 bond for £14 7s). Witnesses: Giles Bottrell and Thomas Weatherell, exhibited 7 Mar. 1605/6; and schedule of expenses, 21 Mar. 1605/6;

79. Thomas Evers, tailor, binds himself to pay Thomas Cropley, MA, £4, 30 Mar. 1603. Witnesses: Richard Crofte, John Thong, Tobias Nashe, Lancelot Winter and William Tharsow (?Thomson), [exhibited 11 July 1606];

80. Thomas Evers, tailor, binds himself to pay Thomas Cropley. MA, £6 10s, 17 Dec. 1600. Witnesses: John Simpson, Christopher Rayston and Christopher ?New, [exhibited 11 July 1606];

81. Allegations of John Furtho, MD, Fellow of Trinity College, in an action against John Warren, vintner, and sometime manciple, for payment of £20 to [?Edward] Pottall, butcher, from 1599 to 1601, exhibited 9 May 1606;

82. Furtho appoints Turner his proctor, 11 Apr. 1606;

83. Interrogatories ex parte Furtho for witnesses of Warren, exhibited 28 July 1606;

84. Furtho appoints Turner and Blomfield his proctors, 12 Nov. 1606;

85. As 83;

86. Unexecuted bond of John Peck, gent., and William Sergeant, yeoman, both of Waterbeach, to Philip Izaacson of Fen Ditton, yeoman, in £30 for delivery of 30 quarters of barley, 16 May 1605;

87. Citation of creditors of Philip Stringer, MA, deceased (defective and unexecuted), 28 Mar. 1606/7;

88. Citation as 87, executed, Richard Clayton, Vice-Chancellor, 13 Nov. 1605, [exhibited 6 Dec. 1605];

89. Further citation as 87;

90. Allegations of Jeremy Goose, hosier, in an action against William Windle, hosier, for debt (sundry items including a loan at Ely fair six years previously at 10 per cent and sundry items of hosiery), [exhibited 17 Jan. 1605/6];

91. Goose appoints Berry his proctor, 16 Jan. 1604/5;

92. Acta curia: Henry Cotton against William Windle (distraint ordered on goods of Cotton, as contumacious, towards costs of Windle). Dorse: Oliver versus Cochie; Cotton versus Sweyne (Godfrey Twelves examined); Robert Harding versus ?James Wilkinson of Barnwell; Thomas Gillam, sequestrator of goods of Robert Sill, deceased, versus [ ] Daniel, BA, concerning a sorrell horse, and [ ] Dalby, MA; and William Offeild versus Edmund Hollyhock, 17 June 1606;

93. Allegations of Edward Potter against [Thomas] Jurden of King's College in an injury cause (assault with a shoemaker's hammer), [12 May 1606];

94. Potter appoints Berry his proctor, 10 Apr. 1606;

95. Allegations of Thomas Gill in an action against William Piper for forfeiture of a bond to stand to arbitration as agreed on 4 May 1604, [?exhibited 11 Oct. 1605];

96. Bond of Gill in £20 to stand to arbitration in his action for debt against Piper, 3 June 1602. Witnesses: James Tabor, notary public, and George Hall, [?exhibited 11 Oct. 1605];

97. Deed of arbitration between Gill and Piper of Randolph Davenport and Barnabas Goche, 11 June 1603. Witness: Thomas Grimston, [?exhibited 11 Oct. 1605];

98. Allegations of Arthur Johnson, deputy Proctor, in an action for injury against Edward Yate, exhibited 31 July 1606;

99. Johnson appoints Turner and Blomfield his proctors, 24 July 1606, exhibited 31 July 1606;

100. General citation of the Keepers of the University Chests (Fen and Neal, Billingford and Bowser, Darlington and Exeter, and Trinity) from 1601 to 1606, 10 Oct. 1606;

101. Allegations of John Simcock against John Archer in an injury cause ('Thou art a drunken rascal ... and for all thy silver buttons thy clothes on thy back are none of thy own'), [exhibited 23 May 1606];

102. Simcock appoints Turner his proctor, 20 May 1606;

103. Copy of bond of George Ward, BA, and Owen Stockton, MA, Fellow of Pembroke Hall, in £14 for payment to Samuel Woodley of £7 16s 5d at the house of Henry Slegge, gent., 15 July 1605. Witnesses: William Barriker, John Towneley and John Dickinson, [registered 30 Oct. 1605];

104. Exceptatoria of Charles Garth, MA, and George Ward, BA, in an injury cause brought against them by Samuel Woodley (SW not lawfully deputy Proctor in June 1604 because not carrying Proctors' staff and not of three years' standing as MA; Roger Woodley not an admissable witness), [admitted 25 Jan. 1604/5];

105. Samuel Woodley appoints Ralph Parris his attorney to collect for his (RP's) own use £14 due to Woodley on a bond of Ward and Stockton dated 15 July 1605, 15 Aug. 1605. Witness: ?Anthony Harrison, [exhibited 30 Oct. 1605];

106. General citation of creditors of Katherine Exon, deceased, and of parties concerned with administration of her estate by Nicholas Skevington, 28 Feb. 1605/6, exhibited 21 Mar. 1605/6;

107. Holograph note by [Toby] Wood, resident in Corpus Christi College hostel, of injurious words and an assault on him by [William] Whitby, BA, of Corpus Christi College, on 13 Mar. 1605/6, [exhibited 14 Mar. 1605/6];

108. Thomas Wickliffe, late of Cambridge, now of Grantham, appoints Turner his proctor, 20 Sept. 1606, [exhibited 3 Oct. 1606];

109. Toby Wood appoints Turner his proctor, 14 Mar. 1605/6, exhibited 14 Mar. 1605/6;

110. Allegations of William Clopton, Thomas Phage and John Elltonhead, BAs of Christ's College, against Edward Woolfe, butcher, in an injury cause (an assault on them while bathing at Barnwell between nine and ten at night), [registered 20 June 1606];

111. Clopton, Phage and Elltonhead appoint Turner their proctor, 13 June 1606, exhibited 20 June 1606;

112. John Holland, fishmonger, bound in £6 to John Drake, MA, for payment of £3 8s 6d at Lady Day in 1606 in Great St Mary's (copy), 2 Mar. 1604/5. Witnesses: Edward Malle and Richard Harper, [exhibited 30 May 1606]. Note that the original was returned to Drake on 12 Oct. 1608;

113. Allegations of Alice, wife of Tobias, Taylor against William Sherwood, MA, of St John's College, in an action for injurious words ('an arrant whore'), [exhibited 28 Mar. 1605];

114. Interrogatories ex parte Sherwood for witnesses of Taylor ('spoken in merriment and rather for argument sake than to defame or injure any person'), [?exhibited 4 Apr., or 3 or 24 Oct. 1606];

115. Sherwood appoints Blomfield and William Easdall his proctors, 20 Sept. 1606, [exhibited 10 Oct. 1606];

116. Taylor appoints Turner her proctor, 27 Mar. 1606, [exhibited 28 Mar. 1606];

117. Taylor appoints Berry her proctor, 27 Mar. 1606, [exhibited 28 Mar. 1606];

118. Tobias Taylor appoints Berry his proctor, 3 Apr. 1606, [?exhibited 4 Apr. 1606];

119. Draft licence for Nicholas Bestwick, scholar, on his release from prison, converted from his recusancy, to solicit alms in the University, 15 May 1606;

120. Allegations of Arthur Johnson, MA, Fellow of King's College, deputy for the Senior Proctor, and Elias Bates, MA, Fellow of Corpus Christi College, against Edward Yate in an injury cause (resistance to a distraint on his goods in lieu of payment of a fine due for non-attendance at the leet), exhibited 31 July 1606;

121. John Mumford of Egmore, Norfolk, yeoman, appoints William Barriker of Trinity Hall, notary public, his attorney for the recovery of £41 2s due from Philip Stringer, gent., 25 May 1601. Witnesses: John Dickonson and North Harrison, notary public, [exhibited 2 May 1606];

122. William James, gent., appoints his kinsman, Henry James, schoolmaster, his attorney to recover £6 13s 4d from Peter Scarlet, apothecary, the executor of Elizabeth, widow of Thomas Jackson, fletcher, 8 July 1602. Witnesses: Richard Ishacke and Thomas Purkis, exhibited 9 July 1602;

123. Arthur Johnson, MA, appoints Turner and Blomfield his proctors, 24 July 1606, exhibited 31 July 1606;

124. Schedule of sums owing to ?, notary public, from James Ramsbotham for drawing up sundry bonds etc., (as specified) and for a rapier lost, 22 May n.y.;

125. William Parker, glover, and Katherine Baxter, widow, bind themselves to pay £3 13s 3d to William Wilson, glover, 21 Jan. 1604/5. Witness: Richard Robinson, 'writer'. Copy attested by John Smith and exhibited 9 Aug. 1605;

126. Note of presentation of Messrs Sherman, Cropley, Sanders, widow Holmes, and goodmen Harding and Bird for brewing strong beer; warrant for Edward Hall, n.d.;

127. Allegations of Joan/Joanna, wife of Edward, King against Richard [ ] in an action for injury (maintaining in Trumpington Street, near The Bull, that she ill-treated her servants), 20 Aug. 1606;

128. Receipt of John Atkinson for 40s from the widow and administratrix of William Wright for three quarters' rent due 25 March 1606 for which he had made distraint, 7 Feb. 1605/6;

129. Martin Berry, as proctor for Margaret, wife of Henry Cotton enters formal appeal for costs, etc., in her suit with John Swetson in the Commissary's Court, 17 July 1605. Dorse: memorandum by James Tabor of the reading of this appeal at his (JT's) house in St Clement's parish, in the presence of Jeffrey Swaleman and Thomas Faldo and of Berry's request to Tabor to draw up official instrument;

130. Allegations of Robert Turner, LLB, in an action against Peter Bromely, alias Bromelesse, for debt (ie. for 55s 4d, his fees as proctor in suit between Bromely and Helen, wife of Thomas, Lambe), [exhibited 4 July 1606];

131. Interrogatories ex parte John Drake for witnesses of Peter Bromley in an action concerning wrongful detention by JD of three hogsheads of wine destined to be made into perfect vinegar by John Holland, [exhibited 4 July 1606];

132. Interrogatories ex parte John Cutchey, carrier, for witnesses of James Taylor in an action concerning loss of wine during carriage from London, [exhibited 22 Mar. 1605];

133. General citation for creditors of Robert Tointon, MA, Fellow of Jesus College, deceased, 20 June 1606; with note by Tabor that no creditors presented themselves, exhibited 11 July 1606;

134. General citation for kin, assigns and creditors of Edmund Pricke, MA, of Christ's College, deceased, 19 Sept. 1606;

135. Viis et modis for Robert Harding, brewer, at suit of James Tabor (v. 141), 21 Feb. 1605/6, exhibited 27 Feb. 1605/6;

136. General citation for kin and creditors of Richard Erlam, 18 June 1606, exhibited 11 July 1606;

137. Viis et modis for James Wilkinson at suit of Francis Saunders (alias Philips), brewer, 14 Mar. 1605/6, exhibited 21 Mar. 1605/6;

138. Viis et modis for Francis Sheeres, BA, of Trinity College, at suit of Thomas Calvert (v. 140), 28 Mar. 1606;

139. Viis et modis for John Simmes, freemason, and John Halliwell at suit of Stephen Perse, 3 June 1606;

140. Draft viis et modis for Sheeres of Trinity College at suit of Thomas Calvert, MA (v. 138), 28 Mar. 1606;

141. Viis et modis for Robert Harding at suit of Tabor (v. 135), 21 Feb. 1605/6;

142. Viis et modis for Robert Harding at suit of taxors: Matthew Stokes and [George] Cook, 7 May 1606;

143a. Schedule of sums claimed by Thomas Gill as adjudged due to him from [Richard] Filo, and of extraordinary charges incurred as a result of Filo's vexatious litigation; with similar schedules for Mrs Filo and Thomas Crowford, exhibited 6 Aug. 1605;

143b. Schedule of goods [?of Thomas Gill] distrained and appraised by Thomas Bradshaw and John Warren, 10 July 1606, exhibited 15 July 1606;

144. Schedule of distrained goods of Jeremy Bridgeman, appraised by Adam Gauntlet, Richard Gent and Richard Metcalfe, 20 Feb. 1605/6, exhibited 30 May 1606;

145. Schedule of appraised books (14, including two duplicates), with appended list, in Tabor's hand, of seven unappraised 'bookes taken in [?wrapers] custodie', exhibited 1 Oct. 1605;

146. Schedule of expenses of Ann, wife of Thomas, Moore in her action against Robert Slegge for injury, 6 July 1604-18 Jan. 1604/5; assessed at £3 6s 8d (and £3 6s 8d 'damages'), ?18 Jan. 1604/5;

147. Schedule of expenses of Peter Bromley, alias Bromelesse in action brought against him by Helen Lamb, 9 Apr.-15 Oct. 1603; totalled but not assessed (v. 150), Oct. 1603;

148. Schedule of expenses of John Drake, MA, in his action against Robert Harding, 12 July-5 Aug. 1605; assessed and exhibited 5 Aug. 1605;

149. Schedule of expenses of [Richard] Birdsall in action against [Miles] Sill, BD, and [Richard] Bridges, MA, 14 Aug. 1604-3 Oct. 1605; [assessed and exhibited 4 Oct. 1605];

150. Schedule of expenses of Peter Bromley, alias Bromelesse, in action brought against him by Helen Lamb, 9 Apr.-12 Nov. 1603; totalled but not assessed (v. 147), Nov. 1603. Folio 2: note from John Smith, notary public, to Robert Turner that he should sue for charges due to judge and registrar as well as to himself;

151. Martin Berry appointed proctor or syndic for Magdalene College; patent signed by Barnabas Gooch, LLD, ?John Chapman, ?John Smith, Robert Brighouse, Robert Dove, George Toothby, William [ ]ston and Edward ?[ ]let, 6 Mar. 1605/6, exhibited 7 Mar. 1605/6;

152. Ann Evers, wife of John Porter, stationer, appoints Turner her proctor, 6 July 1606, exhibited 24 July 1606;

153. Richard Hunger, BA, of St John's College, appoints Berry his proctor, 18 Oct. 1605, exhibited 31 July 1606;

154. John Sherman, brewer, appoints Turner his proctor, 14 Feb. 1605/6;

155. ?Thomas Calvert, Fellow of Trinity College, appoints Turner his proctor, 26 Mar. 1606, [exhibited 28 Mar. 1606];

156. James Taylor, vintner, appoints Turner his proctor, 3 Dec. 1605, exhibited 3 Dec. 1605;

157. Francis Saunders, brewer, appoints Turner his proctor, 1 Mar. 1605/6, exhibited 9 May 1606;

158. Francis Saunders, brewer, appoints Turner his proctor, 20 Jan. 1605/6;

159. John Sherman, MA, brewer, appoints Turner his proctor, 1 Apr. 1606;

160. Peter Pricke appoints Turner his proctor, 20 Sept. 1606;

161. Letter, Darby Drisco to Richard Clayton, Vice-Chancellor, seeking licence to solicit alms by proxy in his blindness, n.d.;

162. Acta before Dr Clayton, deputy Vice-Chancellor: office cause promoted by John Nightingale, servant to John Paske, draper, against Paske. Paske to be bound for his appearance, 12 May 1607. Witnesses: Richard Ridding and Griffin Divall;

163. Memoranda of sales of single and strong beer etc. and of sums received by and owing to ?Francis Saunders, [?ca 1606];

164. Exceptatoria ex parte William Windle in an action brought against him by Henry Cotton (with reference to testimony of Elizabeth Sturges, Thomas Cotton, Geoffrey Twelves, Helen Lambe, Peter Bromley, Edward Lambe and to John Cotton and his use of a peashooter), exhibited 12 July 1603;

165. Interrogatories ex parte Windle for witnesses of Cotton with reference to Windle's alleged boxing of the ears of John Cotton, [?administered 24 May 1603];

166. Interrogatories ex parte Cotton for witnesses of Windle in Cotton versuss Windle, and especially for John Swetson, concerning relations between Cotton and Windle; alleged bribery of Mr Brakin to blacken Cotton's reputation; incitement of John Birch (servant of Cotton then and of William Bumstead, pewterer, of Bridge Street now) to sue Mrs Cotton; maligning of Cotton and his family by Swetson, Windle, Ralph Hyde, Ralph Parris, North Harrison and/or Luke Curtis and/or their wives: child abuse and resorting to wizards or witches, [1603-5];

167. Interrogatories ex parte Cotton in Cotton versus Windle following Windle's exceptatoria, chiefly with respect to alleged injurious words, [1603-5];

168a Schedule of expenses of Windle in his action against Margaret Cotton for injury, 27 Sept.-11 Oct. 1605; assessed 11 Oct. 1605;

168b. Windle appoints Turner his proctor, 16 July 1605, exhibited 11 Oct. 1605;

169. Schedule of expenses of Windle in his action against Margaret Cotton for contumacy, 25 Oct. 1605-11 Feb. 1605/6; assessed 11 Feb. 1605/6;

170. Rough note of acta before Robert Turner as deputy Vice-Chancellor: Ridding certifies that he has served summons on Calvert at Mr Naunton's rooms at St Catharine's Hall, 25 May 1605;

171. Allegations of John Sherman, MA, against Benedict Harvey in an action for breach of covenant (running away after the first of four years' service), 21 Apr. 1606;

172. Allegations of John Crane against John Cutchey in an action concerning £5 to be paid by Cutchey to Edward Granger of London for 4 cwt of pepper for Crane, [exhibited 15 Oct. 1605]. Dorse: draft bond in 100 marks to the University of Edward Gent, MA, Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Junior Proctor.


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