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Audio podcasts for interviews conducted during the Centenary Year of Women in Parliament, 2017-11-15 - 2019-01-31

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 1
Scope and Contents

76 podcast interviews collated for the publication 'When There's a Woman in the Room - #Vote 100 year January 2018 to January 2019' and written with journalists Jackie Ashley, Deborah McGurran and Linda Fairbrother. Sones' focus was primarily on recording interviews with MPs who champion public policy reforms through debates in Westminster Hall or by asking questions at PMQs.

For most podcasts, both 'raw' and 'edited' versions exist.

Dates: 2017-11-15 - 2019-01-31

Audio podcasts for Women’s Parliamentary Radio, conducted by Boni Sones with contributions by Jackie Ashley, Deborah McGurran and Linda Fairbrother

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA
Scope and Contents The first set of 76 interviews contributed toward Sones’ fourth book which coincided with Vote 100 Year 2018, entitled ‘When There’s a Woman in the Room’ covers a range of issues from the centenary of women’s suffrage to Brexit debates. These interviews also cover issues which have a profound effect of women’s lives and give MPs a chance to discuss openly issues that impact their constituents. The second set of interviews cover May - November 2019 and address a turbulent time in British...
Dates: 2017-11-15 - 2019-11-14

Interview with Anne-Marie Morris, Conservative MP for Newton Abbot and European Research Group member on Brexit and whether the 'ERG' have 'blown it on Brexit?', 2019-05-15

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 2/2
Scope and Contents Morris talks to Parliamentary Radio before Prime Minister's Questions on Theresa May's 'olive branch' to Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Leader, that she wants to work with him on Brexit. Morris notes that she spoke to all of the Party leaders a number of weeks ago and that this is groundhog day. Morris notes that May's existing deal was already a 'soft Brexit' and that the country is at the mercy of the European Union. Sones asks about resignations within the European Research Group, Morris believes...
Dates: 2019-05-15

Interview with Anne Marie Trevelyan MP: why when you are an MP, Country has to be the first battle to fight, 2018-12-11

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 1/58
Scope and Contents 'Brexiteer' Anne Marie Trevelyan and Conservative MP for Berwick Upon Tweed represents a fishing constituency that voted to Leave the EU in the 2016 Referendum. Trevelyan resigned her junior ministerial position in the Department of Education. Trevelyan was disappointed with Theresa May's decision to delay the Brexit vote. Speaking about her decision to resign from the government she said that after reading the agreement she felt she had little choice and that as an MP your loyalty is to...
Dates: 2018-12-11

Interview with Anushka Asthana, Joint Political Editor of the Guardian - Review of the Week, 2018-03-21

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 1/19
Scope and Contents Asthana reviews her week in UK politics. Sones introduces the discussion by talking about Russia, Brexit and the Labour Party. Asthana talks about the Salisbury Nerve Agent Attack by Russian Operatives and Jeremy Corbyn MPs response as he brought up Russian-Conservative donations and Vladimir Putin. Asthana discusses the international response to congratulating Putin's re-election versus their support for Theresa May's speech in Parliament, talking against Putin. Sones and Asthana discuss...
Dates: 2018-03-21

Interview with Baroness Ruth Deech: Brexit and the House of Lords Amendments, 2018-06-15

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 1/34
Scope and Contents Baroness Deech supported Brexit, and tells Sones why she believes the House of Lords has every right to amend the legislation of the Commons and that the so called 'ping pong' process is good for democracy. During this week, the House of Commons considered fifteen Lord's Amendments to the Brexit Bill, and overturned them all, but this did inflict considerable damage to both the Conservative and Labour parties whose leaders, Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn were unable to get their front benches...
Dates: 2018-06-15

Interview with Baroness Susan Kramer on Theresa May's Chequers Brexit Plan, free trade deals and food standards post-Brexit needing greater scrutiny, 2018-07-12

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 1/38
Scope and Contents

Kramer is the Liberal Democrat Treasury and Economics spokesperson and believes the Chequers Brexit Plan left much to be desired. Kramer warns that any future free trade deal with countries like America could mean UK consumers eating less healthy foods and lowering standards. She was stunned by the Chequers Agreement and agrees with President Donald Trump, that the UK is in chaos.

Dates: 2018-07-12

Interview with Caroline Spelman MP and Jack Dromey MP - Preventing a no-deal Brexit, 2019-01-09

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 1/63
Scope and Contents Sones discusses attempts by MPs to ensure that the UK will not leave the European Union with a no-deal. Over 220 MPs signed a letter trying to guarantee this. The no-deal letter was started by neighbouring Midlands MPs from opposite sides of the party divide, Dame Caroline Spelman, Conservative MP for Meriden and Jack Dromey, Labour MP for Birmingham Erdington who both said jobs had already been lost in their constituencies. Dromey tells Sones that MPs have to remain focused to do everything...
Dates: 2019-01-09

Interview with Heidi Allen MP on 'fortune Phil's' Budget and Brexit, 2018-10-30

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 1/51
Scope and Contents Allen, the MP for South Cambridgeshire speaks to Parliamentary Radio after Chancellor Philip Hammond produced a budget giving extra money to public services, such as health, defence and pot holes. Allen sits on the Work and Pensions Select Committee and says that Hammond has not done enough to redress the balance of austerity. Allen represents a strong remain constituency where people are employed in agriculture, a high tech industry and academia. She supports a Norway type deal embracing...
Dates: 2018-10-30

Interview with Helen Goodman, Labour MP for Bishop Auckland on a No-deal Brexit and Commons Procedures, 2019-09-04

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 2/14
Scope and Contents Sones interviews Goodman after Alexander 'Boris' Johnson's first Prime Minister Questions, Goodman thinks Johnson finds it more difficult than he lets on and was not a good performer at the Foreign Office. Jeremy Corbyn challenged Johnson on his 'do or die' attitude to leaving the European Union. Sones asks about Parliament taking control of the timetable for Brexit discussions and Jacob Rees-Mogg's act of 'sprawling' on the House of Commons' benches. Goodman speaks about Nicholas Soames and...
Dates: 2019-09-04

Interview with Helen Goodman MP: supporting Labour's new Brexit Bill Reasoned Amendment, 2018-06-06

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 1/31
Scope and Contents Goodman, Labour MP for Bishop Auckland talks about the announcement that Labour will be putting forward its own reasoned amendment on the Brexit Bill when all 15 Lords amendments will be debated in one day to ensure it does not have to support membership of the European Economic Area. This would have meant that the UK would remain part of the Single Market, but would also have to accept all of the four freedoms including the freedom of movement of people. Goodman represents a constituency...
Dates: 2018-06-06

Interview with Lucy Allen, Conservative MP, on Brexit and Health, 2019-10-24

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 2/22
Scope and Contents Allen asked the Prime Minister about her local hospital in Telford and the possibility about closure, Allen wants the Prime Minister's pledge for the NHS to be more than words. Sones and Allen speak about Johnson's focus on the NHS and levelling up the NHS across the country, particularly in places like Telford. Allen thinks that without a General Election, Parliament will continue to delay Brexit. Sones asks about abuse that Allen has faced, Allen speaks about how 'nasty' the 2017 General...
Dates: 2019-10-24

Interview with Rupa Huq, Labour MP for Ealing Central and Acton on Theresa May's legacy, 2019-06-07

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 2/9
Scope and Contents

Sones asks about May's legacy and the Withdrawal Agreement. Huq asked her about 'No Deal' Planning and how much Brexit has cost the public purse, May did not respond with a 'price-tag'. Huq argues that Brexit is costing the country 'everyday'. Sones and Huq discuss Labour's performance on Brexit and needing clarity on the customs union, single market and a people's vote on Theresa May's deal.

Dates: 2019-06-07

Interview with Rupa Huq Women and Brexit, 2018-09-04

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 1/41
Scope and Contents Huq, Labour MP for Ealing Central and Acton held a debate in Parliament's Westminster Hall to discuss the impact of 'Brexiting' the EU on women and their families. Huq believes that Brexit would affect women, particularly those in low paid caring jobs, who would also have to bear the brunt of any resulting economic downturn when many were already in insecure and low paid jobs. Conservative Minister Victoria Atkins responded to her concerns saying that the government would be conducting a...
Dates: 2018-09-04

Interview with Seema Malhotra MP: The Brexit Select Committee, 2018-09-13

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 1/43
Scope and Contents Malhotra, Labour MP for Feltham and Heston is a member of the Brexit Select Committee. She speaks to Sones after PMQs where the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had questioned Theresa May MP the Prime Minister on the issue of Universal Credit. Sones asks Malhotra whether she thought PMQs was too noisy, the response May gave and if the Brexit Select Committee was being effective. Malhotra stated that PMQs was so noisy, she could not hear Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and calls for the Government to...
Dates: 2018-09-13

Interview with Seema Malhotra MP: the Brexit Select Meeting and the Brexit fudge, 2018-10-10

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 1/48
Scope and Contents Malhotra, MP for Feltham and Heston sits on the Brexit Select Committee and took time to tell Parliamentary Radio who the Committee had heard evidence from and what kind of 'fudge' she thinks the country will end up with. She tried to ask Theresa May, the Prime Minister a question in PMQs, Malhotra says that by 2020 the Institute for Government has estimated that 4 billion pounds will have been spent on Brexit. Malhotra did not think a Royal Commission on Brexit should be set up but that the...
Dates: 2018-10-10

Interview with Sharon Hodgson, Labour MP for Washington and Sunderland West and Shadow Minister for Public Health on voting down the new Brexit Bill in a Leave voting constituency, 2019-11-05

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 2/23
Scope and Contents Sones asks about the Prime Minister's new Brexit Bill, Hodgson voted against the Reading and Programme because the Government tried to get it through Parliament without scrutiny. Hodgson believes the 'deal' was worse than the one that Theresa May brought to Parliament. Sones asks if it was difficult as Hodgson represents a 'leave voting' constituency, but Hodgson wants to vote for a deal that benefits her constituents whereas those offered to date simply try to appease the European Research...
Dates: 2019-11-05

Interview with Siobhain McDonagh MP: housing and the National Trust rent rises, proxy votes, Brexit and Antisemitism in the Labour Party, 2018-07-24

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 1/40
Scope and Contents

McDonagh, Labour MP for Mitcham and Morden speaks about being concerned with the National Trust's plans to increase their tenants' rent to market levels, believing that this will impact those with disabilities. Sones asks about the proxy voting row over the breaking of Liberal Democrat MP Jo Swinson's pairing arrangement while she was on maternity leave, McDonagh calls it a 'breach of trust'. On Brexit, McDonagh believes in a Peoples' Vote when the deal is known.

Dates: 2018-07-24

Interview with The Liberal Democrat Peer Baroness Shirley Williams and former Labour foreign office minister Denis McShane, 2018-04-23

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 1/23
Scope and Contents Williams and McShane speak to Parliamentary Radio about the @TutuFoundation #PeaceSummit2018 @RegentsUni in London. Sones and Williams are talking from the Desmond Tutu Peace Summit 2018, Sones asks about nationalism and Brexit. Williams agrees that we're going through a period of nationalism, but that the hope is the creation a global system of law. Williams and Sones discuss the importance of Brexit and the willingness to say that the process is not working. McShane is asked about...
Dates: 2018-04-23

Interview with Vicky Pryce, economist at CBR, on Philip Hammond's statement to the Commons and Brexit, 2018-03-15

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 1/14
Scope and Contents Pryce discusses Brexit and the economy, modest growth at the bottom of the G7 and G20. Hammond was optimistic in his speech about employment and the economy, Pryce questions how low paid these jobs are and supporting these with benefit payments. The fall in the pound and the Bank of England's expenditure to ensure that banks are lending has kept the economy going, but productivity has suffered. Sones asks about whether the country could have got to this point without austerity, Pryce argues...
Dates: 2018-03-15

Interviews with Helen Goodman MP and Sarah Wollaston MP: The Amendable Vote: A Second Referendum and a People's Vote or even another General Election? And the Stalking Protection Bill., 2018-11-28

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 1/57
Scope and Contents Goodman and Wollaston separately discuss the #Brexit Amendable Vote in December 2018. Goodman is the Labour MP for Bishop Auckland and she sits on the House of Commons Procedure Committee that decides how the proceedings in the House of Commons will be conducted when Theresa May's Withdrawal Bill is put to vote. The Committee decided the motion to approve the Bill would be fully amendable allowing MPs to suggest improvements to it. Goodman planned to vote against the Bill because she...
Dates: 2018-11-28

The Afterword, 2019-02-27 - 2019-03-25

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 1/68
Scope and Contents The interviews contained in the 'Afterword' are testimony to a chaotic time in Westminster. During this time, Sones captured eight more recordings about Brexit, Theresa May's Withdrawal Bill and the Brexit deadline extension. Sones was particularly focused on how Brexit had clouded the work that MPs do on other pressing issues such as knife crime, food insecurity and housing. Sones, alongside Jackie Ashley were able to secure interviews with two MPs from the newly formed Independent Group...
Dates: 2019-02-27 - 2019-03-25

Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement falls to a historic defeat in the House of Commons, interview with Justine Greening MP, Nicky Morgan MP and Stella Creasy and their solutions to the Brexit crisis, 2019-01-15

Reference Code: GBR/0014/SOBA 1/64
Scope and Contents

On January 15th 2019, Theresa May's Withdrawal Bill was defeated by 230 votes. It was the biggest defeat for any government bill in modern political history. Sones spoke to Conservative MP Nicky Morgan who voted with her government and Justine Greening MP. Sones also hears from Labour MP Stella Creasy who voted against as did most of her Labour colleagues. Morgan wants a Common Market 2.0 while Greening supports a second referendum. Theresa May is expected to survive a no confidence vote.

Dates: 2019-01-15

Transcript of interview: Alison Rose, 2023

Reference Code: GBR/0014/DOHP 227
Scope and Contents From the Fonds:

The programme comprises transcripts of interviews with senior diplomats.

Dates: 2023
Conditions Governing Access: From the Fonds: The collection is open for consultation by researchers using Churchill Archives Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge. Material in this collection is open to researchers unless otherwise marked in the catalogue.

Transcript of interview: Lord McDonald of Salford, 2021

Reference Code: GBR/0014/DOHP 199
Scope and Contents From the Fonds:

The programme comprises transcripts of interviews with senior diplomats.

Dates: 2021
Conditions Governing Access: From the Fonds: The collection is open for consultation by researchers using Churchill Archives Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge. Material in this collection is open to researchers unless otherwise marked in the catalogue.
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