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Subject Source: Local sources

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Evidences and writings remaining with Thomas Aldrich late Master of Bennet Coll: in Cambridge at the time of his death, 1576-02-18

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC02/M/17/37
Scope and Contents

The documents were passed by Thomas's father, John, to Richard Aunger in London on 12 February 1576 and delivered by Aunger t the college on February 18

Dates: 1576-02-18

'Forster donations'

Reference Code: GBR/0272/EMF/31/2
Scope and Contents

Series of 3" x 5" index cards listing 'Forster donations'. Found with a single sheet of autograph manuscript notes entitled 'Forster Books Article: Problems' made after E.M. Forster's death.
To request this envelope, please use the following call mark: 31/2/C


Forster's library and music collection, 1970

Reference Code: GBR/0272/EMF/31
Scope and Contents

This is a series of informal inventories providing information about E.M. Forster's library and music collections.

Dates: 1970
 Item — CCCC07/7

Inventarius bonorum Collegio spectantium, 1590-11-28 - 1623-02-03

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC07/7
Scope and Contents Inventories of college goods, 1592 to 1604 with frequent updatings.The last page bears a memorandum, by Samuel Walsall, Master 'that an Inventarie of the Colledge goods in the Master's Lodging, the buttrie, the kitchin, the Chappell, & of all the plate in the common chest, & in the Master's lodging, & in the custodie of Robert Gill, butler, was taken & renued according as it is sett down in one long book of parchment called Inventarium bonorum Collegij [viz. 07/8]...
Dates: 1590-11-28 - 1623-02-03
 Item — CCCC07/8

Inventories, etc., 1623-02-03 - 1847

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC07/8
Scope and Contents The inventories of 3 Feb. 1622/3 comprise the contents of the Master's lodge, utensils in the buttery, Kitchen, chapel, plate, plate in the Master's lodge, and plate in the buttery (with separate heads for beakers, pots, bowls, tankards, salts and spoons). Most of these categories were re-listed on 20 Feb. 1640/1 and 20 July 1670. and in 1712/3. Thereafter there are inventories for the kitchen in 1752, for plate in the butler's custody in 11757 and 1761, of plate and linen in the buttery...
Dates: 1623-02-03 - 1847
 Item — CCCC07/10

Inventories of plate, 1817-07-17 - 1900-02-09

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC07/10
Scope and Contents

Additions are noted to 1908. At the rear, among other notes, a list of college portraits (not including 'Marlowe').

Dates: 1817-07-17 - 1900-02-09
 Item — CCCC07/9

Inventories of plate, etc., 1707-01-29 - 1815

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC07/9
Scope and Contents Twenty-one complete inventories of plate, with notes of additions between inventories. Items sold in 1747 are listed three times; and the sales of 1756 and 1760 are also listed, as are occasional items at other dates.At the front notes on fees for leases, 1783.At the rear: notes on college estates, of fees for writings, extract from order books, an 'explanation of the college account Annuus valor sodalitiorum' and other notes on the accounts and on scholarships, etc. from the...
Dates: 1707-01-29 - 1815

Inventory of all such movable goods as be in the Treasure hutch of Corpus Christi College, 1574-02-13

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC07/2
Scope and Contents

The inventory was made in the presence of Norgate, Robert Sayr, Richard Willoughby and Robert Swett, fellows. Like 07/1 it is signed by Thomas Legge and may have been produced in the suit against Aldrich. Lightly annotated, perhaps by Norgate.
Besides plate the hutch contained a number of boxes of writings whose shapes and labels are given.

Dates: 1574-02-13

Inventory of college goods, prepared for Matthew Parker as incoming Master; annotated by Parker and signed by him., 1545

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC07/1
Scope and Contents

The inventory is also signed by Thomas Legge, indicating that it was produced as evidence in the college's case against Thomas Aldrich, cf. CCCC02/M/17/12.

Dates: 1545

Inventory of goods, cattle, etc., of Thomas Pyke distrained for arrears of rent due to CCCC., 1777-10-17

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC09/N4/16
Scope and Contents From the Fonds: The estate was purchased at Lady Day 1757 from Alderman Marshall for £888 on condition that the college should receive the rents from that time and pay 4% interest for the purchase money till the whole should be paid to Mr Marshall. £400 were advanced at Midsummer in part of the purchase, and the remaining £488 were paid at Christmas 1757. At the same time were paid £8 17s 6d, a quarter of year's interest of the whole sum, and £9 15s, half a year's interest on £488. Of the purchase money...
Dates: 1777-10-17

Inventory of goods, presumably of Edmund Tyrrell, 1627

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC02/M/23/18a
Scope and Contents

Very few items, comprising, besides a few items of clothing, £118 in good debts, £34 11s in desperate debts, £13 for the income of the chamber and the benefits to him for his fellowship. Butts adds a note of £35 in ready money left in his study.
Pinned to 18.

Dates: 1627

Inventory of implements in the gallery, great chamber and chamber where the treasure hutch of the college stands in the master's lodge, 1573-08-22

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC02/M/17/12
Scope and Contents

The inventory was made in the presence of Norgate, John Redman, Esquire Bedell, Richard Fletcher, Richard Willoughby and Thomas Gooch, Fellows and in signed by these. Notes also of receipt of some of these goods by Henry Aldrich and Harry Fenton.
Signature of Thomas Legge on dorse.

Dates: 1573-08-22

Inventory of possessions, 1915-04-23

Reference Code: GBR/0272/RCB/Xc/26
Scope and Contents

Inventory of Rupert Brooke's possessions and the contents of his haversack, made in his cabin after his death by W. Denis Browne and F.S. Kelly; with notes on 2 sketch maps of Skyros.

Dates: 1915-04-23

List by James Pulling of pictures, mostly in the lodge., 1865-11-29

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC07/21/1
Scope and Contents

Forty-six items in all in D[ining] R[oom], Hall, the school room,l the staircase, the ante-chapel room [Spencer Room], the pantry, the nursery and at [Robert] Roe's [engraver, print-seller, picture framer, etc.].
The list includes an unidentified portrait of a young man, in the school room, abd another unidentified portrait, 'much injured and out of frame' in the Ante-Chapel room.

Dates: 1865-11-29

List of grammophone records, 1970

Reference Code: GBR/0272/EMF/31/3
Scope and Contents

Typescript list of gramophone records in an unidentified hand [possibly a member of the Buckingham family], probably left with the Buckinghams in Coventry, or given to them. The list was probably given to King's College after E.M. Forster's death.
To request this document, please use the following call mark: 31/3/C

Dates: 1970

List of pictures in the lodge., 1879-08-19

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC07/21/2b
Scope and Contents

The pictures, 43 in all, are listed as in the entrance hall, the passage from the hall to the dining room, the passage at the foot of the strairs and the staircase, the dining room and the Spencer Room.
The list includes 7 unidentified and undated male portraits on panel including '1579 aet. Suae 23', but not 'aet. Suae 21 1585'.

Dates: 1879-08-19

Lists of books and manuscripts

Reference Code: GBR/0272/RCB/Xc/27
Scope and Contents

Manuscript lists by Edward Marsh and Mary Ruth Brooke of books owned by Rupert Brooke. These include lists of books taken by his friends and relatives as momentos and an incomplete list of his books and manuscripts at Grantchester.


Munby's list of books, 1970-06

Reference Code: GBR/0272/EMF/31/1
Scope and Contents

A.N.L. Munby's list of the books in E.M. Forster's rooms. Includes photocopies of several bookplates, dated inscriptions to be found among the books that were in E.M. Forster's personal library and an alphabetical list of volumes.
To request this box, please use the following call mark: 31/1/C

Dates: 1970-06

Partial list of portraits by reference to the Cambridge Antiquarian Society's exhibitions of portraits in 1884 and 1885., 1885 - 1913

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC07/21/3
Scope and Contents

At the foot is a list, by A. J. Wallis, Bursar 1899-1913, of items 'not on list "Copy for labels"'.
Endosed: Corpus labels.

Dates: 1885 - 1913
 File — NHPP 1/11/1/16

Two inventories of 'stuff' at The Christopher, 1575-04-09

Reference Code: GBR/0268/CCCC02/M/18/20
Scope and Contents The first list is of 'stuff remaining in the study . . . now in the custody and use of Robert Norgate, Master or keeper of CCCC', the second is 'of such parcels of stuff as were taken out of the study . . . and layde into the beddchamber in the same house . . . by Mr Cooke'. The first is sgned by Norgate.Both lists contain furniture and fittings and also books. The books and documents in the second list have a strongly Parkerian flavour, including, for example, a roll of writing in...
Dates: 1575-04-09