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Speeches: House of Commons and Non-House of Commons: Speech notes and source material., 04 Oct 1952 - 11 Dec 1952

Reference Code: GBR/0014/CHUR 5/49A-C

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Typescript for WSC's broadcast (4 October, London) entitled "King George VI Memorial Fund Appeal", on the national memorial for the King, his interest in children's welfare, funding a statue of the King and a foundation for the care of children and the elderly. Published: Complete Speeches VIII pp 8409 - 10.Speech notes, typescript and transcripts for WSC's speech (11 October, Conservative Annual Conference, the Spa, Scarborough [Yorkshire]) entitled "The First Year" on subjects including: the improvement in domestic affairs and Britain's international position; inevitable spending increases; work done by Conservative MPs; the expense of the Labour Government's rearmament programme; improved prospects for peace under a Government accused of war-mongering; false Labour predictions of mass strikes under a Conservative Government; the improvement of the housing programme under Harold Macmillan [later 1st Lord Stockton, Minister of Housing and Local Government] rather than Aneurin Bevan [former Labour Minister of Health]; repealing the Transport and Steel Nationalization Acts and the shaping of legislation by both Houses of Parliament; the distortion and inefficiency of the nationalized transport system and steel industry and the practical basis for the Conservative policy on steel; the danger of the Trade Unions becoming a political tool, and the benefits of Conservatives joining their Unions for relations between employers and employed; the foreign policy of an alliance with the United States against Communism; the Presidential elections in the United States; the Conservative recruitment campaign. Source material includes a draft typescript on reversing the nationalization of steel by Duncan Sandys, Minister of Supply. Published: Complete Speeches VIII pp 8410 - 18.Speech notes for WSC's speech (14 October, Pilgrims' Dinner to General Ridgway, Savoy Hotel [London]) entitled "NATO" on the alliance against Communist rule, tributes to General Dwight Eisenhower, Ridgway's predecessor [as Supreme Allied Commander, Europe] and 1st Lord Ismay [Secretary-General of NATO], hopes that NATO will unite Europe and the United States, both for peace and to increase the deterrent against aggression, and the scale of a Third World War as another deterrent against war. Published: Complete Speeches VIII pp 8418 - 19.Typescript for WSC's speech (28 October, Westminster) entitled "The Parliamentary Press Gallery" (for the unveiling of a commemorative panel) on subjects including the rebuilding of the House of Commons and the gallery, the skill and changes in Parliamentary reporting and the duty of the press to the public. Also includes a note from David Pitblado [Principal Private Secretary to WSC], reporting a message from George Christ [Parliamentary Liaison Officer, Conservative Party] on using the speech. Part published: Complete Speeches VIII pp 8421.Speech notes and typescript for WSC's speech (4 November, House of Commons) for the debate on the address, on subjects including: Private Members' bills; the Government's improved stability; bills to repeal the nationalization of transport and steel, and the harmful effects of nationalization; charges for land development; the Government's record over the previous year, including the improving economic situation; the forthcoming Conference of Commonwealth Prime Ministers, their common problems and aim of unrestricted trade. Source material includes notes on the work of the Secretary of State for the Co-ordination of Transport, Fuel and Power, 1st Lord Leathers, notes on improvements under the Conservatives, and work still to do, and draft speech notes on the fall in production. Also includes a note asking Duncan Sandys for amendments to the speech. Part published: Complete Speeches VIII pp 8422 - 9.Speech notes and typescript for WSC's speech (10 November, Lord Mayor's Banquet, Guildhall [London]) entitled '"The Common Interest of the Whole People"' on subjects including: the need for a continued effort for economic recovery; the Presidential elections in the United States; the dispersal of Western strength in Korea at the expense of European defence, and the issue of sending prisoners of war back to China by force; the protection of the Canal Zone in Egypt, and Britain's wish to help the new Egyptian Government; the death of Chaim Weizmann, late President of Israel; the growing unity of NATO, and the inclusion of Greece and Turkey; and the vital position of West Germany [later part of Germany] in European defence. Part published: Complete Speeches VIII pp 8429 - 32.Speech notes and typescript for WSC's speech (12 November, Westminster Hall [London]) entitled "Dedication of Memorial Window" in tribute to members of Parliament killed in the war. Part published: Complete Speeches VIII pp 8432 - 3.Typescript for WSC's speech (4 December, House of Commons) on a motion of censure brought by the Opposition on a point of Parliamentary procedure, in the debates on the Steel Bill and disturbances in Kenya, on accusations of Government incompetence and the difficult Parliamentary position. Source material includes a draft note for the speech by [?]Christopher Soames [Parliamentary Private Secretary to WSC]. Part published: Complete Speeches VIII pp 8435 - 44.Speech notes for WSC's speech (11 December, Commonwealth Economic Conference [London]) on the conclusion of the conference, taking stock of the economic position of the Commonwealth, and the need for closer economic and political ties with the United States and Europe. Part published: Complete Speeches VIII pp 8444 - 5.


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