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Speeches: House of Commons and Non-House of Commons: Speech notes and source material., 15 Nov 1949 - 30 May 1951

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Speech notes for WSC's speech (10 April 1951, House of Commons) entitled "Budget Proposals and Economic Survey" on the results of devaluation, the Government's use of high taxation to meet the cost of rearmament instead of curbing spending, and the general mismanagement of the economy. Source material includes notes by "Prof" [1st Lord Cherwell, earlier F A Lindemann] on subjects including the balance of trade, British war debts and the inadvisability of consulting the Empire over the British economy. Published: Complete Speeches VIII pp 8178 - 80.Speech notes for WSC's speech (16 April 1951, Sheffield [Yorkshire]) entitled "'Graver Dangers Loom in Europe' (Korean War)" on subjects including: a tribute to Ernest Bevin [former Foreign Secretary]; Sheffield's contribution to the war effort; the good news of North Korea asking for peace terms; the major share borne by the United States in the Korean War; the future safety of the world depending on unity between Britain and the United States. Also includes unused notes on the Sheffield steel works, and their part in producing aircraft and naval material, bombs, mulberry floating piers, Churchill tanks, magnet mines, midget submarines and jet engines. Part published: Complete Speeches VIII pp 8180 - 1.Speech notes for WSC's speech (17 April 1951, Cutler's Feast, Sheffield) entitled "Never Despair" on WSC's last speech at a Cutler's Feast and the need for unity and strength then and now, Sheffield's history of pioneering craftsmanship in industry and steel, and the need for individual effort and free enterprise and the threat to this from the Steel Board and party politics. Source material includes: extracts from Sheffield newspapers reporting WSC's speeches there in 1912 and 1938, on the Empire's debt to Sheffield and the insufficiency of air defences; notes from Sir Andrew Duncan [Chairman of the Executive Committee of the British Iron and Steel Federation]; press cuttings from the Times, Daily Express and Kansas City Times on the end of Douglas MacArthur's command [as Commander in Chief of United Nations Forces in Korea]; notes from George Christ [Parliamentary Liaison Officer, Conservative Party] for the speech and on WSC's previous visits to Sheffield; notes on the dispute between Britain and the United States over Korea; notes on Sheffield and its steel industry. Also includes notes on the reaction of Socialist leaders to WSC's visit. Published: Complete Speeches VIII pp 8181 - 2.Speech notes, typescript and Hansard for WSC's speech (19 April 1951, House of Commons) entitled "North Atlantic (Supreme Commander)" on subjects including: the dangers of submarines and mines in a war against the Soviet Union; the shock caused by an American admiral being put in overall command of the Atlantic, including the British fleet; British and Canadian wartime experience of submarines and mines being greater than American experience; the lack of interest shown by the Prime Minister [Clement Attlee] in maintaining naval power; wartime overall commands; the potential size of the British, American and other North Atlantic Pact naval forces, including the Mercantile Marine; command of the Mediterranean; the harm done by the dissolution of the Combined British and American Chiefs of Staff Committee; the lack of need for a Supreme Commander of the Atlantic. Source material includes: a copy of a letter from Admiral Sir Percy Noble [Commander in Chief, Western Approaches, 1941-2] on the lack of need for a Supreme Commander; copies of Hansard for the foreign affairs debate in the House of Lords, 28 February and 1 March; notes by [George] Gordon Allen amending WSC's draft; figures for the United States and British Merchant Navy. Also includes a list by Allen of likely questions to be asked. Published: Complete Speeches VIII pp 8183 - 95.Speech notes for WSC's speech (27 April 1951, Grand Habitation of the Primrose League, Albert Hall, London) entitled "'Our Race and Destiny"' on the results of the Government's incompetence and clinging on to power, the resignation of 3 ministers [Aneurin Bevan, Harold Wilson and John Freeman] over rearmament, the harm done by the loss of close contact between the British Prime Minister and United States President, in anti-British feeling in the United States, and the need for unity with the United States and within Britain, to be achieved by bringing on an election. Also includes a programme for the meeting and a draft for part of a speech by Oliver Lyttelton [later 1st Lord Chandos] on the ministerial resignations and food subsidies. Published: Complete Speeches VIII pp 8195 - 7.Speech notes, typescript and extract from Hansard for WSC's speech (10 May 1951, House of Commons) entitled "Exports to China" on subjects including: WSC's former acceptance of recognition for Communist China, but Britain's mistake in giving isolated recognition, particularly after the condemnation of China by the United Nations; the priority of European defence as a reason for not getting too involved in China and Korea; the increasing war between the United States and China, leading to friction over Britain's recognition of China; the losses of the United States, its support for Europe and Britain, and the risk of invasion of Europe by the Soviet Union; the export of raw materials, particularly rubber, to China from Britain and the colonies. Source material includes: press cuttings from the Times and Manchester Guardian on trade with China; press reports of statements by Emanuel Shinwell [Minister of Defence] on the removal of General Douglas MacArthur [as Commander in Chief of United Nations Forces in Korea], with a note from Shinwell; notes by Henry Hopkinson [later 1st Lord Colyton, head of Conservative Party Secretariat] on the Foreign Affairs Committee's views on China, and WSC's speech on China in 1949 [see CHUR 5/28]; notes from 1st Lord Cherwell [earlier F A Lindemann] on WSC's views on recognition for China, and misleading Government figures on exports to China; the Conservative Research Department brief on relations with China (May 1950), and the Conservative Party Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee brief on Korea (July 1950). Also includes notes by William Deakin on the subject of the "unconditional surrender" of Germany, agreed between Britain and the United States, 1943 - 44 [see also CHUR 5/28, and an additional copy at CHUR 4/57]. Published: Complete Speeches VIII pp 8197 - 8207.Speech notes and typescript for WSC's speech (18 May 1951, Scottish Unionist Association Annual Conference, Green's Playhouse, Glasgow [Scotland]) entitled "The Conservative Case" on subjects including: the past year, including the Korean War and the part played by the United States in Korea and in the defence of Western Europe; the Government's hostility to the United States; the prolonged electioneering period; Government incompetence and arrogance; the Conservative aims of preserving peace with the English speaking world and a united Europe and addressing the housing shortage; the Government mismanagement of the economy, including the rising cost of living, devaluation, over-spending and high taxation; the Conservative aim of ending and if possible reversing nationalization; links between Britain and Scotland; the Government's poor handling of foreign affairs, including the export of rubber to China, the United States having supreme command of the Atlantic, with Britain aiming for command of the Mediterranean, soured relations with Egypt, and the threatened seizure of the Anglo-Persian oil fields [Iran]. Source material includes notes on points to be discussed by the conference, including Highland development, the cost of living, and the extension of wartime economic controls separate from Parliament. Also includes a copy of the conference programme. Published: Complete Speeches VIII pp 8207 - 14.Speech notes giving subject headings for WSC's speech (30 May 1951, Carlton Club dinner [London]) on Britain's declining prestige abroad and faltering economy since the war, and on the chances of an election.


  • Creation: 15 Nov 1949 - 30 May 1951

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