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Speeches: House of Commons and Non-House of Commons: Speech notes and source material., 11 Aug 1950 - 19 Sep 1950

Reference Code: GBR/0014/CHUR 5/37A-D

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Speech notes, typescript and transcript of WSC's speech (11 August, Consultative Assembly of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg [France]) entitled "European Unity and a European Army" on subjects including: the need for a European Assembly to remain in close contact with European governments and parliaments; the gradual process of building up the European Parliament; guidance to be given to governments on issues such as the Schuman Plan [for the European Coal and Steel Community]; support for the intervention by the United Nations in Korea; the military future of Western Europe, including West Germany [later part of Germany]; the threat to a disarmed Europe from the Soviet Union, the nuclear deterrent and Soviet success since the war; proposals for a European Army. Source material includes notes from Harold Macmillan [later 1st Lord Stockton] on fears in Europe, German concerns about their rearmament and outlines for a European Army. Published: Complete Speeches VIII pp 8065 - 9.Speech notes for WSC's speech (12 August, Nancy [France]) on his award of honorary citizenship of Nancy, reviving the future of Europe and the need for closer unity to prevent another war. Also includes the menu for a dinner in honour of WSC, and information pamphlets on Nancy.Speech notes and typescript for WSC's broadcast (26 August, Chartwell [Kent]) entitled "The Peril in Europe and Korea" on subjects including: the Government's huge proposed rise in defence spending without proper consultation; the mishandling both of troops sent to Korea and of defence in general, including selling off British jet fighters and sending machine tools to the Soviet Union; Germans serving in a European Army and the threat of Communist forces in Europe, including the Soviet atom bomb; the need for Britain to unite against the danger, and if necessary vote in a new Government. Source material includes: notes from Lettice Marston [later Lettice Shillingford] and "N S" [Jo Sturdee, later Lady Onslow], WSC's secretaries, passing on comments on the draft broadcast, on subjects including the timing of the decision by the Prime Minister [Clement Attlee] to send troops from Hong Kong to Korea; a letter from Mark Chapman-Walker, Conservative and Unionist Central Office Chief Publicity Officer, on countering Government claims that WSC is making party political points out of a national crisis; comments by Anthony Eden [later 1st Lord Avon] on the broadcast. Published: Complete Speeches VIII pp 8069 - 73.Speech notes giving subject headings for WSC's speech (7 September, House of Commons) entitled "Defence (Government Proposals)" on subjects including: supporting the Government resolution on defence plans, not the Government itself; the general mismanagement of defence; the Labour Party and Trades Union Congress vote against Communism; the Government's "Three Year Plan" for defence and the need for longer National Service, being imposed without proper consultation; the slowness of the Government response in sending troops to Korea; the continued export of machine tools to the Soviet Union; the need for a European Army, including German troops. Source material includes speech notes from WSC's speech (1 December 1948, House of Commons) on the National Service Bill (see CHUR 5/22), and notes by George Christ [Parliamentary Liaison Officer, Conservative Party] and [?] Gerald Blunt [Conservative Central Office] on the speech, including not singling out India and Pakistan as importers of machine tools, and the National Service call-up. Published: Complete Speeches VIII pp 8073 - 83.Speech notes for WSC's speech (13 September, House of Commons) entitled "Field Marshal Smuts" in tribute to Jan Smuts, including WSC's first meeting with him in the Boer War, his part in framing the Transvaal Constitution, links between Britain and South Africa, his support for WSC in the Second World War, and his personal qualities. (See also CHUR 5/34). Published: Complete Speeches VIII pp 8083 - 5.Speech notes, typescript and extract from Hansard for WSC's speech (19 September, House of Commons) entitled "Iron and Steel" on subjects including: Conservative and Liberal support for Government defence measures for the sake of national unity; the Government imposing legislation on the nation; the good record of the steel industry for production and industrial relations; the timing of nationalization, and resistance from the Trades Union Congress; Conservative opposition to competitive public ownership; the bad effects of nationalization on the industry and defence; the poor start of the new Iron and Steel Corporation; the advantages if British representatives had gone to the conference on the Schuman Plan [for the European Coal and Steel Community]; Conservative and Liberal policy on iron and steel. Source material includes an extract from the report of the Trades Union Congress on nationalization, a letter from Sir Andrew Duncan [Chairman of the Executive Committee of the British Iron and Steel Federation], commenting on the speech, and also Duncan's annotated version of the speech. Published: Complete Speeches VIII pp 8085 - 94.


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