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Speeches: speech notes., Jul 1944 - 16 Feb 1948

Reference Code: GBR/0014/CHUR 5/16A-D

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Speech notes for WSC's speech (23 January 1948, House of Commons) on the foreign affairs debate including: support for the Labour government's foreign policy; affairs and events in various countries including Greece, Italy and the United States; his predictions of the Cold war in his Fulton speech ["The Sinews of Peace" see CHUR 5/4A-B] and the need for reconciliation between France and Germany at Zurich ["The Tragedy of Europe", see CHUR 5/8]; criticism of a speech by Herbert Morrison, Lord President of the Council; the possibility of war with the Soviet Union; atomic weapons; and the dangers of communism. Source material includes: a memorandum from the Conservative and Unionist Central office on communism and socialism and on Germany; notes on British and Italian battleships and events in Greece; notes from Elizabeth Gilliatt [Secretary to WSC] and Lettice Marston [later Lettice Shillingford, Secretary to WSC]; press cuttings about Europe; correspondence from Henry Hopkinson [later 1st Lord Colyton] Head of the Conservative Parliamentary Secretariat on the United Europe movement, Herbert Morrison on rearmament; and notes for a speech by Anthony Eden [later 1st Lord Avon]. Published: Complete Speeches VII, pp 7581-90.Speech notes for WSC's broadcast (14 February 1948, London) on behalf of the Conservative Party entitled "A New Parliament" including: a statement by the Chancellor of the Exchequer [Sir Stafford Cripps] on economic affairs; the United Europe movement; criticism of the Labour government's policy on various issues including the nationalisation of the steel industry, financial issues and the spending of a loan from the United States, state control; and on the need for a new parliament. Source material includes: correspondence from Reginald Maudling (3) of the Conservative Party Secretariat on issues such as food prices, subsidies and the political situation and with suggestions for the speech, 1st Lord Cherwell [earlier Frederick Lindemann] on imports and exports; notes from Elizabeth Gilliatt [Secretary to WSC]; notes on Valentine's Day; and a copy of the Listener (dating to 5 February 1948) including an article by Maurice Webb, Chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party responding to comments by 1st Lord Woolton [earlier Frederick Marquis Chairman, Conservative and Unionist Central Office]. Published: Complete Speeches VII, pp 7590-93.Speech notes for WSC's speech (16 February 1948, House of Commons) on the representation of the people bill including: the voting system; the need for fair representation; and his opposition to the measures proposed for the City of London and the University franchise. Source material includes: notes of quotes by 1st Lord Pethick-Lawrence (dating to 1944); notes on the constitutions of universities; printed pamphlets including a letter from Douglas Clifton-Brown [later 1st Lord Ruffside] to WSC on electoral reform (dating to July 1944), a paper by Sir George Broadbridge on the City and Parliament, and proposals for redistribution by the boundary commission; copies of Hansards (dating between October 1944 and February 1947) on subjects including the redistribution of seats; a section of a speech by WSC reflecting on the 1945 election; correspondence from Patrick Buchan-Hepburn [later 1st Lord Hailes], Conservative Chief Whip, Osbert Peake [later 1st Lord Ingleby] and Iain Macleod, Head of the Home Affairs Research Department of the Conservative Party. Published: Complete Speeches VII, pp 7594-603.


  • Creation: Jul 1944 - 16 Feb 1948

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