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Public and Political: General: Private and Personal: Correspondence with Bernard Baruch., 06 Oct 1945 - 06 Jul 1956

Reference Code: GBR/0014/CHUR 2/210A-B

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Correspondence between WSC and Baruch on subjects including: relations between the West and the Soviet Union; growing isolationism and deficit finance in the United States; the Soviet Union's resources; British nationalization; tributes to Baruch; the coronation; the need to complete NATO and a political settlement in Europe at the Bermuda Conference (1953); nuclear warfare; the export of gold by the Soviet Union; the West's attitude to Eastern Europe; the effect of Konrad Adenauer's re-election as Federal Chancellor of Germany; WSC taking the lead in uniting Europe; Stalin's admiration for WSC; Baruch's political position; the colonial problems of France; the disadvantages of nationalization in Germany; conflicting British and American policies in the Middle East and Cyprus; the Presidential elections (1956); the Anglo-American Loan; Baruch's role on the United Nations Atomic Committee; Baruch's attitude to Harry Hopkins [late assistant to President Franklin Roosevelt]; price controls and rationing; American dislike of the Labour Government in Britain; the Marshall Plan; chances of war with the Soviet Union; WSC's visit to the United States to speak at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on "The World in Mid-Century" (31 March 1949); the British economic crisis.Other correspondents include: Bernard Baruch junior (7); Herbert Swope on subjects including a memorial to Baruch (13); Eleanor Roosevelt; Alan Davidson, British Embassy, Washington; James Killian junior, President, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Donald Logan [Private Secretary to the Foreign Secretary]; Harold Macmillan [later 1st Lord Stockton, Foreign Secretary]; [Clement Attlee], Prime Minister, on the Anglo-American Loan; Walter Graebner [London representative], Time-Life International; Randolph Churchill (2); Anthony Eden [later 1st Lord Avon] on reducing price controls; Brendan Bracken; Irving Olds, Chairman, Cooper Union [for advancement of science and arts] (3); Sir Alan Lascelles [Private Secretary to King George VI]; Roy Harrod on his biography of 1st Lord Keynes. Also includes notes and correspondence by Elizabeth Navarro, Baruch's secretary, CSC, Denis Kelly [WSC's literary assistant], Christopher Soames and John Colville, WSC's Private Secretaries, and "N S" [Jo Sturdee, later Lady Onslow], Lettice Marston [later Lettice Shillingford], Elizabeth Gilliatt, Jane Portal [later Lady Williams of Elvel], Grace Hamblin and Gillian Maturin, WSC's secretaries.Also includes: press cutting from Look with an article by Baruch on hopes for peace; Baruch's testimony before the Senate Banking and Currency Committee on the economic effects of mobilizing for the Korean War; text of an article on an interview with WSC by Earl Wilson; text of speech by Baruch to the Naval War College on broadening the National Security Council (31 March 1950); press cuttings on the 1950 General Election; Baruch's pamphlet on international control of atomic energy; text of Baruch's speech to the Virginia Military Institute on global defence and General George Marshall (15 May 1951); Baruch's testimony before the Preparedness Investigating subcommittee of the Senate Armed Services Committee (1952); press cutting from the New York Times on the Baruch housing project; plan of the memorial to Baruch; press cuttings from the Times on racism in Britain; outline for book by Morris Rosenbloom on Baruch's contribution to world security, including text of the epilogue by Eleanor Roosevelt, and galley proofs on economic preparedness for war; Baruch's review of "Triumph and Tragedy", volume 6 of "The Second World War"; text of Baruch's article on WSC's Nobel Prize for Literature, and his piece for a book of tributes for WSC's 80th birthday; memoranda by Baruch on the Soviet Union selling gold to pay for arms (1953) and on Japan selling gold (1939); lists of correspondence between WSC and Baruch for Baruch's papers, 1939-1952; pamphlet of the Congress Banking and Currency Committee on the extension of emergency price controls; text of Baruch's speech to the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission (1946); text of Baruch's speech to Union College on statutory amendments to natural laws (1937); memorandum on the British financial crisis (1949); proofs and press cutting of editorials on WSC by James Cox.


  • Creation: 06 Oct 1945 - 06 Jul 1956

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