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Miscellaneous correspondence, 1834 - 1912

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Scope and Contents

(1) Correspondence, 1834-1895

Correspondence regarding J.C. Adams and other subjects, as follows:

Index to correspondence, 1895.

C. Taylor's suggestion of a memorial to J.C. Adams at Westminster Abbey, 1892.

D. McAlister's proposal for a publication of J.C. Adams's papers, with lists of important correspondence, 1892-1893.

Notes on correspondence in the Royal Observatory records regarding the search for Neptune, 1834.

Notes from J.F.W. Hershel's letter in 'The Athenaeum', 1846.

G.B. Airy's suggestion that a search be made for an undiscovered planet, 1846.

Two undated copies of J. Challis's 'Account of observations taken in search of Neptune' from 'Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical Society', Vol. XVI.

A. d'Abbadie on distrust of spirit levels, 1893.

Letter of thanks from N. Bowdry, 1894.

Request from T.E. Ashworth for W.H.M. Christie's autograph, 1894.

(2) Personal correspondence, 1904-1912

Personal correspondence, letters A-Z, with an index, covering the following subjects:

W. Airy identifying a plaster cast of Sir George Airy's head made by a phrenologist, 1911.

Obituary notice for C. André, 1912.

Arrangements to photograph and make a copy of a portrait of J. Bradley in the Bodleian Library, Burlington House, in honour of A.V. Auwers's 25 years as Professor of Astronomy at Berlin, 1911. There are extensive notes on the painting and letters from H. Struve, H.H. Turner, F.W. Dyson and J.R. Harrison.

Proposed photographic album for H.G.V.D.S. Bakhuyzer and assistance from the Royal Observatory, 1908.

Photograph of Judge Baylis and his wish to give an astronomy medal to Harrow School, 1908.

Obituary notices for P.E.F. Lecoq de Boisbourdron and E. Becker, 1912.

Notice of the deaths of L. and B. Boss, 1912.

Appeal on behalf of J. Cleland, 1909.

Announcement of the death of A. Charlois, 1910.

French appeal on behalf of G. Darboux's 50 years of service, undated.

Obituary notice for F. Erk, 1909.

Subscribers to the Sir M. Foster portrait, 1907.

Obituary notice for J.A. Fraissinet, 1909.

Silver Jubilee of the French Astronomical Society, 1911.

Short biography of Mrs W.P. Fleming by A.J. Cannon, 1911.

Obituary notice for A.J.E. Fouillée, 1912.

Obituary notices for Madame E. Gautier, E.V. Gothard, F.P. Gautier and J.G. Galle, 1907-1910.

Appeal on behalf of G. Giraird and conditions for the Civil Service Benevolent Fund, 1912.

Preparations, arrangements and subscriptions for the Sir William Huggins Portrait Fund and requests for copies of the portrait, 1904-1907. The correspondents include Lord Rosse, H.H. Turner, F.W. Dyson and H.W. Green.

Obituary notice for T.J.E. Flamy, 1908.

Meteorological photograph album for J. Hann's 70th birthday, 1910.

Obituary notice for P.J.C. Janssen, 1907.

Fund to honour W. Jack's retirement, 1909.

Memorial to P.J.C. Janssen, 1911.

Obituary notices for F.M. Karlinski, Lt. Kreutz, and A. Krossnow, 1906-1907.

Notice of the deaths of S.P. Langley and M. Loewy, 1906-1907.

Proposed memorial to Joseph Lister, 1912.

Appeal for funds to restore I. Newton's old school at Grantham, 1908.

Announcement and obituary from 'The Times' on S. Newcomb's death, 1909.

Obituary notice for J.M. Pernter, 1908.

Proposed memorial and restoration of the Revd James Pound's grave at Wanstead. 1909. There are letters from A.P. Wire, W.H.M. Christie, H.P. Hollis and others.

Obituary notice for J.H. Poincaré, 1912.

Obituary notices for J. Roberts, G. Rayet, A. Poulsen, E. Ristor A.C. Rutch and S. Riefler, 1904-1912.

Award of the Companion of the Imperial Service Order to E. Roberts, 1907.

Obituary notice for A. Sorel, 1906.

Enquiry about the life of Sir J. South by M.S. Moore, 1906.

Obituary notice for M. Snellen, 1907.

Obituary notice for G. Schiaperelli, 1910.

Obituary notice for C. Trepied, 1907.

Proposed scheme for scientific books for the blind, 1907.

Enquiry from J.R. Tyrell regarding Philip Turner, 1909.

Obituary notices for C. Todd from Australian newspapers, 1910.

Enquiry from M.C. Tiarks regarding his great-uncle, 1910.

Obituary notice for F.J.C. Terby, 1911.

Obituary notice for H.C. Vogel, 1907.

Wharton memorial fund, 1907.

Enquiry from M. Palmer on the whereabouts of F. Wollaston's observations of comets, 1912.

Obituary notice for C.A. Young, 1908.

Obituary notice for C.T. Zona, 1910.

(3) Miscellaneous correspondence, 1878-1891

Correspondence, letters G-L, covering the following subjects:

Personal correspondence between A. Gautier and Sir George Airy, 1880.

E.J.A. Gautier's note on the 1874 transit of Venus, 1883.

Letter from D. Gill congratulating Christie on his wedding and discussing the internal politics of the Royal Astronomical Society, his nomination for the Royal Society and the condition of his wife, 1882.

Requests from W. Sidgreaves and J. Fallorofield to see D. Gill in London, 1891.

Undated appeal on behalf of the late A. Goodwin.

Correspondence with B.A. Gould regarding comparisons between observed declinations of stars at the Cape and Melbourne observatories, difficulties in communications and the Cordoba General Catalogue, 1882-1886.

Correspondence with R. Grant regarding the Ten-Year Star Catalogue, 1890.

Request by R. Grant for a grant for a telescope, 1892.

Enquiry by J .Gray regarding gold watches, 1893.

Correspondence concerning a meeting with H. Grubb, 1888.

Correspondence concerning a memorial fund for Dr F. Guthrie, 1886.

Restoration of John Harrison's tomb and an account of his life in the 'City Press', 1880.

Discussion by J. Rutland of an article on Sir William Hershel by Sir George Airy, 1881.

J.R. Hind on occultations at the Cape Observatory, 1884.

Correspondence between W. Huggins and W.H.M. Christie regarding photographic plates of comets, a new process for reproducing drawings, a proposed medal for W. Huggins, adjustments to mirrors in the Greenwich transit circle, the secretaryship of the Royal Astronomical Society, motion and construction of nebulae, pendulum observations and star charts, 1882-1890.

Note by G.G. Stokes concerning a fund sent to W. Huggins, 1889.

Correspondence concerning the loan of a portrait of W. Huggins and a drawing of a star cloud by Mrs Huggins, 1889.

Correspondence between W. Huggins and H.H. Turner concerning mezzotints, induction coils, collimator adjustment and photographic plates, with an extract from 'The Times' on solar physics, 1890-1891.

Correspondence regarding a memorial fund for Henry Jackson, 1889.

International memorial to J.P. Toule, 1890.

Letter of introduction from D. Batchelor and a plea for work for his deaf brother, 1887.

Correspondence regarding a leaving gift for S.W. Jackson, 1889.

Request for support for V.B. Kenett for his election to the Athenaeum Club, 1884.

Appeal on behalf of King's College, London, 1886.

Correspondence between E.B. Knobel and W.H.M. Christie concerning the positions of Secretary and Treasurer at the Royal Astronomical Society, 1883-1890.

Enquiries by B. Lambert, 1889-1890, concerning mending clocks, luminous paint and an eclipse of 1889.

Enquiry by E. Leger concerning repairs and adjustments to the Orwell Park equatorial telescope, 1890.

Proposal by M. Frizeau to build a statue of U.J.J. Le Verrier and thoughts on the proposal by Sir George Airy and A.C. Ranyard, 1878.

Plans for the publication of correspondence between Sir George Airy and U.J.J. Le Verrier, 1878.

Enquiry by Miss Layard about a portrait of John Dollond, 1887.

Acknowledgement from Sir George Airy to M. Lloyd, 1878.

Acknowledgement from Sir George Airy to J.N. Lockyer, 1878.

Errors on a paper by J.N. Lockyer, 1890.

Offer from J.W. Lubbock to contribute to the 'Modern Scientific Series', 1890.

J. and M. Longridge on the attempt to find a position for C.H. Brooks as a mathematician, 1883,

Publication of 'Celestial Motions' by W.J. Lynn, 1884.

Comments on proper motion and star catalogues by W.J. Lynn, 1887.

News of the death of W. Lassell from Jane Lassell and W. Huggins and W. Lassell's obituary in the 'Daily News', 1880.

Obituary announcements for M. Fieuez, E. Gautier, J.C.H. de Lehaie, L.A. Quetelet and J.B.J. Laigre, 1888-1891.

(4) Miscellaneous correspondence, 1878-1893

Correspondence, letters S-W, with an index, covering the following subjects:

Request for names by R.H. Scott, 1883.

Request from J. Service for information about J. Dunlop's life, 1883.

Invitations to visit Captain Shaw, 1886-1888.

Personal correspondence from W. Sidgreaves, 1890.

Request from H. Smith for support for J.M. Dyer's application for the headmastership of St Dunstan's College, 1888.

Comments by C.P. Smyth regarding the presentation of the Greenwich Report, 1882.

Reference by C.P. Smyth on behalf of J.B. Forgan, 1889.

Comments by C.P. Smyth on the Royal Observatory reports, 1889-1892.

William Spottiswoode memorial fund, 1884.

G.G. Stokes on Christie's application to join the Athenaeum Club, 1886.

H.H. Turner to G.G. Stokes concerning W.L. Christie and the Weights and Measures Board, 1889.

Portrait appeal on behalf of G.G. Stokes, 1890.

Enquiry made to E.J. Stone regarding extra copies of 'Tables for star corrections', 1890.

Subscription for $5 from D.P. Todd to the 'Observatory', 1882.

Personal correspondence between Sir George Airy and P. Valpicelli, 1878.

Correspondence between G.C. Tupman and Sir George Airy concerning the transit of Venus, 1881.

Enquiry from S.O.C. Potter about G. Tupman's address, 1891.

H. Osborne on the announcement of the funeral of C.V. Walker and the arrangements for the funeral, 1882.

Covering letter by E.A.L. Ward describing curious occultations, 1885.

E. Wartman on the fortieth anniversary of E. Plantamour's accession to the Presidency of Astronomy at Geneva, 1879.

Enquiry by W.R. O'Byrne concerning Christie's grandfather, 1887.

Request from C. Voysey for his son to see the Liverpool Observatory, 1888.

Obituary announcements for F. Olivier, F. Osnaghi, F. Perner, C. Pujazon, C. Respighi, E. Schoenfield, J.S. Stas, E.J. Vincent, Frau Wielhaver and W. Weber, 1888-1893.

(5) Correspondence listed by topic, 1876-1893

E.B. Knobel's resignation of the Secretaryship and Presidency of the Royal Astronomical Society and minutes of a similar circumstance in 1876, 1891-1892.

Criticism of the Royal Astronomical Society Council and condemnation of that criticism by J.F. Tennant and Christie, 1891.

Report of the Instrument Committee, 1890.

Suggestion by Sir George Airy and J.R. Hind to nominate A. Möller for a medal, 1880.

Enquiry by D. Gill as to whether he has won a medal, 1882.

Discussions on the absorption and reflection of light by C. Pritchard, 1884.

Proposal for a medal for sidereal photometry to be given to E.C. Pickering, 1884.

Suggestion that W. Huggins should get a medal for doing similar work to E.C. Pickering, 1884.

Sonnet to C. Pritchard, 1886.

Condemnation by R.A. Proctor in the 'Newcastle Weekly Chronicle' of Christie's nominations for medals, 1880.

Discussion between J.F. Tennant and Christie concerning the wording of J.C. Adams's eulogy, 1892.

Enquiry by E.B. Nobel regarding lunar computations, 1888.

Covering letters by E.B. Knobel for D. Gill, 1888.

Congratulatory letter to B. Loewy for his award of a gold medal, 1889.

Obituary notice for R.A. Proctor by E.B. Knobel, 1889.

Comments by Christie on Freeman's paper on a form of equatorial telescope, 1889.

Letter of condolence to Mrs De La Rue, 1889.

J.R. Reid's letter to 'The Times' regarding a solar eclipse, 1889.

Vote of congratulations to O. Struve from W. Huggins, 1889.

Apologies by E.B. Knobel for his absence at meetings, 1889.

E.B. Knobel's thoughts on the bye-law concerning deferred questions and a proposed change in the time of meetings, with comments by Christie and J.F. Tennant, 1890.

E.J. Stone on remuneration for computation of ephemerides of satellites, 1882.

Covering letter from E.B. Knobel for a prospectus, 1891.

E.B. Knobel's request for information on a 'nebular line' for the 1891 Report.

List by W.H. Wesley of Greenwich publications held at the Royal Astronomical Association, 1889.

H.H. Turner's enquiry over a mezzotint by Graham and Bird and a request for memoirs, 1890.

Forwarding of papers to Greenwich by mistake and inaccuracies in diagrams by W.H. Wesley, 1891.

Proposal by E.B. Knobel to close the Royal Astronomical Society Library on every first and third Saturday in the month, 1888.

Negatives of the solar eclipse, August 1887, received from Tokyo Observatory to be engraved and correspondence between Christie and E.B. Knobel, 1888.

Correspondence between W. Huggins, Christie and A.A. Common regarding publishing names of the Photographic Committee, 1888.

Presentation of P. Tacchini's book on 'Total Solar Eclipses', 1888.

Stereotyping of General J.F. Tennant's tables of the positions of observations by E.B. Knobel, 1888.

Offer from Sir E.W. Watkins of the summit of Mount Snowdon for an observatory, 1889.

Funds granted to Mrs West from letters by J.F. Tennant, E.B. Knobel and Christie, 1891-1893.

E.J. Spitta on the quick dissemination of astronomical data.


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