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Correspondence on meteorological instruments, 1880 - 1909

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Correspondence with J.F. Campbell concerning sunshine recordings, including traces on green card from a solar-recording instrument and diagrams, 1881-1883.

Correspondence with D. Winstanley, 1881, concerning his instrument for recording the duration and intensity of sunshine, including:

1. 'A facsimile of a record of the duration of sunshine made by the Apparatus Winstanley'.

2. 'Winstanley's Radiograph: an instrument which records continuously both the duration and the intensity of the sunshine'.

3. 'Winstanley's apparatus for recording the duration of the sunshine'.

4. 'Facsimile of a trace made at Douglas, Isle of Man, by the Radiograph of Winstanley 1879 November 7', two copies.

5. Extract from the 'Philosophical Magazine', 5 November 1880: 'The Radiograph' by D. Winstanley.

6. Extract from 'Engineering Magazine', November 1880: 'Air-Thermometers' by D. Winstanley.

7. Extract from the 'Manx Sun', 8 May 1880: 'A trap to catch the sunbeams'.

8. Extract from 'Engineering Magazine', 15 October 1880: 'Winstanley's Recording Radiograph'.

9. Photograph of Winstanley's radiograph standing on a table.

10. Photograph of Winstanley's radiograph in a garden in use.

Correspondence with C. Piazzi Smyth, 1880, concerning the whereabouts of two black bulb thermometers loaned to the Teneriffe Expedition in 1856 and returning the same year.

Correspondence with Mrs L. Macaulay concerning the placing of the Sun thermometer at the Royal Observatory, 1881.

Correspondence with F.M. Rodgers concerning a new type of thermometer, 1883.

Correspondence with J.C. Potter concerning an electrical thermometer, 1883.

Correspondence with C. Druery concerning his proposal for a new kind of rain gauge, 1884.

Correspondence with J.B. Jordan concerning 'Jordan's Sunshine Recorder', including diagrams and traces for the winter solstice, equinox and summer solstice, 1885.

Correspondence with H. Hainsley concerning a meteorological instrument of his own making on which he wishes the Astronomer Royal to give his opinion, 1885-1886.

Correspondence with P. Larrsen concerning the possibility of building an improved form of anemometer, 1885.

Correspondence with the Hydrographer of the Navy concerning the receipt of two unlabelled barometers, 1885.

Diagram and explanation of George R. Primrose's Electric Meteorological Scale Reader and his Electric Barometer, with related correspondence, 1886.

Correspondence with Dollon and Co. concerning an improved anemometer, 1886.

Correspondence with W.C. Morrison concerning the continuous recording of registers, 1886.

Letter from F.J. Guimareas enquiring about an anemometer, 1886.

Correspondence with Negretti and Zambra concerning hygrometers, 1887.

Correspondence with Colonel Hozier on where to obtain the correct paper for barometer records, 1888.

Correspondence with H.C. Casbaugh concerning Osler's anemometer, 1889.

Correspondence with J.H. Briggs concerning an enquiry about a barometer, 1889.

Correspondence with W.H. Allen and Co. requesting information on types of anemometer for high velocity measurements, 1889.

Correspondence with G.W. Gledhill answering various enquiries, 1889.

Correspondence with Negretti and Zambra concerning arrangements for their workmen to examine the altered Osler anemometer in order to manufacture a copy for a client, 1889.

Correspondence with Oscher Ber, who requests an interview for the Astronomer Royal to see his invention, 1890.

Correspondence with W.H. Flower concerning where to purchase a solar recording machine, 1890.

Enquiry from G.W. Gledhill concerning a thermometer screen, 1890.

Correspondence with C.E. Paget requesting information on the price and cost of fitting of the Campbell-Stokes Sunshine Instrument, 1891.

Enquiries from Colonel Nicholson and W.H. Dines concerning anemometers, 1891.

Correspondence with J.F. Russell concerning his invention of an anemometer, 1891.

Correspondence with De La Rue and Co. concerning the supply of cards for the Campbell-Stokes Sunshine Instrument, 1891.

Query from J. Cook about improvements to the mercurial barometer, 1892.

Query from W. Bonnie about a rain gauge, 1892.

Correspondence with W.E. Plummer, who asks for advice about reducing the meteorological observations made at Liverpool Observatory, 1892.

Correspondence with S. Garrett concerning how to best fit meteorological instruments, 1893.

Correspondence with J. Bertelsen concerning meteorological instruments, 1893.

Correspondence with J. Martin concerning an invention, 1893.

Strip of sections of flimsy paper glued together and numbered 2-16, possibly an early form of proof strip for photography [1893]. There is no letter or note of explanation.

Eight photographic proof strips with visible numbers 1-10 [1893]. There is no letter or note of explanation.

Letter from W.H. Dines acknowledging receipt of an anemometer, 1893.

Correspondence with the Telemeter Co., United States of America, concerning the possible adaptation of their 'Telemeter System' to the Royal Observatory's needs, 1885, including printed advertising literature; a blueprint; a cutting from 'The Mail and Express', 10 October 1885, titled 'Telemetric Novelties'; and a dial showing a record of temperature for one week.

Correspondence with J. Cook, 1893, concerning his visit to the Royal Observatory in 1892 and the accuracy of the standard barometer.

Correspondence with J. Bowen of the Borough Engineer and Surveyors Office asking for a recommendation for a solar recording instrument, 1897.

Correspondence with the British North Borneo Co. concerning the supply of meteorological instruments, 1897.

Correspondence with N. Narasimham of the Hindu High School, Masulipatam, South India, concerning the accuracy of thermometer readings, 1897.

Correspondence with J.E. Miller concerning an improved vacuum barometer, 1897.

Correspondence with B.H. Hewett concerning mercurial barometers, 1898.

Correspondence with J. Carline requesting information on rain gauges, 1898.

Correspondence with Dr L. de Ball, Vienna, who asks for a recommendation of a manufacturer of meteorological instruments, 1899.

Correspondence with F. van den Berg concerning his claim to be able to control the weather, 1899.

Correspondence with W.M. Crisp concerning anemometers, 1899.

Correspondence with J. Wilson Potter concerning a faulty thermometer, 1899.

Correspondence with F.C. Bigger concerning wind vanes, 1899.

Correspondence with Taylor Brothers Co., United States of America, concerning a hygrometer, 1900.

Correspondence with J.A. Jones concerning anemometers, 1900.

Correspondence with S.A. Woodhead concerning the setting up of meteorological instruments, 1901.

Correspondence with G. Newman asking advice about 4 foot earth thermometers, 1902.

Correspondence with W. Sugden and Son asking advice on how to accurately fix a sundial, 1903.

Correspondence with A. Williamson concerning a new gnomon and enclosing a brass rubbing of an old sundial face, 1903.

Undated advertising literature from J.W. and C.J. Phillips.

Correspondence with R.W. Munro concerning the pressure tube anemometer by W.H. Dines, 1896.

Correspondence with R. Allen-Bennett asking for advice on setting up a meteorological station, 1904.

Correspondence with Captain H.J. Coningham requesting the loan of Royal Observatory instruments for a balloon ascent from Crystal Palace, 1904.

Printed advertising literature from A. Riekmann for thermometers, 1904.

Correspondence with A. Seratton concerning the testing of thermometers, 1906.

Correspondence with E. Jago asking for information on instruments (if any) capable of registering the quantity of ozone in the air, 1906.

Correspondence with C.F. Casena and Co. requesting information on solar recording, 1907.

Query from H.W. McKenzie about a Stevenson thermometer screen, 1908.

Correspondence with W. Shaw and G.P. Beckett concerning comparisons of standard barometer settings, 1908.

Correspondence with W.H. Thorpe concerning the peculiar movements of his barometers, 1908.

Correspondence with H.J. Carlisle concerning setting up a solar recording instrument, 1909.

Correspondence with W. Barket concerning the testing of thermometers, 1909.

Advertising literature from Negretti and Zambra for their recording rain gauge, which had the trade name the 'Hyetograph', 1909.


  • Creation: 1880 - 1909


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