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Semi-official letters from Hong Kong to Shanghai, 31 Dec. 1935-30 Dec. 1936

Reference Code: GBR/0012/MS JM/J1/15/2

Scope and Contents

Semi-official letters nos 1773-1985 from [J.J. Paterson] to W.J. Keswick, with enclosed letters and papers. The letters are unsigned.

There is an index at the beginning of the volume containing the following entries:

A: American Income Tax; J.R. Allan; Arms; Aski Account; Admiralty T. 99; Armour; Annual Accounts - Northern Agencies; Annual Accounts - Shanghai Result; Annual Accounts - General; Airways; Antamoks; R.M. Austin.

B: Brewery; B.D.F. Beith; G. Bispham; Balfour, Guthrie & Co. (H.R.C. Williamson); D. Beretta; Banks - (Foreign) Assistance to Chinese Stores; Barlow Bros; G.H. Bowker; Block Manufacturing Co.; British & Chinese Corporation; I.D. Bruce; E.O. Butler; B.E. Bolton; R. Bryson; Bonstead & Co.; J.J. Bell-Irving; C. Bulmer Johnson; Beith Stevenson; Bertie; Butterfield & Swire - Officers' Strike; Butterfield & Swire - Davidson.

C: Chinese Agents; Inter-official Correspondence; M.A. Cohen; Canton-Kowloon Railway (Street); Canton-Kowloon Railway (Mrs Stratton); Leonard Cripps; Changsha; Canton Municipal Waterworks; 'Chingkwang'; Chinese Staff Provident Fund; Copra; S.C. Chen; China Light & Power; China Merchants; G.K. Chatham; Correspondence; Compradore Accounts; Cost of Living; China National Aviation Corporation; Coast Trade Duties (Loan to China); China Merchants & China Foreign Steamship Corporation.

D: E. Donald; H.L. Dennys; Dock Co.; Dulley to H.M.; Douglas Steamship Co. Ltd; A. Davidson; Drafts; Drummond Murray.

E: C. Eckford; East Africa; Ewo Filatures; Exports - Sundry from Japan; Ewo Press Packing; Ewo Cotton Mills; Ewo Cold Store; Egg Products; Ewo Advance Account; Exports - Kobe; Ewo Mills - Wool - Swatow; R.R. Eckford; Ewo Mills - Staff; Exports - Hong Kong.

F: J.F. Feely; Finance; L.G. Frost; Finance - The Franc; Finance - Remittances; Fertiliser - Kwangtung; Finances - Exchange; Memo. by Fleming; Foo Ping-Sheung; Force Majeure; Finance - Bank Overdraft; Franc.

G: Glen Line; Gossip; E.M. Gull; Ch. Goldrei, Foucard & Son - Cantopher; Guilds - China Coast Officers; A. Gualamali; G.H. Gompertz; Glen Line, Nanking; Grogan; Gunnies; Ch. Goldrei, Foucard & Son Joint Account; Gloucester Hotel; George V Memorial; R.G. Geer.

H: H.E. Howard; F.C. Hall; J. Harrop; B. Hancock; Hong Kong Press; Hankow; Hankow - Passage Money; Hong Kong Exhibition; General Haynes; M.J. Henderson; F.C. Hall; Horsey Jnr; Sir M. Hewlett; Sir R. Ho Tung; Hemp; Gifford Hull; Hong Kong Trams.

I: Insurance Department; Income Tax - American; Import Department; Indo-China Claims; Indo-China; Indo-China Accidents; Indo-China - Working Accounts; Indo-China - Accounts, etc.; Insurance; Imports; Imperial Airways; Imports - Kwangtung Fertiliser Factory; Indo-China - 'Chingkwang'; Indo-China - Economy Statistics; Insurance Staff; Indo-China - Ching Kee; Imperial Airways; Indo-China - Hong Kong Freights, etc.; Imports (Export Section); Indo-China - Staff; Indo-China - New Super. Engineer; Imports - Fertiliser; Indo-China - General; Indo-China - New Tonnage; Indo-China - Floating Staff; Imports - Staff; Insurance Investments; Imports - P. Morrison's Visit to Shanghai.

J: W.G. Johns; Jardine Engineering Corporation - University Students for Training Abroad; Jardine Engineering Corporation - Staff; E.A. Jenkinson; Jardine Engineering Corporation - Canton; Jute; Jardine Engineering Corporation - Annual Accounts; Jardine Engineering Corporation - Annual Report; H. Joannes; Jardine, Matheson & Co. - Reconstruction; Sir J.W.B. Jardine; Jardine, Matheson & Co. - Shanghai Result.

K: W.J. Keswick; David Keswick; 'K' Line; W.E. Kirby; Kwangtung Government; T. Kemp.

L: D.F. Landale; O.V. Lanning; H.H. Lennox; Linseed; D. Lyon; F.P. Lachlan; Douglas Lapraik; W.K. Loo; Loan to China - Coast Trade Duties.

M: Moller & Arnstein - Trieste; Mothersill; Morrows; Samuel Montagu; The Late R.E. Macdougall; J. Martins; Monopolies; Medical Advisor, London; Meggitt Ltd; Matheson & Co. - Secretary; A. Murdoch; Morel-Journel; Mineral Resources of China; R.J. McNicol; P. Morrison.

N: D.L. Newbigging; Nathan & Roselli; New York - Provident Fund; New York - Overheads; F.A. Norton.

O: Ocean Lines; J.F. Owen.

P: Provident Fund; Pensions; J. Pearce; Private Office, Hong Kong, Missing Picture; Political - Hong Kong; People Tribune; Paolino Gerli; Patons & Baldwins; D.J. Purves; F.A. Pollock; Provident Fund - Chinese; Political - China; Pyretherum; Palmer & Turner; Provident Fund - New York; A. Piercy; Ping Yau; Purchasing Com.; Per Pros; H. Polkinghorne; Property; Private Office - Home Leave; G.H. Piercy; Patons & Baldwins, Swatow; Japanese Plywood; J.J. Paterson.

R: M.L. Railton; N. Rankin; Railways - Peiping-Hankow; Rubber; Railways - Debts; Bradley Reiss; Railways - Yunnan-Burmah; Rogers; Railways - Wuhu-Kweichi; Railways - Hukuang Loan; Railways - Canton-Kowloon Loan Service Committee; Railways - Canton-Swatow; Railways - Canton Loop Line; Railways - Wuhu-Kweichi; Reconstruction Bureau; Railways - Shanghai-Hangchow-Ningpo Railway Completion Loan; Raubs; K. Renner; W.B. Rigden.

S: Chinese Staff; F.H.E. Skyrme; G.B. Sabelstrom; R. Sutherland; Share Statement; Sanderson; Claud Scott; W.E.D. Smith; R.P. Stewart; Sincere Co.; Street; Junior Staff; Shipping Correspondence; Senile Albion; Shipping Staff - Generally; Shanghai & Hongkew Wharf Co. Ltd; Shanghai Shareholders Protection Society; Staff Salaries 1936; R.T. Smith; Sino British Trade Council; Secretarial - Jardine, Matheson & Co.; D. Summers; Smuggling; Shipping - 'Fatshan'; Staff Regulations; A.E. Smith; Silk; Swatow Currency; Shipping - China Navigation; Shellim; Sesamum Seed; Sung Sing Mill; Staff - Senior; Staff - Shipping.

T: Tientsin Linseed - Kudlaenko; W.H. Tindal King; C.T. Tod; P. Tod; Tientsin; Shanghai Municipal Council Election; H.H. Tod; Tea - Salaries; Tea - Taipei; Cotton Towels; Tea - Keemun Monopoly; Tyler; Tea - No. 2 Tea Boy, Taipei; Tea - New York Business; E.J. Traynor; Tea - Norton's Coast Trip.

U: Upper River Agencies; Union Brewery; University Junior; United Africa Co. Ltd.

V: Vickers-Armstrongs Ltd.

W: H.R.C. Williamson (Balfour, Guthrie & Co.); Wool; Wing On; Wood Oil - Kwangsi; Windows; Watts Teaseed Oil; Wood Oil; Woollen Yarn; Whampoa Development; C.E. Wurtzburg.

Y: Gordon Yates; Dr W.T. Young.


  • Creation: 31 Dec. 1935-30 Dec. 1936


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