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Business letters: Madras, 1823-1881

Reference Code: GBR/0012/MS JM/B6/11

Scope and Contents

The correspondents include the following names:

T. Alston (Captain of the 'Mor'); William Henry Anderson; W. Anderson & Co.; E. Andrew; John Andrews & Co.; George Arbuthnot; Arbuthnot & Co.; Francisco de Assis Fernandes.

Bainbridge & Co.; B. Banboosah & Co.; Barclay & Morgan; Barrie & Co.; J. Barrow & Co.; G. Bedié; A.T. Betts & Co.; William Scott Binny; Binny & Co.; Thomas Blyth, Sons & Co.; D. Boyd; Alexander Forrester Brown; Byard, Gair & Co.

John Campbell; Carnegy & Co.; R.P. Carr & Co.; Cawder Bhoy; C. Cawder Saib; Cawder Saib Bin Hoossain Saib; C.S. Cawder Saib & Co.; G. Vencatasoobiah Chetty; A. Ramasawmy Chitty; A. Teroovengadum Chitty; Allathoor Narayana Chitty; C. Condapah Chitty; C. Nummiah Chitty; C. Tirnvengadum Chitty; C.V. Conniah Chitty; G. Alagasingary Chitty; G. Culleyanoon Chitty; K. Raman Chaloo Chitty; M. Nursimooloo Chitty; M. Ramasawmy Chitty; M. Vencatarasawmy Chitty; Manar Vencatanursimooloo Chitty; Mogooloo Teroovengadathan Chitty; Moocal Vencataramanjooloo Chitty; N. Aroonachellum Chitty; P. Arnachellum Chitty (P. Arnachellum Chittiar); P. Narrainsawmy Chitty; P. Ruthanum Chitty; P. Sadiapah Chitty; P. Vencatarungum Chitty; R. Manavala Chitty; Rottala Numbaroomall Chitty; Ruthanavaloo Chitty; S. Alwar Chitty; T. Appaw Chitty; V. Jeeyar Chitty; V.M. Vyraven Chitty; V. Parthasarathy Chitty; Vaselingum Banloo Chitty; Vaselingum Ruthanum Chitty; Satrasalla Vencatachella Chitty & Brother; A. Ramasawmy Chitty & Brothers; A.B. Soobroyloo Chitty & Co.; A.C. Veerasawmy Chitty & Co.; A. Chillapillay Chitty & Co.; A. Lutchmanasawmy Chitty & Co.; A. Narrain Chitty & Co.; A. Ragaviah Chitty & Co.; A. Teroovengadum Chitty & Co.; B.V. Kistnamah Chitty & Co.; B. Veerasawmy Chitty & Co.; C. Appasawmy Chitty & Co.; C. Cawser Chitty & Co.; C. Condah Chitty & Co.; C. Moocoondoo Chitty & Co.; C. Rungiah Chitty & Co.; C. Soobooroy Chitty & Co.; C. Vencataramanogum Chitty & Co.; G. Ramasawmy Chitty & Co.; J. Theroopathy Chitty & Co.; Julthunkee Kistnasawmy Chitty & Co.; M. Nummiah Chitty & Co.; M. Streevencatakistnamaly Chitty & Co.; M. Streevencatasum Chitty & Co.; Manar Vencatakistnamah Chitty & Co.; O. Vencataramanjum Chitty & Co.; P. Numbaroomal Chitty & Co.; P. Nya Chitty & Co.; P. Partasarathy Chitty & Co.; P. Ruthanum Chitty & Co.; Rottala Chellapillah Chetty & Co.; Rottala Lumbaroomall Chitty & Co.; S. Alwar Chitty & Co.; S. Ateendrooloo & Co., S. Govindarajooloo Chitty & Co.; Sacala Ragviah Chitty & Co.; Satrasalla Vencatachellum Chitty & Co. (Satarsalla Vencatachellum Chitty & Co.); T. Ruthena Chitty & Co.; T. Vydelingum Chitty & Co.; Satrasalla Vencatachellum Chitty & Son; Satrasalla Vencataram Chitty & Son; C. Nummiah Chitty & Sons; C. Vencataramanogum Chitty & Sons; M. Coopoo Chitty & Sons (M. Coopoo Chetty & Sons); John Pierce Clark (Captain of the 'Napoleon', 'Banshee' and 'Ettrick'); Tredway George Clarke; Colvin, Ainslie, Cowie & Co.; John M. Coombs; John Henry Crisp; Claud Currie.

Henry Fitzroy Dakeyne; H.B. Daly (Captain of the 'Defiance'); W. Darby (Captain of the 'Mary Ann'); John William Dare; J. Deschamps; Deschamps & Co.; Matthew Theodosius Denis De Vitre; William Douglas (Madras Civil Service); Peter D'Silva & Co.; Daniel D. Dymes; Thomas J. Dymes; Dymes & Co.

Mrs H.M. Eliott; J.W. Ellies.

Alfrec Charles Forth (of the 14th Native Infantry); Fox & Co.; Franck, Nailer & Cole.

Gahan, Eaton & Co.; Charles Goodall; H. Goodchild; Joseph Goolden; Edward Gordon; Edward Card Griffiths; Griffiths & Co.; Francis Hamilton Grove.

Hall & Bainbridge; Hamilton & Co.; A.J. Hartzheim & Co., Liège; C. Haughton; Major Alexander Charles Hay; William Haylett; Barrington Frederick Heysham (Captain, Madras Army); J. Higginbotham; G. Hodson; Hodson & Co.; Thomas Orton Howorth (Lieutenant, 44th Foot).

Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy, 1st Baronet; (Sir) Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy Sons & Co.; Jangerjee Dadabhoy; William Jardine; C. Allagasingaree Jyah & Co.

P.L. Kelly (brother of William Kelly); William Kelly; Kerakoose & Co.; King & Co.

A.N. Doorgahdoss Lallah & Co.; Line & Co.; John Charles Loch (Agent, P. & O. Steam Navigation Co.); Robert William Peter Lodwick (Lieutenant, 28th Regiment).

A. Mackenzie (Arbuthnot & Co.); McDowell & Co.; Thomas Marquis; [ ] Matheson; (Nicholas) James Sutherland Matheson (also 'Santiago Thomasen', pseudonym); Moideensaib & Co.; P. Ramalingum Moodelliar & Co.; C. Appawsawmy Moodely& Co.; C. Aroonageny Moody & Co.; Moollah Mohomedhoossan & Co.; Moon & Co.; C. Casoro (?) More (proprietor, Victoria Hotel, Madras); Morison & Co.; Louis T. Moss; Muccummed Abdulcawder Lubbay Anjiar.

T. Gopaul Naidoo & Co.; P. Jyahsawmy Naig; Robert Wright Norfor.

J. Oakes (of Oakes & Co.); Oakes & Co.; Oakes, Patridge & Co.; Lieutenant John Ouchterlony; Ouchterlony & Co.

Parry & Co.; A.F. Pater; Philip Morton Pitt (Lieutenant, 44th Foot); E.N. Prudhomme.

Claude Queiros.

Rama Vurman (3rd Prince of Trevandrum); N.V. Ramanjum & Co.; Ray & Co.; Ray, Numbaroomall & Co.; Remington & Co.; R.L. Richmond (Captain of the 'Marion'); J.(?) Ritches; James Robertson (Assistant Commissary General); W.R. Robertson (M.R.A.C., Superintendent of Government Farms, Madras); W. Robinson; Robert Montresor Rogers (Captain, 44th Regiment, afterwards Major-General, V.C., C.B.); Royston & Brown, London; B. Runganaicooloo & Co.; Francis Whitworth Russell.

E. Seth Sam; Seth & Gregory Sam; James Scott (Binny & Co.); T. Severamiah; T. Severamiah & Co.; W.F. Shaw; Shaw & Co.; Henry Fombelle Siddons (Captain, 3rd Light Cavalry, Indian Army); J.A. Smith & Co.; G. van Someren; J.W. Spencer & Co.; William Stokoe (Captain of the 'General Wood'); James Strachan; John Summers; Thomas Swaine; C. Allagasingaree Syah & Co.

Thomas Teed; Caralapaty Teroovangadathan (Caralapaty Theroovangadathan); C.A. Thaoermaliah; Tyebally Jafferjee.

G.J. Usmian.

Vahedally & Vellemeah; Vahedally Jafferjee; V. Vencatapah; M.B. Venkata Reddi Nandu & Co.; Edward G. Vinay.

William Waddell; William Walkinshaw (of the 'Scaleby Castle'; brother of James); Wardrop, Line & Co.; Edward M. Watson; William Southey Whiteside (Collector of N. Arcot); James Whittall; David Wilson (of the 'Hercules'); Captain J.R. Wilson (Secretary, Mess Committee, Hingolee); Richard Woosnam.


  • Creation: 1823-1881


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The original letters are not available to readers, but microfilm copies may be ordered in the Manuscripts Reading Room - Reels 500 (letters nos 1-303), 501 (304-747), 502 (748-1296), 503 (1297-1854**) and 504 (1855-2153).


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