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Notebook, poems 1940s-1950s, 1940 - 1959 (circa)

Reference Code: GBR/0012/MS Add.9724/1/8

Scope and Contents

Notebook with 'Vigils' on spine, marked by Sassoon as 'a dummy specimen for the engraved Vigils which I got from G.K' [Geoffrey Keynes]. Contains fair copies and revised transcriptions of Sassoon's poems from 1945-1954, with a few earlier items revised in this period. Contents: Quotation by H. Vaughan: /1r. Note by Sassoon, 'These later poems are an attempt to continue my spiritual autobiography - alas, by an elderly moralist!': /2v. Poems: - 'A Memoirist', fair copy: /3v. - 'A Prayer to Time', one revision: /4r. - 'Praise Persistent', one revision: /4r. - 'An Absentee', fair copy: /4v. - 'Easter, 1945': /4v. - 'A Reassurance', fair copy: /4v. - 'Contemporary Christmas', previously named 'Christmas, 1945'; with revisions: /5r. - 'Reception', previously named 'Receivers'; fair copy: /5r. - 'In Time of Decivilisation', fair copy: /5v. - 'A Hint', fair copy: /5v. - 'The Pioneer', with revisions: /5v. - 'The Hardened Heart', fair copy: /6r. - 'The Beginning' (excised): /6r. - 'Solitudes at Sixty', fair copy: /6v. - 'Confederacy with Oblivion' (excised): /6v. - 'Ultimate Values', fair copy: /7r. - 'The Unlived Years' (excised), with revision: /7r. - 'Old Fashioned Weather', with revisions: /7v. - 'A Traditionalist Speaking', fair copy (excised): /7v. - 'Cleaning the Candelabrum', fair copy: /8r. - 'On Hearing some Sonatas', fair copy: /8v. - 'Worn out Vehicle', with revisions (excised): /8v. - 'A Fallodon Memory', with revisions: /9r. - 'At Max Gate', previously named 'The Magician'; with revisions: /9r. - 'Early March', with revision: /9v. - 'A 1940 Memory', fair copy: /9v. - 'On Scratchbury Camp', with revisions: /10r. - 'Man and Dog', fair copy: /10r. - 'Wren and Man', with revision: /10r. - 'Hypnagogic images', previously named 'Hypnagogic Inventions', with revisions: /10v. - 'Insomnia', previously named 'Advice to Insomnia'; with revisions: /10v. - 'An Afterthought', with revisions (excised): /10v. - 'A Country Character', fair copy (excised): /11r. - 'A Regret', with revision: /11r. - 'An Admission', with revisions: /11r. - 'Resurrection', fair copy: /11v. - 'The Message', with correction: /11v. - 'Euphrasy', with revision: /11v. - 'On Winds of War', with revision: /11v. - 'A Survivor of the Lost Generation', with revisions: /12r. - 'Belsen', fair copy: /12v. - 'To Some who say Production won the War', fair copy: /12v. - 'News from Nowhere' (excised): /12v. - '1914-1945', fair copy: /13r. - 'Elsewhere', with revisions: /13r. - 'An Escapist', with revisions (excised): /13v. - 'Out of Date', fair copy (excised): /13v. - 'A Query', with revisions (excised): /13v. - 'An Example', with revisions: /14r. - 'Antecedent', previously named 'Oriental Extraction'; with revisions (excised): /14r. - 'Then and Now', previously named 'Past or Present?'; with revisions (excised): /14v. - 'An Incident in Literary History' (excised): /14v. - 'An Asking', with revisions: /15r. - 'To a Materialist', with revision (excised): /15r. - 'Two Worlds', with revision: /15r. - 'The Unproven', previously named 'A Near Thing': /15v. - 'Redemption', with revision: /15v. - 'Rewardment', with revisions: /15v. - 'The Unaccepted', with revisions: /16r. - 'A Dream', with revisions: /16r. - 'The Spectroscope', previously named 'Survivors'; with revisions (excised): /16v. - 'Playmates', with revisions (excised): /16v. - 'Against Artifice', with revision (excised): /17r. - 'The Inventory', previously named 'Pre-departure': /17r. - 'Modern Hymn', with revisions: /17v. - 'A Denial', with revision: /17v. - 'Release', with revisions: /17v. - 'Post-Mortem', previously named 'A Possibility'; fair copy: /18r. - 'The Guardians', with revision: /18r. - 'A Proprietor', previously named 'Ownership' and 'The Owner'; with revisions: /18r. - 'Acceptance', with revision: /18v. - 'The Soloist', with revisions: /18v. - 'Associates', previously named 'Ditty of Old Bones' and 'For my Old Companions'; with revisions: /18v. - 'Not Guilty', with revisions: /19r. - 'The Present Writer', with revisions: /19r. - 'Befriending Star', with revisions: /19v. - 'Brevis quod gratia florum est.', with correction: /19v. - 'Travelling Library', with revisions: /19v. - 'World without End', with revisions: /20r. - 'Awareness of Alcuin', with revisions: /20r. - 'The Need', with revisions (excised): /20v. - 'The Messenger', one revision: /20v. - 'Abdication', with revision (excised): /20v. - 'A Parable', previously named 'The Reprieval'; with revisions (excised): /21r. - 'The Last Laugh', with revisions (excised): /21r. - 'The Truce', with revision (excised): /21v. - 'The Worst of It', with revisions: /21v. - 'The Moment', with revisions (excised): /21v. - 'A Chord', with revisions: /22r. - 'Another Spring', with revisions: /22r. - 'The Influence', with revisions: /22r. - 'September Sky', with revision (excised): /22v. - 'Human Bondage', with revisions: /22v. - 'Unreplying', with revisions: /22v. - 'The Inapprehensible' (excised): /23r. - 'The Offering', with revisions: /23r. - 'All Very Well' (excised): /23v. - 'Sainthood Suffering/Unknown Saint' (both titles excised); with revisions: /23v. - 'A Reunion', with revision: /23v. - 'The Inapprehensible', with revisions: /24r. - 'An Epitome', with revision: /24r. - 'Neighbours', with revisions: /24r. - 'The Half Century', fair copy: /24r. - 'The Tasking', with revisions: /24v. - 'Can it be?..': /24v. - 'Retreat from Eternity', previously called 'Two Twinklings', fair copy: /24v. - 'The Trial', with revisions: /25r. - 'Mind to Body', with revisions: /25r. - 'The Knowing', with revisions: /25r. - 'The Making', with revision: /25v. - 'Sic Sedebat', previously named 'An Admonition'; with revision: /25v. - 'An Unlit House', with revisions: /25v. - 'The Question', fair copy: /25v. - 'The Visitant', fair copy: /26r. - 'The Contention': /26r. - 'The Darkness', with revisions: /26r. - 'The Attitude', with revisions: /26r. - 'The Dispersal', with revisions: /26v. - 'The Alliance', with revision: /26v. - 'What of the Imminent Will?..': /26v. - 'Renewals', with revisions: /26v. - 'The Humbled Heart', with revisions: /26v. - 'The Welcoming', with revisions: /26v. - Faith Unfaithful', with revision: /26v. - 'As she would have wished', with revision: /27r. - 'Sleep', with revision: /27v. - 'Unguided', with revision: /27v. NB. Foliation is the archivist's. There are no enclosures.


  • Creation: 1940 - 1959 (circa)


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