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Siemens, Charles William, Sir, 1823 - 1883 (Knight, metallurgist and electrical engineer)


Found in 8 Collections and/or Records:


Cards of visitors, 1835 - 1852

Reference Code: GBR/0180/RGO 6/712
Scope and Contents

Personal and business cards of visitors to the Royal Observatory, including B. Donkin, J.V. Lamont, C.V. Walker, W. Siemens, W.H. Smyth, A. d'Abbadie, R.C. Carrington, G.P. Bond, B.A. Gould, W. Cassell and C. Brennicke. A large proportion of the cards belonged to foreign visitors.

Dates: 1835 - 1852

Correspondence on new techniques and discoveries, 1850 - 1851

Reference Code: GBR/0180/RGO 6/163
Scope and Contents Correspondence concerning new techniques and discoveries, including O.M. Mitchel's method of recording transits and north polar distances; a paper on J. Locke's electro-chronograph for the House of Representatives; conducted experiments and newspaper articles; the velocity of the galvanic current through telegraph wires, from 'The Daily Evening Traveller'; a clock for uniform motion by W.H. Miller, with drawings; a paper by Sir W. Siemens, in French, on telegraphs; M.J. Johnson's heliometer;...
Dates: 1850 - 1851

Correspondence on time balls and signals, 1870 - 1875

Reference Code: GBR/0180/RGO 6/617
Scope and Contents Correspondence and related papers on the time signal and time ball service, including the failures of the Greenwich time signal; requests for information on time balls; the establishment of time balls or guns at Queenstown, Sheffield, Bristol and Manchester; a paper by S.P. Langley 'On the Allegheny system of electrical time signals'; experiments with the Post Office chronopher; corrections and errors of the Post Office and Westminster clocks; the system of operation employed by the London...
Dates: 1870 - 1875

Correspondence with scientific societies, 1868 - 1873

Reference Code: GBR/0180/RGO 6/413
Scope and Contents Correspondence with various scientific societies, with related papers. There are reports of the Alnwick Scientific and Mechanical Institution; several pieces in the 'Journal of the Society of Arts' relating to the Institution of Naval Architects; S. Birch's address to the Society of Biblical Archaeology; a review of the French Academy of Sciences and the Danish Society of Sciences; the proceedings of the Antwerp Geophysical Congress; the claim of the Scottish Meteorological Society to a...
Dates: 1868 - 1873

Miscellaneous scientific papers, 1873 - 1875

Reference Code: GBR/0180/RGO 6/487
Scope and Contents Miscellaneous scientific correspondence and papers, including correspondence on the tensile strength of metals; A.R. Clarke on the elasticity of brass; W. De La Rue on the stratified discharge of electricity; drawings of electrical appliances; a paper titled 'the Great Lighting Inductorium'; R. Owen's paper on fossil reptilia of South Africa; a paper by the Eastbourne Natural History Society 'on the sinking of the South Coast of England'; W. Ackland's views on the training of opticians;...
Dates: 1873 - 1875

Miscellaneous scientific papers, 1860 - 1863

Reference Code: GBR/0180/RGO 6/476
Scope and Contents Correspondence and printed papers on astrology, chemistry, electricity, galvanism, geology and optics. The correspondents include A. de Morgan, F. Faraday, C.V. Walker, J.V. Lamont, Lord Wrottesley, W.H. Preece, H. Lloyd, C.F. Varley, P.A. Secchi, J.P. Gassiot, B. Stewart, W. Siemens, E.W. Brayley, A. Sedgwick, J. Gillis, W. De La Rue, B.C. Brodie, J.T. Chance, H.E. Roscoe, G.G. Stokes, T. Belt, L. Horner, W. Bowman, J.F.W. Herschel and A.S. Herschel. There is a printed paper on earth...
Dates: 1860 - 1863

Papers on determining galvanic longitudes, 1870 - 1877

Reference Code: GBR/0180/RGO 6/639
Scope and Contents Correspondence and papers concerning proposals and operations to determine the longitude of Brest, Vienna, Berlin, Dublin (postponed), Suez and various places in India and Australia. There are Greenwich chronograph readings and signals exchanged for the Brest longitude; estimates for the erection of a wooden observatory building at the Royal Observatory; and explanations on how the fundamental longitude in India and Australia should be obtained. The correspondents include C.E. Delaunay,...
Dates: 1870 - 1877

Papers on engineering and inventions, 1853 - 1854

Reference Code: GBR/0180/RGO 6/453
Scope and Contents A miscellaneous set of works on engineering and inventions, including papers on the Woodbridge Railway and its passage through Playford, Suffolk (Airy performed some levelling of the railway near Playford and gave a speech on the decimal scale); S.H. Blackwell on steam governors; the notices, proceedings and awards of the Institution of Civil Engineers; arguments with W. Coude on the origin of Chesil Beach, Dorset; the Smith Testimonial Fund; scaffolding for the Crystal Palace; G.B....
Dates: 1853 - 1854

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