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 Management Group

Knowles : items found loose in the copy of Knowles' 'The Monastic Order in England' (Cambridge University Press, 1940) (Pet.569.14) presented by him to his father, Harry Herbert Knowles, inscribed 'To my dear Father from his son, 5 July, 1940'.

Reference Code: GBR/0273/KNOWLES
Scope and Contents

On his father's death in 1944 Knowles clearly reclaimed the book and in due course bequeathed it to Christopher Nugent Lawrence Brooke (1927-2015) and it was subsequently sold by G. David.
The book, which has been many times reprinted, has sparse annotations, mostly to the index, and, inside the back cover notes of corrections (which found their way into the second edtion of 1963) to seven pages.

Dates: 1940-07-05 - 1964-04-02
 Management Group

Lockyer : report of the Aeronautical Research Committee. T.2350. Typescript.

Reference Code: GBR/0273/LOCKYER
Scope and Contents

Preliminary experiments on two-dimensional flow round bodies moving through a stationary fluid.
Includes 5 blueprints and 15 photographs.

Dates: 1926-11
 Management Group

Mason : Letter to James Dodsley.

Reference Code: GBR/0273/MASON
Scope and Contents After settling an issue concerning the payment of a bill to a Mrs Ward, Mason refers to the second edition of 'The poems of Mr Gray. To which are prefixed memoirs of his life and writings', 1775, which he edited and for which he wrote the memoir: '. . . I hear nothing from you concerning the sale of it. I have received more criticisms from you than I have been able to read, and am chiefly diverted by Dr Kenrick's who attacks the book in its least vulnerable part, the merit of Mr Gray's own...
Dates: 1775-07-21
 Management Group

Maxwell, James Clerk : correspondence and papers.

Reference Code: GBR/0273/MAXWELL
Scope and Contents

The bulk of the material relates to family financial matters. Material from a variety of sources has been contributed at later dates.

Dates: 1855 - 1884
 Management Group

McCabe : papers and photographs.

Reference Code: GBR/0273/McCABE
Scope and Contents

Also correspondence concerning the accession of the material and the deposit of items at the Scott Polar Research Institute.

Dates: 1917 - 1996
 Management Group

MS letter to John Charles Burkill accompanying two pamphlets included in this volume of 'Peterhouse Pamphlets: F. H. Jackson'.

Reference Code: GBR/0273/Pet.695.38
Scope and Contents

Brief reminiscences of his Cambrige degrees and account of his current mathematical endeavours.

Dates: 1946-10-31
 Management Group

Peterhouse chapel; war list; electoral roll.

Reference Code: GBR/0273/Pet.MS.719
Scope and Contents Foliated 1 to 114.1: 'title-page'.2. 'Index' with headings 'Visitors', 'Chaplains, list of', 'Deans, list of', Preachers, list of', 'Furniture', 'Structure' and Usage. No folio numbers are given and the last three items were not executed.3: List of chaplains from Andrew James Campbell Allen, 1879-84, to G. H. Clayton, appointed 1908, entered in his own hand.4: Headed 'Visitors', blank. 5: Blank.6: Autographs of deans, from Adolphus William Ward to Charles Scott Gillett,...
Dates: 1908-03-07 - 1932-03-07
 Management Group

Peterhouse List of Blues, 1829 - 1927.

Reference Code: GBR/0273/Pet.MS.735
Scope and Contents

The 1927 entries are added in pencil.

Dates: 1926
 Management Group

Richards : letter to Mansfield Duval Forbes of Clare College, Cambridge, literary critic.

Reference Code: GBR/0273/RICHARDS
Scope and Contents

Richards sends Forbes the first chapter, programme, etc. of his 'Practical Criticism' [not here present], thinking he might find it useful as propagandist material.

Dates: 1929
 Management Group

Roth : papers relating to Professor Klaus Friedrich Roth, mathematician (29 October 1925 to 10 November 2015), B.A. and Honorary Fellow of Peterhouse.

Reference Code: GBR/0273/ROTH
Scope and Contents Roth was born in Breslau, Germany, now Wroclaw, Poland and came to England with his parents in 1933. He attended St Paul's School, London, from 1939 to 1943 before coming to Peterhouse. He was appointed, as war work, an assistant master at Gordonstoun, Scotland, but came to London in 1946 to pursue research at University College London with Harold Davenport. Here he obtained first an M.Sc. and an assistant lectureship in 1948 and a Ph.D. in 1950. He was promoted to a lectureship, then a...
Dates: 1941 - 2015
 Management Group

Routh, E. J. : Mathematical papers

Reference Code: GBR/0273/ROUTH
Dates: 1855 - 2013
 Management Group

Sams : 'Lighter moments in the I[ndian] C[ivil] S[ervice]'.

Reference Code: GBR/0273/SAMS
Scope and Contents

Typescript of reminiscences copiously annotated, evidently for intended publication, in ink (black and green), in biro, in blue crayon and in pencil. Many passages struck through. The annotations decrease in frequency from the earliest to the latest pages, and those in green ink are perhaps in a hand other than Sams'.
Originally in four ring binders, continuously paginated.

Dates: 1934 - 1954
 Management Group

Sanders : MSS relating to the Fourth Gospel in the Alexandrian Fathers, Clement of Alexandria, Heracleon and Origen and associated papers.

Reference Code: GBR/0273/SANDERS
Scope and Contents

There is an account of the papers in SANDERS 8 below to which the notes to 1-5 are indebted.

Dates: 1940 - 2009
 Management Group

Selden : Guybon Goddard's annotations on Selden's 'Of the originall of Ecclesiasticall Jurisdiction of Testaments', and, 'Of the disposition or Administration of Intestates goodes'.

Reference Code: GBR/0273/SELDEN
Scope and Contents The front pastedown bears the ownership mark of Thomas Martin (the celebrated Norfolk Antiquary, ‘Martin of Palgrave’ (1697-1771) (for whom see William Carew Hazlitt, 'The book-collector', (London, John Grant, 1904), pp. 5, 9, 123, Seymour de Ricci, 'English collectors of books and manuscripts (1530-1930)' (CUP, 1930) pp. 65 and 68, and, most recently David Stoker in ODNB ( a possible ex-library number, 230, and a price 2 - 6, which is the price shown...
Dates: 1619-02-23 - 1626
 Management Group

Smith's Prize papers.

Reference Code: GBR/0273/L.REF.33A.3
Scope and Contents Routh's instructions to the binder tipped in at front.Mark lists included for 1838-1874, 1876-78 and 1880. Marks allotted to each question entered in the margins. Fairly frequent manuscript corrections and comments on the printed papers. Occasional notes of discrepant marks of the examiners (e.g. 1845, 1848, 1865, 1868 and 1869 where there are traces of discussions between Professors Challis, John Couch Adams, Arthur Cayley and George Gabriel Stokes.) Comments on individual...
Dates: 1838 - 1880
 Management Group

Steele : mathematical tracts.

Reference Code: GBR/0273/STEELE
Dates: 1853 - 1856
 Management Group

Sydenham : copy of his dedication to John Mapletoft, M.D., Gresham Professor and F.R.S. of the third edition of his 'Observationes medicae' (1676) with a translation.

Reference Code: GBR/0273/SYDENHAM
Scope and Contents The transcription, which has gaps, some of them filled with a hand very like that of the translator, is written in a large 19C hand on a quire of four bifolia (235 × 195mm). F. 5 blank reflecting the presence here in the original of two prescriptions; the translation on a bifolium and single sheet (335 × 210mm) of blue Chartham Mills paper.Thomas Sydenham, 10 September 1624 (bapt.) to 29 December 1689, the celebrated physician, of Magdalen Hall and All Souls (and perhaps Wadham),...
Dates: 1869
 Management Group

Tait : mathematical papers

Reference Code: GBR/0273/TAIT
Scope and Contents The papers in TAIT 1 and 2 display a variety of hands, but they are almost certainly all Tait's as witness his correspondence and other attested MSS and the not infrequent mingling of hands in the same document.In both TAIT 1 and 2 most sheets (but often not those with 'Examples' or 'Ensamples') read 'Tait', often with a cardinal number, 1 to 5, suggesting that these were exercises submitted to his tutor/s. Associated sheets are sometimes in reverse order.The Ward Library also holds...
Dates: 1850 - 1890
 Management Group

Tait : papers and photocopies relating to Peter Guthrie Tait, other members of the Tait and Porter families, Lord Kelvin and James Clerk Maxwell.

Reference Code: GBR/0273/M. TAIT
Scope and Contents

The receipt of the items is detailed in LC/M as noted.

Dates: 1849 - 1983
 Management Group

Tawney : letters to Frederick Crossfield Happold.

Reference Code: GBR/0273/TAWNEY
Dates: 1935-10-21 - 1943-09-26
 Management Group

Temperley : notes on his lectures and letter to him.

Reference Code: GBR/0273/TEMPERLEY
Dates: 1910-01-27 - 1937-01-23
 Management Group

Typescripts included in assembled offprints and photocopies, otherwise of printed material.

Reference Code: GBR/0273/Pet.695.50 (6.1, 29, 35)
Dates: 1950 - 1984
 Management Group

Vellacott : lectures and notes.

Reference Code: GBR/0273/VELLACOTT
Scope and Contents

Two boxes (1and 2) and, probably, five notebooks (7 (1-5)) date mostly from Vellacott's undergraduate days and one file (12) from his time as Head Master of Harrow ; the rest from his teaching days at Peterhouse.
Items 8 to 17 have been removed from ring-binders.

Dates: 1912 - 1934
 Management Group

Walker, T. A. : notes, largely concerning Peterhouse and Peterhouse men.

Reference Code: GBR/0273/WALKER
Scope and Contents

The previous item 13 was wrongly attributed to Walker and is now A.W. WARD 108.

Dates: 1884 - 1934

Ward, A. W. : literary and historical notes and papers.

Reference Code: GBR/0273/A.W.WARD
Dates: 1860 - 1923
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