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Literary: "The Second World War", Volume 1 "The Gathering Storm": Book 1: 'Various proofs'., 16 Jan 1947 - 16 Oct 1947

Reference Code: GBR/0014/CHUR 4/124A-B

Scope and Contents

Includes galley proofs from: Chapter 2 "Peace at its Zenith, 1922 - 1931" (provisionally entitled "Mr [Stanley] Baldwin's Second Administration" and "The Economic Blizzard"); Chapter 3 "Lurking Dangers" (provisionally entitled "Germany Arms"); Chapter 4 "Adolf Hitler"; Chapter 5 "The Locust Years, 1931 - 1935"; Chapter 6 "The Darkening Scene, 1934"; Chapter 7 "Air Parity Lost, 1934 - 1935"; Chapter 8 "Challenge and Response"; Chapter 9 "Problems of Air and Sea" (provisionally entitled "Air Defence Research"); Chapter 10 "Sanctions Against Italy, 1935" (provisionally entitled "Italy and the League"); Chapter 11 "Hitler Strikes, 1936" (provisionally entitled "The Consequences of Submission"); Chapter 12 "The Loaded Pause - Spain, 1936 - 1937"; Chapter 13 "Germany Armed, 1936 - 1938"; Chapter 14 "Mr [Anthony] Eden [later 1st Lord Avon] at the Foreign Office: His Resignation"; Chapter 16 "Czechoslovakia"; Chapter 17 "The Tragedy of Munich"; Chapter 18 "Munich Winter"; Chapter 20 "The Soviet Enigma" (provisionally entitled "USSR"); Chapter 21 "On the Verge"; Chapter 25 "War Cabinet Problems"; Chapter 27 "The Combat Deepens" (provisionally entitled "October"); Chapter 31 "A Dark New Year". Annotated with comments and suggestions by various individuals including WSC, William Deakin, Emery Reves [earlier Imre Revesz], Sir Edward Marsh, [George] Gordon Allen and Denis Kelly, with notes by Kathleen Hill and Lettice Marston [later Lettice Shillingford], WSC's secretaries.Also includes: galley proofs of the appendices to volume 1, including: Appendix A "A Conversation with Count [Dino] Grandi [Italian Ambassador to Britain]"; Appendix B "A Note on the Fleet Air Arm"; Appendix C "Memorandum on Supply Organization"; Appendix D "My Statement on the Occasion of the Deputation of Conservative Members of Both Houses to the Prime Minister, July 28 1936"; unpublished appendices including letters on naval construction and the Fleet Air Arm, a comparison of first line air strengths, "My Note to the Treasury on the Gold Standard, January 26 1925", "German Expenditure on Armaments, 1936", "My Speech at the Albert Hall [London], December 3 1936", and "The Soviet purge trials in Moscow [Soviet Union]" (1933 article by WSC); contents tables; title pages from volume 2 "Their Finest Hour"; galley proofs of letters dated 1935-1939 from WSC, Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, Alfred Duff Cooper [later 1st Lord Norwich], Lord Cranborne [earlier Robert Gascoyne Cecil, later 5th Lord Salisbury], Heinrich Bruning, Anthony Eden [later 1st Lord Avon], 1st Lord Rothermere [earlier Sir Harold Harmsworth], and Sir Richard Acland [some of this material has been returned to this file from CHUR 4/82].The appendices are listed under the letter under which they appeared in published form. Although the material in this file has been listed in published order, it is not all in this order within the file.


  • Creation: 16 Jan 1947 - 16 Oct 1947

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