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Additional Journal Entries, 1901 - 1941

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This file contains items removed from the main series for conservation reasons. These are mostly newspaper cuttings, particularly of the two world wars. A list of items is given below, with information as to the journal from which they were taken and reference to the folio numbers denoting their original placement within each journal. Please quote the year of the item when ordering.
Items include:
'New York Herald' page: 'Why should New York not be the most beautiful city in the world?' by C.R. Ashbee, 22 January 1901. [1/8, f.31]
Unidentified newspaper cutting: review of a performance by the Guild at Campden of Jonson's 'The New Inn or The Light Heart', [1903]. [1/13, f.8]
Unidentified newspaper cutting: report of Whit Monday fete at Campden, [1903]. [1/14, f.293]
'Daily Mail' cutting: 'Gammelyn', a fairy tale of the times by Laurence Housman, 9 Dec. 1903. [1/14, f.433]
Autograph letter, signed, from Frank Lloyd Wright to C.R. Ashbee, 24 Jul. 1910. [1/22, f.48]
'Enquirer' and 'Times-Star' cuttings on Frank Lloyd Wright and his mistress; the arson and murders, [1911-12]. [1/23, ff.170,171; 1/24, ff.157,158]
Printed congratulations to Edward Carpenter on his 70th birthday, with 297 signatories, 29 Aug. 1914. [1/27, f.399]
'Westminster Gazette' cutting: 'What Russia Wants' by Nevill Forbes [Janet Ashbee's brother], 20 Oct. 1914. [1/28, f.642]
Autograph letter, signed, from Walter Edwards [Guildsman] to C.R. Ashbee, possibly written in Oct. 1914. [1/28, ff.649-51]
Printed manifesto of the Central Organisation for a Durable Peace, 1915. [1/31, f.491]
Typescript notes on the League to Enforce Peace, American Branch, with unidentified newspaper cuttings quoting from these, 18 Jun.1915. [1/32, ff.701-703]
A cutting, possibly from 'North American', on the formation of the Peace League, 18 Jun. 1915. [1/32, f.705]
Typescript notes on the aims of the League to Enforce Peace, in comparison with those of the League of Nations and the Bryce Group for the avoidance of war, Sep. 1915. [1/33, ff.761,762]
'Peace Organisation after the War', pamphlet by J.M. Robertson, M.P., issued by the International Arbitration League, [1915]. [1/33, f.763]
'Boston Trans...'[rest of title cut off] cutting on the promotion of amateur dramatics in villages and farms, 18 Mar.1916. [1/37, f.513]
'Westminster [Gazette]' cutting: 'Mr. Lowes Dickinson and the War', 4 May 1916. [1/38, f.661]
Unidentified newspaper cutting: 'The Turk and the Holy Places', 22 Jun. 1916. [1/38, f.731]
Autograph manuscript note by C.R. Ashbee on the publicity given to the League, Oct.-Dec. 1916. [1/39, f.977]
'Times' cuttings on the death of Lord Cromer and his activities in Egypt, 30 January 1917. [1/40, ff.19-21]
'The Christian Weekly Review' cutting: review of C.R. Ashbee's 'The American League to Enforce Peace', Aug. 1917. [1/41, f.443]
'Egyptian Gazette' cutting on C.R. Ashbee's 'Where The Great City Stands' and his work with the Guild
and civic architecture, 2 Nov. 1917. [1/41, f.580]
Loose journal entry by Janet Ashbee on a lunch with Sydney and Beatrice Webb, 4 Jan. 1924. [1/49, ff.4/3 a-g]
'Le Palestine' Special Edition for the visit of Lord Balfour, 25 Mar. 1925. [1/50, ff.18,19]
'Times' and other cuttings: obituaries of Edward Carpenter and account of his funeral, 29 Jun.-6 Jul. 1929. [1/51, ff.9/34-9/38]
Unidentified newspaper cutting on proposed Carpenter memorial, [1929]. [1/51, f.9/39]
'Times' cutting: obituary of Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson, 4 Aug. 1932. [1/53, f.32/49]
'The Pictorial' cutting, on the centenary of the birth of Frederic Seebohm, 28 Nov. 1933. [1/53, f.46]
'Christian Science Monitor' page, on Jane Addams' peace work, [1934]. [1/54, f.4/5]
'Times' cutting: photographs of the progress of building Washington Cathedral [begun by Bodley], 20 Jul. 1934. [1/54, f.4/29]
'Times' cutting on the life of T.E. Lawrence, 20 May 1935. [1/54, f.5/105]
Photograph of W. Mark [possibly the Guildsman, William Mark], 1938. [1/55, f.8/138]
'Times' cuttings on the identification of a tower in Jerusalem as built by Herod, with photographs, 28 Jul. 1940. [1/56, f.149]
'New York Times' cutting: photograph of Campden's Local Defence Volunteer unit, 28 Jul. 1940. [1/56, f.150]
Unidentified newspaper cuttings: obituary of Christopher Turnor, and other tributes, 22-6 Aug. 1940. [1/56, ff.159,162]
Unidentified newspaper cuttings announcing death of Sir Henry Head, and tribute, Oct. 1940. [1/56, ff.186,187]
Unidentified newspaper cutting: obituary of Eric Gill, [1940]. [1/56, f.207]
'New York Times' cutting: review of the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, 24 Nov. [1940]. [1/56, ff.216,217]
Photograph of Alec Miller and friends/family, Dec. 1940. [1/56, f.246]
Photograph of 'Henry and wife', Dec. 1940 or Feb. 1941. [1/56, f.247]
'Sunday Express' cutting on Frank Lloyd Wright after his award of the R.I.B.A. Gold Medal, 5 Jan. 1941. [1/57, f.12]
'News Chronicle' cutting: article on rebuilding London, [1941]. [1/57, f.13]
'The Illustrated Carpenter and Builder' pages, on bomb damage to Chelsea; with pictures including 'The Ashbee Group at Cheyne Walk', 23 May-6 Jun. 1941. [1/57, ff.85,86,92-95]
'Times Literary Supplement' cutting on Arthur Young, agriculturalist and philosopher (1741-1820), 13 Sep. 1941. [1/57, f.130]


  • Creation: 1901 - 1941



c. 43 item(s) : paper and photographic print

218 item(s) (Approximately 43 items 218 items in guard files or loose)

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Items are guarded and filed in the following year groups: 1901; 1903; 1909; 1910; 1911-12; 1912; 1914; 1915; 1916; 1917; 1918 and 1921; 1925-6; 1932-3; 1934-7; 1938-9; 1940; 1941.



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