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Kettle's Yard, University of Cambridge



The archive at Kettle’s Yard forms part of the core permanent collection given to the University of Cambridge by H S ‘Jim’ Ede in 1966. It documents the development of the House and collections; Ede’s activities and interactions with artists and other key figures over much of the 20th century; and the ongoing work of Kettle’s Yard as a leading centre for modern and contemporary art.

At the heart of the archive at Kettle’s Yard are Jim Ede’s personal papers, which formed part of his gift to the University of Cambridge in 1966. These document the wide range of influences throughout Ede’s life, from his experience of World War I, through the ‘open house’ the Ede’s kept in Hampstead through the late 1920s and early 1930s and the vibrant set who attended their parties; the weekend retreats for servicemen on leave from Gibraltar at the Ede’s house in Tangier at the end of World War II; the ‘lecturer in search of an audience’ who travelled to the US in the early 1940s; to the prolific correspondence not just with artist friends, but other notable figures such as T E Lawrence; and the development of Kettle’s Yard and its collections.

The archive also includes a number of collections related to Kettle’s Yard and its artists, including the papers of Elisabeth Vellacott, correspondence from Helen Sutherland to Kathleen Raine, and from Ben Nicholson to Margaret Gardiner.

Access arrangements: please contact the Archivist to arrange an appointment to view material.

Kettle's Yard
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