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Papers on the Royal Astronomical Society, 1880 - 1915

Reference Code: GBR/0180/RGO 7/243

Scope and Contents

(1) Correspondence concerning Royal Astronomical Society Council business, 1900-1910

Correspondence regarding the following subjects:

Election of J. Glaisher as the Society's President, 1900.

Recognition of Mr Tebbutt's work by H.H. Turner, 1904.

Election of a Secretary, 1904.

Correspondence concerning Cowell's attack on Sir George Airy's work, 1906.

H.H. Turner's reflections in the 'Observatory' on the Royal Astronomical Society Council, 1908.

Discussions between Christie and S.A. Saunders and notice of the Daylight Saving Bill, 1909.

W.F. Allen's experience and views of standard times in the United States of America, 1908.

Request by D. Gill for Christie to take the chair at a Royal Astronomical Society meeting, 1909.

Appeal for a memorial to the Revd James Pound, 1909.

Salary increase for A. Wesley, 1909.

Award of a medal to Christie, 1909.

Resolution regarding changes in the rules for awards, 1910.

(2) Claims for Royal Astronomical Society Gold Medals, 1901-1907

Papers regarding the claim for E.C. Pickering to be awarded the Gold Medal and a list of his papers, 1901.

List of Hales' papers, 1903.

List of M. Deslandres' papers.

Papers on G.E. Cale's acceptance of a Gold Medal, 1904.

Papers on the importance of L. Boss's work on star catalogues, 1904.

Statement of W.W. Campbell's claim for a Gold Medal, 1905.

Proposal by H.H. Turner for a Gold Medal for D. Gill, 1907.

(3) Formal nominations of persons for Royal Astronomical Society Gold Medals, 1893-1914

(4) Matters for consideration by the Royal Astronomical Society Council, 1885-1902

Papers concerning the following subjects:

Contingencies for E. Marth's work and computations and extracts from minutes regarding his work, 1885.

Death of A. Cayley, 1895.

Mr Knobel's reforms of Royal Astronomical Society finances, 1895.

Plea for an improved geodetic survey of Britain, 1897-1904,

Proposed scientific fund for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, 1897.

Election of a new President and Secretary, 1898.

Accounts of and subscribers to the Society, 1900.

Manuscript observations of variable stars by Sir C. Peek, 1901.

Changes in subscription rates, 1902.

(5) Miscellaneous papers of the Royal Astronomical Society, 1904-1907

Papers concerning the following subjects:

Observations of southern double stars.

Letter by S.C. Chandler regarding the establishment of a southern belt of latitude stations.

Discussion of Pogson's variable stars, 1904.

Discussion of southern latitude stations, 1904.

Overhaul of the British geodetic survey, 1904.

Plan of co-operation in solar research, 1904.

Proposal for an international committee on lunar nomenclature, 1905.

Notes on subscriptions of leading societies and a chart of composition fees, 1906.

Notice on solar research and lunar nomenclature for the Royal Society, 1906.

Threat to the Royal Observatory from the location of a power station, 1906.

Standard scales held by the Royal Astronomical Society 1907.

Delimitation of boundaries in East Africa by D. Gill, 1907.

Revision of bye-laws, 1907.

Accounts of the Royal Astronomical Society, 1907.

Election of honorary members.

(6) Council business and correspondence, 1910-1915

Correspondence and papers regarding the following subjects:

Library of the Royal Astronomical Society, 1910.

Cookson's claim to a Gold Medal for his work on observational aberrations, 1910.

Proposed alterations to the 'Nautical Almanac', 1910.

Report of the Committee examining the modifications to the 'Nautical Almanac', 1911.

Extract from the 'Nautical Almanac', January 1912.

Joint action by the Royal Astronomical Society and the Royal Society on changes in the 'Nautical Almanac', 1911.

Plight of Mrs McClellan, 1911.

Australian solar physics laboratory, 1911.

Enquiry by S.A. Saunders concerning indexes, 1911.

Covering note to an invitation list, 1911.

Criticisms of Miss Winifred Gibbons's paper on errors of measurement on photographic plates by A.R. Hinks, 1911.

Covering note to a paper, 1911.

Comments on procedure at meetings by S.A. Saunders, 1912.

Legal point on charitable status by A.B. Kempe, 1912.

Associate membership for Professor Kaiser, 1912.

Award of the Jackson-Gwilt medal to Mr Roberts, suggested by D. Gill, and discussions on Mr Brown's telephone relays, 1912.

Publication of a photographic map of the sky, 1912.

S.A. Saunders as a Presidential candidate, 1912.

H. Deslandres' views on a Gold Medal, written in French, 1913.

Failed attempt to elect women to the Royal Astronomical Society in 1892, written 1914.

Memoir of M. Jonckheere's catalogue of double stars and publication by the Royal Astronomical Society, 1915.

Suggested assistance to Franks's work on stellar colours, 1915.

(7) Printed papers concerning Council business, 1894-1900

Paper regarding the following subjects:

Committee on standards of stellar magnitudes.

Copies of letters suggesting an international astronomical conference, 1894.

Note on medal design, 1895.

Jackson Gwilt Medal Committee, 1895.

Minutes of the Photographic Committee, 1895.

Notice for the Catalogue Committee, 1896.

Changes proposed to the 'Nautical Almanac', 1897.

Diversions of Royal Astronomical Society publications, 1900.

(8) Papers relating to the Herschel Committee and the cost of republishing Herschel's papers, 1912, with correspondence between F.W. Dyson and J.A. Hardcastle.

(9) 'Effects on the Moon's movement in latitude, produced by the slow change of position of the plane of the ecliptic' by Sir George Airy (2 copies). There are also letters concerning corrections to comet observations, diagrams of sunspots, Paris longitude, preparations for an astrographic chart, the new south-east dome, brightness of stars, and the life of Sir George Airy. The papers cover 1881-1892.

(10) Reports by G.B. Airy and W.H.M. Christie on various papers, 1880-1892

Report on 'Expedition to Ascension' by D. Gill, 1880.

Report on the 1874 Transit of Venus, 1882.

Report on the observations of stars by E. de Gorthard, 1883.

Report on 'Stellar photography' by C. Pritchard, 1887.

Report 'On the image formed by a reflector' by L. McClaren, 1887.

Notes for the annual report of the Royal Astronomical Society on the Royal Observatory, 1887 and 1889-1892.


  • Creation: 1880 - 1915


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