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Papers on the Royal Society, 1879 - 1910

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Scope and Contents

(1) Notices of Royal Society meetings, 1893-1909

Notices of Royal Society meetings for the election of Council Officers, 1893-1909.

Notice of an informal meeting to consider the claim of 'Physical and mathematical candidates for the Fellowship' and the office of President, 1900.

Anniversary dinner notices, 1900-1901 and 1904-1909.

Notice of the special meeting of the Council of the Royal Society, 1901.

Committee recommendations on modifications in the six sectional committees, 1904.

(2) Papers on the election of Council Officers, 1888-1909

Unused balloting list for Council Officers, 1888-1909.

Nominations for replacement members, 1890, 1895 and 1900.

Printed group letter suggesting W.D. Halliburton for the post of replacement secretary, 1903.

(3) Correspondence concerning candidates for election to the Royal Society, 1889-1910

Correspondence and some related papers, including material on the following:

List of Royal Society candidates, 1890.

Proposal to reject Sir A.A. Haworth as a Fellow, 1892.

Contribution of C. Pritchard to astronomy and his nomination for the Royal Medal, 1892.

List of members of the Council of the Royal Society, 1893.

Proposal of H.H. Turner and his credentials for nomination as a Fellow, 1894-1897.

Unsuccessful attempt to propose W. Hayden as a Fellow, 1895.

Proposal on behalf of M. Rambaut, 1897-1900.

Proposal on behalf of W. Sidgreaves, 1898.

Rejection of Captain E.H. Hills's candidature, 1899.

Proposal of F.W. Dyson as a Fellow and a list of his works, 1900.

List of Royal Society candidates, 1900.

Unsuccessful attempt to nominate S.M. Copeman as a Fellow, 1901.

Objection to Mr Watson as a candidate, 1901.

Rejection of Captain E.H. Hills's candidature, 1901.

List of Royal Society candidates, 1901-1903.

Unsuccessful attempt to nominate W. Sidgreaves, 1903.

Proposal and summary of P.H. Cowell's work in support of his candidature for the Royal Society, 1903.

Points in discussions of the Moon's errors, 1904.

Nomination on behalf of R.T.A. Innes as a Fellow, instigated by D. Gill, 1905.

Proposal on behalf of Mr Nevill and its rejection, 1906-1907.

Rejection of R.T.A. Innes' nomination, 1907.

Proposal of Professor Fowler, 1908

Proposal on behalf of Mr Hinks, 1909.

Suggestion to put forward L. Darwin as a candidate, 1909 (he had been rejected in 1893).

Proposal on behalf of C.C. Bernacchi, 1909.

Proposal on behalf of Admiral Purey-Cust, 1910.

(4) Papers on the Royal Society Council, 1879-1889

Undated list of medal candidates.

List of foreign members, 1891.

Application by H.H. Turner for a £30 donation to observe the solar eclipse in Russia, 1887, with letters from H. Rix and W.H.M. Christie.

Procedure of the Council in the nomination of foreign members, 1879.

Instructions for the Government Grants Boards, 1894.

Papers on the grant of 10 guineas for A.M.W. Downing's discussions on the orbit of Juno, 1890, with letters by Downing and H. Rix.

Papers regarding Christie's affirmation that the Royal Society President should be an eminent man of science, 1895.

Papers regarding the suggestion to change the format of 'Philosophical Transactions' and the defeat of the proposal, 1895.

Papers on the rationalization of essays in the 'Philosophical Transactions', 1896.

Reports of the Council, 1897-1899.

Unconfirmed minutes of the Royal Society meeting on 7 December 1899.

(5) Papers and correspondence concerning the Royal Society Council, 1900-1907

Unconfirmed minutes of Royal Society meetings, 1900.

Acts of the Committee of Papers, 1900.

Items of agenda, 1900.

Nominations for the new Council, 1900-1901.

Papers regarding the refusal of Lord Rayleigh to accept the Royal Society Presidency, 1900.

Proof of the annual report proposed to be laid before the Society by the Council, 1900.

List of nominations for foreign membership, 1901.

Proposal to elect Franz von Leydig as a foreign member, 1901.

Proof paper titled 'wave-length determinations and general results obtained from a detailed examination of spectra, photographed at the solar eclipse of January 22nd 1898' by J. Evershed, 1901.

Proof paper titled 'on the theory of errors of judgement with special reference to the personal equation' by K. Pearson, 1901.

Statement of claims for medals, 1901.

Papers on proposed new regulations concerning the Government publication grant, 1901-1902.

Brief summary of the career of Dr Joseph Larmor F.R.S. (Royal Medal), 1901.

List of Fellows in favour of a fixed term of office for the Treasurer and Secretary, 1901.

Reports of the Council, 1901-1907.

Royal Society balance sheets and accounts, 1901.

Papers on the case for admitting women to the Fellowship, 1902.

Royal Society report on the Imperial Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1902.

Catalogue of Royal Society papers, 1902.

Notice of amended statutes, 1903.

Papers on a proposed gold medal for D. Gill, 1903.

Notice to Christie of his appointment to the Astrographic Chart Committee, 1903.

Notice to Christie of his appointment to the Chairmanship of the Observatories Committee, 1903.

Open letter concerning improving science-teaching in secondary education, 1904.

Letter by H.H. Turner proposing a portrait of Sir W. Huggins, 1904.

Royal Society balance sheets and accounts, 1904.

(6) Papers and correspondence relating to the Antarctic Expedition, 1899-1901

Application for a Parliamentary grant for the Antarctic Expedition, 1899, with a covering letter explaining the benefits and cost of the expedition.

Papers relating to Christie's approval of the scheme, 1899.

Draft report concerning terrestrial magnetism and the experiments to be undertaken by the expedition, 1900, covering observations on board ship, observations by travelling parties and observations at the secondary station (Cape Adare).

Notice of a meeting of the magnetism sub-committee, 1900.

Appeal on behalf of the National Antarctic Expedition, 1900.

Instructions to the Commander and civilian scientific staff of the Antarctic Expedition, 1901.

List of subscribers to the Appeal, 1901.

Covering letter concerning the finalised instructions for the Expedition, 1901.

Correspondence between A.W. Rücker and W.H.M. Christie concerning the magnetic observations, 1901

Papers concerning the appeal on behalf of the National Antarctic Expedition relief ship, 1901.

'Memorandum on the recent negotiations concerning the National Antarctic Expedition presented to the Council by the Officers', 1901.

Statement by E.B. Poulton on the events leading up to the resignation of Captain Tizard from the expedition, 1901.

Papers concerning travel arrangements with Thomas Cook and Son, 1918, including fares, passport applications, visa forms and travel facilities for Christie and F.W. Dyson to attend a conference in Paris.


  • Creation: 1879 - 1910



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