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Correspondence on observations given, 1893 - 1899

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Correspondence with Dr J. Pulisa, Vienna, concerning errors in lunar places, February 1893.

Letter from the Danish Hydrographer requesting errors of the Moon's place for September 1893, the reply enclosing this information, and the Hydrographer's acknowledgement, 1894.

Correspondence with Miss Eleen S. Alkins concerning whether Virgo and Scorpius are one constellation, 1894.

Correspondence with the Radcliffe Observatory concerning errors in clock stars and the angles for defective illumination of the Moon, 1895.

Correspondence with G.A. Hill, Washington, concerning comparison stars for Comet Holmes, 1895.

Correspondence with the Vienna Observatory concerning comparison stars for Comet Wolf, 1895.

Correspondence with W.J. Lynn concerning the places of Piazzi II 123 1893/4, 1895.

Correspondence with James Rowe concerning the places of Uranus and Neptune, 1895.

Correspondence with Syrian Protestant College, 1895, concerning places of stars in the lunar 'eclipse' of March 1895.

Correspondence with Sir W.G.S. Fitzgerald concerning the bearing of Mecca from London, 1895.

Correspondence with Captain E. Hills concerning lunar place, 2 and 4 May 1895.

Correspondence with T.J.L. Mayer concerning the length of the solar and lunar years, 1895.

Correspondence with S. Butler concerning 'latitude and variation' and the places where Ursa Major is circumpolar, 1895.

Correspondence with S. Butler concerning further astronomical topics raised by passages in the 'Oddesy' and Ulysses' voyages, 1895.

Correspondence with W. Airy concerning the inferior conjunction of Venus, 1895.

One undated sheet giving calculations for the bearing of Mecca from London [1895].

Correspondence with J. Woodhouse concerning a bright star seen on 15 June 1895.

Correspondence with A. Bruce-Jones concerning whether the Moon was visible at the Battle of Waterloo, 1895.

Correspondence with the Revd R.T. Andrews, 1895, concerning whether the church at Hertford is aligned to the rising Sun on 1 May.

Correspondence with Miss Aldwinckle concerning the altitude of the Sun on Midsummer's Day at 3pm, 1895.

Correspondence with A. Berness concerning the difference in time between Manchester and London, 1895.

Correspondence with G. Gillett concerning the length of daylight in North Wales, 1895.

Correspondence with C.J. Whitmell concerning the occultation of Capricorni on 29 September 1895.

Correspondence with R. Kerrwiche, Aberystwyth, concerning information as to the rising and setting of the Sun and Moon for public display, 1895.

Correspondence with T. Edwards, 1895, asking if 1896 will be a leap year.

Correspondence with A.C. Dixon concerning sidereal time, 1895.

Correspondence with the Ceara Gas Co. concerning the times of the rising and setting of the Sun and Moon in Brazil, 1895.

Correspondence with W.A. Hughes concerning the time of sunrise on the longest and shortest days, 1895.

Correspondence with Miss Wilkinson concerning whether an observed star was Mercury, 1895.

Letter to the Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford, concerning the angles of defective illumination of the Moon, 1895.

Correspondence with the University of Pennsylvania concerning stars' places for latitude work, 1895.

Correspondence with the 'Colliery Guardian', 1895, concerning the times of the rising and setting of the Sun in 1846.

Correspondence with William Turner, Melbourne, concerning the description of lunar orbit, 1895.

Correspondence with A.H. Field concerning a comet seen in December 1895.

Correspondence with I.G. Monkton concerning leap years and their omission from the calendar, 1895.

Correspondence with C.M. Holloway concerning a bright star seen in the south-east at 6 am, identified as Venus, 1895.

Correspondence with G.W. Anderson, 1895, concerning whether 1896 is a leap year.

Correspondence with J. Hastings concerning mathematics relating to the Jewish Calendar, 1896.

Correspondence with Page and Scorer, Solicitors, concerning the times of sunrise and sunset, 1896.

Correspondence with A.E. Young concerning which star catalogue is best to use for surveying purposes, 1896.

Correspondence with J. Woodhouse concerning the visibility of Nova Aurigae, 1896.

Correspondence with J. List concerning the angle of the Earth's orbit, 1896.

Correspondence with Captain W. de W. Abney concerning star maps and the altitude of the Moon, 1896.

Correspondence with J.G.W. Stout concerning the satellites of Jupiter, 1896.

Correspondence with E.H. Hills, 1896, concerning the Moon's place on 30 November 1895 and 1 and 4 December 1896.

Correspondence with T. Fisher, 1896, concerning Professor Falb's comments on the destruction of the Earth by a comet in 1899.

Correspondence with T. O'Niell concerning when February has five Saturdays, 1896.

Correspondence with F. Griffiths concerning his patent astronomical calendar, 1896.

Correspondence with Captain W. de W. Abney concerning whether a fee is charged for the star charts sent to him, 1896.

Correspondence with E.R. Blakely concerning Comet Swift, 1896.

Correspondence with Dr Dobesak, Hong Kong, concerning observations of stars in Ursa Major, Cancer and the Corona Borealis, 1896.

Correspondence with A.H. Tyler concerning the corrected position of the Moon for 4 March 1896.

Correspondence with K. Sternwarte, Leipzig, 1896, concerning apparent errors in the Moon's position, July and August 1895.

Correspondence with Professor Saga at Catania, 1896, concerning the right ascension and north polar distance of the Moon, August 1894.

Correspondence with G. Leveva, Paris, concerning observations of Vesta, 1896.

Correspondence with R.W.D. Wordsley concerning elongations of Venus, 1896.

Correspondence with E.H. Hills, 1896, concerning corrections for the Moon's place, 1895-1896.

Correspondence with Dr Spitta concerning observations of Pollux (Beta Geminorum), 1897.

Correspondence with General Tills, 1897, concerning the observed right ascension and north polar distance of the Moon, March 1894, and the occultation of 49 Aurigae.

Correspondence with C.J. Merefield concerning occultations in the southern hemisphere, 1897.

Correspondence with H. Payn concerning elements of Neptune's orbit, 1897.

Correspondence with S. Newcomb concerning observations of Uranus, Neptune and Mars, 1897.

Correspondence with C.W. Roberts concerning observations and corrections to the motion of Sirius, 1897.

Correspondence with A. Auwers concerning places of fundamental stars and the new 10-Year Catalogue, 1897-1898.

Correspondence with the Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford, 1898, concerning the clock star list for 1898 and the angles for defective illumination of the Moon.

Correspondence with the Director, Athens Observatory, concerning pairs of stars for latitude observations, 1898.

Correspondence with the Director, Christiana Observatory, concerning two stars which appear to be variable, 1898.

Correspondence with Professor Kalimar, Pola, 1898, concerning the Moon's errors, November 1897 - January 1898.

Correspondence with A. Auwers concerning errors in the Moon's place, 1898.

Correspondence with W. Heath, Brisbane, 1898, concerning the Moon's errors for July 1898 in connection with occultation observations.

Correspondence with Arthur Booth-Clibbon concerning conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn and his book 'Astronomy of Holiness', 1899.

Correspondence with Radcliffe Observatory, 1899, concerning the angles of defective illumination of the Moon for 1899.

Correspondence with A.C. Dixon, 1899, concerning observations for 1896.

Correspondence with Professor Forbes concerning computations required by him, 1899.

Letter to 'Astronomische Nachrichten', 1899, with observations of Comet Swift.

Correspondence with Lord Wolsey, 1899, concerning the times of sunrise, sunset and phases of the Moon at Ulna on the River Danube, 13 August 1704, and Drogheda, 1 July 1690.

Correspondence with the Borough of Margate concerning the duration of twilight, 1899.

Correspondence with George St Clair concerning the position changes of the Hyades and Pleiades in connection with biblical matters, 1899.

Correspondence with the Revd J.H. Townsend, Tunbridge Wells, concerning the Earth's position in the Zodiac, 1899.

Correspondence with Dr Albrecht, Potsdam, concerning positions of stars, 1899.


  • Creation: 1893 - 1899


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