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'Liber Utinam', 1549 - 1578, 1848

Reference Code: GBR/0265/UA/Collect.Admin.13

Scope and Contents

This volumes contains judicial acta, including at Sturbridge Fair, 1549-78. There is an index by Registrary Romilly at the front, 1848.


f.2: 1550 Cause Academie publice – names of Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, Proctors and Taxors. Notes of three causes heard before the VC, 23 Nov., 26 May and 28 … - two horses killed and a debt for barley.

f.2v: 26 Jan. 1553/4 Trinity Hall demands rent of a garden let to Robert Smyth and now seven years in arrears; Trinity Hall demands ?same rent of Thomas Traherson; 30 Mar. 1556 Bond of Agnes Norton to provide lodging for a poor old woman (vetula) who is now lodged in a house which Agnes has sold to William Odam.

ff.3-12: Blank.

f.13: 1549 Scholasticorum cause private; 12 May 1549 Ydle (Pembroke College) and Fryer (Jesus College) allege defamation by Beningworth of Jesus College – deferred to arbitration by Perpoynt and Carr.

f.13v: 12 May 1559 Suit between Jerome, the piper, and his fellows and Widow Prime for the wait pipes (le wayte pypes) - settled that they shall pay £4 per annum to her for five years and [ ] Watson to pay her 10s p.a. until he has paid her 40s.

f.15: 1551 Scholasticorum cause private; 6 Nov. 1551 note of sentence against W. Gilson, at suit of Beningworth of Jesus College, concerning a rod of chickpeas, (as in M. Flyde’s regster).

f.15v: 1552 6 May Bisel, school keeper, imprisoned for one day for raising price of ‘ostil ale’ (vilissime servitie) without consulting VC and Taxors.

ff.24v-31: 1549-58 Entries relating to bakers; Marks of bakers, and extract from 23 Henry VIII.c.8 concerning assize, 1549, followed by cases on presentment against bakers for various offences.

f.32: [mid 16th century hand] Narrative of excommunication of Dr Clyffe, Bishop’s Chancellor, for meddling with VC’s jurisdiction and prosecuting Sir Henry the conjuror, with subsequent proceedings in Wolsey’s legantine court. [Reference by Tabor to Grace Book, 1528 and copy of the sentence of excommunication and subsequent delegation to Wolsey in 17th century hand – from Corpus Christi College Ms Misc,PL.f.91].

ff.36v-40: 1549-58 Entries relating to brewers - list of ale and beer brewers and copy of assize. Fixing of prices annually, including wine, and presentments by Taxors for mischarging, unsealed measures, etc.

ff.49v-56: 1549-58 Entries relating to victuallers, with copy of statute re licensing of victuallers, and presentments by Proctors and Taxors for regrating etc., decrees fixing prices for candles and meat.

ff.59v-62: 1549-58 Entries relating to weights and measures. (? incomplete) Extracts from statutes with presentments by Taxors, proclamation about examination of measures on 3 May. Many later notes and amendments.

f.63: 21 Feb. 1564/5 Transcript of VC’s sentence in cause between Dr Newton and Dr Lorkyn, followed immediately by acts of court – apparently either jurisdiction or arbitration.

f.63v: 23 Feb. 1564/5 Taxors vs beer-brewers; Rector vs farmer of rent of Stow for dilapidation of farm buildings.

f.64: 23 Feb. 1564/5 Two tailors for debt; Office vs a cobbler for procuring letters for begging.

f.64v: 28 Feb. 1564/5 Complaint of opprobrious words; Confession of debt; Two debt causes; 8 Mar. Memorandum by M. Stokys of the constitution of a proctor in a future cause apud fabricam sive schopam Philippi Scarlet de Cantab., bibliopole (who is the proctor).

f.65: 9 Mar. 1564/5 Constitution of proctors and assignment of later hearing on 23 Mar.; debt cause [claim of hearing by Provost of King’s]; 28 Mar. Sentence; fine at suit of Taxors.

f.65v: 28 Mar. 1564/5 Cancellation of apprenticeship; Corruption of a girl (two causes).

f.66: 28 Mar. 1564/5 Debt (two causes); 1565 30 Mar. Office vs a schola gladiatoria.

f.66v: 30 Mar. 1565 Lease agreement for a close called the Wight Channons; prosecution by Taxors for forestalling; Con. proc. for probate of will of Nicholas Badcocke.

f.67: 4 Apr. 1565 Stage in contended case.

f.67v: 6 Apr. 1565 Decrees about sales and prices of tallow, suet and candles and weekly searches of butchers.

f.68: 27 Apr. 1565 Bond for good behaviour, etc.

f.68v: 11 May 1565 Debt (two causes); prosecution by Taxors for bad beer; Bond for proper sale of malt in market.

f.69: 11 May 1565 Taxors (two causes).

f.69v: 12 May 1565 Taxors (three causes); Bond for proper sale of malt in market.

f.70: 16 May 1565 Bond for proper sale of malt in market; Appeal of Thomas Ray allowed (no details); Debt cause vs administrators.

f.70v: 16 May 1565 Debt cause; Unlicensed alehouse keeper committed to prison; Weight of half penny loaf fixed at 14oz.

f.71: 23 May 1565 Cause Downham/Meeres vs Linsey of Sandy for debt; Gonville and Caius College vs Tomson re contract to deliver sand and gravel for Dr Caius’ new building; 25 May Bond of alehouse keeper.

f.71v: 1 June 1565 University vs Roger Slegge, alderman, for prosecuting privileged persons in London; 6-15 June Continuance of cause; 15 June H. Seerle sent to Tolbooth for failing to appear when cited.

f.72: 6 June 1565 Dr Caius vs Robert Higham for breach of contract re ‘stagyng hurdles’; 13 June Debt cause (legacy from executors).

f.72v: 19 June 1565 Slegge cause; Seerle cause (export of malt to Lynn); appeal from deputy Commissary; Surgeon Spakeman (breach of contract) for failure of treatment of an out of joint arm (Aldridge).

f.73: 19 June 1565 Beer and ale prices fixed; 22 June Injunction as to quality of single beer by William Bradley; Debt; Compromise re Slegge; 19 June Bond to obey a sentence and award.

f.73v: 19 June 1565 Bond to appear at the next Quarter Sessions in Cambridge and answer charges.

f.74: 27 June 1565 Compromise on arbitration; Ad rei memoriam interrogatories in cause W. Smith, Fellow of Clare Hall vs Lytton and Smythe (debts incurred by Robert Smyth, carrier, now deceased).

f.74v: 14 July 1565 Bond to execute will; Slegge further stage; Office vs landlord of King’s Arms - sign to be removed if scholars found there at unlawful times, etc.; Gonville and Caius College vs Dethicke; Ad rei memoriam oath as to soundness of a horse.

f.75: 18 July 1565 Two imprisonments until called ad sectam; Thomas Mannyng fined ex officio domini for having his workshop open in time of religious service; Spakeman - bond to heal the leg of Richard Thornhill; Spakemen - bond to appear against Mr Aldridge.

f.75v: 18 July 1565 Office vs a common scold - the cockyngstole, and to be carried and dipped three times in the water or pay 3s 4d; 14 July Decree for a bond to pay a legacy; 20 July Spakeman compromise; Decree for appearance of contumacious witness.

ff.76-76v: 21 July 1565 Quitclaim of actions by Clare Hall against Gonville and Caius College; Injury (beating to death); 27 July injury - sentence to penance.

ff.76v-77v: 27 July 1565 Ithell vs Wilson - case continued from f.75v.

ff.77v-78v: 27 July 1565 Townley and Tomson vs Slegge continued; Arbitration; Ithell (for Jesus College) vs O. Wylson for recovery of costs; W. Bright vs H. Martyn - contumacy; Defamation.

f.79: 8 Aug. 1565 K. Sawnders, common scold, accused by churchwarden of St Andrew’s - to sit on the ‘cukkyngestole over against trynyte colledge gates, from thence to be caried thorowgh the stretes to the wateryng place at the small bridges’. Further punishment threatened.

f.79v: 8 Aug. 1565 Margaret Mendam for allowing scholars to play unlawful games - imprisoned for three days.

f.80: 8 Aug. 1556 Dr Caius vs John Denosius, Frenchman and bookseller - recovery of a printed Latin service book sent to him for binding; 10 Aug. Assignation - Ray vs Ventris; 16 Aug. Appeal of Slegge and Tooley before delegates concerning oath;

f.80v: 5 Sept. 1565 Admission of witnesses; 14 Sept. Assignation and 16 Sept. memorandum of fixing of assize of bread; 17 Sept. Admission of proctor.

f.81: 19 Sept. 1565 Punishment of woman’s theft - replacement by her husband, woman to stand bound for two hours in the bull ring; Decree for tailor to supply a suitable gown to Mr Edward Bacon at suit of his tutor, Mr Hammond; Dogfight; Recovery of a horse pledged.

f.81v: 26 Sept. 1565 Recovery of a horse stolen; Recovery of a debt on bond; Contumacy for non-appearance;

f.82: 26 Sept. 1565 Bond to obey arbitration; Bond to produce answer at gaol delivery at Castle: George Michel, shoemaker.

f.82v: 8 Oct. 1565 Decree for chandlers; 2 Nov. Oath of guardians of bakers.

f.83: 12 Oct. 1565 Restitution of servant, Henry Wiseman; Bond on hiring a horse; Recovery of damages; Debt cause – decrees preventing sale of goods and ordering payment of debts; Debt cause.

f.83v: 31 Oct. 1565 Office vs Matilda Boyer for incontinent living; Office vs Robert Spakeman, barber, for having two wives – four hours on Market Hill etc.; Office vs Mary Firryby - to be sent out of the town.

f.84: 5 Dec. 1565 Assignation; citation by Taxors of various people for keeping alehouses without justices’ licence – fined 20s each; Assize of bread – 8 and a half ounces; Order (to be executed by bedell) for sequestration of goods of T. Harding, fishmonger, a fugitive.

f.84v: 12 Dec. 1565 Order of VC with consent of Heads for obedience to statutes of University and Colleges of all living in Colleges whether in commons or not, and forbidding preaching against them. Marginal note ‘apparell surplyses etc.’.

f.85: 15 Feb. 1565/6 Fine for theft of Mr J. Baxter’s goods; Debt cause continued and completed on 2 Mar.

f.85v: 1 Mar. 1565/6 Bond to stand to arbitration; Proctors’ prosecution for dicing etc.;

f.86: 12 Mar. 1565/6 Bond of Roger Briscoe, tailor, for observance of royal proclamation for making breeches and shoes called ‘bareled hosen or gret brechis’; 17 others also bound and Robert Spakeman and Robert Gerryng bound to inspect workshops.

f.86v: 3 Mar.-5 Apr. 1566 All stages in cause of theft of a horse by G. Adams; 15 Mar. Accusation by William Clarke in the name of the University of G. Adams of theft from a scholar’s servant.

f.87: 15 Mar. 1565/6 Assignation; Taxors’ prosecution of Sparow – weight of bread; 5 Apr. assize of bread fixed at 8 and a half oounces; debt cause; 19 Apr. John Tomson vs Thomas Avery for withholding dower of a third of The Grene Peele in St Giles parish.

f.87v: 26 Mar. 1565/6 W. Gibbons vs W. Mason – debt of 24s 8d for a ‘tenor hoeboye’ [?tenor oboe]. f.88: 4 May 1566 Proof of age of John Osbourne by John and Agnes Richardson who have reared him; Surrender of inherited goods to him.

f.88v: 6 May 1566 Prosecution by Proctors of John Howell for unlicensed sale of herrings and saltfish; Prosecution by Proctors of George Adams for the same; Prosecution by Proctors of William Burrell for sale of same, and grains.

f.89: 4 May 1566 Thomas Edwards, Fellow of Trinity Hall, for his pupil Robert Peverell vs Humphry Toye, stationer or bookseller of London, for recovery of money lost by Peverell to Toye’s apprentice, Thomas Bradshawe ad chartas pictas; 10 May William Burwell, through his apprentice, William Ratclyff, vs Thomas Barber for debt; Edward Ridge for William Hudson vs Andrew Smithe, furbisher, John Oliver.

f.89v: 24 May 1566 Richard Butler appeals against Taxors.

f.90: 24 May 1566 Contumacy for non-appearance; Contumacy for failure to deliver evidence; 30 May Ridge vs Smith; 14 June Bonds to appear’ 5 July Taxors vs Butler, accusing contumacy; Judgement in Ridge vs Oliver (bondsmen W. Oram, tailor, Ralph Cooper, glover).

f.90v: 5 July 1566 Judgement in Ridge vs Smith; 12 July Taxors vs Butler; Tomson vs Avery; 20 July Wife of Alexander Banks of Histon vs Geoffrey Dowling, baker, of Ely, for debt.

f.91: 4 Aug 1566 Taxors vs Butler – note by Tabor about lis contestata implying justice; Tomson vs Avery; 9 Aug. Taxors vs Butler; fine for single beer – H. Hodgeson; assize of bread – 12 ounces; 27 Sept. Taxors vs Butler.

f.91v: 4 Oct. 1566 Watson vs Carow – debt; Tomson vs Avery; Taxors vs Butler – fresh prosecution for horse bread; Dowsey vs Tomson – debt; Taxors vs Butler – proof of prosecution case.

f.92: 11 Oct. 1566 Tatam vs Smythe – debt; Taxors vs Butler – arbitration; Two decrees for fines of absent innkeepers and a suitor, Hutton, goldsmith, fined pro effusione sanguinis.

f.92v: 19 Oct. 1566 Mr R. Curtesse vs Thomas Longworth – defamation, suit (set out at length) - rumour about member of St John’s College taken up at Barnwell with a woman [other names, young and old, Rust, Lawe].

f.93: 19 Oct. 1566 Curtesse vs Law; 25 Oct. Debt; Proctors vs Thomas Lilman for receiving scholars at night; Assignation – Curtesse vs Longworth; Assignation – Lowyn vs Butler.

ff.93v-97v: 29 Oct.-2 Nov. 1566 Curtesse vs Longworth – ending in sentence in favour of Curtesse. f.98: 16 Nov. 1566 Assize of bread – loaves to be only half penny and quarter penny; 19 Nov. Sole vs Foyster’s wife for defamation (proctors involved), Foyster and wife gaoled for receiving clothes from scholars.

f.98v: 20-21 Nov. 1566 Curtesse vs Longworth - exhibition of a paper schedule mentioned.

f.99: 23 Nov. 1566 Edward Leedys vs Ezard of Tadlow for theft of a horse; decree re debt – Watson vs Carowe; bond of [ ] Gybbons to pay to Blind John, for his life, £4 per annum, he being allowed to be a University Wait; W. Chapman MA vs Foyster’s wife, alias Evans – defamation.

f.99v: 23 Nov. 1566 Taxors vs W. Stenet for refusing their judgement; Taxors vs Giles Farmer, baker; Taxors vs Lynton, forestalling; assize of bread – 12 ounces; 6 Dec. Memorandum of service of a writ in error on VC in Ezard case; 14 Dec. Bond of John Marten of Coton to produce John Clyve of Hardwick; Curtesse vs Longworth.

f.100: 14 Dec. 1566 Proctors vs Robert Johnson of London, upholsterer, for selling quilts illegally stuffed with hair; Proctors vs Thomas Threader, scrivener, and Carte, butcher, for dicing; 19 Dec. Enrolment of bond given by John Lynsey, Fellow of St John’s College, to Henry Woorley MA for repayment of 60s; 9 Jan. 1566/7 Decree awarding to Proctors 5s from every questionist or 4s if the number of questionists exceeds 60.

Scope and Contents


f.100v: 5 Jan. 1566/7 Aldridge, King’s College, vs James Myth of Ely – debt; 10 Jan. Warner of Dedham vs Ingram – debt; Constitution of proxy in this cause at the shop of Richard Robynson, bedell.

f.101: 11 Jan. 1566/7 Injunction of penance of Joan Fan or Trow (in St Giles parish); Note that Rowland is to perform his penance in St Mary’s church; 15 Jan. memorandum of offer of payment – Carowe to Strachey for Michelgrange or Michel Dole; Decree for imprisonment of four unlicensed alehouse keepers; 17 Jan. Constitution of proctors – Frier vs Ingram.

f.101v: 15 Jan. 1566/7 Decree for payment by Mr F. Doryngton to Singleton – 17s 4d for horse hire for his pupil Jonsay; Huntley vs Pynckeney – defamation; Constitution of proctor; 18 Jan. Taxors vs William Steward – for selling peas without other grain; Taxors vs W. Barnes – for not producing measures; The same against four others for the same.

f.102: 18 Jan. 1566/7 Taxors vs Christopher Alison for underweight bread; Proctors vs [ ] Joseph for allowing scholars to play cards in his house; Proctors vs H. Greyhound for allowing prostitutes (his wife being one) in his house; Office vs Aubrey Leman for breach of the peace confessed to bailiffs of Cambridge – removed from privilege; Alcocke vs Standish for defamation, Thomas Norton BA and Robert Westley, apothecary, witnesses.

f.102v: 18 Jan. 1566/7 Office vs Mrs Greyhound and Mrs Porter as prostitutes; Warner vs Ingram; Mark Rise vs J. Barnard – debt; Roger Wylson vs Sawyer – debt.

f.103: 18 Jan. 1566/7 Office vs Edmund Hoare, Irishman, being a ‘vacabund’ - stocks and whipping at cart tail; Office vs Roland Smyth, beer brewer, for repeated adultery; Proctors vs Greyhound for disorderly house – fine of 100s; 8 Feb. 1566/7 Purgation, four-handed, of Spakeman; Memorandum that the vill of Balsham sent 17 hens to the VC of which seven went to the Dean of Ely, three to the VC, four to the Proctors and three to the bedells; 15 Feb. 1566/7 Warner vs Ingram; Robert Tatham vs Francis Wylkynson – debt; Assize of bread – 12 ounces.

f.103v: 28 Feb. 1566/7 Bond of Roland Smythe, beer brewer, to leave Cambridge; Warner vs Ingram; Office vs Nicholas Letts – purgation; Office vs Robert Spakeman – purgation.

f.104: 28 Feb. 1566/7 George Gyves vs Andrew Smyth, bailiff, for restoration of keys of St Michael’s church, taken away by one churchwarden from the other who kept dogs and rabbits in the church – Gyves expelled; 1 Mar. Taxors vs William Nevill and others for forestalling wheat; Contumacy for non-appearance; decree that the Taxors’ servants should cause the market bell to be rung every Saturday after the first hour; Gyves vs Smyth – summary of evidence as to state of St Michael’s church.

f.104v: 1 Mar. 1566/7 Stonard vs Oliver – debt (two entries); Office vs Lettes; Office vs Spakeman; Warner vs Ingram; John Baxter, bedell, vs Richard Robynson – bond to pay debt; Mr Browne for Trinity College vs Richard Robynson – debt.

f.105: 19 Mar. 1566/7 Warner vs Ingram; 21 Mar. Proctors vs John Stafford and John Greneway – practising surgery without licence; 3 Apr. Memorandum of payment by Robert Beaumont VC to Osmund David, John Styll and John Picard, wardens of the Byllyngforth and Bonsar chests of £20 owed by the University.

f.105v: 11 Apr. 1567 Hardyng vs Robert Westley – debt (distraint on a mayor); Ryngstead vs Mr Chaderton – debt; Assize of bread 0 14 ounces; Assize of ale – prices fixed; 17 Apr. Philip Scarlet vs Bowet gall. - witnesses admitted.

f.106: 18 Apr. 1567 Proctors vs Atkkynson of the Lillypot for keeping a disorderly house; Decree that Mr Ridge should restore the Archdeacon’s register to Mr Clarke, official; 21 Apr. Dr Caius vs Robert Inglishe for his son’s wages as a carter of stone – 4d decreed; Decree that George Habergen and Christopher Barrow are to serve in Dr Caius’ work, he having paid them all winter; 23 Apr. Edmund Stanton vs Sacker for charge and keep of his mare.

f.106v: 23 Apr. 1567 Thomas Juxon vs James Davies, his servant, for frequent absence and heavy drinking – beating and imprisonment; Proctor Shepard vs William Wygstone, scholar of Jesus College, for dicing in Richard Atkinson’s house; Thomas Hodiloe vs Richard Atkinson – debt for beer and a cart-load of ash; 7 May Mr Cartwright vs Robert Westley for words spoken before Cartwright’s sermon; 7 May T. Woulfe and W. Beaumont vs J. Pigge for defamation about their accounts for the Treasurer’s feast.

f.107: 22 May 1567 Mr William Hewes, at Dr Whitgift’s command, for offence given to the citizens of Leicester - Hewes’ attack on Whitgift’s power as judge.

f.107v: 23 May 1567 Woulfe and Beaumont vs Pigg – materia of cause.

f.108: 23 May 1567 Edward Wardall vs H. Alcock, sadler – debt; 30 May Woulfe etc. vs Pigg.

f.108v: 30 May 1567 Wardall vs Alcock; Chalice vs Semer; Christopher Barow, mason, and Thomas Barnes, labourer, vs Hugh Hall, labourer – defamation – to make English confession at Gonville and Caius College in Dr Caius’ presence.

f.109: 6 June 1567 Wardall vs Alcocke – arbitration joined; Chalice vs Semer; Woulfe and Beaumont vs Pigg.

f.110: 12 June 1567 Robert Wylson, labourer, of St Botolph’s parish – bond to serve Dr Caius until all Saint’s (before the proctor, bearing the VC’s office, he being dead) [R. Beaumont died in office, 5 June 1567]; 25 June Proctor for debt cause – Thomas Fage, fisherman of March, vs John Collyn, fisherman of Newmarket, for 40s owed to Fage’s father; 24 May 1567 Proctor for general causes – Mr William Hewes, Fellow of Christ’s College, nominates Mr James Ellis (details of proxy, giving all possible stages of cause).

f.111: 20 June 1567 Woulfe and Beaumont vs Pigg.

f.112: 21 June 1567 Huntley vs Pynkney – confession and apology; 27 June Woulfe ad Beaumont vs Pigg; 4 July Woulfe and Beaumont vs Pigg.

f.114: 5 July 1567 W. Burwell vs H. Seerle.

f.114v: 2 July 1567 Assize of bread – 12 ounces; 11 July Woulfe and Beaumont vs Pigg – sentence.

f.115v: 11 July 1567 Cartwright vs Wested [Westley] - confession and apology; 4 Aug. Assize of ale – double 2s 6d and single 16d per kilderkin; 8 Aug. Travas vs Robynson of the Cross Keys, for buying goods from his wife –10lbs of old iron, 2lbs of yarn, 2lbs of ‘gathering wolle’ and 2 old canvas doublets - proved and Robynson forbidden to exercise huxter’s calling; Travas vs John Richardson, tailor, and Margaret Reynolds, for similar offences; 9 Aug. Judge inhibited Pylkyngton, W. Doglas, James Lutborowe, Thomas Holydaye and Richard Gynby from acting as huxters.

f.116: 9 Aug. 1567 Bond to stand to justice – Mr Wood of Fulbourne to suit of Mr Styll; 15 Aug. Purgation of William Beamond of St Bene’t’s parish, smith, on suspicion of adultery (information of Mr Whealer BA) with Margaret Young. Pledges – James Francys and Robert Lymage, joiners, George Raye, smith, Robert Bower, glover, M. Young also produces pledges; H. Travas vs Marmaduke Mydleton for forcing his wife – imprisonment for one day, carted with two basens [cymbals] about the town then banished from the town; Similar sentence vs John Huntyng, minstrel, for attempting to marry Joan Langrat in the lifetime of his wife at Wells, and the same to Joan Langrat.

f.116v: 15 Aug. 1567 John Richardson, draper, vs Thomas Barnes for debt of 22s for 12 rods of grey frieze – debt paid; Thomas Barnes deprived of the liberty for sheltering Joan Fan, prostitute; Bond of George Adams, victualler, for prices for sale to scholars of pairs of conies (6d until Michaelmas, 7d to Candlemas for tale cones and 9d for wagers); Bond of Parys, freemason and carver, to serve Dr Caius unless dismissed.

f.117: 25-26 Aug. 1567 Appeal of J. Pigg vs T. Woulfe and W. Beaumont - [delegates’ hearing] - ends in confession of Pigg.

f.118v: 1 Sept. 1567 Price fixing and other orders concerning measures of hay, faggots and tallow – two men to list butchers in the fair and exhibit their list, the Proctors to prosecute those refusing to deliver tallow.

f.119: 26 Sept. 1567 Christopher Tomson MA, Fellow of King’s College, vs John Steward, furrier, and Edmund Stanton, barber, for withholding goods belonging to Robert Aldridge BA, King’s College – they confess and bind themselves to restore the goods; 13 Oct. John Redman and George Sherman vs [ ] Raye of Impington for forfeiture of a bond – confessed in regia platea;30 Oct. Henry Newsome, tailor, confesses on oath that W. Towson, Thomas Towley, John Stoner, John Collyns and William Waters have attempted to bribe [ ] Carter to obtain writs of attachment for [ ] Staples of London, against certain tailors among whom was Robert Sugar, scholar’s servant.

f.119v-120: 31 Oct. 1567 Dr John Hatcher vs Gregory George or Greeges, poynter, of Cambridge – GG confesses that he holds a house for a rent of 10s from Dr Hatcher; 19 Nov. 1567 Andrew Smythe vs Richard Haselop for recovery from him of 10s from Dr Hatcher; 20 Nov. Information on oath by John Aprise, aplewes [sic], that when building Andrew Smyth’s booth at Sturbridge Fair, George Bradford’s wife told him she was partner in the booth with [ ] Borowe; Proctors, Lyndley and Dawbeney vs T. Clarke, John Longe and James Sylcocke for allowing Underwood, Gallard, Rud and Wethered to play cards and other prohibited games in Clarke’s house in service time – Clarke confesses and is condemned to lose his licence (John Howell, chandler, John Taylor, manciple); 26 Nov. Taxors vs Hera Fletcher for selling unerweight half-penny loaves at her inn – fined 20d.

f.120: 29 Nov. 1567 Recognition and quitclaim of receipt of debt by William Pryer from Christopher Bramfield.

f.120v-121: 3 Dec. 1567 Size of potell of hay to be 102lbs; 10 Dec. Arbitration between George Sherwood and Robert Raye for payment for repair of dovecote and other buildings at Morton Hall farms, arbitrators – Alderman Rust, Mr Gyll, councillor; 12 Dec. Bond to observe arbitrators’ decision – Mr Clarke of Clare Hall, official of Archdeacon of Ely, and Edward Ridge LLB; 10 Jan. 1567/8 Sherwood vs Raye.

f.121v: 5 Mar. 1567/8 Dr Warde vs William Brackley – debt; [ ] Cage vs William Steward of Grantchester – theft of nets; Taxors vs Richard Butler for supplying bad horsebread; Mr Hodilowe vs Richard Atkynson – debt; Philip Scarlet and William Tatham vs Widow Layton.

f.122: 5 Mar. 1567/8 Proctors vs Richard Atkynson – scholars playing in his house contrary to Acts of Parliament etc.; Proctors vs John Threder – for dicing etc. in Atkynson’s house; 12 Mar. Scarlet and Tatham vs Margaret Layton who denies jurisdiction of court.

f.122v: 31 Mar. 1568 William Clarke, official of Archdeacon of Ely, vs Owyn Wylson; Richard Robynson, tailor, vs John Goodwyn – recovery of debt.

f.123: 2 Apr. 1568 Scarlet and Tatham vs Layton; 9 Apr. 1568 Tomson vs Steward and Stanton – debt of Robert Aldridge.

f.123v: 5 May 1568 William and Elizabeth Huntley vs Arnold Pynchney, joiner – Pynckney confesses defamation and gives bond for good behaviour; 2 June Confession by Lewis Standley (a runagate scholar of Oxford), Elizabeth Hammen and Agnes Baker that they were manifest and common corrupters of youth and young scholars - imprisonment and carriage through town and market on next market day, placarded with their fault and then banishment.

f.124: 27 Nov. 1568 Bond of William Burwell, son of W. Burwell, apothecary to keep the peace, avoid chances of quarreling and in wintertime to be in his father’s house after 7 pm and in summer after 10 pm; 8 Dec. William Cole of Coton vs Mr Howgrave – debt of 40s recovered; 15 Dec. Henry Price, administrator of George Gresby, clerk, vs Edward Ridge – debt of 112s 8d received by Ridge for Gresby from John Case.

f.124v: 19 Jan. 1568/9 Bond of Francis Woode to answer prosecution; 4 Feb. Office vs Edward Carter, tanner of Hauxton, for unjust exaction from scholars and privileged persons – imprisoned; 15 Feb. Laurence Cooke, servant to Dr Pory, vs Edward Carter for unjust claim (prosecuted in Exchequer) for 46s 8d; 18 Feb. Proctors vs Laurence Cook, locksmith, for usurious bond (£13 plus usury of 26s 8d) at last Lynn mart).

f.125: 18 Feb. 1568/9 Proctors vs W. Burwell for forestalling pepper; Office vs John Pooley for engrossing 6lbs of pepper; 19 Feb. William Coledge vs Thomas Austen – agreement to arbitration; 17 Feb. Order by VC and his assistants with Mr Pickering of Bene’t College – oath of supremacy, declaration from pulpit of Great St Mary’s church of adherence to articles etc. [Cooper ii, 239, citing Masters].

f.125v: 23 Apr. 1569 Edward Bardall of Holywell, husbandman, appoints Marmaduke Skadlocke, cook, proxy in cause vs William Watton, husbandman, of Willingham; Expulsion from University of Prettyman, scholar of Pembroke College, for celebrating the sacraments, although not ordained. f.126: 27 May 1569 Decree of VC and Heads that Masters of Colleges being Doctors should wear scarlet (or forfeit 10s) at Christmas, Easter, Ascension Day, Whitsun, Trinity, Michaelmas and All Hallows and at the proclamation of Midsummer and Sturbridge Fairs; Decree of the same forbidding the wearing of silk-lined hoods to all except Doctors; Decree of the same banishing Richard Kyrby BA for getting doors opened at night by pretending to be a Proctor; 11 June Roger Smith, chandler, vs John Baker, cook of Jesus College – debt.

f.126v: 9 Sept. 1569 Bond of Robert Barleye of Mansfield, mercer, to appear before VC to answer Henry Maske, gent., of London (additional note that Maske did not come to prosecute); 27 Sept. Master and Fellows of Gonville and Caius College vs Henry Nusam, tailor, for possession of a house; 23 Oct. Assize of bread and ale.

f.127: 25 Oct. 1569 Enrolment of an assignment of lease for seven years by Christopher Adyson, tailor, Christopher Martyn, husbandman, and Thomas Scot, yeoman, to John Redman, bedell, of nine lands below the Friars Preachers’ wall in Cambridge middle field; Bond of John Byrde, painter, of Bedford, to appear at the next Quarter Sessions to answer VC; Bond of William Marbery of Immingham and Thomas Marbery, scholar of Christ’s College.

f.127v: 25 Nov. 1569 Edward Rydge vs Thomas Scot, administrator of Joan Marten, executrix of Harold Marten – debt; 14 Dec. Elizabeth Garland vs Christopher Adyson, administrator of Joan Marten as above – debt; Thomas Barbour vs Edward Ridge for payment of 5s for writings; Ridge vs Barbour for receipt of 10s when he was unjustly exercising office of Archdeacon’s official claimed by Ridge.

f.128: 23 Dec. 1569 Bond of Henry Gyfford, husbandman of Dry Drayton, to appear and answer Oliver Carter BD, Fellow of St John’s College; 21 Jan. 1569/70 Agreement of Mr Lynford and John Reynolds, shoemaker, for payment of a debt; Bond of Nicholas Rust of Barnwell to appear and answer John Steward of the same in a plea of debt; 23 Jan. Bond of W. Lestrich of Bocher, faber lignarius, to pay his debts.

f.128v: 23 Jan. 1569/70 Amy Wylson vs John Jenkinson; Thomas Welche, Fellow of King’s, for the College, vs John Robynson, tailor – debt of 4s due to the College by Richard, brother of John; 6 Feb. John Steward vs Nicholas Rust – debt of 100s recovered; 19 Apr. Bond of William Tomson, tailor, to observe orders in proclamation of 6 May 1562.

f.129: 19 Apr.-10 July 1570 Names and signatures or marks of other tailors binding themselves – Thomas Evers, John Harryson, Robert Lynsey, John Barnard, Charles Pylkyngton, John Stonard, Peter Mosse, Francis Earle, John Standish, John Warde, Christopher Hartley, Richard Bates, William Waters, Hilary Cloxton, William Pue, Peter Jones, Thomas Vesey, Richard Collyn, William Gyllies, John Hatley, James Hudgeson, Richard Grenhills, John Herdman, Thomas Hewes, John Harvie, John Williamson; 3 May 1570 James Hudgeson, John Herdman and Richard Grenehills, bachelors, tailors, expelled from the art of tailors to work by themselves unless they conform to the statutes and are bound by the year.

f.129v: 19 Apr. 1570 Oath of W. Tomson and three other tailors to produce every eight days a certificate of names of all tailors and servants and their standing as townsmen or scholar’s servants, and of all making and mending hose unlawfully; Dischaarge of Robert Dysher and William Corbet, young bachelors, unless willing to work as journeymen; Confiscation of great hose from Thomas Evers, Peter Mosse and William Pewe; Discharge from privilege and assignment to Mayor of John Godwyn, Mark Ryse, Ezechiel warrand, Richard Riddesdale, Christopher Hartley, Charles Sybson, John Nityngale, George More, William Corbet; Bond of Edward Bendysse, servant of Richard Collyns and James Tatm, to observe the peace.

f.130: 26 Apr. 1570 Bonds of Cambridge pewterers etc. not to buy vessels or pewter, unmarked or with defaced College marks, unless they report it to the VC – Richard Bourne and William Chopyn, pewterers, Henry Punter, Robert Laurence, plumbers, W. Moynes, George Wylson, Richard Brachier, Anthony Foster, Richard Greene, Robert Dorver, locksmiths, Arthur Leache and George Dawson, glaziers; Note of the quantities of tin and pewter held by Moynes (47lbs), Brachier (30lbs), Foster (121lbs), Greene (8lbs) and Dorver (6lbs); Acknowledgement by John Robynson of debt of £104 12s 4d to John Goodwin; Assize of bread and ale – double beer 2s 2d a kilderkin, single beer 14d, good ale 2s a barrel, carded ale 12d a barrel, white loaf 12oz the halfpenny, wheat 13s the quarter, malt 7s the quarter; 3 May Elyzabeth Tonlynson, widow, vs C. Adison, administrator of Joan and Harald Marten – debt of £14 due by Harald; Dr H. Woorley vs the same – debt of £10.

f.130v: 3 May 1570 Decree for granting to Henry Woordy, in trust for children of J. and M. Marten, a lease from Jesus College, the creditors having made good no claim to it; 4 May Memorandum of reversal of expulsion of Richard Kirbye.

f.131: 5 May 1570 Haselop vs Christopher Russell – debt; 6 May Fine of 6s 8d on William Hodgeson for poor beer; Bond of Alexander Raye, alderman, to appear and answer Dr Bounde; 26 May Decree of VC and Drs Hawford, Whitgift and Ithell, JPs, that no scholar or scholar’s servant can be exempt from day work on the highways and order that all shall do the work or find a sufficient labourer; Bonds of Robert Davies, clerk, King’s College, and Stephen Coucheman, clothier of Southwark, to obey the decision of arbitrators in a debt cause between them; Deposition of Mr [Thomas] Randall MA, Fellow of St John’s College, in a debt cause - Carter vs Gifford.

f.131v: 31 May 1570 Alderman Fletcher vs Mr Gilpin for recovery of horses; Arbitration between William Bound MD and Alexander Raye – debt.

f.132: 30 June 1570 Thomas Tybbe, brewer, fined 6s 8d at suit of Taxors for bad ale; 14 July William Bright, alderman, vs John Whaller – debt of £4 6s 8d; William Grene vs Christopher Adison – residue of debt of £6; Thomas Dormer vs John Baker – debt of 50s for three months’ rent of an inn called The Angell; John Baker vs Thomas Dormer for recovery of ‘certayne selynges called waynscot’; Ridge vs Dr Clarke –assignation; 23 Sept. Christopher Lyndlay vs Richard Wellys, executor of John Wellys, prebend of Hustwayt in York, for 36s 9 1/2d for residue of 78s 9 1/2d due for tenths of the prebend; 4 Oct. Francis Earle vs Widow Brisco for recovery of a doublet and hose left in her house and later removed.

f.132v: 4 Oct. 1570 Proctors vs Russell, Jenkynson, Moynes, Brachier, Forster and Widow Dokerell for not bringing in weights; Dr Lorkyn vs Holton – assignation; 9 and 12 Oct. Proctors vs Stephen Payne and John Clark for preparing flesh at forbidden times; 9 Oct. Decree against Ralph Jones for defamation – deleted by VC’s order, 18 Jan. 1570/1; 15 Sept. Peter Mosse vs W. Hedley and H. Gotobed, executors of Robert Lane, alderman, for 12 years’ rent of a house in Fen Ditton (22s 4d) and three loads of wood removed from the house.

f.133: 14 Oct.1570 Petition of Elizabeth and Katherine Martyn, daughters of H. Martyn, for appointment of Dr Woorley as their guardian; Arthur Charleton vs John Newsam – debt of 10s for horse hire; Proctors vs Thomas Cole, butcher of Haverhill, for bringing lamb skins into Cambridge market; 16 Oct. Bond of Ralph Jones MA, Fellow of Queens’ College, to appear and answer decree of VC in dispute between Dr Lorkyn and Thomas Holton, allowing 1) Lorkyn to enter Holton’s property to arrange for dryness of his own, 2) to keep his windows as they are made, 3) Holton to keep his hovel as it stands, 4) that he can chop his wood where he likes, 5) that Lorkyn is to mend Holton’s barn if he prove before Wednesday week that it was damaged by Lorkyn’s men or ladders.

f.133v: 19 Oct. 1570 Petition of creditors of P. Scarlet, bookseller, for the sequestration of his assets - Richard Smyth, Fellow of Trinity College, £22, Margaret Car, widow, £30, Dr Lorkyn 40s, Dr Ward 40s, Anna Hodgekyn £10 (altered to £8), Lucas Gilpyn £6, John Paske £30, Ruben Sherwood £6; 22 Oct. Mr Bacon, 100s for three books, Thomas Wilkes, Trinity College, a book worth 9s and 7s in money; 23 Oct. Peter De Puis of London, bookseller, £20 on bond and 60s on bill, Augustine Lawghton, stationer of London, £13 6s 8d and 23s 3d and 20d for wine, Edward Chapman, Trinity College, £7; 24 Oct. Thomas Croke of Hadley, lately Fellow of Trinity College, 30s 4d, Mr Sheres of London, bookseller £35 14s for books bound, John Pooley £18 and also 32s, John Towers £18 18s 8d, Mr Thomas Noke 40s (Galen’s Works and Martir, new), the Bryckmans, merchant stationers, £192 0s 9d and £4 11s 4d, Thomas Barleman of Cambridge £30, Thomas Burdocke, draper, of London £50; 19 Oct. Thomas Cole, Fellow of King’s College, confesses to and exhibits a book of accounts deposited with him for safe custody by Scarlet, the sums extend to £250.

f.134: 30 Oct., 8 and 10 Nov. Ridge vs Dr Clarke – recovery of £40 on bond now forfeited; 15 Nov. Russellvs Haselop – assignation; Clarke vs Ridge – William Pollard MA and Hugh Turne admitted as witnesses.

f.134v: 17 Nov. 1570 Proctors vs Thomas Mannying for unlicensed tallow buying and candle making - two entries – fined 40s on each; Clarke vs Ridge – Thomas Creake LLB produced and examined, Ridge alleges inability to prove his cause for which the archdeaconry register is needed and cannot be produced while Dr Randall the official is away in the country on College business.

f.135: 17 Nov. 1570 John Edmondes vs Mr Barnewell, Fellow of Jesus College, for a debt of 20s 10d pro quodam gosnale et flude sent to him; Amy Wylson vs John Jenkynson – arrears of a quarter’s rent of 3s; Jenkynson vs A. Wylson for recovery of a load of wood.

f.135v: 18 Nov. 1570 John Homes vs Stowers, smith, of Trumpington, for debt of 2s for silk and buttons; Proctors vs John Kyng, poulterer, of Duxford, for buying four capons in Cambridge market; 23 Nov. Taxors vs Blande, beer brewer, for bad beer by evidence of ale tasters, fine 10s; 24 Nov. Taxors vs William Hodgeson – fine 2s; Haselop vs Russell – witnesses produced; 24 Nov. Taxors vs innkeepers (Hedley, Ray, Russell, Harryson, Gibbons) for underweight hay; Ridge vs Clarke – exhibition of Act Book of Mr William Master and Mr John Randall, officials of Archdeacon John Parker.

f.136: 24 Nov. 1570 Clarke vs Ridge – assignation; Thomas Baseley vs Thomas Holydaye for a debt of 39s 8d for beer and ale; Thomas Baseley vs Marmaduke Skadlocke for debt of 13s for beer; 25 Nov. John Redman, bedell, vs Nicholas Rust – debt of £25 by chirograph; 26 Nov. Edmund Rokerey BD, Fellow of Queens’ College, and his sureties John Persyvall MA and John Maplisden MA bond for appearance before VC to answer the charges of Dr Chaderton.

f.136v: 27 Nov. 1570 Before VC and another JP – Office vs Edmund Rokerey – oath de veritate dicendo administered; 28 Nov. Robert Some, Fellow of Queens’ College – bond to see that Edmund Rokerey will keep his chamber as a prisoner until the VC deals with his cause; 29 Nov. Russell vs Haselop – the latter to pay 18d for every couple of spars, 3s 8d for seven studs or ‘wynbeares’ and 3s 4d for expenses.

f.137: 6 Dec. 1570 Clarke vs Ridge – assignation; Philip Scarlet vs William Murden – assignation; George Hawford vs Christopher Adison, Christopher Martin and Thomas Scott, administrators of Joan Scott; 13 Dec. Office vs Woodhouse and Lamb – fine of 40s for receiving scholars overnight in his house. George Gregory, vintner, Lancelot Nutter BA and Richard Mycke suspected of maleficium and being night thieves, bound over to appear. Mycke names as surety Tomson, shoemaker, Nutter names Mr Jermyn, King’s College, and Mr Nevell, Pembroke Hall; Brassey vs Evers – Evers confesses that he holds a silver salt and a locked cupboard left with him by Edmund Brassey and is ordered to give them to no one without the knowledge of the VC of John Redman, bedell.

f.137v: 13 Dec. 1570 William Murden vs Scarlet – assignation for sentence; P. Scarlet confesses apud acta that he pays to Simon Watson £13 6s 8d per annum for the loan of £100 in books, the shop and a little house, and similarly when he had (?borrowed) of Watson £11 more and that Watson and another man have tried to persuade him to leave the town; Dr Clarke vs Ridge – decree of term to hear sentence; Thomas Hodlilowe fined 6s 8d and W. Bradley 3s 4d for bad beer.

f.138 11 Dec. 1570 Proceedings for the deprivation of Thomas Cartwright, Lady Margaret Professor, followed by a list of Cartwright’s propositions.

f.138v: 15 Dec. 1570 Clarke vs Ridge – assignation; Decree for inventory of P. Scarlet’s shop and for all receipts from sales to be paid to Messrs Redman and Baxter who are also to have his debt book and collect debts; 18 Dec. Bond of William Welles, alleged clerk, to produce proof of orders and his marriage to Elizabeth Perrot.

f.139: 16 Dec. 1570 George Sherwood (for Ruben Sherwood) vs Nicholas Rust – debt; 5 Jan. 1570/1 Nicholas Shephard, Master of St John’s College, vs Richard Elmer, husbandman, of Barton, for penal sum of bond for Thomas Barnes; 7 Jan. Nomination of Robert Shawe, clothier, of Colne, Lancs., or proctor in debt cause of £7 11s 8d claimed by him from John Harvy, tailor.

Scope and Contents


f.139v: 10 Jan. 1570/1 William Burwell vs Robert Tidswell – debt of £11 2s 4d to Gilbert Courtesse of Kings Lynn for salted salmon and pitch; Richard Pedley BA vs William Francis of Abbotsley, yeoman – debt, bond of Francis for appearance; 20 Dec. Decree of VC forbidding Stephen Payne and John Woodhouse to act as tipplers until relicensed; 12 Jan. Clarke vs Ridge; Robert Shawe vs John Harvie.

f.140: 12 Jan. 1570/1 Thomas Mannying licensed to make and sell candles because his wife had been apprenticed;17 Jan. Clarke vs Ridge – sentence (and appeal) in one cause, assignation in another; Pedley vs Francis – assignation; 20 Jan. Nicholas Shephard, Master of St John’s College, vs Richard Aylmer of Barton; 24 Jan. Pedley vs Francis – assignation; Registration of Mannyng entry.

f.140v: 24 Jan. 1570/1 Dr Leedes vs Thomas Jackson – debt for bond; Jackson vs John Alexander – debt for bond; 26 Jan. Assize of bread – 11 oz. 15s per ¼ for wheat; Promise by John Lynsey, Fellow of St John’s College, to pay £6 15s 11d to Robert Tatan before 15 Feb.; 7 Feb. Interpretation of statute XXV de variatione as applying only to MA after admission; Bond of William Chaderton and his sureties Andrew Perne and John Mey to the VC and other JPs to answer the objections of Edmund Rokereye.

f.141: 7 Feb. 1570/1 Similar bonds by Rokerey, William Paget and Robert Garret, Fellows of Queens’ College; Order of VC to Daniel Docrey after complaint by Anthony Pinkney to tie up his dogs so that they should not disturb Pinkney.

f.141v: 14 Feb. 1570/1 Bond of William Sole MA, William Chapman and Richard Mowse, all of Queens’ College – same condition as before (Chaderton vs Rokerey); 7 Feb. Office vs Edmund Rokerey for speaking against the statutes on 26 Nov. last, with his confession.

f.142: 14 Feb. 1570/1 Thomas Woulfe, draper vs John Barnard, tailor – debt of 55s 4d; Assize of bread – 15s per ¼ of wheat, 1oz; 19 Feb. Bond of Mr Jacson and Mr Milles, Trinity College, to answer Goldisborowe and Welche; Pedley vs Francis – assignation; 24 Feb. Bond of William Jacson of Grays Inn to answer John Goldisborowe snr and Rose Welch – debt; 27 Feb. Decree that if Rokery refuses to read confession publicly he will not be reinstated to Queens’ College; Assize of ale – malt, 7s 6d per 1/2, double beer 2s 4d per kilderkin, single beer 14d, ale 2s 6d per barrel, carded ale 13d a barrel; Proclamation for creditors of P. Skarlet to bring petitions for debt.

f.142v: 7 Mar. 1570/1 Pedley vs Francis – assignation; Amos Bedford vs W. Sacker – assignation; 10 Mar. William Seres, stationer of London, vs P. Skarlet for debt of £35. Skarlet offers to pay over to Seres the sums due to him from the Bishop of Chichester (£6 9s), Dr Longworth (£4 15s 4d), Mr Tower (70s), Mr Bridges (19s), Mr Wyckam (6s), Mr Mayer (4s); Augustine Lawton, stationer of London, vs P. Skarlet for £14 11s 7d; Matthew Stokes and Agnes Bredon, executors of Agnes Hodgekyn vs P. Skarlet for £8; Gerard Dewes vs P. Scarlet for £10 15s 4d; William Waters vs P. Skarlet for £11 due to Cornelius Clipius, bookseller.

f.143: 15 Mar.1570/1 Taxors vs Thomas Hodilow, brewer – fined 13s 4d; Office vs Edmund Rokery – expulsion decreed if he will not read confession. (Marginal note that this sentence was reversed on the advice of the Chancellor, 4 July 1571); 19 Mar. Dr Leedis vs Robert Stubben for £6 13s 4d due by Stubben and failure to lease to him 120 acres of fald ground and three pightles – Stubben committed to the Tolbooth.

f.143v: 24 Mar. 1570/1 Proctors vs Mr Pelles for sale of bad herrings - to be burned and Pelles to pay costs; [Margaret] Carr vs P. Scarlet – £30 – he promises when he enters his fabrica libraria to give £10 in books and £10 in furniture and to find sureties for residue; Mr Kirkland vs P. Scarlet – 10s and gwalterum in Lucam; Mr Rowland, Peterhouse, vs P. Scarlet – 40s; Mr Purifie vs P. Scarlet – 46s 8d; 1 Mar [for Apr.] Dr Leedis vs Stubbynes – latter released; 27 Apr. John Fitzwilliam vs Aberey Leman, draper – confession of defamation.

f.144: 7 May 1571 Richard Sleyford vs Aberey Leman – debt; 8 May Decree and statute of VC forbidding scholars to swim or wash in ponds and rivers. Beating for first offence, expulsion for the second; Warning by VC that all residents in College and scholars’ servants should provide and practise with bows and arrows and exhibit them on Monday in Whitsun week, in accordance with the statute of artillery.

f.144v: 12 May 1571 Bond of Nicholas Aunger, yeoman of Comberton, to stand to judgement in cause of Lestrych or Bocher vs Aunger; 18 May Andrew Pylkyngton vs John Taylor, pewterer – latter confessed defamation and asked forgiveness; 13 June Fitzwilliam vs Leman – confession of Leman – costs to be taxed; 11 June Bond of Leman to pay debt to Richard Slyforde, wollen-draper of London.

f.145: 13 June 1571 Leistrich or Bocher, carpenter, vs Aunger – assignation and bond of Aunger; 16 June Bonds of Peter Kyng and John Blanckes, husbandmen, of Trumpington, to prosecute their cause; 27 June Decree of VC that the Junior Proctor is to choose the father [praelector in modern parlance] on Ash Wednesday and the Senior Proctor at magna comitia; 1 July Bond of Owin David, Queens’ College, to appear and answer; 13 July Bond of Avery Leman, draper, to satisfy the claims of Widow Stockdale.

f.145v: 15 July 1571 Proctors vs George Adams for ancient custom of 1 salt mackerel for every horse load – granted; Bocher vs Aungier – assignation; 20 July Bond of George Dawson, glazier, to answer Dr Leedis; 27 July John Standish fined 6s 8d for drawing blood from John Socke and his wife; Taxors vs Richard Bradley for bad beer, 2nd offence – fined 10s; Thomas Tybbe, brewer, fined 5s for bad ale and salt; 28 July Tomson and Evers, tailors vs Hugh Redyng – decreed that Hugh should leave the town in six weeks or else pay the forfeit for tailors setting up contrary to the statute; Bond of John Heardman to provide proof of his seven year apprenticeship and to answer for the servants retained contrary to the statute.

f.146: 3 Aug. 1571 Taxors vs John Carrow for not producing measures and for taking excessive toll, viz 1d for grinding a bushel of malt; Taxors vs innkeepers for hay measures – Kydd, Gravenes, Pilkyngton, Russell, Dormer, Hedley, Oliver Grene and Harison of The Crane; Arthur Leache vs George Dawson, both glaziers, for assault on his servant and detention of a shirt; Richard Collyns and William Tomson, tailors, representing all tailors, vs John Heardman, Hugh Ridyng, Robert Symondes and Morgan Pouer, bachelor tailors, for hiring servants on day, week or piece work, and not by the year, contrary to statute; The same vs Stephen Stoner, John Banks, Richard Noone, Richard Roberts and James Borowe, journeyman, for refusing to serve for a year; Hugh Ridyng vs Thomas Evers for keeping three apprentices and no journeyman.

f.146v: 3 Aug. 1571 Hugh Ridyng vs Richard Collyns for keeping four or five apprentices and no journeyman; Thomas Evers vs Robert Simonds – latter engaged in open court for a year as a journeyman; Tomson and Collyns vs Robert Simonds, Hugh Ridyng, John Heardman and Morgan Pouer for keeping shop contrary to the statute; Taxors vs Thomas Hodyloe – fined 6s 8d for bad beer; Kyng vs Banks for debt of 20s; 10 Aug. John Robynson vs Hilary Cluxton – Robynson's furniture (from his brother Richard) delivered by Cluxton and payment of 3s made by Robynson for the charge of Richard Robynson’s wife when she was ill.

f.147: 10 Aug. 1571 Barleman vs P. Scarlet – debt of £30; John Robynson vs Ralph Cawverley – debt for horse hire due to Richard Robynson, deceased – confessed; Morgan Pouer, bachelor tailor, confesses to having served no apprenticeship; Office vs Morgan Pouer and John Heardman – for hiring servants by the day and week etc.; Morgan Pouer vs William Tomson – for keeping three apprentices and no journeyman; John Robynson vs Hilary Cluxton for Garlic Fair hired of his brother Richard.

f.147v: 11 Aug. 1571 Confession by Richard Marten, tailor, that he and Francis Earle, Long Richard, Little Richard and Thomas, servant to James Hudson, plucked down the frame of Gonville and Caius College at Easter last between 9 and 11 at night; 15 Aug. Mr Alderman Fletcher vs Thomas Hodilowe for defamation; Proctors vs Hodiloe, Bland, Bradley and Hudson for payment of fines imposed at leet.

f.148-148v: 15 Aug. 1571 Thomas Tooley vs Thomas Evers, tailor, for keeping a servant contrary to the statute; Office vs Robert Walker of Trumpington for adultery with Mary Blankes – to the bull-ring with a placard; Office vs John Bankes for his wife, Mary – she to be carted about the town and fair; 5 Sept. John Cottisford, joiner of London, vs Nicholas Rust for adultery with his wife Alice Cottisford – successful purgation by both; 13 Sept. Proctors vs Peter Gittens, vintner, alias tallow-chandler, of London for dressing flesh in Sturbridge Fair on Wednesday and Saturday but not on Friday, contrary to the statute; Proctors vs John Heynes, wax chandler of London, for dressing flesh; 26 Sept. Proctors vs John Woodhouse for meat on Friday, Christopher Adison for allowing dicing, Edmund Treder for playing at globes and Jaxon, saddler, for dicing – all fined; Thomas Towley vs Thomas Evers for hiring a servant in breach of statute – denied – term assigned; 4 Oct. William Bowcher or Lestriche vs Nicholas Aunger for allowing hindrance of collection of dues from land hired by Bowcher.

f.149: 5 Oct. 1571 William Gyll, tailor, vs George Sutton, cook, threat of personal damage – bond to keep peace.

f.149v: 5 Oct. 1571 Proctors vs Thomas Haies – prison until he find securities not to keep a victualling house; 17 Oct. Bowcher alias Lestriche vs Aunger – assignation; Peter Puis, stationer of London, vs Scarlet – security for payment of £19.

f.149A: 24 Oct. 1571 Bowcher vs Aunger – assignation; Lancelor Wynter vs Threader – debt of 20s; Proctors vs Lancelot Hart, presented at the last leet for ill rule at his house – discharge from victualling; 26 Oct. William Bright, Mayor, appoints his bedell, John Baxter, proctor in a debt cause vs John Whaller, slater; Edward Rawlyn, scholar, fined 6s 8d for using a cap/wig (galero); William Sparowe vs Nicholas Huntman for taking an apprentice, William Lurkyn, and allowing him to damage William Sparowe’s goods; 27 Oct. Proctors vs W. Jaxon and W. Carver, baker, for breach of the peace; Proctors vs Gibbons, Robert Fletcher and W. Carver for dressing meat for an inn, or doing so on forbidden days and receiving scholars; William Bright vs John Whaller – breach of convention to supply 22 quarters of barley.

f.150: 27 Oct. 1571 John Whaller vs W. Hawkins – breach of convention to supply 22 combs of barley; Proctors vs W. Hawkins for allowing Arthur Wylson and Byckley to play dice and tables in his house; 31 Oct. Proctors vs John Tidswell for sale of underweight candles; Sparowe vs Huntman – damages of 6s 6d decreed; John Edmondes vs Aberey Leman – debt.

f.150v: 2 Nov. 1571 Bocher vs Aunger – assignation.

f.151: 2 Nov. 1571 Whaller vs Hawkyns; John Barber vs Edward Wardall – debt; Edward Wardall vs Robert Simond, tailor – damages for spoiling his wife’s gown; John Cutbard vs Jervase Brigan – detention of a wine bowl; Richard Smythe MA vs P. Scarlet and his bondsman, William Tomson, for debt of 40 marks – Tomson fails to surrender.

ff.152-4: Blank.

f.155: Heading – Acta in feriis Sturbrigien’ a.d. 1562 - no entries.

f.155v: Acta before the Commissary 23 Apr. 1566 Laurence Taylor, glazier vs Thomas Lilman – defamation - assignation on 8 May; William Welche vs James Wyllyngton – debt of 18s; Taxors vs Richard Butler for contumacy for non-appearance.

f.156: 15 May 1566 Taxors vs Richard Butler for forestalling corn, barley, peas, oats, dredge and ‘bullyngmoninge’; Taylor vs Lilman.

f.156v: 22 May 1566 Taylor vs Lilman.

f.157v: 12 June 1566 Aberey Leman vs Miles Jugge – debt of 16s 8d; Aberey Leman vs John Hatley – debt of 11s; John Edmondes vs John Hatley – debt of 12s; William Richardson vs Nicholas Almond – debt of 7s; 6 Nov. 1567 Taxors vs John Scot, baker, for underweight loaves.

f.158: Blank.

f.158v: Vice-Chancellor's Court 14 Nov. 1571 John Samford, singing man vs Michael Woulfe, apothecary – damages to a broken lyre (zither, testudo); Bocher alias Lestriche vs Aunger; 16 Nov. Christopher Fynch vs W. Key – decree for citation.

f.159: 16 Nov. 1571 Michael Woulfe vs W. Hurst – £4 for hire of a sheep course in Cottenham; Edmund Zouch vs John Cutbard for sale of an imperfect book; George Sutton vs William Gill – assignation; 21 Nov. John Scot, Thomas Bredon and Thomas Tooley, executors of Widow Lane, vs W. Smith or Saunders, butcher – debt of 30s; Proctors vs Jenynges, poulterer for buying 18 dozen larks within five miles of Cambridge; Thomsd Tybbe vs Robert Atkynson – debt of £4 10s.

f.159v: 21 Nov. 1571 Henry Jackson and Stephen Rooke, wardens of the bakers, vs Thomas Baseley, tailor, for baking – Baseley denies but says his wife, daughter of a baker, does it; John Steward vs Stephen Walls – debt of 6s for a face of lamb; 23 Nov. Richard Bell, carpenter vs Thomas Baseley – debt of 18s – Baseley acknowledges 2s for making a window; Butcher [sic] vs Aunger – assignation; Proctors vs Thomas Ventris – sale of a gallon of bad wine.

f.160: 23 Nov. 1571 Mr Fintch vs Mr Key – assignation; Michael Woulfe vs Hurst – deposition of William Peck as to hiring of sheep run; 28 Nov. Fynch vs Key – assignation.

f.160v: 28 Nov. 1571 Wardens of the bakers vs Baseley – assignation to interpret words of statute; Old Proctors vs Reynolds , tanner, for a fine of 20s imposed by leet for an unlawful motto; 4 Dec. Dr Barrow vs Aylewood – decree that Aylewood should pay Barrow the debt he owes on bond and that Hera Barrowe shall pay Aylewood for the education and upkeep of her three children in Ayleward’s house; 5 Dec. Proctors vs John Ramsey, poulterer, for buying 34 Geese; Mr Fynche vs Mr Key – assignation and notice of appeal.

f.161: 5 Dec. 1571 John Whaller vs Nicholas Gant – debt of 64s 8d; 7 Dec. 1571 Alice Green vs Agnes Stanton – arrears of wages; John Pooley vs Margaret Carre, executrix of Dr Carr – debt of £14 18s 8d; Butcher vs Aunger – assignation; Woulfe vs Hurst – sentence for plaintiff; 12 Dec. Office, at the petition of John Webbe of Stretham, vs Nicholas Gaunt, fishmonger – assignation; Taxors vs Nicholas Rust for persistent refusal to pay 4d for the sealing of his bushel.

f.161v: 12 Dec. 1571 Wardens of bakers vs Baseley – assignation; Richard Jones vs carowe – decree for restoration of horse; 14 Dec. Jervas Brigan vs Thomas Bradshawe for the recovery of books worth £12 4s, given to him by P. Scarlet and for which he has already paid £19 to Scarlet’s creditors. Decree in Brigan’s favour; Mr Lucas Gylpyn vs Aberey Leman – debt of £10.

f.162: 14 Dec. 1571 Butcher vs Aunger – assignation; Fynche vs Key – assignation; John Standisshe vs Edward Wardle for 30s due on a bond by Nicholas Edwards whose surety Wardale was; 19 Dec. Webber vs Gaunt – assignation to determine privileged status of men of Stretham; Gylpyn vs Cony - decree for plaintiff; 21 Dec. Richard Cony vs Thomas Bersley and W. Smith for debt of £6 on bond; 26 Dec. John Clark, linen draper of London vs Avery Leman, draper – decree of sequestration of Leman’s goods in the house of Thomas Dormer, innkeeper.

f.162v: 26 Dec. 1571 Office vs Thomas Payton of Lambeth and Emma Bradbury for incontinent living on the denunciation of the Proctors. Confess and are sentenced to whipping at the cart tail (details given) and to being handed over to the constables to be conducted to their countries according to the statute; similar prosecution against Andrew Wylson and Elizabeth Green; form of proclamation – ‘All men and women behold and see, What judgement befall such as contemne authoritie, They that their owne wieffe most fythillie forsake, The devyll to hymselfe most wyllynglie do take, Trew repentaunce therfore God to them send, That they be not damned world without ende’.

f.163: 28 Dec. 1571 John Lundie, Scot vs Mr Davies for assault and drawing of blood – 3s 4d damages and request for pardon; Thomas Laurence of Barnwell vs Cecilia Holt for wrongly claiming him to be her husband – banished; Baske vs Bigley – Bigley pays 22s and costs; 8 Jan. 1571/2 John Roberts appoints John Rychardson, tailor, his proxy to claim a debt of 48s 8d from Avery Leman, draper; 16 Jan. Office, promoted by Proctors vs Gregory George for adultery with Hall’s wife – successful purgation but suspicion of bad life remains and therefore imprisoned and fined 20s.

f.163v: 16 Jan. 1571/2 Webbe vs Gaunt – Webb absent, Gaunt dismissed; Fynche vs Key – assignation; Brigan vs Bradshawe – assignation; Jervas and Tomson vs John Scott for recovery of a female frock handed to him by P. Scarlet for a debt of 40s.

f.164: 18 Jan. 1571/2 Office vs Hall and his wife – expulsion; Gonville and Caius College vs Francis Earl for tearing down the fabric – damages of 20s; Butcher vs Aunger – assignation; Taxors vs Richard Bradley for selling bad beer – fined 10s; 19 Jan. Nicholas Rust of Barnwell – bond for appearance; 22 Jan. John Edmunds vs Alexander Rey – assignation; 23 Jan. Dr Barrow vs W. Smith – debt of 52s for rent of a house.

f.164v: 23 Jan. 1571/2 Edmunds vs Rey – assignation; Robert Norgate vs Paul Salmon abd Reynold Smith, formerly his pupils, for recovery of his furniture and goods – appraisal ordered; St John’s College vs Robert Rustat of Ashwell – debt of £13 13s 4d for rent of his farm; Joan Redford vs Henry Punter for recovery of a glazier’s vice worth 20s for which he paid too little.

f.165: 25 Jan. 1571/2 Edmunds vs Rey; Wylson vs Kyd – residue of 12s, price of 12 felles; Roger Wylson vs Peter Jones – debt of 3s 4d; Office vs John Lundie, Scot, and Alice Rypelyn, his concubine – imprisoned for adultery (he has another wife in Scotland), then to stand two hours in the bullring and forsake the town; 29 Jan. Joan Glass vs Mr Kymball, debt of 10s.

f.165v: 29 Jan. 1571/2 Edmunds vs Rey – assignation; Thomas Brown MA vs William Tomson – £10 in default of a promised payment of £4 7s; 1 Feb. Avery Leman – bond to stand to justice; Taxors vs Stephen Roke, baker, for underweight wheaten bread – fined 2s 6d; Edmunds vs Rey.

f.166v: 8 Feb. 1571/2 Office at the petition of the Proctors vs Nicholas Rust for suspicious behaviour with Agnes Semar – purgation enjoined; Butcher vs Aunger – assignation; Edmunds vs Rey – assignation; 13 Feb. Taxors vs Mannyng of Trumpington for forestalling corn; 14 Feb. Edmund Zouche vs Mr Fletcher for offensive speeches in the Regent House - ‘yf degrees should be bestowed here for lernyng onlely yow should ware no hood in this place’ - confession enjoined at the next congregation, by decision of the Heads.

f.167: 15 Feb. 1571/2 Proctors vs Roger Smyth, chandler, for selling tallow outside Cambridge; Butcher vs Aunger.

f.167v: 15 Feb. 1571/2 Taxors vs Harrison, baker, for underweight bread; 16-17 Feb. Bonds to appear and answer – Bushe, painter, surety Gilbert Corbet, Gilbert Corbet, surety William Semar and John Denys, bookseller; 22 Feb. Clare College vs Richard Ramsey for breach of contract to deliver 20 loads of coal.

f.168: 22 Feb. 1571/2 Proctors vs George Adams for keeping a cockpit (domus galiprelii) contrary to the statute; John Harvey, tailor vs John Sagar, proctor of Robert Shawe, ‘kendilman’, for a debt of 17s 8d – a silver goblet left as a pledge for payment in the hands of Matthew Stokys, Registrary; John Tomson vs John Whaller – decree for delivery of 12 quarters of barley to be handed to Tomson; 29 Feb. William Smyth or Saunders vs John Scot, William Bredon and Thomas Hooley, executors of Hera Lane – debt of 22s 9d; Taxors vs Whilborowe, collier, for bad measure in a load of coal – fined; 7 Mar. Office vs butchers – John Goldisborowe junior and John Hammond – monition to sell no flesh during Lent except to holders of the VC’s warrant, and to keep a book of the names of those buying flesh.

f.168v: 7 Mar. 1571/2 Proctors vs Merton for preparing flesh during Lent; Francis Wylkynson vs John Whaler – assignation; John Whaller vs F. Wylkynson - statement of Whaller’s cause (really a libel contradictory or exception); Fynch vs Key – assignation; 14 Mar. Office vs Goldisborowe and Hammond – fined 40s each; Steward vs Christopher Elsdon – assignation; Wylkynson vs Whaller – assignation; Whaller vs Wylkinson – assignation; 21 Mar. Interpretacio - VC and six Heads pronounce that Proctors had no authority to change, alter or prolong the profession, examination and determination of the bachelors (Trinity College questionists suspended).

f.169v: 21 Mar. 1571/2 Butcher vs Aunger – Aunger unable to get chancery subpoena to bring in witness; Fynch vs Key – assignation; 25 Mar. Decree (interpretation) by VC and six Heads forbidding the wearing of hats; 26 Mar. Office vs Merton for receiving scholars.

f.170: 31 Mar. 1572 Price of tallow – 20d a stone, College butchers to supply tallow to chandlers; 28 Mar. Hedley and Gotobed, executors of Mr Lane vs Thomas Bredon – debt; Butcher vs Aunger – exhibition of writings (lease agreement, bonds etc.); Fynch vs Key – assignation; Whaller vs Wylkynson – assignation; 1 Apr. William Hopkynson, clerk vs George Whall MA, Fellow of trinity College – debt of 40s for repayment.

f.170v: 2 Apr. 1572 Gibbons’ wife vs Mr Chalfont – debt of 20s;16 Apr. Bond of Richard Kyllyngbacke to play no forbidden game; Clare College vs Richard Ramsey – compromise reached; 2 May Butcher vs Aunger; Proxy exhibited by Aunger; Ridge vs Dr Clarke; Harvey vs Sagar, proctor of Shaw; Fine of Henry Jackson, baker, for underweight bread; Fine of Baseley’s wife for the same; 7 May Nicholas Algate, barber vs Owyn Wylson, assignation; Butcher vs Aunger; John Sheres vs W. Tomson – debt of £12.

f.171: 9 May 1572 Algat vs Wylson – assignation; 16 May Algat vs Wylson – assignation; Mr Elles (proctor George Styll) vs W. Smyth for contumacy in non-appearance; 23 May Algat vs Wylson – defamation and personal injury.

f.171v: 23 May 1572 Ridge vs Clarke – assignation; Mary Key vs W. Fyld, servant of Etheldreda Payne, for unreasonably beating her; Hugh Rydyng vs Threder – return of a Flemish angel; 30 May James Scawcrofte vs W. Tomson – debt cause (at first heard in Mayor’s Court but plaintiff claimed success fully to be Dr Hawford’s servant).

f.172: 6 June 1572 Ridge vs Clarke – assignation; Algat vs Owyn Wylson – arbitration agreed; Dr Leedes vs W. Sacker and George Dawson – contumacy; 17 June Proctors vs John Threder, Satany Tybs, Martyn the joiner, Francis Gybson, Ambrose Wright, William Cooke – contumacious for non-appearance; 20 June John Edmundes vs W. Waters (surety of Aberye Leman) for a debt of £7 – distraint agreed; Butcher vs Aunger – assignation; 4 July M. Carr vs W. Thomson and Gervase Brigham – debt of 100s.

f.172v: 4 July 1572 4 July 1572 Dr Perne, attorney of Arnold Brickman vs Tomson and Brigham who successfully plead ‘that they have a dede of gifte of the gooddes of Philip Scarlet’; George Horne and Christopher Stevenson vs Margaret Usher – debt of £9 due to John Stevenson; Henry Cockes vs W. Jaxon, sadler, legacy of £4 by will of Laurence Cooke (sic), his father; John Wylkynson vs Edmund Stanton – breach of contract in apprenticeship (10s and duble apparell); 11 July Butcher vs Aunger – assignation; Widow Etheldreda Payne vs Preist, barber – 3s 4d damage to her crops; Greinwhall vs Carter for restoration of two books called a Greek Lexicon – decree; Horne and Stevenson vs Usher - assignation; Office, promoted by Proctors, vs Arnold Pynckney and Joan Bonas , 'his harlot', Anna Whalker, Amy Frances, Margaret Wylton, John Whrght (sic) and Margaret, his wife, 'com[m]on whoores, knaves and harlottes' – banishment for all.

f.173: 18 July 1572 Butcher vs Aunger – assignation; Horne and Stephenson vs Usher – decree finding in favour of the defendant; Cockes vs Jaxon – decree in Cockes’ favour; John Aspie, fishmonger vs Richard Sellers, recovery of 20s due by Sellers as his mother’s surety - defendant successfully denies; William Tomson vs William Smyth for recovery of certain parcels of silk and other stuff due to Ralph and Margaret Kydman who have assigned them to Tomson.

f.173v: 22 July 1572 William March vs Lancelot Flower of Ely – debt of £60 due on bond for non-observance of arbitration – fresh arbitration decreed, Flower to find sureties (ex relacione domini vicechancellarii); 26 July Bond of William Chapman, joiner, as surety for Arnold Pynckney, joiner, to observe sentence of banishment; 30 July David Yale, Bursar of Queens’ College vs Peter Haryson, innholder, for breach of contract of 10 loads of coal.

f.174: 6 Aug. 1572 Richard Astley, draper of London, through proctor, Mr Mylles vs Aberey Leman, debt of £6 6s; Taxors vs John Nasse for underweight bread; Laurence Palmer (by Mr Chamber, attorney) vs Aberey Leman for 40s – Leman denies, saying that he paid it at last Barnwell Fair; 8 and 13 Aug. Butcher vs Aunger – term to hear sentence; Broughton vs Tomson – debt of 26s 6d – payment decreed; 15 Aug. Mr Broughton MA vs Richard Atkynson and Inman, bailiffs of town of Cambridge, for return of goods (7oz of blacke chayne silk lace) belonging to his pupil W. Procter.

f.174v: 15 Aug. 1572 Aberey Leman vs George Adams for assault – Adam fails to appear; Edward Johnson vs Arthur Leach for recovery of debt of 28s 11d for which he was surety for Richard Browne; Butcher vs Aunger – sententia definitiva including text – judgement for the plaintiff.

f.175: 15 Aug. 1572 Alexander Bound MA vs Alexander Ray, alderman, for £8 3s 4d given to him by letter by William Bound; 22 Aug. Broughton vs Atkynson and Inman – assignation; 30 Aug. Bond of Joshua Flower, scholar of Jesus College, to appear and answer Richard Robynson, bedell, for an intended rescue.

f.175v: 26 Sept. 1572 Bound vs Raye – case to arbitration; 3 Oct. Richard Bourne of Alice, his wife vs Christopher Marten of St Andrew’s parish, Christopher Adison of St Bene’t’s parish and Thomas Scot of St Edward’s parish, executors of Harald Marten of Cotgrave, for information about the amount left by the will which was never proved.

f.176: 3 Oct. 1572 Henry Fletcher BA, proctor for Dr Ward vs Christopher Adison for debt of 50s – decree in favour of plaintiff; Taxors vs John Nashe, baker, for underweight bread – fine of 3s 4d and 4s worth of bread confiscated.

f.176v: 30 Sept. 1572 Bond of John Dyndsdale BA to Dr Caius for good behaviour; 18 April 1572 John Pooley, apothecary vs Robert Lesse, Fellow of Trinity College, who has left the town, for a debt of 110s – books to the same value to be taken from Lesse’s rooms and kept by Mr Wylkynson for Lesse to redeem them. This not done and decree made for handing them to Pooley until All Saints Day 1573.

f.177: 28 Nov. 1572 Proctors vs John Genynges of Henham, poulterer, for buying capons in the liberty from Kyng of Duxford; Former Taxors vs Thomas Hodiloe for brewing without licence; William Bosum vs Etheldred Babyngton – assignation; Thomas Creeke vs Jervase Brigan for debt of 111s – Brigan promises to pay; Proctors vs John Clarke, John Wodehouse, Payne’s wife and Fortune’s widow, for selling flesh at forbidden times – fined 40s each.

f.177v: 5 Dec. 1572 Nicholas Algat vs Owyn Wylson – arbitration to be made by Dr Perne and Dr Leedis; Taxors vs Hodiloe who denies allegations; Bosum vs Babyngton – assignation.

f.178: 5 Dec. 1572 Memorandum that 20d is paid to the Junior Proctor, Mr Tracy, for drawing blood by Alexander Clarke and William Culton; Mr Aleyn, Proctor vs John Threder – assignation; Bond of Thomas Bredon, apothecary, before VC and other Doctors, JPs, to buy no more old pewter, copper or brass for melting and resale; Creke vs Brigan and Tomson for recovery of penal sum of £36 for non-payment of debt of £18 before last All Saints Day; 6 Dec. Office vs William Charke, Fellow of Peterhouse, for preaching against bishops ad clerum in Great St Mary’s church (quoted by H. Porter from and CUR 6(1) no.19).

f.178v: 12 Dec. 1572 Dr Whitgift, by Creake as proctor, vs Higgyns – bond of Thomas Randall MA, St John’s College, to find and produce him; Bosum vs Babyngton – response in summary, assignation for exceptions.

f.179: 12 Dec. 1572 Bourne vs Marten – assignation; Taxors vs Hodiloe – assignation; Decree of contumacy for non-appearance Richard Atkynson, innholder, Edward Whalles, Thomas Ventreis, W. Stenet and Thomas Tooley for non-appearance – fined 3s 4d each; 17 Dec. Whitgift vs Higgins – cause withdrawn; Bosum vs Babyngton – assignation.

f.179v: 17 Dec. 1572 Bourne vs Marten – assignation; Mr Yale vs Peter Harrison – bond for 10 loads of coal; Bonds of smiths, glaziers, plumbers and pewterers not to buy any unmarked vessel, and College vessel unless offered by Masters or Bursars, and defaced or scraped vessel possibly stolen or any goblets of pewter, metal or tin – Richard Bourne pewterer, Paul Ponsonby, Andrew Prat, Richard Brashier, George Wilson, Richard Grene, Anthony Foster, Robert Dorver locksmiths, Arthur Leach, Miles Jugge, William Marten glaziers, John Warreyn brazier. Also John Sawyer, plumber, on 21 Jan. 1572/3.

f.180: 19 Dec. 1572 Stocks of metal held – Ponsonbie tin pan and 5lbs of pewter, Greene 22lbs of pewter, Dorver 9lbs of pewter, Brachier 33lbs of pewter, Foster 16lbs of pewter, Prat 22lbs of pewter, Wilson 69lbs of pewter, Joan Gelder 5lb of pewter, Henry Punter 5lbs of pewter, George Dawson, glazier, 6lbs, Jugge 2lbs of pewter, Leach 2lbs of pewter; 9 Jan. 1572/3 Proctors vs John Thredder – assignation; 23 Jan. Bosum vs Babyngton – assignation; Bond of Michael Petherston to play no more illicit games.

f.180v: 31 Dec. 1572 Bond of George Adams to appear; 23 Jan. 1572/3 Giles Farmouth vs Henry Gyfford for debt of 7s – payment decreed; Bond of William Gybbons, innholder and musician, to keep no ‘dansynge scoole’ and to appear when called; Bond of John Morgan for the same; 27 Jan. John Brownyng MA, Fellow of Trinity College, for preaching false doctrine despite the VC’s prohibition, imprisoned in the Tolbooth by the consent of the Heads; 29 Jan. Nicholas Bourne BD, Fellow of Trinity College, for false doctrine preached in two sermons, one before Christmas, the other on 24 Jan., condemned to read in Great St Mary’s church, on 12 July, a retraction (given in full).

f.181: 30 Jan. 1572/3 Gardner vs Sacker – assignation; Bond of John Holmes to appear and answer for certain College vessels found in his possession; 1 Feb. Bond of John Browyng, with Hugh Boothe and John Studley, to appear and answer and to abstain from preaching until discharged from prohibition; 29 Jan. Concurrence of Heads in VC’s determination in cause against Mr Charke.

f.181v: 5 Feb. 1572/3 Sentence against Mr Charke – erased because appears on f.182; Bond of Elias Newcomen (Robert Sendall and John Amye) to appear and answer Dr Kelke; 6 Feb. Prices of ale and beer – mean beer 20d a kilderkin, best beer 3s 4d, mean ale 18d, best ale 3s 4d. Tipplers to sell three pints of best beer for 1d and of meaner beer for 1/2d; Mr Beacon, through his proctor, vs George Adams for a debt of £6 13s 4d.

f.182: 6 Feb. 1572/3 Gardiner vs Sacker – assignation; Alisia Haselop vs Brigan for debt of 111s – contumacy successfully pleaded; 5 Feb. Sentence against William Charke – that he had incurred the penalty of the statute; 13 Feb. Mr Nicholas Browne excepts against Mr Redman on the ground of non-residence and over-affection for the Master.

f.182v: 16 Feb. 1572/3 Bond of John Goldsborow, John Goldsborow junior, William Woulfe, William Hurst, William Awger, Robert Semer, Thomas Moore, Nicholas Semar, Thomas Potall, Philip Clerk, John Hamond, John Sawwood, butchers, not to kill, sell, or prepare for eating on fish days any forbidden flesh.

f.183: 16 Feb. 1572/3 Innholders similarly bound (arranged by parish, names in full).

f.183v: 10 Feb. 1572/3 Assize of bread – 10oz for 1/2d loaf; 25 Feb. Assize of ale – double beer 2s 6s, single 16d, best ale 2s 4d, carded ale 16d, 1 quart of good ale or double beer 1/2d; 23 Jan. Mr John Bell BD vs the tollers (toll men) of Cambridge – Thomas Burman and Thomas Laurence, complaint of excessive toll, contrary to custom. Depositions of Henry Gyfford and John Noble in support of the defendants.

f.184: 28 Jan. 1572/3 Depositions of Mr Bell’s witnesses – Robert Cakebread, John Mannyng, William Hancock (wood to Trinity College), John Hils (corn to Bradley), John Culpie (reed or coal from the Bridge), Robert Faryngton and Benet Sharpe of Fulbourne, Vincent Nicolson, Henry Iseson and John Stallen of Fen Ditton.

f.184v: 20 Feb. 1572/3 Bosom vs Babyngton – assignation; Norcot vs Barber – defendant fined 2s 6d for non-appearance; Haselop vs Brigan – defendant to be cited viis et modis.

f.185: 6 Mar. 1572/3 Babyngton vs Bosom – assignation; Richard Conester vs Christopher Marten; 11 Mar. Babyngton vs Bosom - assignation; Conester vs Marten; Nicholas Stephen of Barton vs Medcalfe – defendant fined 20d for non-appearance; 3 Apr. 1573 Proctors vs W. Hurst, W. Woulfe etc., for selling veal contrary to the statute; Trinity Hall vs William Douglas for recovery of a house in le Butcherye.

f.185v: 3 Apr. 1573 Bond of John Bell, grocer, to Alice Wilson to indemnify her against Katherine WIlson, maiden (puella), in connection with furnishings worth 100s; 8 and 15 Apr. Trinity Hall vs Douglas – judgement given for the plaintiff – Douglas to pay expenses.

f.186: 16 Apr. 1573 Edward Zouche vs James Gayton BA – accused purged himself of charge of unreligious sentiments and confessed that the articles of religion approved in the synod are true. Bond of Gayton to save Zouche harmless for the caution of 20 nobles offered against him in the school (communicated by the VC); 19 Apr. Bonds of Christopher Wylson, inceptor in Arts, to do nothing unfitting the degree of master and to appear to answer; 22 Apr. Trinity Hall vs Roger Wylson – assignation and constitution by Wylson of Douglas as proctor.

f.186v: 21 Apr. 1573 Thomas Mansworth of Middleton, Westmoreland, grants to Thomas Jobson, scholar of Trinity College, power to raise a debt of 31s 6d from Henry Gose, draper; 24 Apr. Proctors vs Richard Gravenes for breach of his promise to allow no dice or cards in his house – fined 40s; Taxors vs Jacson for underweight 2d rye loaf; 29 Apr. Trinity Hall vs Wylson – assignation.

f.187: 29 Apr. 1573 Erased entry; 8 May Henry Beamong, barber vs Nicholas Rust for defamation (he said that Beamond was a ‘jyggynge joggynge at dores at xi of the clocke at nighte’). Nicholas Fysher, cobbler, and Robert Nicols, carpenter, produced in evidence; Arthur Purfye MA vs Thomas Laurence for unjust exaction of toll for removal of a scholar’s books (i.e the books of Richard Howland BD).

f.187v: 8 May 1573 Gregory Dawson, glazier, fined 3s for non-appearance twice in a plea of debt brought by John Sawyer; 23 May Taxors vs Thomas Braddey of Fen Ditton – bond to reply to charge of excessive purchases of grain etc.; 27 May Assize of beer – malt at 2s a quarter, kilderkin of double beer 2s, no increase in single beer but quality to be improved, good ale 2s 10d a barrel, 3 pints of double beer or good ale to sell for 1d; 3 June Christopher Webbe MA vs Christopher Engemand, gent., for debt of 100s – distraint ordered; 17 June-10 July John Standish vs John Robynson on a plea of debt – defendant has repeatedly refused to come and is now committed to the Castle for contempt; 12 June Decree that all bushels of the town and country in which measurement is by heap should be as broad as the brass standard; 13 June Bond of Thomas Braddey to convey no corn out of Cambridge except the 150 quarters of malt he has sold to Nicholas Layer for the provisioning of Berwick.

f.188: 15 June 1573 Order for Nicholas Broune to preach a sermon in Great St Mary’s church and include in it a confession on 12 July. Note of postponement of sentence to 18 Oct. after letters were received from Lord Burghley; 17 June Hammond vs Sacker – contumacy proved; Edward Parker vs Thomas Hudleston for a debt of 70s – Dixon, manciple of Trinity College, and Peter Lyon, cook of Jesus College, appointed arbitrators; 1 July in novo consistorio William Hawkyns, innholder vs Arthur Leach, John Raget and Robert Williamson for a debt of 40s.

f.188v: 3 July 1573 Bond of John Denys (under Act against vagabonds) to retain in his service for a year Erasmus Awdley, bookbinder; Peterhouse vs Ramsey and Bradley, churchwardens of Little St Mary’s church, ‘for repair and cleaning of roads and gutters outside the church’ - defendants ordered to comply; 10 July Dr Perne, promoting Office vs John Robynson for removing or receiving scholars’ books and goods, contrary to the University’s statutes – catalogue ordered; 13 July Bond of Thomas Aldrich and his sureties, Thomas Preston, Fellow of King’s College, and Luke Gylpyn, Fellow of Trinity College, to remain in Bene’t College [Corpus Christi College] unless summoned to answer the VC.

f.189: 17 July 1573 Hilary Cluxton vs John Halywell for assault and defamation on his apprentice – fined 3s 4d; Hammond vs Sacker - assignation – contumacy; Richard Sellers, cook, nominates Hammond his proxy to prosecute a debt cause brought by Babyngton; Babyngton vs Sellers – assignation; Barnes vs Medcalfe – assignation.

f.189v: 31 July 1573 Babyngton vs Sellers – assignation; Trinity College vs Edward Whalles, merchant, for £50 forfeited by non-performance of bond; Decree for coal bushels – only those sized and sealed and of the size etc. of the brass standard to be employed on pain of a fine of 6s 8d; 14 Aug. Decree ordering that chandlers operating in the town must have served an apprenticeship.

f.190: 14 Aug. 1573 Manning, Whalles, Stenit and Hodgson are to buy no tallow and make no candles until they bring proof of doing so lawfully; Decree forbidding selling of grocery stuff by chandlers; T. Medcalfe and T. Cooper, chandlers, elected by other chandlers and sworn by VC as searchers of tallow during Sturbridge Fair. Price to be 20d per stone. Those refusing to comply to be reported to Commissary or Proctors; Ridge vs Butler – assignation; Trinity College vs Richard Gravenes, shoemaker, for £15 due on bond; 18 Sept. Taxors vs William Barnes, Nicholas Rust, Merton for underweight hay – all fined, Also John Kidd.

f.190v: 18 Sept. 1573 Ridge vs Martyn Wharton (for Butler) for non-payment of rent of 65s; 4-6 Oct. Contra Mr Myllen [John Millen MA, Fellow of Christ’s College] for unsuitable propositions set forth in a sermon in Great St Mary’s church attacking ordination, ignorant ministers, saints’ eves and days – expelled from the University.

f.191: 18 Oct. 1573 Objections against Walter Alleyn MA, Fellow of Christ’s College, for preaching without licence, attack on archdeacons, chancellors and commissaries for studying the canon law wherein the find popish doctrine.

f.191v: 17 Oct. 1573 Office vs Nicholas Broun – excuses for not immediately preaching the sermon prescribed; 19 Oct. Mr Myllen - denial of propositions previously ascribed to him.

f.192: 30 Oct. 1573 J. Redmayne vs W. Goodynch for recovery of a debt due on a bond to Thomas Emount of Barnwell and by him granted to Redmayne in payment of a debt; 15-24 Nov. N. Broun refused to read the schedule of penance, alleging that he had supporting letters from members of the Privy Council which he refused to show to the court – judged to incur the penalty of the statue – expelled.

f.192v: 17 Nov. 1573 John Wright MA vs Thomas Dikenson, hosteller, for recovery of a gown belonging to Mr Newcomen – Dikenson to surrender the gown on payment by Wright of 17s; 20 Nov. John Edmundes vs Thomas Raye for recovery of a piece of land; Proctors vs John Bowse, chandler.

f.193: 20 Nov. 1573 Mr Boothe vs Reginald Umfrey for receiving his pupils and selling their furniture and clothes contrary to the statute; Proctors vs W. Dowsey for receiving in his inn and allowing to stay there overnight a certain Gyttens, a pupil of Mr Newville of Pembroke College – fined 40s; Taxors vs John Manynge of Hauxton for buying and exporting six measures of grain – he alleges that he was only hired to transport it. Note in James Tabor’s hand Nota; Proctors vs Richard Robynson, chandler, for exporting five dozen candles outside the limits; Proctors vs William Button for selling flesh on prohibited days; William Dowsay vs Miles Jugge for recovery of a debt of 5s 10s due to him from Richard Holte.

f.193v: 21 Nov. 1573 Taxors vs Edward Blanke of Ickleton and Thomas Townsende of Hinxton for buying four quarters of barley at Long Stanton; 25Nov. Assize of ale – barley 13s 4d a quarter, double beer 3s 6d and single beer 18d a kilderkin, 1 ½ quarts of good ale and double beer for 1d; Proctors vs W. Mawdewell of Ickleton and Michael Swan for buying and exporting six quarters of barley at Girton; 27 Nov. Proctors vs Thomas Medcalfe and Thomas Breadon for selling underweight candles – fined 12d per pound; Proctors vs Christopher Reye for exporting four dozen candles from the liberty – fined fourfold; Proctors vs Stephen Payne for preparing and selling meat at unlawful times – fined 40s; Proctors vs Kyd and Arthur Charleton for receiving scholars.

f.194: 27 Nov. 1573 Taxors vs widow Hall, widow Tomlynson and W. Sparrow for using illegal bushels not so broad as the brazen bushel – fined 6s 8d each; Taxors vs Andrew Pylkyngton for underweight hay; Taxors vs Thomas Jacson and John Baker for underweight bread; Master and Scholars of Queens’ College vs widow Wylson for receiving quarters of wheat for Queens’ College; The same against W. Beamond for damages of 3s because his servants have put manure and filth next the College’s courts; Babyngton vs Sellers – assignation; 4 Dec. Mr Norgate (for Corpus Christi College Cambridge) vs Thomas Roberts, Bursar of the College, for defects in his accounts which Roberts promised on bond to rectify; Babyngton vs Sellers – assignation.

f.194v: 4 Dec. 1573 W. Tomson, tailor, and widow Bristoe condemned to prison for offering for sale pewter with erased marks which came from Trinity and St John’s Colleges; 5 Dec. Proctors vs John Wylkynson for underweight candles; Pproctors vs John Harrison and Peter Jones for preparing meat on prohibited days; Proctors vs Swan of Newton, the miller of Babraham and Sutton on the Isle; 11 Dec. Ridge vs Wharton – bonds to accept compromise; Churchwardens of All Saints’ church vs Richard Hullocke for not frequenting church and John Denys, bookseller, for not receiving communion at Easter last – he is to be imprisoned if he does not receive, with his household, at Christmas. Hullock imprisoned for contumacy.

f.195 11 Dec. 1573 Taxors vs Hawkyns for selling ‘byllottes not cyzed’ [?billots - fire wood of a size regulated by law]; Arthur Leach vs Dawson – bond to obey arbitration; Taxors vs Thomas Haies, Rowland Campion, W. Carrowe and John Harwood, victuallers, and Robert Rayleton for selling food and drink without the justices’ licences; St John’s College vs W. Goodynche in a plea of debt – contumacy proved; Taxors vs T. Scot for buying 10 quarters of malt and acres of standing wheat – fined; Taxors vs Twyn of Pausworth for buying four quarters of malt – fined; The same against Peacock of Chesterton for 79 quarters; 18 Dec. Jeremiah Kyd vs John Treder for recovery of a gold ring given by him as security to Treder and by Treder not surrendered to Henry Clarke – assignation.

f.195v: 18 Dec. 1573 Taxors vs Martin Wharton for buying and selling grain - he confesses to a comb of rye; William Rust, butcher vs Christopher Webb MA for recovery of a debt of 50s due on bond; Dawson, glazier vs Arthur Leach - partial payment made; Dowglas fined 2s 6d for non-appearance.

f.196: 23 Dec. 1573 Mr Roberts given until 24 Dec. to exhibit correct accounts to Master and Fellows of Corpus Christi College; Nicholas Hamond and Amy Frances condemned to be tied to cart-tail naked and whipped from the Tolbooth to the Market Hill and so by St John’s College and the Round Church to the Tolbooth again. Imprisoned during pleasure and Amy then banished; 7 Jan. 1573/4 Owen Davies, pensioner vs Robert Some, Fellow of Queens’ College – assignation; 15 Jan. Kyd vs Threder – assignation; Steward, Edmondes the tailor, Walker and Ward the shoemaker fined for non-appearance.

Scope and Contents


f.196v: 15 Jan. 1573/4 Proctors vs W. Clarke for receiving scholars; Proctors vs Richard Grene for allowing his servants to work on Sundays; Proctors vs Hawkyns for allowing eating and drinking in his inn during sermon and service; Proctors vs Simpson for preparing and selling meat at prohibited times; Taxors vs Gibbons for using a defective half-peck and unsealed measures; Taxors vs Luck Horne for not bringing in his measures; 16 Jan. Richard Smyth, Bursar of Trinity College, vs John Richardes, gent., of Huntingdon, for debt of £40 due on bond.

f.197: 29 Jan. 1573/4 Trinity College vs John Goldisborowe senior, butcher, surety for John Odyll of Ashton, Essex, with reference to Yon Jygons of Bumpstead for a debt of £200; Proctors vs Pepyn for defects in ?5; Taxors vs Richard Atkynson for a defective and unsealed peck measure; Proctors vs John Steward for pursuing trade in time of divine service; 30 Jan. Bond of Gabriel Argall MA not to confer or talk with any person about a famous libel made on certain persons and to appear when summoned – bond forfeit 8 Feb.

f.197v: 4 Feb. 1573/4 Bond of Owyn Rowland BA and his surety Thomas Nevell of Pembroke College for Rowland’s appearance in connection with a famous libel; 8 Feb. Bond of Gabriel Argall and his sureties, Edmund Moundeford, Fellow of Trinity College, and Joseph Haynes LLB, pensioner of Trinity Hall, for his appearance in the same cause.

f.198: 8 Feb. 1573/4 Owyn Rowlands fails to surrender to his bond and is sentenced to expulsion as the author of a notorious libel; 10 Feb. Warning to John Dinsdale, said to MA Oxon. to enrol himself in the register (album) of a College or leave the town; 8 Feb. Interpretation of the statues.

f.198v: 7-26 Feb. 1573/4 Owen Davies vs Robert Some – all stages in cause, subject not indicated.

f.199: 24 Feb. 1573/4 Sentence against Argall and Kydd – text of Kydd’s apology concerning the infamous rhyme, and of Rowland’s expulsion.

f.199v: 26 Feb. 1573/4 William Baron of Little Eversden vs Henry Crosbey of Oakington for payment of a legacy; 5 Mar. St John’s College vs John Paske, draper for breach of contract to deliver 41 loads of coal – judgement for plaintiff; Davies vs Some; 12 Mar. Davies vs Some – concerns a common-place made in Queens’ chapel on 16 Oct (?defamation); Ridge vs Wharton – judgement for plaintiff.

f.200: 12 Mar. 1573/4 Dr Creake vs Abel Smyth – assignation; Office vs Kyd – penance enjoined and then postponed because VC was ill, completed on 26 Mar.; 15 Mar. Dr Creake vs Smith – assignation; 19 Mar. Creake vs Smyth – assignation; John Scot vs Nicholas Rust – assignation; Kyd vs Treder (the ring) - assignation.

f.200v: 19 Mar. 1573/4 Thomas Jobson, carpenter of Over vs John Kydman, husbandman of Grantchester – debt of 60s on bond; 20 Mar. Taxors vs Thomas Scot for engrossing of barley; 26 Mar. Davies vs Some – assignation; 2 Apr. Davies vs Some – assignation; Flora Lynsey vs Edward Whalles – contumacy proved.

f.201: 2 Apr. 1574 Creake vs Smythe – exceptions and responsa; Corpus Christi College vs George Hasell – contumacy proved; Office vs John Warreyn for buying a pewter College vessel with marks erased in spite of his bond not to do so ; Office vs Andrew Wylson and Elizabeth Norman – Wylson banished as a ‘common whore-master', Elizabeth to be ‘carted with basons’ from the Tolbooth to the Castle and back to the Spittle house [Hospital of St Anthony and St Eloy, outside Trumpington Gate] and then to her own house in Whallys Lane, if she had no husband she should have been banished.

f.201v: 2 Apr. 1574 Proctors vs Peter Jones for receiving scholars; Taxors vs Peter Jones having no licence; 23 Apr. Davies vs Some – assignation; Lynsey vs Walles – assignation; Kyd vs Treder – assignation; Ridge vs Carowe – assignation; Creake vs Smyth – assignation; Taxors vs John Dowsey for unlicensed victualling house (‘he selleth apples, nuttes, bread and cheese’).

f.202: 23 Apr. 1574 Wardall and Miles Jugge for debt of £4 5s – imprisoned in the Tolbooth until satisfaction given; Fines imposed on William Smith at the suit of Thomas Barber and Richard Smythe, Fellow of Trinity College, and on John Sawyer at the suit of Roger Wylson; 29 Apr. Miles Braken of Kendal, yeoman, constitutes John Bacster, bedell, his proctor to prosecute a suit for debt of 40s against Mr Nicolson, former Fellow of Christ’s College; 7 May Davies vs Some – assignation for sentence; Creake vs Smith – assignation for sentence; Kyd vs Treder – assignation for sentence; Richard Harryson vs Smyth – assignation.

f.202v: 7 May 1574 Lynsey vs Whalles – assignation; 11 May John Wylliamson, tailor, with his father – bond to appear and answer; 21 May Richard Haryson vs Ambrose Barker BA – assignation; Lynsey vs Whalles – assignation; Ridge vs Henry Carrowe – assignation.

f.203: 21 May 1574 Carrow vs Ridge – assignation; 4 June Richard Haryson vs Baker for recovery of a horse hired to go to Hatley; Lynsey vs Whalles – assignation; Evers vs Slegge – assignation; Ridg vs Carowe – arbitration arranged; Office vs James Hickes, a messenger of the Queen – ordered to leave the town before 5 o’clock on Sunday next and meanwhile to lie only at the sign of The White Horse.

f.203v: 4 June 1574 Faculty to Christopher Russell to have an estimate made by the public stationers of goods left with him as pledges by Stone, Nutter and Fenton (scholars); 11 June Interpretation of statute 26 – that the theological disputations held against MAs are as valid for the degree of BD as if they had been held with Bachelors of Divinity; Mr Hammond of Trinity Hall constituted proctor for Roger Slegge in cause with T. Evers; Davies vs Some – assignation of sentence on Dr Whitgift’s return; Creake vs Smyth – assignation of sentence as above.

f.204: 11 June 1574 Kyd vs Threder – assignation of sentence as above; Evers vs Slegge – assignation; Richard Haryson vs Barker – arbitration; Stenet vs Robert Forbet - ?arbitration; Stenet vs Robert – contumacy proved; John Bell MA vs John Rogers MA – contumacy proved.

f.204v: 11 June 1574 Flora Lynsey vs Whalles – assignation; Proctors vs Henry Alcock – fined 6s 8d for contumacy in non-appearance; Proctors vs the butchers – pledges to be taken that fines will be paid; Ridge vs Carrow – arbitration arranged; 18 June Creake vs Abel Smyth – assignation; Evers vs Slegge – hope of agreement; Dawson vs Hodgeson and Tybbe – contumacy proved – fined.

f.205: 18 June 1574 Kyd vs Treder – sentence when Dr Whitgift returns; Kyd vs Treder (2nd cause) - debt of 60s; Ridg vs Carrow – assignation; Carrow vs Ridge – assignation for taxation of costs; 2 July James Scawcroft vs George Hawford – debt of 26s 8d for two horses sold – contumacy proved.

f.205v: 2 July 1574 Kyd vs Treder – assignation; Lynsey vs Whalles – assignation; Kid vs Treder – assignation to hear sentence; Ridge vs Carrow – compromise to be reached; 16 July Davies vs Some – assignation for sentence; Creake vs Smythe – delayed for judge to seek counsel; Lynsey vs Whalles – delayed for judge to seek counsel.

f.206: 16 July 1574 Kyd vs Threder – sentence promulgated in Kyd’s favour; Kid vs Threder (2nd) - assignation; 23 July Mary Bacon vs John Goldisborowe senior (surety) - debt of £4 due to plaintiff’s father by Thomas Moore, butcher; Creake vs Smyth – assignation (ring not yet returned); Kyd vs Threder – assignation; Lynsey vs Whalles – assignation; Ridge vs Carrow – text of agreement concerning evidence available in London.

f.206v: 23 July 1574 Gallant ver Harryson – contumacy proved; 29 July Betts constituted proctor for Whalles; 30 July William Farrand MA vs Thomas Ventreis – assignation; Kyd and Thredder bind themselves to observe compromise to be made by Dr Creake and John Ward; 2 Aug. Bond of Peter Lyon, cook, not to play bowls or use a common bowling alley.

f.207: 2 Aug. 1574 Philip Bromley and George Sterne fined for assault and breach of the peace; Thomas Hayes, cook of Corpus Christi College, fined and imprisoned for assault on Richard Stanley; Proctors vs Thomas Hayes for keeping a common bowling alley; John Bettes LLB constituted proctor by Thomas Ventreis; Farrand vs Ventreis – breach of contract for paying money for his daughter, widow Richardson.

f.207v: 2 Aug. 1574 Lynsey vs Whalles – assignation; 13 Aug. Lynsey vs Whalles – assignation.

f.208-208v: 13 Aug. 1574 Farrand vs Ventreis – compromise (transfer of administration); 11 Oct. Certayne order for chaundelers and butchers by agreement of chandlers (Howell, Smyth, Tydswell, Medcalfe, Bowser, Mannynge, Franke and Newman) and assent of butchers (Goldisborowe junior, Hammond, Hull and Sanders) - 1) Price of tallow fixed at 2s 4d a stone and 1 lb of candles (either clean cotton or half cotton and half weeke) 3½d, 2) no chandler to buy kitchen dripping for candles, 3) no curriers or shoemakers to buy tallow, but only dripping, 4) any member of the University or town to have cotton candles if they wish, 5) any scholar to have up to 2 lbs of candles at a time, 6) no candles to be taken out of Cambridge for sale; Stephen Newman, chandler, presented for ‘taking up (?engrossing) Sturbridge Fair tallow – condemned to deliver weekly to the Colleges: King’s, Trinity and St John’s 10 dozen, Christ’s, Jesus, Queens’, Pembroke, Corpus, Clare, Trinity Hall and Gonville and Caius 5 dozen, Magdalene and St Catharine’s 2½ dozen and 6 dozen to the bedells; Peter Whale vs Maurice Jekes – debt of 30s.

f.209: 14 Oct. 1574 Taxors vs John Ketle of Orwell for forestalling grain; 15 and 31 Oct. Taxors vs Michael Gunwell of Grantchester, Whiting of Fulbourn, W. Cauthorne of March, Roger Arkenstall of Fulmer for buying grain, peas etc and removing them from town, also W. Wawse; 15 Oct. Taxors vs Edward Whalles for buying and removing from town; 24 Oct. Hodyloe vs Robert Smyth – debt of £4 0s 4d; 10 Nov. Taxors vs George Baker, merchant of Lynn, for buying up malt at Fen Ditton; Proctors vs chandlers for breaching orders forbidding sale of candles outside town – Thomas Mecalfe, Roger Smyth, John Howell, Thomas Cooper, James Robson and John Wylkynson.

f.209v: 10 Nov. 1574 Ridge vs H. Carrow – assignation; Henry Beamond vs Robert Fardick, smith – assignation; Taxors vs John and James Jobson, colliers, for underweight coal; Taxors vs Robert Webbe, Collier, for underweight coal; 12 Nov. Widow Hodgeson vs widow Sutton – debt of 11s; Proctors vs chandlers; Thomas Cooper and Stephen Newman appointed searchers to prevent use of tallow by curriers or shoemakers.

f.210: 12 Nov. 1574 William Tomson vs Jones – assignation; Martin Wharton, joiner vs Richard Medcalfe – debt of £8 for quandam lessom domus; 17 Nov. Taxors vs George Baker – assignation; 19 Nov. Thomas Jacson, fletcher vs John Crauford, shoemaker, for recovery of a horse and horse hire let to Openshawe, scholar, whose surety Crauford was; Wharton vs Medcalfe – assignation; Evers vs Slegge – assignation.

f.210v: 19 Nov. 1574 Linsey vs Whalles – assignation; 27 Nov. Proctors vs W. Umwell of Barkway, petty merchant/chapman, for buying and exporting candles; 1 Dec. Taxors vs John Brode of March for exporting malt; 2 Dec. John Bettes constituted proctor by Jeremiah Kyd MA; 10 Dec. Wharton vs Medcalfe – assignation.

f.211: 10 Dec. 1574 Evers vs Slegge; Proctors vs Aleatores (gamblers) - Swallow, Rise, Threder and Hawkyns accused of dicing at an inn called The Half Moon on Sunday 6 December; Proctors vs Mannyng, Gryffyn and Swallow for playing dice and other prohibited games in Henry Alcocke’s house on Sunday 6 December; Kyd vs Threder – assignation; Proctors vs Swallow, Gryffyn and Hawkyns for playing dice in an inn called The Dolphyn on Tuesday 8 December; Taxors vs Edward Whalles – assignation.

f.211v: 10 Dec. 1574 Corpus Christi College vs Henry Alcocke, saddler – debt of 12s 8d for rent of his tenement in St Bene’t’s parish; 14 Dec, Widow Hodgeson vs John Holywell – judgement for plaintiff; Proctors vs John Anderson of Wisbech for bringing for sale in Cambridge red and white herrings some of which were not marketable. John Woodhouse, gager of the University, John Howell, chandler and Robert Tidswell, fishmonger, give evidence that five cades [casks] of the red herrings should be burned. Decree of forfeiture of the five cades (one to be divided among the prisoners in the Castle, those in the Tolbooth, the poor in the Spittle and the visited in the town, the rest to be sold to the poor at 10 for 1d); John Bettes constituted proctor by John Daye MA, Fellow of Jesus College, to conduct his case with Peter Haryson.

f.212-212v: 22 Dec. 1574 Memorandum of enrolment of a quitclaim and a bond at the decree of the VC – 1) Quitclaim of action by William Assheton, clerk of Meldreth, to John Edmondes, draper, 18 Dec. 1574, 2) Bond of Assheton to Edmondes to save him harmless in respect of a bond for payment to him of 100s which has been lost, the debt has already been paid.

f.213: 17 Dec. 1574 Proctors vs Swallow and Gryffyn for dicing on 6 December in Henry Alcocke’s house – fined for this and The Half Moon occasion; Proctors vs Henry Alcocke for allowing dicing; Godfrey Tues fined for non-appearance at Proctors’ suit; John Haselop fined for non-appearance at the Proctor’s suit; Evers vs Slegg – documents produced and exhibited, registration decreed so that originals could be returned.

f.213v: 17 Dec. 1574 Kyd vs Threder – assignation; Taxors vs Shorley and Hilton of Chesterton for buying standing barley and peas; Corpus Christi College vs Henry Alcocke – assignation.

f.214: 14 Jan. 1574/5 Richard Cobbe of Haddenham vs Edward Broune – assignation; Ridge vs Carow – assignation; Evers vs Slegge – assignation; Kyd vs Threder – assignation; Day vs P. Harryson – assignation; Wharton vs Medcalfe – assignation.

f.214v: 14 Jan. 1574/5 Corpus Christi College vs H. Alcoke; Godfrey Tues – fined for contumacy; Lynsey vs Whalles – assignation; Proctors vs Mannyng for dicing on 6 December – fined 6s 8d; 21 Jan. William Burwell vs Robert Pasell for 60s for breach of a convention – defence said only 1 quarter of barley was due and this was accepted and 16s decreed; Cobbe vs Broun – assignation; Evers vs Slegge – assignation.

f.215: 21 Jan. 1574/5 John Winge vs Henry Mace for recovery of a piece of land in St Botolph’s parish hired to him by Mace for six years at a rent of 6s 8d or for recompense of 9s 8d; Davy vs Some – assignation; Lyndsey vs Whallis – assignation; Taxors vs Shorley and Hilston – judgement for Taxors; 28 Jan. Margaret Car vs Mr Newsam – assignation; Lynsey vs Whalles – assignation; Taxors vs Shorley and Hilston – judgement for Taxors.

f.215v: 28 Jan. 1574/5 Evers vs Slegge – assignation; Mr Bridgwater vs Laurence Barker for contumacy – fined; Elwood vs Umfrey Carter for debt of 12s 6d for food supplied to himself and his servants – judgement for plaintiff; Starre vs John Dowsey for 25s due to his wife for two years’ wages – defence alleges shoes and clothes given instead of wages – arbitration – settled at two payments of 3s 4d; John Steward vs Umfrey Carter – damages of £1 for a horse killed – judgement for the plaintiff; 31 Jan. Assize of ale – barley 2s, double beer 2s 5d, single beer 14d the kilderkin, good ale 2s 3d and carded ale 13d the barrel; ½ a quart of double beer and good ale or a pot of single beer and carded ale. f.216-216v: 31 Jan. 1574/5 Evers vs Slegge – assignation; 5 Feb. Taxors vs William Slatford of Meldreth for buying corn in Cambridge market for resale elsewhere – proved; Taxors vs [?John] Ketle of Orwell for buying peas in Cambridge [?for sale elsewhere]; 9 Feb. John Bettes constituted proctor by Edward Browne of Haddenham in suit with Richard Coppe of Chesterton; 11 Feb. Margaret Car vs Mr Newsom – plaintiff exhibits several terriers of land on the west side of Cambridge of the holdings of St John’s and Bene’t Colleges, Alderman Slegge, Mr Bland, Margaret Car; Cobbe vs Broune – allegation; Linsey vs Edward Whalles – allegation.

f.217: 15 Feb. 1574/5 Mr Farrand, syndic of Trinity College vs Peter Harryson and Thomas Gallant – breach of contract to deliver 60 loads of coal; John Bettes constituted proctor by Thomas Galland, formerly of Aldreth (?Andreye), gent.; 18 Feb. Gallant vs Peter Harryson – assignation.

f.217v: 18 Feb. 1574/5 Cobbe vs Broune – assignation; Car vs Newsem – responsa of Newsem.

f.218: 18 Feb. 1574/5 Lynsey vs Whalles – assignation; Evers vs Slegge – assignation; 22 Feb. Proctors vs widow Barleman and Thomas Mannynge for selling bad white herrings – all confiscated, the bad burned in the market place and rest to be given to the poor and to prisoners; 23 Feb. Proctors vs Bolles of Erith for putting on sale 8 vyrkins (firkins) of bad butter – John Woodehouse, gager, says one had too much salt and two not enough – fined 20s.

f.218v: 26 Feb. 1574/5 Office vs Suckermann and Mr Butler – 1) Suckerman BA, scholar of Clare College, sent to the Tolbooth for two days for striking the curate of Mildenhall who complained first to the JPs and then to the High Commission by whom the case was transferred to the VC, 2) William Butler MA was present at Mildenhall and absent from church on three Sundays; 4 Mar. Warning to butchers not to sell their tallow until the price has been fixed; Car vs Newsam – exceptions of defendant.

f.219: 4 Mar. 1574/5 Cobb vs Broune – assignation.

f.219v-220: 4 Mar. 1574/5 Evers vs Slegge – assignation; Gallant vs Peter Harryson and George Hasell – assignation; 5 Mar. John Bettes constituted proctor by T. Gallant; 9 Mar. Bonds of butchers not to dress meat in Lent or any fish day – butchers George Saunders, John Goldisborough junior, Roger Fidlyng, Robert Smyth, innkeepers, vintners and tipplers John Clarke, Andrew Pylkyngton, widow Rey, Thomas Evers, Marmaduke Skadlocke, Robert Clarke, Peter Jones, John Dowsay, Nicholas Johnson, John Welles, Edward Smalwood, John Woodhouse, Walter Handerson, John Cutband, Roger Stringer, Thomas Barnard, Cuthbert Johnson, Thomas Alleyn, widow Dowsay, William Batemanson, John Lynton, William Robynson, Brian Lambe, John Jenkynson, Robert Pepyn, William Gibbons, William Hawkyns, William Burwell, Patrick Harvey, Margery Hall, Ellyn Studdard, Robert Glabard, Ralph Cooper, Henry Mace, Reginald Tomson, Robert Colson, Thomas Watson, George Adams, Henry Alcocke, W. Sparrowe, Oliver Green, John Bacster, saving the licence.

f.220v: 9 Mar. 1574/5 Office vs George Inman for refusal to take oath in accordance with the royal proclamation etc. about meat – licence suspended; Office vs John Woodhouse for preparing meat at prohibited times quas ipse vicecancellarius invenit in domo illius; Proctors vs Robert Fletcher, cook, Edward Smalwood and Peter Jones for preparing and selling meat in their inns; Proctors vs George Sanders, butcher, for slaughtering at least 200 beasts in his own house and not in the place appointed for the slaughter house – committed to the Tolbooth; 19 Mar. Tallow – 2s per stone, cotton candles 3d per lb, ½ cotton and ½ week 2½d per lb. The pound of clean weeke into the country 3d and not more; 22 Mar. Proctors vs Thomas Mannyng – contumacy proved.

f.221: 22 Mar. 1574/5 Carr vs Newsam – assignation; Evers vs Slegge – Arthur Leach, glazier, and Anthony King, cutler, witnesses.

f.221v: 22 Mar. 1574/5 Lynsey vs Whallas – assignation; Creake vs A. Smyth – assignation; Kid vs Threader – contumacy; Cobbe vs Broune – assignation; Thomas Barker vs John Dowsay – assignation; Boniface Cutbard vs William Curbisher.

f.222: 22 Mar. 1574/5 John Sheeres vs W. Tomson – debt of 46s 8d; Proctors vs Hurst and Saunders, butchers, for illegal slaughter (statute of 4 H.VIII.c.3) from Michaelmas to Lent - Hurst had slaughtered 10 calves and 80 sheep and Saunders 10 calves and 100 sheep; Henry Mace, weaver, constituted proctor by Henry Woodborne in testamentary dispute; Proctors vs John Sawood, butcher, and John Howe, smith, for preparing and selling meat contrary to statute; 25 Mar. Dr David, Bursar of Trinity College, vs Robert Thacker MA, Keeper of the Fen and Neal Chest, for return of a parcel gilt cup belonging to the College which had been deposited as a pledge in the chest (thought to have been pledged by Mr Fourd); Bond of Peter Whithpole LLB to keep the peace with Alexander Rey MA.

f.222v: 25 Apr. 1575 Assize of bread – ½d loaf, 11ozs; Evers vs Slegge – assignation; Carr vs Newsam – assignation; Kid vs Threder – assignation; Proctors vs Mannyng – fine respited, assignation for sentence.

f.223: 25 Apr. 1575 Baker vs Dowsey – 5s wages due to be paid off 12d each Sunday; William Wylson, son of Joan Wilson, laundress of King’s College, chooses John Paske, draper, as his guardian; Henry Woodbourne vs John Taylor and Randall Hardy, administrators of his cousin Alexander Woodburn – H. Woodborne alleges that he should have been administrator in Alexander’s intestacy, the defence quotes a will naming a widow, Isabel.

f.223v: 25 Apr. 1575 Fine for contumacy on William Tomson for non-appearance to answer John Sheres, bookseller; Fine for contumacy on John Halywell for not appearing to prove George Sutton’s will; Ridge vs Carrow – assignation in hope of agreement; 28 Mar. Edward Whardall, barber vs Thomas Tussar, gent., for recovery of cost of a roan horse and its trappings, and its hire for three weeks, which was let to Henry Woulfe, scholar, on Tussar’s security - judgement for the plaintiff, 110s for the horse, 13s 4d harness, 13s 4d hire, 2s 6d expenses.

f.224: 22 Apr. 1575 Mr George Slater vs Mr John Hanson junior for recovery of £6 due on bond. Security for payment is John Hanson senior, brother of John Hanson junior; Cobbe vs Broune – assignation; Evers vs Slegge – assignation; Kid vs Threder – sentence in favour of the plaintiff; Stephen vs Carow – assignation.

f.224v: 29 Apr. 1575 Bond to appear and answer charges by John Harryson, draper, with sureties of James Hewson, tailor and innkeeper (released on 15 July 1575), William Rawson, goldsmith, Arthur Leach, glazier, and Martin Wharton. Deposition of Wharton and Hewson that Harryson said the townsmen should beat the scholars out of the town; 1 June Decree of VC and Heads that the election of those who dispute and reply in magnis comitiis belongs solely to the Senior Proctor, the Junior to have it on Ash Wednesday, but the choice of the father [praelector in modern parlance] is with the Inceptors of the year (see a similar decree of 27 June 1571).

f.225: 1 June 1575 Thomas Goode of Bedwell Haye vs Elizabeth Iveson of Stretham for a debt of £6 – bond for payment with John Proctor, husbandman of Stretham, as surety; 16 June Mr William Foxton, alderman vs Mary Inglesant, widow – decree for satisfaction of plaintiff from the widow’s goods by John Edmundes and William Nase, joiner; 18 June William Yewle, husbandman, of Foxton, vs Jerome Manning, edgetoweleman [anvil maker], of Trumpington, debt of £14 – bond for repayment, sureties John Chaplein and Peter King, yeomen, of Trumpington; 27 June Parker of London, ironmonger vs William Sibley of Over, smith – debt of £20; John Whaller, tiler vs William Cowell of Hunding, Suffolk, for recovery of a debt of £4 10s due from Cowell to John Bell - bond by John Tomson, Taxor’s servant, and Thomas Last, husbandman, of Stow Quy.

f.225v: 6 July 1575 Bond of Luke Gylpyn, Proctor, to appear and answer the VC on 4 September; Memorandum of fixing a citation on the door of the hall of Trinity College for Robert Jacob MA to appear on 4 September; Mr Richard Smyth vs John Richards for fulfilling of contract secured by bond to deliver 11 quarters of wheat to Trinity College - decree for payment by Richards of £18 6s 8d; Widow Dowsing vs Edward Snagge for debt of 50s – settled; Master (Norgate) and Fellows of Corpus Christi College vs Robert Sharpe of London, gent., for recovery of £13 received in College’s name; 7 July Thomas Hammonde and John Bettes constituted proctors for Master and Fellows of Corpus Christi College.

f.226: 7 July 1575 Norgate vs Sharpe, receiver of the College.

f.226v: 8 July 1575 Bond of Thomas Hinson, Fellow of Gonville and Caius College, and Robert Sharpe to Thomas Hammond for appearance etc of Sharpe.

f.227: 9 July 1575 Bankes of Trumpington vs Richardson for recovery of value of a horse hired by Richardson and subsequently seized for debt; 15 July Bankes vs Richardson – assignation; 12 July Condemnation of Leonard Chambers MA to fine of 40s for non-appearance (33s 4d to University, 6s 8d to bedells); 13 July Messrs Furmery and Sutcliffe fined for public contempt of the University.

f.227v: 8 July 1575 Evers vs Slegge – assignation; William Coulton vs Elena Scot – bond for Scot’s appearance; 15 July Evers vs Slegge – assignation; Cobbe vs Broun – assignation; Linsey vs Whalles - assignation; Annable Wycklyffe vs Edward Gore – debt of 18s; Steward vs Jones – restitution of a horse leased to George Driwood, scholar, for whom Jones was surety; Dr Creake vs Elena Scot – assignation; 14 July Woodborre vs Taylor etc. - cause resigned.

f.228: 14 July 1575 Coulton vs Elena Scot – assignation; Richard Dunwich vs John Gascoyne – assignation; 11 July Nase vs Bradley for assault – bond to keep the peace; 15 July Kyd vs Threder – taxation of costs.

f.228v: 16 July 1575 Fine of Leonard Chambers for poor keeping of Billingfould [Billingford] and Bowser chests; Fine on Godfrey Goldisborow MA for the same; 26 July John Daye MA, Fellow of Jesus College, constituted proctor for Robert Sharpe in case of Corpus Christi College; John Bettis constituted proctor for Beatrix Cambridg, maiden, of Boxford, in case of breach of contract with John Carter of Dullingham; 12 July William Goldingham MA constituted proctor for Thomas Averye, gent., of London in cause with Robert Norcot, wheelwright; 12 July Assize of bread – ½d loaf, 10ozs, wheat 20s the quarter; 29 July Cobb vs Broune – to hear sentence; Lyndsey vs Whalles – to hear sentence; The judge now prorogued all causes until the Friday after Michaelmas.

f.229: 29 July 1575 Cuthbert Johnson, cook vs Maurice Kerkyn, tiler – debt of 9s 6d; J. Holmes, tailor vs Mr Keltridge – debt of 22s for hire of a mare; Evers vs Sleg – assignation; 19 Aug. John Cutbard, vintner, fined 40s for allowing scholars to drink after nine p.m.; John Cutbard at the petition of the Proctors fined 40s for allowing students to dice at his inn; Cutbert Johnson, cook vs Herman, joiner – debt of 8s; 23 Aug. Mr Hawes vs Aspie – debt of 27s – imprisoned; Mr Cragg, President of St Catharine’s College vs Tomson – debt of 20s for entry in Hall; Mr Bourdman vs John Holywell – breach of contract for supplying an unsuitable horse.

f.229v: 23 Aug. 1575 Taxors vs Bradley for sale of beer at 3s 4d instead of 2s 6d the firkin; John Holmes vs John Keltridge for a debt of 22s for horse hire by Thomas Tooley, scholar, whose security he is; Taxors vs Hullock, Robson, Duffield’s wife, Hills and Brigan for non-appearance – all fined; William Culton imprisoned for drinking with the prisoners in contempt of VC etc.; Proctors vs alehouse keepers – John Dikynson imprisoned for allowing illegal games and receiving the servants of Bourne and Mr Whalley to play them. Will be released only on condition that he never keeps an inn, alehouse or victualling place; Proctors vs James Smyth and Daniel Culton for having an alehouse without licence; Herye constituted proctor by Thomas Hammond.

f.230: 27 Aug. 1575 William Norman of Ely, waterman vs Mr Flint, alderman – alleges illegal extortion of toll since he is a servant of the Dean and Chapter of Ely; 23 Sept. Taxors vs Rooke, baker, for selling 20 cast [quantity of bread made at one time] of horse bread to the keepers of inns/lodging houses (diversiorum) for 12d contrary to the orders – fined 3s 4d; Decree that no baker in the town or country or at Midsummer of Sturbridge Fairs shall sell more than 13 of white bread to the dozen and 14 of horse bread; Taxors vs Jaxon for underweight horse bread; Taxors vs Hadley and Griffyn, his ostler, for underweight pottles [1 pottle = half a gallon] of hay; John Elles vs Swallowe for 13s 4d damages for a ring lost by Swallowe which Mr Copinge deposited with him; 30 Sept. Blanckes vs Richardson - contumacy proved; Steward vs Peter Jones – assignation.

f.230v: 30 Sept. 1575 Kyd vs Spycer – contumacy proved; Taxors vs Gibbons for underweight hay, also John Howse; Mr Yorke vs Mr Wilford – contumacy proved; Pippyn vs Wadington – debt; 1 Oct. Paul Wyman vs W. Osse for recovery of a bay gelding put out to grass at Sturbridge Fair time; Provost and scholars of King’s College vs Thomas Greatheade concerning repairs to a farm called Awdlies at Grantchester – Greathead's securities are Thomas Lewes, gent., and Thomas Vawse, miller, of Grantchester; Kyd vs Threder.

f.231: 7 Oct. 1575 John Scotto of Maston, Norfolk vs John Harwood, cook, for a debt of 60s for rent of a house in St Edward’s parish – bond for payment; King’s College vs Greatheade – judgement for the plaintiff; John Tomson vs Richard Hullocke – assignation; Blanckes vs Richardson – assignation; Cobbe vs Broune – assignation; Steward vs Peter Jones – assignation.

f.231v: 7 Oct. 1575 George Hasyll, gent. vs William Burwell, gent. - assignation; 9 Oct. Bonds of John Redmayne, gent., and Robert Johnson of Bletsford, Beds., gent., for the appearance of Richard Johnson of Middle Temple and of Richard Johnson and William Brumsted for Robert Johnson.

f.232: 11 Oct. 1575 Bond of Richard Woodhouse, surgeon, and his sureties Thomas Tusser, gent., and William Sacker, to keep the peace with Walter Anderson, bookseller; Memorandum of assignment of a date for the appearance of Robert Johnson and Richard Johnson before the JPs in Great St Mary’s church to answer for a certain riot pretended to be done by them, at the suit of George Hasell, gent.; 8 Oct. Martin Bery constituted proctor by George Hasyll; Creake vs Elena Scott – 8s 8d to be paid; 14 Oct. Blanckes vs Richardson – assignation; Steward vs Driwood – assignation.

f.232v: 14 Oct. 1575 Cobbe vs Broune – assignation; Evers vs Slegg – assignation; Hasill vs Burwell – assignation; John Robynson vs Cutbard and Bradshawe – assignation; Edward Whardall vs Robinson – assignation; Tomson vs Hullock – assignation; Dr Henry Woorley vs William and Thomas Sandam of Chichester, yeomen (husbands of Elizabeth and Katherine, daughters of Harald Martin).

f.233: 14 Oct. 1575 William Chapman, tailor vs James Forester – debt; 21 Oct. Cobbe vs Broune – assignation; Thomas Tusser vs Robert Clarke, former scholar of Queens’ College, for repayment of a debt of 39s for which he was surety at the request of Clarke’s father; Taxors (R. Baker and Francis Lyndley) vs John Bell for engrossing, i.e. buying five loads of charcoal for 66s 8d and reselling it for £4 10s; Robynson vs Bradshawe – assignation; Margaret Jackson vs Mr Keltridge – assignation; John Bell, glover vs John Whaller, slater, as surety of William Cowell, collier, of Hundon, for whom he paid £4 10s to Bell in payment for five loads of coal; 26 Oct. Taxors vs John Bell – case proved.

f.233v: [?28 Oct. 1575] John Robynson vs Cutbard and Bradshawe for debt – judgement for plaintiff; Proctors (Randall and Yale) vs Gregory Sterne for receiving scholars etc.; Cobbe vs Broune – sentence for Cobbe; Evers vs Slegge – assignation; Robert Thacker MA vs Henry Woulfe, former scholar, and his pupil, for debt of 33s 4d – distrained by black mare; Whardall vs Robynson – assignation; Tomson vs Hullocke; Proctors vs Roger Smith, Haselop, Cooper and Medcalfe – all fined for selling candles at 3d per pound to non-scholars.

f.234: [?28 Oct. 1575] T. Hodilowe vs Lewis Webster, administrator of Michael Byland – debt of 73s 4d; Whardall vs Robynson – assignation; Proctors (Cragg and Gilpin) promoting the Office vs Mannying for working as a chandler contrary to the statute although unappointed to the craft, having been a shoemaker.

f.234v: 20 Apr. 1575 Chancellor’s decision in favour of restoring Ralph Jones to his Fellowship at Queens’ College, 20 Apr. 1575.

f.235: 18 Nov. 1575 Simon Watson vs George Dawson – assignation; Richard Bellman vs Sellers – assignation.

f.235v: 18 Nov. 1575 George Dawson vs John Sawyer – assignation; Robert Pepyn, proctor of Pudsey of London, vs Whaddington BA – debt of 40s; Robynson vs Bradshawe – debt of 32s; 19 Nov. Gabriel Harvey MA (Pembroke College) nominated proctor by Thomas Johnson, Rector of Weston, in a case with Rowley; 25 Nov. Watson vs Dawson – dilapidations of a house.

f.236: 25 Nov. 1575 William Sparke vs Edward Gere and John Steward – debt of 62s 7d; Taxors vs John Core and Philip Pecocke of Chesterton for engrossing standing corn at Chesterton.

f.236v: 25 Nov. 1575 Mr Chambers vs Thomas Barnerd – assignation; Robynson vs Bradshaw – contumacy proved; Watson vs Dawson – assignation; 26 Nov. Bond of Charles Ratclyffe MA, conduct of Trinity College, to cause Griffyn Briskyn MA for whom he has just received a preaching licence from the University to subscribe to the articles on Friday after the next Commencement or sels return the licence; Queens’ College vs Barnabas Newman, surety of Hatley of Haslingfield, for delivery to Queens’ of five quarters of wheat.

f.237: 2 Dec. 1575 Widow Inglesent vs Edmunds and Nase – assignation; Mr Chambers vs T. Barnard and Luke Horne – assignation; Watson vs Dawson – assignation; Sparke vs Steward for breach of contract in a sale of 300 coney skins for 6s 8d; 10 Dec. Proctors vs John Clarke and Sterne for selling etc. meat on prohibited days; Proctors vs the chandlers for selling at 3½d per lb – price decreed at 3d.

f.237v: 10 Dec. 1575 Proctors vs Henry Alcoke for illegal games; 13 Jan. 1575/6 Office vs Anna Preston – no entry; Betts proctor for Watson; Inglesant vs Edmunds and Nase; 21 Jan. Betts proctor for Killingworth.

f.238: 20 Jan. 1575/6 William Leistrich alias Butcher constitutes Martin Berry his proctor; Mary Bret alias Inglesent vs Edmunds and Nase; 27 Jan. Richard Killingworth vs Francis Cooper – assignation.

f.238v: 27 Jan. 1575/6 Inglesent alias Bret vs Edmunds and Nase; Scawcrofte vs Kaye – no entry; 3 Feb. Killingworth vs Cooper, bond of £30 – assignation; Killingworth vs Cooper – assignation [duplicate entry].

f.239: 3 Feb. 1575/6 Watson vs Dawson – assignation; Lynsey vs Whalles - assignation; Inglesent vs Edmunds and Nase – assignation; 31 Jan. Richard Sacker, painter vs Gilbert Corbet – Bery named as proctor; Sacker vs Corbet – assignation; Richard Robynson vs Gibbons – assignation.

f.239v: 31 Jan. 1575/6 William Johnson vs John Newsam – assignation; John Pooley vs Robert Lesse, former Fellow of Trinity College – leave to distrain on books left with him as pledge; John Cragge vs Luke Gilpin – debt – both bound in £20 to appear; Gylpyn and Robert Thacker MA – bond to pay over 50s for half the leet to the royal officer and also all the sums owing by Gylpyn to the University from his proctorship; 6 Feb. Culton vs Jackson, saddler, for assault – Jackson condemned to pay costs of Culton’s cure; 10 Feb. Killingworth vs Cooper – assignation.

f.240: 10 Feb. 1575/6 Killingworth vs Cooper – assignation; Cooper vs Killingworth – assignation; Lynsey vs Whales – assignation – entry cancelled.

f.240v: 10 Feb. 1575/6 Thomas Raye vs Scaucrofte for failure to prove damage to a hired horse by laying on it gear for a booth; Watson vs Dawson – assignation; Richard Sacker vs Gilbert Corbet – assignation.

f.241: 11 Feb. 1575/6 William Coulton vs Robert Ellis – debt secured by bond. Note that original remains in registry; 17 Feb. Killingworth vs Cooper – assignation; Cooper vs Killingworth – assignation.

f.241v: 17 Feb. 1575/6 Sacker vs Corbet – assignation; Watson vs Dawson – assignation; 2 Mar. William Carowe vs Philip Pecocke, both of Chesterton – no entry; Watson vs Dawson – assignation; Killingworth vs Cooper – assignation.

f.242: 2 Mar. 1575/6 Sacker vs Corbet – assignation; Wharton vs Ridge – assignation; Betts and Bury nominated proctors by Ridge; Dawson vs Sawyer – assignation; Carowe vs Spicer – assignation; 9 Mar. Bery constituted proctor by Dawson.

f.242v: 9 Mar. 1575/6 Killingworth vs Cooper – assignation; Dawson vs Sawyer - – assignation; Holte vs Benjamin Prime – assignation; Carowe vs Spicer – assignation; Sacker vs Corbet – assignation.

f.243: 9 Mar. 1575/6 Whalles vs Lynsey – assignation; Carow vs Pecocke – assignation; 16 Mar. Carow vs Spicer – assignation – entry cancelled; Cooper vs Killingworth – assignation; Killingworth vs Cooper – assignation.

f.243v: 16 Mar. 1575/6 Cragge vs Gylpyn – assignation; Watson vs Dawson – assignation; Sacker vs Corbet – assignation; Linsey vs Whalles – assignation.

f.244: 16 Mar. 1575/6 Carrow vs Spicer – assignation; 20 Mar. John Bettes constituted proctor by Richard Bridgwater in a cause against Gaunt, fishmonger; John Bettes constituted proctor by Mary Inglesent in a cause vs John Edmunds; 23 Mar. Carrow vs Spicer – assignation.

f.244v: 23 Mar. 1575/6 Carrow vs Spicer – assignation; Cooper vs Killingworth – assignation; Killingworth vs Cooper – assignation.

f.245: 23 Mar. 1575/6 Watson vs Dawson – assignation; Dawson vs Sawyer – assignation; Lynsey vs Whalles – assignation; Corbet vs Sacker – breach of contract.

f.245v: 23 Mar. 1575/6 Sacker vs Corbet – assignation; Longworth vs Thacker – assignation; Bridgwater vs Nicholas Gaunt – contumacy proved; 30 Mar. Carrow vs Spicer – assignation; Watson vs Dawson – assignation; Killingworth vs Cooper – assignation; Cooper vs Killingworth – assignation.

f.246: 30 Mar. 1576 Killingworth vs Cooper – 1st cause - – assignation; Dawson vs Sawyer – assignation; Sacker vs Corbet – John Littlechild produced in evidence; 2 Apr. John Bettes nominated proctor by John Sawyer, plumber, in cause vs George Dawson, glazier.

f.246v: 6 Apr. 1576 Carowe vs Spicer – assignation; 13 Apr. Carowe vs Spicer – statement by Martin Berye about examination of witnesses (completed on f.247v).

f.247: 13 Apr. 1576 Carowe vs Spicer – assignation; William Farrand, syndic of Trinity College vs John Whaller, slater, for breach of contract to deliver 20 loads of coal – judgement for plaintiff; Edward Whardall vs William Thourlowe – debt of 3s 4d for horse hire; Christopher Swallowe vs Avery Leman for debt and defamation of Richard Robynson, bedell (‘the knave bedell’).

f.247v: 13 Apr. 1576 Office vs Robert Laurence, plumber, servant of Arthur Breme living in Bridewell Lane, London – no entry; Watson vs Dawson – John Paske, Thomas Barker, Richard Shephard and others produced as witnesses; 18 Apr. Bond of John Paskfyld, tailor, for the personal appearance of George Dawson, glazier, to answer Simon Watson.

f.248: 3 Apr. 1576 Decree for Ash Wednesday – declaration that it is the ancient custom of the University that 1) those acting as father, eldest son, bachelor of the stool and disputers on Ash Wednesday are to retain their office in the later act, except for very urgent causes, 2) in each of these two acts the father and bachelor are to defend two questions, 3) the bachelor answering in both acts should be allowed to count the two answers for one ordinary answer required by statute towards his degree, but if he only answers in one act, it is not to count; 29 Apr. Bond of Thomas Wright, hosteller, that Thomas Walker will pay 40s to William Johnson for which George Downing is already a surety; 18 Apr. Bond of John Paskfyld, tailor, for appearance of George Dawson to answer Simon Watson (repeated).

f.248v: 6 May 1576 Canfyld, Fellow of St Catharine’s College, nominated proctor by William Kirby and Edmund Barker of Kirkby Ireleth in Furness to conduct a cause against John Taylor and Randal Hardy, executors of Isabella Woodborne;;7 May Proctors vs William Woulfe, butcher, for breach of the regulations for Lent; 11 May Proctors vs John Goldisborowe, William Hurst, John Hammond, Roger Fidling, Nicholas Seymer and Thomas Pott, butchers, for slaughtering calves in lent – fined 6s 8d for each calf; Punishment – Robert Brisco and Joan Page of Hampshire to ride in a cart for whoredom; 18 May Watson vs Dawson – sentence in favour of prosecution.

f.249: 18 May 1576 Killingworth vs Cooper - 1st cause – bond – assignation; Killingworth vs Cooper – 2nd cause - bond – assignation; Carow vs Spicer – assignation; Edward Gore and John Steward vs Richardson, skinner, for practising as a skinner though unmarried and under 24 – condemned to shut up shop and put himself to service with a skinner either in Cambridge or elsewhere; 21 May Decree in cause, John Wraghe, citizen of Antwerp vs Gabriel Boulney, gent., that Daniel, son of John and deaf and dumb ['surdus et mutus'] is to serve Boulney as a painter (in arte sua pigendi) until the following Easter, when Boulney is to pay him £6. Bond of Boulney to obey the decree.

f.249v: 21 May 1576 Carow vs Spicer – assignation; Dr J. Randall vs Nicholas Ruste of Barnwell – contumacy alleged; 29 May Assize of ale - malt 12s per quarter, double beer 2s 8d and single beer 16d the kilderkin, good ale 2s 6d and carded ale 15d the barrel, 3½ pints of double beer or good ale for 1d.

f.250: 1 June 1576 Corbet vs Sacker; Office, promoted by Nicholas Alget, barber vs Alexander Burwell, Morgan Power, Thomas Gill, William Hawkyns, John Holland and Peter Whaley – Burwell for keeping a bowling alley, the others for bowling there for money on Ascension Day, 31 May, ‘7 up for a grote apece’ - fined; Algate vs Morgan Power for breaking his face with a bowl of white lignum vite – 3s 4d to the University for the blood shed and 2s to Algate; Power vs Mrs Algate for injury – assignation.

f.250v: 1 June 1576 Proctors vs W. Gibbons for keeping a dancing school and teaching scholars in it, contrary to the University statutes; Office, at the Proctors’ promotion, vs John Goodwin for keeping a fencing school and allowing scholars to be taught there contrary to the University statute. Alexander Burwell and Morgan Power depose that they ‘knowe and have hearde fense playing in Goodwin’s house in Whalles Lane and Burwell saith he did drinke with certayne Londoners and one of the Kinges colledg that had played there’; Proctors vs Merton for keeping a dancing school contrary to the University statute; Killingworth vs Cooper, 1st and 2nd causes – assignation.

f.251: 1 June 1576 Dumb man – assignment of the dumb and deaf man ['mutu]m] et surdu[m]'] to the keeping of Mr Arthur Purifye to be produced in three weeks’ time; Couper vs Killingworth – assignation; Bond of John Mosse, draper, and Alexander Burwell, innholder, to produce Morgan Power in person to answer charges of breach of the peace brought by Nicholas Algate, barber; 22 June Dr Lorkyn vs W. Wren - – assignation with requirement of bond from Wren to appear and answer because he is forensis.

f.251v: 22 June 1576 Mary Inglesent/Bret vs Edmunds and Nase – decree of judge that £23 be paid to Mary (from late husband’s estate) and Stephen, James and Elizabeth, her children, are to be given proper education and maintenance by Edmunds and Nase; Couper vs Killingworth – John Green and Richard Stephenson admitted as witnesses.

f.252: 22 June 1576 Sacker vs Corbet – assignation; Thomas Waren vs Tyffyn – assignation; Edward Wardall vs John Curbisher – assignation; Mark Rise vs [ ] – assignation.

f.252v: 22 June 1576 Gabriel Boulney and Daniel Wraghe – decree (because Boulney has failed to find sureties for the payment ordered above) that he shall pay 3s per week into the hands of Mr Booth, Fellow of Trinity College, until next Easter; 27 June Bond of William Carowe for the appearance, if released, of Henry Carowe, labourer of Shoreditch (at present imprisoned) before the VC; William Carowe nominated proctor by Henry Carowe; 6 July (before Dr Perne, Deputy VC) Lorkin vs Wren – assignation; Killingworth vs Cooper – assignation.

f.253: 6 July 1576 (before Dr Perne, Deputy VC) Couper vs Killingworth – two entries; Ridge vs Henry Carow for recovery of legal expenses in London – assignation; Sacker vs Corbet – assignation; Corbert vs Sacker – assignation; (before the VC) John Tyffyn vs Thomas Waren for wrongful claims on his service – confirmation by VC of a sentence by the Mayor in favour of Tiffyn.

f.253v: 6 July 1576 (Perne) Wardall vs Curbisher – assignation; 13 July Killingworth vs Couper (two causes) - three entries of assignation.

f.254: 13 July 1576 Couper vs Killingworth – assignation; Lynsey vs Whalles – assignation; Lorkyn vs Wren – assignation; Sacker vs Corbet – contumacy proved; Dr Randall vs Rust – assignation; Corbet vs Sacker – contumacy proved; Whardall vs Curbisher – assignation.

f.254v: 20 July 1576 Lorkin vs Wren – assignation; Randall vs Rust – assignation.

f.255: 20 July 1576 Sacker vs Corbet – contumacy proved; Wardall vs Curbisher – contumacy proved; 28 July Assize of bread – ½d loaf 9ozs; 3 Aug. Killingworth vs Couper – assignation; Couper vs Killingworth – assignation; Sacker vs Corbet – assignation; Brachier vs Parker – assignation; Randall vs Rust – assignation; Corbet vs Sacker – assignation.

f.255v: 3 Aug. 1576 Wardall vs Curbisher – assignation; Henry Beamond vs John Robinson for debt on bond – John Bacster (acting as scribe), Andrew Pylkyngton and, if necessary, Dr Byng to arbitrate; 7 Aug. Philip Stringer MA vs Herman Framhis, joiner, for debt of £11 3s 3d – judgement for plaintiff.

f.256: 7 Aug. 1576 Abraham Permeter, merchant of King’s Lynn vs Abraham Leman, draper – non-force of a bond condition of which related to lengths of two Holland cloths bought by Permeter of Leman.

f.256v: 10 Aug. 1576 Brasier vs Parker – assignation; Waren vs Bolnes – sentence for Waren; Williamson vs Nicholas West for defamation - accusation by West that Williamson’s house in St Michael’s parish is a receptacle for whores and knaves.

f.257: 10 Aug. 1576 William Culton vs Matthew Lewes – contumacy; Michael Woulfe vs Andrew Wilson – contumacy; Arthur Leache vs Curbisher – contumacy; 16 Aug. Mr Turswell, Fellow of Queens’ College vs Murton for the restoration of a gown belonging to his pupil Stachye BA which he has held without the tutor’s permission.

f.257v: 16 Aug. 1576 Mr Bound, Fellow of Peterhouse vs Chopleyn, pewterer, for similar offence against statutes with Henry Pepwell; Proctors vs Bosse, cook of Clare College, dwelling at the sign of The Angel for receiving shcolars to eat, drink and lie at his house; 17 Aug. Bettes nominated proctor by Daniel Ventreis in a cause between Pameter and Leman in which he is involved; 20 Aug. Williamson vs West – assignation.

f.258: 5 Oct. 1576 Thomas Ithell vs Henry Orinall, cause of injury; Bond of John Creake and John Murton for appearance of Orinall to answer John Briggs of Cottenham; 6 Oct. Killingworth vs Couper – assignation; 10 Sept. Ithell vs John Creake of Waterbeach, fisherman, cause of injury.

f.258v: 11 Sept. 1576 Ithell vs Creake for delivering a notorious libel accusing Ithell of various crimes and thereby injuring him.

f.259: 15 Sept. 1576 Ithell vs Creak – assignation; 20 Sept. Ithell vs Creak – cause deferred; 11 Oct. Killingworth vs Cupper [sic] - assignation; 12 Oct. John Pepes vs Newsham – assignation.

f.259v: 12 Oct. 1576 Lorkyn vs Wren – a cause concerning entry into a close because of arrears of rent.

f.260: 12 Oct. 1576 Peter Swalder vs John Parke, baker, for debt of £22 11s 8d in payment off 33 quarters 7lbs of wheat and rye sold to him; Sacker vs Corbet – assignation; Harrison vs Hellesdon – assignation; Wardall vs Curbisher – assignation; 18 Oct. Mr Bery nominated proctor by William Wren, gent., of Chesterton in cause vs Lorkin.

f.260v: 17 Oct. 1576 Peps vs John Newsham M for debt of £30 due on bond for 12 bullocks or steers.

f.261: 19 Oct. 1576 Pepes vs John Newsham MA – assignation.

f.261v: 19 Oct. 1576 Lorkyn vs Wren – James Bolton and William Spicer produced as witnesses; Killingworth vs Cooper – assignation; Nicholas Algat vs Henry Ivat for debt – decree in favour of plaintiff; Whardale vs Curbisher – assignation.

f.262: 19 Oct. 1576 Widow ‘Denis’ Goodbodye vs Thomas Barker for debt of 14s or victuals; Sacker vs Corbet – assignation; Corbett vs Sacker – assignation; 22 Oct. Sacker vs Corbet – assignation’ Corbet vs Sacker – assignation.

f.262v: 23 Oct. 1576 Ithell vs Crynall for writing libel; Ithell vs Creake – assignation; Evers vs Slegge – assignation; 26 Oct. Pipis vs Newsham – assignation.

f.263: 26 Oct. 1576 Lorkyn vs Wren – production and acceptance of documents; Ithell vs Orynall – assignation; Ithell vs Creake – assignation.

f.263v: 26 Oct. 1576 Killingworth vs Couper (both causes) – assignation to hear sentence and Cooper vs Killingworth; Parmeter vs Leman – assignation to hear sentence; Whardall vs Curbisher – Thomas Corbet BA produced as witness.

f.264 26 Oct. 1576 Sacker vs Corbet – assignation; Corbet vs Sacker – assignation; William Spede vs Thomas Segrave for payment of £12 wages for ten years’ service to Sigrave and his predecessor Mr Perneby; 31 Oct. Killingworth vs Couper (both causes) - further material admitted; 2 Nov. Bond of William Hodgeson, bailiff, to produce John Sawyer, plumber, for hearing if released from prison.

f.264v: 31 Oct. 1576 Cooper vs KIllingworth – assignation; 2 Nov. Smyth vs Goodwyn for failure to carry out the condition of a bond to bring William Chalice into the court in the consistory place within the schools – submitted to arbitration; Smyth vs Chalice – assignation.

f.265: 2 Nov. 1576 Ithell vs Orynall – sentence in favour of Ithell; Ithell vs Creake – sentence in favour of Ithell and Creake committed to prison until conditions met.

f.265v: 2 Nov. 1576 Lorkyn vs Wren – cancelled; Killingworth vs Couper (2) - canelled; Pepes vs Newsham – assignation; Permeter vs Leman – assignation.

f.266: [ ] Pepes vs Newsham – assignation; Lorkyn vs Wren – assignation; Christopher Webbe vs Richard Kyllyngworth - forfeit of £20; Arthur Leache vs Curbisher – contumacy proved.

f.266v: [? Nov.] 1576 Whardale vs Curbisher – assignation; Spede vs Segrave – assignation; Corbet vs Sacker – assignation; Sacker vs Corbet – assignation; Mr Gilbert vs Thomas Chalice – assignation; Permeter vs Leman – assignation to hear sentence.

f.267 10 Dec. 1576 Lorkyn vs Wren – assignation.

f.276v: 14 Dec. 1576 Pepes vs Newsham – assignation to hear sentence; Permeter vs Leman – assignation to hear sentence; Lorkyn vs Wren – assignation; Scaker vs Corbet – assignation; Corbet vs Sacker – assignation.

f.268: 14 Dec. 1576 Edward Gilbert vs Thomas Chalice – forfeit of penal sum of £40 – sentence in favour of plaintiff; 18 Dec. Assize of ale – malt 14s, double beer 3s 4d and single beer 18d the kilderkin, good ale 3s 2d and carded ale 16d the barrel, 3 pints for 1d.

Scope and Contents

1577-8 and filled up from back 1553-4

f.269: 11 Jan. 1576/7 Bond of Richard Aungier, gent., of Coton, to appear and answer St Catharine’s College; John Cragge MA offers himself with sureties to keep the peace towards R. Aungier ; 18 Jan. Permeter vs Leman – assignation; Lorkyn vs Wrenne – assignation; St Catharine’s College vs Aungier who promises not to carry away from Coton before the next hearing.

f.269v: 18 Jan. 1576/7 Samuel Barker vs Hicman MA – assignation; Whardall vs Curbisher – assignation; Sacker vs Corbet – contumacy proved; 18-21 Jan. Proctors (Purefoy and Patenson) vs T. Dormer, T. Tooley. Peter Jones, W. Button, John Clarke, Henry Alcocke, John Woodhouse, Christopher Hatley for breach of undertaking about flesh on forbidden days; Proctors vs Thomas Richardson, cook, John Dowsey, carpenter, Arthur Carleton, servingman, for the same.

f.270: 25 Jan. 1576/7 Randall vs Rust – recovery of fines; Leach vs Curbisher – assignation (partly erased).

f.270v: 25 Jan. 1576/7 Lorkyn vs Wrenne – assignation; Permeter vs Leman – assignation; Whardall vs John Curbisher – assignation; Samuel Barker vs Henry Hickman MA – assignation; 26 Jan. Proctors vs Stephen Payne, William Huntley, Chritopher Raye for breach of undertaking about flesh; Proctors vs Henry Clarke for the same.

f.271: 26 Jan. 1576/7 Proctors allege adultery by Robert Briscoe with Joan Page and also allege that Briscoe stayed alone with his sister Alice in the house of John Baker near Bene’t College. All three sentence to be banished and whipped whenever they come back; Proctors vs Christopher Trotter – committed to ward until a suitable punishment can be devised for frequenting Alice Briscoe, ‘a lewd and nawghtie wenche’; Proctors vs [ ], butcher, for selling bull’s flesh not baited as prescribed by the proclamation[ 1 Feb. Permeter vs Leman – assignation; Lorkyn vs Wrenne – assignation; Whardall vs Curbisher – assignation.

f.271v: 8 Feb. 1576/7 Lorkyn vs Wrenne – assignation; Randall vs Rust – assignation; Killingworth vs Couper – assignation; Lynsey vs Whalles – assignation; 9 Feb. Banishment to London of Agnes Cole, spinster, for lewd behaviour, if she returns she is ‘to be sett at the bull ringe and be carted and with basens [cymbals] to be driven out of the towne’; Permeter vs Leman – assignation.

f.272: 9 Feb. 1576/7 Pepes vs Newsham – assignation; 15 Feb. Lorkyn vs Wrenne – sentence for Lorkin; Permeter vs Leman – assignation; Randall vs rust – assignation.

f.272v: 15 Feb. 1576/7 Decree permitting Edward Gilbert MA to sell a feather bed and other things belonging to his former pupil, James Morley of Trinity College, in recompense for money owed him by Morley; 22 Feb. Bonds of butchers to sell no flesh during Lent until the Tuesday before Easter – John Goldisborow, William Woulfe, William Hurst, Robert Semer, Thomas Potto, Roger Fydling, George Saunders, John Hammond, William Hull, John Gascoyne and Peter Gascoyne; 25 Feb. Philip Clarke alias Miles, Robert Clarke alias Miles, Nicholas Semer, Laurence Semer and Ralph Johnson similarly bound; 26 Feb. So also William Danne and Matthew Sawood; 25 Feb. John Pipes, gent., of Cottenham vs John Newsham MA of Chesterton – bond of £30.

f.273: 25 Feb. 1576/7 John Pipes vs John Newsham – bond of £48; 1 Mar. Repetition of these entries – citation viis et modis decreed; 7 Mar. Katherine Cotton vs Thomas Beamond for unjust sale of a gold chain worth £6 13s 4d.

f.273v: 8 Mar. 1576/7 Pepes vs Newsham – cancelled; Cotton vs Beamond – a flagen chayne weighing 2ozs sold by Beamond to George Wiscoven, goldsmith. Story continued on f.274v and 275 – involves also Anthony Byron of Queens’ College; Taxors vs Henry Flemson, baker, selling 16 horsebread for 12d instead of customary 14; Pepes vs Newsham – assignation.

f.274: 8 Mar. 1576/7 Pepes vs Newsham (2nd cause) – assignation; Lorkyn and Spicer vs Richard Fane of Chesterton – cancelled; [? 15 Mar.] Coton vs Beamond – chain sold to Dr Hatcher; Lorkyn and Spicer vs Fane.

f.274v: [?15 Mar.] 1576/7 Fines imposed on William Hatley, Hugh Hie, Raylton and Wakefylde for unlicensed alehouses; Bond of Robert Colson to keep no victualling house; Henry Kempe, Richard Medcalfe, Hodgekyns and Rise fined for non-appearance; Henry Kempe and Richard Artur ordered to victual no more; Maurice Jakes fined 12d for non-appearance; 22 Mar. Lorkyn vs Fanne; Pepes vs Newsham (2 causes).

f.275v: 22 Mar. 1576/7 Bond of Richard Page butcher and his surety Philip Clarke/Myles to appear and answer; 29 Mar. Thomas Whiborow vs Mr Newsham – assignation; 30 Mar. Taxors vs richard ARtur, W. Kendall and James haverall for unlicensed tippling houses; 10 Apr. Alteration in terms of a bond by which Mr Nicholas Beaumond, esq., undertakes to produce his sons, Henry and Thomas, to answer in a cause of a clandestine marriage between Anthony Biron and Katherine Beaumond.

f.276: 11 Apr. 1577 Bond of Francis Cooper to take no further steps in the case at common law he has begun against Dr Busby until it is established that he is not infringing the University’s privileges; 22 Apr. Taxors vs W. Sawier of Horningsea for buying standing wheat, corn etc. for resale; Hugh Gray vs Newsham of Chesterton, bond – sentence.

f.276v: 22 Apr. 1577 Thomas Wyborowe of Balsham vs Newsham – bond of £20.

f.277: 22 Apr. 1577 Thomas Wyborow of Balsham vs Newsham – bond of £18.

f.277v: 25 Apr. 1577 Gray vs Newsham – condition of bond quoted; Pepes vs Newsham (both causes) – assignation; 26 Apr. Dawson vs Sawier – assignation; Proctor Purefoy vs Henry Alcoke – contumacy proved; Pepes vs Newsham (both causes).

f.278 30 Apr. 1577 Fine of 3s 4d payable to Proctor Patenson by James French, servant of Anthony Foster, for assault and bloodshed committed with a key on Richard Woodhouse; 3 May Lorkyn and Spicer vs Richard and Margaret Fann – assignation; Edward Dodinge MD vs William Johnson – assignation; 6 May Wiborowe vs Newsham (1st cause) - £20 – sentence for Wiborowe.

f.278v: 6 May 1577 Wiborowe vs Newsham (2nd cause) - £18 – sentence for Wiborowe; Bond of Francis Couper, gent., to Umfrey Busby to stand to the arbitration of Henry Harvy, Master of Trinity Hall.

f.279: 6 May 1577 Bond of Umfrey Busby to stand to the same arbitration; 10 May Pepes vs Newsum (1st cause) - cancelled; Bettes constituted proctor by Edward Dodinge in cause vs William Johnson; Lynsey vs Walles – assignation.

f.279v: 10 May 1577 Dawson vs Sawyer – assignation; Wiborowe vs Newsam (both causes) – assignation for taxation of costs; Doding vs Johnson – contumacy proved.

f.280: 10 May 1577 Pepes vs Newsam (both causes) – assignation for final decree; Tomson vs John Munnes and Thomas Nek, tinker – fined for contumacy; 17 May Wiborow vs Newsam – assignation for taxation.

f.280v: 17 May 1577 Pepes vs Newsam (both causes) – assignation for taxation; Lynsey vs Whalles – exhibits – 1) book of Wills of University of Cambridge exhibited containing will of Agnes Cooper, Lynsey’s grandmother, 2) a certificate under seal of archdeacon’s official as to will of Joan Cooper, her mother, and 3) a parchment book of the Mayor containing a composition.

f.281v: 17 May 1577 Nicholas West, bookseller vs Robert Stokes re ownership of furnishings belonging to Stokes and held for a year by West as security.

f.282: 17 May 1577 Doding vs Johnson – fine for contumacy called for [entry inserted in margin]; 24 May Prorogation of all terms until next day of session; 31 May Wiborow vs Newsam (both causes) - taxation of costs.

f.282v: 31 May 1577 Dodington vs Johnson – contumacy proved; Lynsey vs Walles – assignation; 3 June Pepes vs Newsam, £11 cause – assignation; Bettes nominated proctor by Pepes; 3 June Ralph Sele of Stockport (Stoppart), Cheshire, carrier vs Christopher Morley, carrier – recognisance for debt of £4 6s 8d due from Morley to Sele to be repaid on 10 September in the Proctors’ booth at Sturbridge Fair; Decree of VC etc. forbidding scholars or any others of the jurisdiction to use stone bows (catapult for shooting stones) because of damage to persons, dove houses and glass in churches, chapels and Colleges and waste of pewter melted down for pellets.

f.283: 4 June 1577 William Foxton, alderman vs Thomas Garthside BD, Vicar of Stetchworth – recognisance of debt of 31s 6d due to Foxton; 5 June Thomas Pilkington MA vs John Fox, inceptor in arts – recognisance for debt of 60s due to Pilkyngton; 7 June Prorogation of all terms until the next day of the session; 10 June James Borowes, tailor vs W. Farfax, scholar of Gonville and Caius College, for damages for injury done to Borowe’s wife, Joan, by Farfax with a stone bow – decree for 40s to be paid over by Mr Swale, Farfax’s tutor.

f.283v: 14 June 1577 Prorogation as before; 21 June Pepes vs Newsam, £30 cause – assignation; Pepes vs Newsam, £11 cause – assignation; prorogation as above; 5 July Mr Chambers, Trinity College vs John Chace, alderman – for recovery of a penal sum of £8 for failure to delivery 10 quarters of malt.

f.284: 5 July 1577 Lorkyn and Spicer vs Richard and Margaret Fanne - exhibit of a St Catharine’s College lease [long marginal interpolation]; 8 July Bettes nominated Proctor by Lorkyn and Spicer.

f.284v: 11 July 1577 Bond of Owin Davies BD and Robert Morgans MA to keep peace towards Rowland the Frenchman, Dr Chaderton’s servant; 22 July Lorkyn and Spicer vs Fanne and wife – assignation; 24 July Bonds for appearance all cancelled by justices on 2 Sept 1577 – Robert Patenson MA (Fellow of Trinity College) for Thomas Patenson MA, Proctor, John Furmerye MA, Fellow of St Catharine’s College, for Anthony Watson MA, Robert Draper MA, Fellow of Gonville and Caius College, for Alexander Spencer MA, John Gardiner LLB, Fellow of Trinity Hall, for Michael Gardiner MA, John Duporte MA, Fellow of Jesus College, and Paul Gold MA, Fellow of Gonville and Caius College, for Thomas Temple MA, late Fellow of Gonville and Caius College.

f.285: 23 Aug. 1577 [Henry] Wylshae, syndic of Peterhouse, vs Richard Cobbe of Chesterton for a penal sum of £6 13s 4d and for five quarters of wheat; 2 Sept. Bonds for appearance by T. Temple, T. Patenson, Anthony Watson, Alexander Spencer, Michael Gardiner and Peter Bulward, scholar of Christ’s College; 16 Sept. Bettes nominated proctor by William Daunser, citizen and draper of London, in a cause vs Aubrey Leman concerning a lost horse; 19 Sept. Bond of Thomas Tomson, Thomas Wylkynson, Thomas Goldisborowe and Edward Pottal, butchers, to answer to the VC for objections because they ‘did iette [swagger] with minstralls before them to Sturbridge fayre the Sunday night before Sturbridge fayer last’.

f.285v: 19 Sept. 1577 Bond of John Jegon MA and William Stone MA, Fellows of Queens’ College, for the appearance of Alexander Starkye BA and for his not leaving Cambridge; 27 Sept. Assize of bread – ½d loaf 10ozs, quarter of wheat 18s; 30 Sept. Bond of Bartholomew Clasco BA to observe same conditions as Alexander Starkye; 22 Oct. William Farrand MA vs John Chaplyn, yeoman – debt of £40; Richard Bridgwater, Bursar of King’s College vs J. Chaplyn; Bond of Richard Aungier, esq., of Coton, to produce Chaplyn to answer Farrand and Bridgwater or to pay.

f.286: 16 Jan. 1575/6 Receipt by Richard Cobbe to Matthew Stokys of a bond and an award – signature of Cobbe; 20 Mar. 1576 Receipt by Richard Kyllyngworth to Matthew Stokys of two bonds ‘which I put in sute agaynst Francis Cooper’; 30 Oct. 1577 John Halywell, tailor vs Alberye Leman, innholder – assignation; 2 Nov. Memorandum of agreement between Robert Some, Fellow of Queens’ College and Owin Davies BD, pensioner of Queens’ College, and of their bond to stand to it; 24 Oct. Mr Sleeford, hosier, of London vs Christopher Morely, draper – assignation.

f.286v: 29 Oct. 1576 Receipt by T. Goldburghe to M. Stokys for exemplification of University’s privilege under the Great Seal; 27 Sept. 1578 Assize of ale – double beer 3s and single beer 18d the kilderkin, ale 2s 10d and carded ale 16d the barrel, these prices to hold until 25 October next; Assize of bread – 11ozs to the ½d loaf and the quartern of wheat … beyond 2s for common allowances; Taxors vs Hawkins and Nashe, bakers – no entry.

f.287: 28 Oct. 1578 Victuallers allowed: Robert Pepyn, Henry Mace, Reynold Tomson, Marmaduke Skadlocke, Richard Nashe, paynter, Thomas Evers, James Coockson, William Robynson, Robert Gilbert, John Tomson, John Stodard, Nicholas Johnson, Robert Alee, John Jenkynson, Robert Nicols, Thomas Andrew, Thomas Aleyn, Richard Ayleward, Bryan Lambe, John Sergeson, Anthony Charleton, William Lennorye, Cutberd Johnson, Hugh Medocrofte, Edward Tomson, Richard Cottisforth, Elizabeth Tomlynson, William Moynes, George Downham, John Wakefyld, John Welles, James Scawcroft, Robert Byngley, Richard Joseph, Ralph Cooper, William Batemanson, Gregory George, John Woodhouse, William Fisher, John Mourton, John Spencer, Thomas Watson, Richard Modye, Christopher Hartley, Nicholas Johnson, Robert Forman, John Reynold, Robert Clarke, Katerina Ward, Thomas Dickenson, Richard Hullock, Thomas Tomson and William Gressham.

f.287v: 6 June 1554 Responsa of Oliver Flynte alleging that he was commanded by the Mayor not to obey the VC in ‘this matter’ - Glyn Cosin, Taxors, Fatchett, Sigaro, Smythe; [? Date] Receipt by John Sheeres for 41s 4d for the binding of certain books delivered into the Library.

ff.288-291v: in reverse order, or filled up from back.

f.288: 7 Oct. 1554 Top righthand corner – Richard Wright, John Furthoe.

f.288v: 3 Mar. 1553/4 Memorandum of declaration of sureties of responsibility for good behaviour and orthodox conduct of Christopher Richardson by William Richardson, cooper, and Stephen Wallys, joiner, before the VC; 7 Mar. Similar memorandum for William Garland, jnr. - John Hasse and William Fysher, baker; 9 Apr. Memorandum of VC’s decree that a boy should be publicly whipped in the schools and his sureties absolved in certain cases.

f.289: Blank.

f.289v: 20 Feb. 1553/4 Edmund Bovington vs John Wren, cobbler, for personal damage – Wren imprisoned; 2 Mar. William Stenytt surety for Thomas Broun [of ?Lynn] whose appearance is postponed for the 3rd time to produce him before the VC on 10 April; 7 Apr. Appearance postponed until St John the Baptist; 23 June T. Broun condemned to pay 20s to Proctors – the case continued on f.290 with Broun’s release.

f.290v: 23 June 1554 'Sege byer’ - confession of William Stenet that he has bought 3000 cartloads of sedge contrary to the Act of Parliament and thereby incurred penalty of a fine. Taxors Grey and Mathew, Dr Young VC. John Richardson, alderman, bought 600 bundles [?of sedge] and exported them and incurs penalty. Decree that no one shall sell five lesser bundles of reeds.

f.291: 19 Feb. 1553/4 William Munsona and young John Golsbury, butchers, sureties for the appearance of Francis Barlow.

f.291v: 15 Dec. 1553 William Stenyt surety for the appearance of Thomas Broun; 9 Feb. 1553/4 William Lamas and John Motte and Richard Hall bound for appearance of Nicholas Ott; 10 Feb. William Stenyt as above; 1 Mar. William Lammas, Richard Hall and Richard Lowe bound for appearance of Nicholas Ott.


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