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Alfred Newton, miscellaneous papers, 1825-1906

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[1-12] Notes on the dodo. [13] Statement respecting certain sales of birds' eggs, 29 NOV 1864. [14] AN[?], humorous writing The seal saga: done into dasent English by an ancient mariner, n.d. [15] AN, MS copy of George R. Gray's The genera of birds. [16] AN, MS copy of part of T.T. Kaup, Monograph of the falconidae, systematically arranged, 1854, with notes from J.H. Gurney's copy of the book [17] Copy of Schlegel's description of the Norway falcon, Falco gyrfalco. [18] 'The Iceland or jer falcon', from Audubon's Orn. Biog., 2, p. 552, with AN's notes from Forster on 'falco sacer'. [19-22] AN, notes on falcons. [23] AN, sketches of falcon sterna brought by Pells from Iceland and John Wolley from Lapland, with notes, 1857. [24] MS catalogue of Strickland Library, 1853. [25] Anon, MS Notes on the bird-fauna of Spitzbergen, w.m. 1863. [26] By the same writer, MS Birds who are permanently in Spitzbergen, or come there every year to hatch, n.d. [27] AN, draft letter to a newpaper in response to an article on the natural history collection of the British Museum. [28] Draft agreement, AN and JOHN VAN VOORST, about new edition of Yarrell's British birds, 1875. [29] Printed extract from Universities Commission, AN's evidence about funding for science, 1870. [30] Printed list of lectures for biology and geology, 1885-86. [31-37] Papers of the British Marine Area Committee, 1887. [38] AN, MS copy of lettering of the plates in H.L. Meyer, Ilustrations of British birds, vols. I-IV, copied 1892. [39-40] Elveden estate, card 'List of game killed on the Elveden estate, Thetford, season 1893-4; J.P. HORE, MS account of Elveden, 1899. [41-46] Notes (not AN) to Lewis & Clarke's expedition, n.d., AN, notes from 1814 Philadelphia and 1815 London editions; 'Suicide or murder? Dr. Elliott Coues disputes the theory of Merriwether Lewis' death', Democrat, 19 NOV 1892; 'The "New Lewis and Clarke"', The Bookshop, DEC 1892; note about accounts for original Lewis & Clarke, The Nation, 12 JAN 1893; AN, note to Philosophical Club about finding of bones of large mammals at Barrington, 1893. [47] AN, MS transcript of M. Boddaert, Table des planches enluminées d'histoire naturelle de M. D'Auburton (Utrecht, 1783). [48-56] Printed lists of British, European and American birds, some marked with notes of eggs and sterna owned, to be circulated to other collectors: [48] British birds (c.1850), AN's copy, addressed to R. TEMPLE FRERE; [49-51] The 'Zoologist' list of birds observed in Great Britain, from 2nd edition of Yarrell, [49-50] R.W. HAWKINS'S copies, 1853, [51] W.G. JOHNSTONE's copy, 1854; [52-53] A list of the birds of Great Britain, according to the arrangement of of Mr. C.J. Temminck, and of Mr. Yarrell, [52] AN's copy, 1860, [53] J.H. DUNN's copy, 1861; [54] List of European and American eggs, T.M. BORROW's copy, 1860; [55] The 'Zoologist' list … from 3rd edition of Yarrell, E.C. NEWCOME's copy, 1863; [56] List of British birds. Yarrell, 2nd edition, Latin names, unidentified collector. [57-66] AN, MS lists of birds, eggs, ornithologists. [67-68] Printed Catalogue des oeufs d'oiseaux de la Maison Verreaux, 1868; Catalogue des oiseaux d'Europe, de Ch. Roussel, Nancy, n.d. [69-70] AN, MS lists of bird-skins in Museum Godeffroy, 1887. [71-93] Papers mostly relating to AN's articles in Encyclopedia Britannica, 9th edn, 1885. [94-98] Certificates of membership, fellowships of learned societies: Iceland, 1858, New Zealand Institute, 1875, Royal Society of Edinburgh, 1905. [99] Printed notice, Museums and Lecture Rooms Syndicate, letter from AN, 23 JAN 1888, announcing offer of Wilmot's egg collection to University. [100] D. FORBES (British Museum), notes from MS Egerton 1013, Persian 'Book of falconry', 1853. [101] AN, notes on Lapland birds, with references to John Wolley's work., n.d. [102] MAURICE FÈVRIER, notes in French on 'tec-tec', 1878. [103] FREDERICK H. WATERHOUSE, notes on Voyage autour du monde sur la frégate 'La Vénus' …1836-39. [104-106] HENRY BAKER TRISTRAM: newscuttings, 'Canon and Mrs Tristram's golden wedding', Durham County Advertiser, 9 FEB 1900, obituary, The Times, 9 MAR 1906; Well-known collectors and their collections [Tristram, Henry Dresser, Edward Bidwell], n.d. [107] ALEXANDER THEODOR VON MIDDENDORF: death notice, 1894. [108-124] Newscuttings, etc. [108] T.H. HUXLEY, review, 'Darwin on the Origin of Species' The Times, 26 DEC 1859. [109] The Exeter Mag-atherium, and scientific jeu d'esprit, a souvenir of the visit of the British Association to Exeter, August, 1869 (Exeter, 1869). [110] House of Commons debate on export of horses, The Times, 28 APR 1875. [111-114] FENWICK HELE, 'Old Aldeburgh', East Anglian Daily Times, 2,8,9,25 SEP 1878. [115] F.O. MORRIS, PETER CARMICHAEL, 'Scarcity of birds', The Times, 8 JAN 1880. [116] 'The Times on British birds', Nature, 15 JAN 1880. [117-118] Pall Mall Gazette: 'A decoy pond', 27 MAY 1881; 'In a marsh', 1 JUN 1881. [119-121] Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society: T. TALBOT to Mona's Herald, 16 MAY 1883; P.M.C. KERMODE (Hon. Secretary), report of meeting, reprinted from Mona's Herald, 30 MAY 1883; T. TALBOT, '"Tailless cats" again', Manx Sun, 23 JUN 1883. [122] CAPTAIN HUTTON, 'The rise and fall of the moa', Weekly Press, 12 NOV 1896. [123] 'L.', 'On the Russo-Norwegian frontier', The Field, 30 JUL 1904. [124] EUSTACE MILES, 'Oxford and Cambridge. Is their self-satisfaction justified? An indictment of the average don', Daily Graphic, 17 JUL 1905. [125-149] Misc: papers, notes in AN's hand. [150-170] Watercolours and stages in production of J.T. Balcomb's coloured lithographs of golden eagle's and other eggs, for Ootheca Wolleyana. [171-202] Series of engravings of birds, received c.1884-87. [203-226] AN, watercolour of green woodpecker egg, 1850; AN, watercolour of gulls, 1854; pencil sketches on tracing paper of bird, Eurypyga, by F.W. Frohawk; AN, pencil tracing of sketch sent by T. Southwell, 1885, of a fish washed up at Spurn Point; photographs in Lapland, by Balfour and Evans, 1873; photograph of August Grappa and wife, 1895; photographs of swanpit, St. Helen's, Norwich, from T. Southwell, 1885; engraved portraits of Michael Faraday, 1873, AN, c.1907; pen drawing of bones of head of common perch, n.d.; engravings of Fort Dauphin, n.d. [227] Address book, started by JOHN WOLLEY, 1858, taken over and expanded by AN. [228] MS notebook, Instructions regarding synonyms, inked over by C.D.M.S., with note that pencil lines on pages are by Sir W. J[ardine]. [229-233] Newscuttings, 'Man's place in nature' [review of T.H. Huxley, Evidence as to Man's place in nature], Spectator, 4 APR 1863; honorary degree for Darwin, The Times, 19 NOV 1877; 'Mr. Darwin's reception at Cambridge', Spectator, 1 DEC 1877; 'Evolution' [lecture by H.G. Seeley], The Times, 13 DEC 1877. [234-245] Pamphlets: [234] R.P. Lesson, Observations générales d'histoire naturelle, faites pendant un voyage dans les Montagnes-Bleues de la Nouvelle-Galles du Sud (Paris, 1825). [235] R.P. Lesson, Distribution géographique de quelques oiseaux marins, observés dans le voyage autour du monde de la corvette La Coquille [Paris, 1825]. [236-238] F.O. Morris, A history of British birds (London, 1851-57), unbound parts I-II, XXXVIII. [239] Sir William Jardine, Contributions to ornithology for 1852 (Edinburgh, 1853), unbound copy. [240] What is philosophy? (Chambers's Papers for the people, 96 nos., Edinburgh, 1850- 51). [241] Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace, On the tendency of species to form varieties; and on the perpetuation of varieties and species by means of selection (Linnaean Society Proceedings, 1858). With AN, copy extract, made 1888, from his letter to H.B. TRISTRAM, 24 AUG 1858. [242] 'The great bustard' and purple gallinules' from James Harting, Essays on sport and natural history (London, 1883). [243] H.S. Gorham, 'Revision of the genera and species of Malacoderm coleoptera of the Japanese fauna', Transactions of the Entomological Society, 1883. [244] Walter W. Skeat, Philological Society. Notes on English Etymology; and on words of Brazilian and Peruvian origin (1885). [245] AN, 'Early days of Darwinism', Macmillan's Magazine. February, 1888. Corrected proof. [246-248] AN, pen and watercolour drawings of geese, 1881-82. [249] AN, copy of Latin poem XHN XAINONTI, J.G. Foljambe, 'Dr. Warn's reply to Günther's slander of his goose', sent by Lord Lilford, 1890. [250] AN, copy of Latin poem by George Preston O praeses sociique Magdalenses, 1890. [251] James Wild, map, The Crimea (2nd edn., 1854). [252] A map of the Danish Island St. Croix, in the West Indies surveyed 1799 by P.L. Oxholm (republished W. Faden, London, 1809). [253] Kart over det sydsige Norge … ved P.H. Munch (Christiania, 1845) [Map of South Norway]. [254] Map of the Canadian Pacific Railway … and connections (Poole Bros., Chicago, c.1905). [255-256] Pressed ferns from Middle and West Gooch, Elveden, 1852. [257] Boards formerly containing Newton Papers, and 'an original MSS of Balfour' [removed 1950]. [258-261] Plates J-M of Ootheca Wolleyana. [262-274] Miscellaneous notes and papers. [275-] Papers on bird migration: [275] J.E. HARTING (Editor, natural history, The Field), printed letter to AN (1872), inviting him to be natural history reporter for Cambridgeshire. [276] AN, summary of migration reports for 1874, from Cordeaux and others. [277] AUGUST WEISMANN: letter to AN (1879). [278] AN, notes on Menzbier, Zugstrassen der Vögel im Europ. Russland, 1885. [279-281] AN, misc. notes. [282] AN, 'The migration of birds', Nature, 22 SEP 1874. [283] F.O. MORRIS, 'Swallows', The Times, 17 NOV 1876. [284-286] Letters in response to FOM's letter, in The Spectator, 18,25 NOV, 2 DEC 1876. [287] 'Prophesying after the event', The Times, 2 MAR 1877. [288] ROBERT R. McLEOD (Houlton, Maine), Letter on bird hibernation, Field and Forest, iii (1877), no. 2. [289] AN, 'The migration of birds', corrected proof, Nature, 13 MAR 1879. [290] F.O. MORRIS, 'Birds overheard at night', Land and Water, 30 JUL 1881. [291] JOHN CORDEAUX, 'Migration of birds', The Times, 1 DEC 1881. [292] 'The faunal position and bird life of the Isle of May', Falkirk Express, 26 NOV 1886. [293] 'The sense of direction', The Spectator, 25 SEP 1897. [294] Annual departure of swallows, The Times, 26 SEP 1899. [295-296] 'The "sixth sense" in animals', The Spectator, 27 JAN 1900, and draft response by AN. [297] 'Our rarest migrant birds', The Spectator, 14 APR 1900. [298-301] Poems, E.H. Palmer, 'Birds of passage'; Tegnéz, 'Birds of passage'; 'When the sun fiercely glows', in Nisbet, Lays of the Holy Land (1858); Runchey, translated E.H. Palmer, 'Birds of passage'. [302] Newscutting, JOHN HARRIS, 'American bittern in Cornwall', n.d. [303] AN, 'Arctic auguries', Ocean Highways, FEB 1873. [304-305] Momus, a semi-occasional University periodical, No. 2, 1 APR 1868, No. 3, 15 MAR 1869. [306] Mr. Blyth's report on the "Arrivals at the Zoological Gardens," intended for publication in No. 185 of "Land and Water," but rejected by Mr. Glass, 1869. [307] A.H. Garrod, 'On the "showing-off" of the Australian Bustard', offprint from Proc. Zoological Society of London, 16 JUN 1874. [308] Henry Stevenson, A sketch of the ornithology of Norfolk (Sheffield, 1883). [309] Lager-Catalog von Joseph Baer & Co … Frankfurt … 151. Zoologie, 1885. [310-312] R. Friedländer & Son, Naturae novitates ['bibliographic list of current literature of all nations on natural history and the exact science'], Berlin, Nos. 8-11, MAY-JUN 1887. [313] The birds of Norfolk. By the late Henry Stevenson … continued by Thomas Southwell … Press opinions of Volume 3, 1891. [314] Essex Field Club … joint excursion of the Club and the Geologists' Association to the Deneholes of Hangman's Wood, near Grays Thurrock, Essex, 1893. [315] Exposition internationale de Bruxelles en 1897. Section des sciences, Brussels, 1896. [316] J.B. Pearson, Abstract of the diary of John Palmer … Travels in the Levant. 1805-7 (Cambridge, 1899). [317] Statistical table of species from Birds of Norfolk. [318] MS A nomenclature and catalogue of British birds with brief notices of most of the species. Stetchworth 1845. Incomplete: a few raptors only. [319] AN, abtract of Anatidae from G.R. Gray's Genera of birds, 1844-49. [320] Classification of birds, MS 'Sclater's system 1864'. [321-324] MSS, François Pollen, 'On the genus Oxynotus of Mauritius and Réunion'; Pollen, 'Critic revise on the Mauritian Réunion Oxynotus specimens'; Edward Newton, observations on breeding of Mauritius species, for Ibis; further notes on both species. [325] AN, review of Alfred Grandidier, 'Observations on the egg-beds of Æpyornis', for Ibis, 1867-8. [326] AN, lecture 'Aves', delivered 30 NOV 1868. [327] MS copy of The inundation or The life of a fen-man. A poem with notes critical and explanatory. By a Fen parson (Lynn, c.1771). [328-333] Obituaries: [328] John Gould, in The Times, 9 FEB 1881; [329] L. Blomfield, Address to the members of the Bath Field Club, in reference to the death of C.E. Broome (Bath, 1887); [330] 'The late Henry Stevenson', reprinted from the Norfolk Chronicle, 25 AUG 1888; [331-333] William Eagle Clarke, E.A. Woodruffe-Peacock, 'In memoriam – John Cordeaux', reprinted from Naturalist, 7 SEP 1899, AN, 'Mr. John Cordeaux', Nature, 24 AUG 1899, Thomas Southwell, 'John Cordeaux', unnamed publication, n.d. [334-338] Lists of birds, eggs [334] 'Gerrard's birds from Madagascar. Nov. [18]65'; [335] 'Dr. Power's collection. Feby. [18]66'; [336] 'Eggs in Gerrard's colln. at Liverpool Sept. [18]70'; [337] 'Memo. of wrappers from Cropler's Madag[ascan] birds in Br. Mus. taken 13 May 1870'. [339-341] Madagascar bird notes. [342] Notes, 'Fern Islands 1857'. [343-344] A.F. Sealy collection. [345] THOMAS SOUTHWELL, 'Sale of the late Mr. Rising's collection of birds', The Field, 26 SEP 1885. [346] List of H.E.S. [Stevenson?]'s books. [347] Extract from Canon A.M. Norman's existing will, n.d. [Alfred Merle Norman (1831-1918), clergyman, marine zoologist], bequeathing pamphlets and books to Zoology Department. [348-357] Notes found in The Zoologist, 3rd series, 20 (1896). [358-361] Newscuttings on 'The Cochin-China mania' and 'On improving the breeds of domesticated animals', Mark Lane Express, 31 JAN, 7,16,28 FEB 1853. [362] 'Natural History Society of Dublin', Saunders' News Letter, 21 JAN 1864. [363] 'Foreign game and wild fowl in English markets', Land & Water, 26 MAR 1881. [364-374] Photographs, 'Views of decoy on Fritton Lake', 1882. [375-384] WILLIAM BATESON, letter to AN (1889), enclosing photographs of Kirghiz tribesmen. [385] Photograph of mounted specimen of 'Little bustard shot at Kessingland May 30th 1898', sent by J.H. Gurney. [386-397] Photographs of Whitepark Bay, Rathlin Island, Portrush, Co. Antrim, 1901. [398-401] Photographs of stone curlew at Eriswell Warren by E.S. Montagu, 1902. [402] 'Zoologist' list of birds observed in Great Britain and Ireland. [403-422] Misc: notes. [423] JAMES HEPBURN, MS on hooded crow, 1 AUG 1850. [424] MS extract 'On poultry', from The whole duty of women, sent by C.M. Prior, 1881. [425] MS, 'Dresser on last part of Middendorff's work on Siberia. [426] AN, notes on Edward Newton's letters about dodo bones, 1860-62. [427-428] WILHELM SCHLÜTER (Halle), Catalogues 106 (instruments for preparing natural history specimens), 107 (bird skins), 1887. [429] OTTOMAR ANSCHÜTZ (Posen), catalogue, photographs of birds. [430-661] Bills and receipts, 1857-88, but mostly 1886-87. [662-664] Testimonials in support of Newton's candidacy for Professorship, 1865: W.H. FLOWER, JOHN GOULD, ALBERT GÜNTHER. [665-666] Carte-de-visite photographs, CHARLES DARWIN; WILHELM GIESBRECHT (1854-1913) (Prussian zoologist, Naples). [667] 'Transcript of the notes by Linnaeus & his son in the inserted pages of the interleaved copy of the 12th edition of the 'Systema Natura' in the library of the Linnaean Society', transcript in another hand, title and MS notes by AN. [668] J.A. HARVIE-BROWNE, 'On a correct colour code, or sortation code in colours', offprint from Proceedings of the International Congress of Zoology, Cambridge, 1898Proceedings of the International Congress of Zoology, Cambridge, 1898, with set of coloured cards, and address envelope to AN headed 'Sortation code in colours for library and zoogeographical purposes'.


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