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Great auk, 1845-1907

Reference Code: GBR/0012/MS Add.9839/2

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[1-5] Notebooks ['Garefowl books', begun by John Wolley but after his death taken over by AN, extensively annotated by him and continued in later notebooks.] [1] 'This book commenced in Reykiavik 30th April 1858 by me, John Wolley junr. – intended for notes on Alca impennis'. [To 21 JUN 1858]. [2] 'Begun in Iceland 22 June 1858 finished 13 July 1858'. [3] 'Begun at Kyrkjuvogr, 13 July 1858'. Continued by AN to 1884. Many letters copied in by AN; also: HUGH REID (Doncaster, taxidermist). Letter to H.B. Tristram (1856) VALENTINE BALL (1843-95) (geologist, professor, writer). Letters (1894) EDWARD BIDWELL (Twickenham). Letter to Edward Newton (1894) 7TH VISCOUNT GALWAY (1844-1931). Letters (1884) [4] 1884-1902. Many letters copied in by AN; also: SYMINGTON GRIEVE(1837- ) (merchant, Edinburgh; author, The Great Auk, or Garefowl. Its history, archaeology, and remains, 1885). Letters (1885) 4TH BARON LILFORD (1833-96) (ornithologist; author, Coloured figures of the birds of the British islands, 1885-87). Letter (1894) CECIL HENRY RUSSELL (1833-1910). Letters (1887-88) JOHN ALEXANDER HARVIE BROWNE (1844-1916) (ornithologist, writer). Letter (1889) [5] 1903-05. [6-33] AN, transcripts about great auk, drafts of articles, copies of letters, clipped together according to former clips or ties. [33] is a miscellany of various short notes. [34] AN, beginning of MS journal of visit to Iceland with John Wolley, 1858. [35] AN, sketch-diagram of Icelandic islands and rocks, on back of an admission ticket[?] dated Reykjavik, 19 JUL 1858. [36] AN, pencil sketches of Icelandic rocks and islands, 23 JUL 1858 [37] AN, draft of article on great auk beginning 'Some twenty years ago', n.d. [38-40] JOHN WOLLEY, draft article and notes on great auk, one sheet watermarked 1845. [41] EN, interview with W. Stobb, about great bustard and great auk, Torbay, 1853. [42-45] Notes from letters to AN. [46] SYMINGTON GRIEVE. Letter (1885) [47] ROBERT CHAMPLEY (Scarborough, owner of great auk eggs). Letter (1859) [48-56] AN, lists of skins and eggs of great auk, locations, remarks, owners. [57-58] E. Bidwell, printed List showing present owners of eggs of the Great Auk, FEB 1890 and updated version, APR 1892. [59-71] MS notes, reports, etc. about great auk, 1858-1907. [72-75] Notes for AN's Ootheca Wolleyana, c.1860. [76-85] Various notes on great auk, 1856-1903. [86] Display label for specimen of great auk formerly owned by Sir William Milner, sent by William Eagle Clarke, 8 MAY 1895. [87] Catalogue of J.C. Stevens's sale of birds' eggs including a great auk egg, 38 King Street, 19 JUL 1899. [88] Display label of great auk mummy from Funk Island, in Zoology Museum, Cambridge, 14 AUG 1906. [89] AN, sketch-map of Farne Islands, from E.J. Johnson, Chart of the coasts of Northumberland and Durham (London, 1819), dated 'Bamborough, June 23d 1856'. [90-91] AN, tracings of maps of parts of Newfoundland in Pierre Charlevoix, Histoire et description générale de la Nouvelle France (Paris, 1744) (see also [270] below). [92] 'Field meeting at Boyles Court, South Weald, Warley, & Brentwood … August 19th, 1893'. [93-106] Newscuttings, etc.: 'Leamington Philosophical Society. Extinction of animals', Royal Leamington Chronicle, 20 FEB 1869; John Milne, 'Relics of the great auk on Funk Island', The Field, 27 MAR, 3,10 APR 1875; W. Reid, letter 'The great auk in Orkney', The Field, 8 MAY 1875; W.G. Spence Paterson, 'The new volcanic island off Iceland', Nature, 13 NOV 1884; AN, 'The ''new'' volcanic island off Iceland', Nature, 18 DEC 1884; AN, review of Symington Grieve, The Great Auk (London, 1885), in Nature, 8 OCT 1885; 'The great auk', The Saturday Review, 6 FEB 1886; 'W.B. Tegetmeier, 'Sale of an egg of the great auk', The Field, 17 MAR 1888; 'Feathered forms of other days', pp. 363-365 in an unnamed work; note on sale of great auk egg and skin, The Standard, 24 MAR 1905; sheet of proofs, corrected, 12 DEC 1906. [107] Prospectus for Ainsworth Davis, The natural history of animals (London, 1903). [108] AN, copy of paper enclosed in H.W. Fielden's letter, 26 JUN 1873, statement by Jacob Müller of Porkere about a great auk-like bird shot in 1870; printed in Zoologist, JUN 1878. [109-110] J. Reinhardt, 'Om Gejerfuglens foreforst paa Island', Naturhistorisk Tidskrift, 1839, pp.533-5, with AN's translation 'On the gairfowl's occurrence in Iceland'. [111] Fimta Utgafa, Lög hins Islenzka Bokmentafelags (Kaupmannhöfn, 1856), inscribed 'Alfred Newton, Reykjavik, June 24th 1858'. [112] Pencil drawing of markings on Theodor Löbbecke's great auk egg, sent by W. Blasius, 1884. [113-116] Pencil drawings of [?]great auk bones; lithograph of auk bones illustrating Symington Grieve's article in Linnaean Society Journal of Zoology, Vol. XVI Part 9. [117-120] British Museum book ordering slips. [121] MS copy of Miss Plessner's translation of Japetus Steenstrup, A contribution to the natural history of the great-auk …and especially to the knowledge of its earlier range of extension, made originally for G. D. Rowley. [122-247] PHOTOGRAPHS (references are to Errol Fuller, The great auk (Southborough, 1999). [122-148] Stuffed specimens: [122] Cambridge auk (Fuller, pp. 127-8). [123-124] Bullock's Papa Westray auk (now Natural History Museum, Tring) (Fuller, pp.141-2). [125-126] Durham auk (now Glasgow University) (Fuller, pp. 132-3). [127] Floors Castle auk (now Museum Alexander Koenig, Bonn) (Fuller, pp. 179-181). [128] Foljambe auk (Osberton Hall, Worksop) (Fuller, pp. 150-2). [129] Lord Lilford's auk (now Natural History Museum, Tring) (Fuller, pp. 149-50). [130-131] Tunstall's immature auk, Newcastle (Fuller, pp. 134-5). [132-136] Norwich Castle Museum auk (Fuller, pp. 138-9). [137] Pisa auk (Università di Pisa) (Fuller, p. 203). [138] Poltalloch auk (now National Museum of Wales, Cardiff) (Fuller, pp. 128-130). [139-140] Dawson Rowley's two auks (now Cincinnati Museum of Natural History, and Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History) (Fuller, pp. 224-9). [141-142] Yorkshire Museum, York: Freddy Bell's auk; Arthur Strickland's auk (Fuller, pp.152-3). [143] Clungunford auk (now Birmingham Museum) (Fuller, pp.125-7). [144-146] Irish auk (Trinity College Dublin) (Fuller, pp. 142-144). [145] Proctor / Gurney fictitious auk. [148] George Nelson's model auk, 1905. [149-161] Skeletons, mummies, bones [149-152] Skeletons at Museum of Comparative Anatomy, Harvard (Fuller, pp. 342-4). [153] Skeleton, Royal College of Surgeons. [154] Funk Island mummy, presented to AN by Bishop of Newfoundland, 1863, later dissected by Richard Owen (Fuller, pp. 344-5). [155-156] Mummy at Harvard. [157] Bones found in Iceland in 1858 by John Wolley and AN. [158-161] Bones, unspecified. [162-165] Locations: kitchen midden, Oronsay; 'Sphinx rock' by Sheep Island, Tramore, Co. Waterford; Burke's Island, Tramore, Co. Waterford. [166-244] Eggs [166-168] Mrs. Wise's egg (Fuller, pp.248-9). [169-171] Wolley's egg (Fuller, pp.249-51). [172-178] Bree's egg (Fuller, pp.251-3). [179-182] Newton's egg (Fuller, pp.253-6). [183-193] Mr. Small's £100 and 102 guinea eggs (Fuller, pp.256-8). [194-196] Frank's Lausanne egg (Fuller, pp.259-61). [197-198] Pimperne egg (Fuller, pp.261-2). [199] Dufresne's spotted egg (Fuller, pp.267-8). [200-201] Royal College of Surgeons No. 1 (Alfred Newton's Hunterian egg) (Fuller, pp. 268-9). [202-203] Royal College of Surgeons No. 2 (Dr. Dick's egg) (Fuller, pp.269-70). [122-247] PHOTOGRAPHS (cont.) [204-205] Bourman Labrey's egg (Fuller, p.274). [206] Yarrell's egg (Fuller, pp.275-8). [207] Roderick Stirling's egg (Fuller, pp.278-80). [208] Earl of Derby's egg (Fuller, pp.281-3). [209-211] Barclay's egg (Fuller, pp.285-6). [212] Oxford Museum egg (Fuller, p.286). [213] The Scarborough egg (Fuller, pp.286-7) [214-217] Royal College of Surgeons No. 5 (Parkin's egg) (Fuller, pp.287-9). [218-219] Spallanzani's egg (Fuller, pp.291-2). [220-221] Walter Rothschild's egg (Fuller, pp.293-4). [222-223] Tristram's egg (Fuller, pp.294-5). [224-225] Royal College of Surgeons No.6 (Lord Lilford's egg) (Fuller, p.295) [226] The Tomkinson egg (Fuller, pp.296-7). [227] Blotched and streaked Versailles eggs (Fuller, pp.300-1). [228] Alexander Koenig's egg (Fuller, pp.302-3). [229] Clungunford egg (Fuller, p.305). [230] Royal College of Surgeons No. 7 (Champley's egg) (Fuller, pp.313-4). [231-232] Royal College of Surgeons No. 9 (William Barbour's egg) (Fuller, pp.316-7). [233] Green-blotched St. Malo egg (Fuller, pp.321-2). [234] Edinburgh Castle St. Malo egg (Fuller, pp.322-3). [235-236] Royal College of Surgeons No. 10 (Cincinnati egg) (Fuller, p.325) [237-242] Scales's egg, destroyed by fire 1872 (Fuller, pp.337-8). [243] Champley, 4 eggs in 1 photograph. [244] Unidentified. [245-248] Other photographs [245] Olaf Saarikoski. [246] Olaus Worm, engraved portrait. [247] Sale leaflet, Thayer's egg (Fuller, p.316), Rowland Ward, 1904. [248] G.D. Rowley, pen sketch, 'Natives of Papa Westra and Gt Auk A.D. 1812'. [249-266] Watercolours of eggs [249] Dufresne's streaked egg (Fuller, pp.266-7). [250-251] Dufresne's spotted egg (Fuller, pp.267-8). [252] Royal College of Surgeons No. 4 (Dawson Rowley's egg) (Fuller, pp.272-3). [253-254] Vicomte de Barde No. 1 (Lord Garvagh's egg) (Fuller, pp.273-4). [255] Lady Cust's egg (Fuller, p.275). [256] William Stirling's egg (Fuller, pp.280-1). [257] Scarborough egg (Fuller, pp.286-7). 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[275] JOHN WOLLEY, 'Questions concerning the Great Auk in the Holm of Papa Westra', 1858 or 1859. [276] Newscutting, F.A. Lucas, 'Adventures of government explorers … VIII.—Hunting for Great Auk bones in the North', The Voice, New York, 14 JUL 1898. [277] Cutting from page proof about great auk, n.d. [278] MS extract on great auk, J.B. Holder in The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine, Vol 24, No. 4, AUG 1882, sent by E. Bidwell, 1884. [279] Notes on a visit to Papa Westray, Orkney, 1893. [280] Notes in Spanish on great auk, 'brought to me by H. Guillemard, 7 April 1907'. [281-288] H. GRONVOLD, watercolours of great auk eggs, for Ootheca Wolleyana, n.d. [289-296] Colour plates by John Bale, Sons & Danielsson, Great Titchfield Street, 28 JUL – 23 AUG 1905, from Gronvold's watercolours. [287] Edward Charlton, 'On the Great Auk (Alca impennis)', in Transactions of the Tyneside Naturalists' Field Club, Vol. 4, pt. 2 (Newcastle, 1859), pp.111-117. [288] Newscutting, 'Death of Dr Charlton of Newcastle', Newcastle Daily Journal, 15 MAY 1874. [289] Copy and translation of a paper by SVENBJORN JACOBSEN of Reykjavik, 1858, about purchase of a great auk specimen in 1841.


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