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Papers of John Herschel, 1936

Reference Code: GBR/0180/RGO 35/170/10

Scope and Contents

12. Papers regarding 'The General Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars'.

12/1. Letters and pages of notes and calculations.

12/1.1. 'Nebulae Airy': letters to Herschel from G.B. Airy (15), January 1862 - February 1863, and E.J. Stone (1), 14 January 1863.

12/1.2. 'Nebulae Lord Rosse': letters to Herschel from the Earl of Rosse (5), May 1862 - January 1863; S. Hunter (1), 26 July 1862; and G.J. Stoney (1), 24 September 1862. There is also a 'Memorandum on the positions of a few of the new Nebulae met with by the Earl of Rosse' by Stoney.

12/1.3. Calculations relating to the Earl of Rosse's observations, including two letters to Herschel from J. Lee, 18 July 1862 and one undated and incomplete, and a letter from E.J. Lowe, 13 November 1860.

12/1.4. List of nebulae by Auwers.

12/1.5. 'Nebulae. Cooper': letters to Herschel from E.J. Cooper, 28 April 1862, 3 May 1862 and 8 May 1862.

12/1.6. 'Nebulae Hind': six letters to Herschel from J.R. Hind, 12 May 1852 and February-December 1862.

12/1.7. 'Nebulae. Mr Lassell': five letters to Herschel from W. Lassell, May-November 1862.

12/1.8. 'Nebulae. D'Arrest': six letters to Herschel from H.L. d'Arrest, March 1862 - May 1863.

12/1.9. 'Nebulae. G.B. Bond's list.'

12/1.10. 'Nebulae Cash Accounts. Nebulae. RS Grant': letters to Herschel from E. Sabine (2), 15 and 25 August 1862; G.G. Stokes (3), 5 March, 28 March and 20 August 1862; G.B. Airy (3), 26 April, 19 November 1862 and 7 February 1863; W. White (4), March-November 1862; and W. Sharpey (1), 25 October 1862.

12/1.11. 'Errors detected': includes three letters to Herschel from G.B. Airy, 26 May, 2 June and 5 June 1863.

12/2. The contents of a notebook containing on the recto 'Index Catalogue of my Father's Nebulae arranged in order of RA; and those of Messier and Dunlop. From My Aunt's Catalogue in Zones, & Messrs. list and Dunlops. Phil. Trans. 1828. [Vol 1]', and on the verso 'Gen. Cat. of Neb - Draft of abbreviated descriptions i'.

12/3. A total of 4015 entries from a catalogue entitled 'General Index Catalogue of the Nebulae in the two Hemispheres. Reduced to the Epoch 1830.0. Containing 1. All the Nebulae in my Catal of 1833 observed at Slough 2d. All those observed by Sir WH which have not been observed by me as reduced & arranged in C.H's general catalogue for 1800 and brought up to 1830 3d. All those of my Cape Catalogue. 4. All Messiers nebulae of the list in the Connaissence des Temps. 5. The nebulae discovered by Struve, Hind, &c not to be found among the other lists altogether about half a dozen'.

12/4. 'A General Index Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars.'

12/5. Three printed forms of 'Sir J.F.W. Herschel's General Catalogue of Nebulae', containing the reduced values by Kerschner and the 'Summary Descriptions' and various corrections added by Herschel.

12/6. 'Draft of the Introduction, Explanation, Notes on the Catalogue, &c.'

13. Manuscripts relating to John Herschel's paper 'On the Solar Spots' from the 'Quarterly Journal of Science', 1 (1864), pp. 219-235.

13/1. Letters to Herschel from the editors of the 'Quarterly Journal of Science': William Crookes (1), 15 October 1863, and James Samuelson (15), January-April 1864.

13/2. Letters to Herschel from R.C. Carrington, 15 January, 18 January and 2 February 1864, and a copy of a letter to Carrington from Herschel.

13/3. Miscellaneous notes and drafts of the paper 'On the Solar Spots', with a letter to Herschel from G.B. Airy, 1 January 1863.

14. 'The General Catalogue and General History of Double Stars.'

14/1. 'General Catalogue of Double Stars. Reduced to the Epoch 1830.0.'

14/2. 'General History of Double Stars': a series of individual 'synoptical histories' of double stars on printed forms, arranged by right ascension (continued in RGO 35/171/11).


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