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Papers of John Herschel, 1936

Reference Code: GBR/0180/RGO 35/170/7

Scope and Contents

2. Cape observations (continued).

2/13. 'Star Magnitudes. Trial List', including later workings on star magnitudes running from the end.

2/14. Lists of stars ordered according to observed magnitudes, 1835-1838 and 1839-1840, and some miscellaneous observations.

2/15. Papers entitled 'Plans &c of the Equatorial Instrument & Revolving Roof. For the Cape'.

2/16.1. Guard Book, Vol. III: drawings of nebulae, comets and the Southern Milky Way. With a few exceptions, these drawings are Cape observations. They are numbered 645 to 734, but the series is incomplete.

2/16.2. Loose drawings, originally inside 2/16.1.

2/17. Memoranda regarding polishing work at Feldhausen, Cape of Good Hope, 26 August 1834 -12 April 1837, with one entry for 22 October 1856.

2/18. Papers entitled 'Tides in Table & Simon's Bay', 1835.

2/19. Papers entitled 'Meteorological Hourly observations made Monthly, but not including those at Solstice & Equinox': observations made at Feldhausen by John Herschel, 1837, and at Bathurst, Sussex, by Nathaniel Morgan, 1837-1838.

2/20. 'Plans, Sections and Elevations': surveys and plans made at the Cape.

2/21. Brisbane Rough Catalogue: 'MS. of an index Catalogue of Sir Thos. Brisbanes Southern Stars...reduced and arranged by Mr. Richardson of the Royal Observatory Greenwich'.

3. Cape papers.

3/1. 'Monographs. [Eta] Argûs.'

3/1.1. 'Variables Stars. [Eta] Argûs', including letters to John Herschel from Francis Baily, 24 August 1843, and Thomas Maclear, 17 December 1843 and 17 September 1844.

3/1.2. Rough notes and calculations.

3/1.3. 'Rough Monograph Book': various observations, not confined to [Eta] Argus.

3/1.4. 'Measures of D Stars in [Eta] Argûs.'

3/1.5. 'Fields of View in the Nubecula Major.'

3/1.6. Observations and workings.

3/1.7. '[Eta] Argûs. Places of Leading Stars in Mass.'

3/1.8. Rough notes, charts and catalogues of stars in the nebula around [Eta] Argûs.

3/2. 'Monographs. [Theta] Orionis', including a letter from Edward J. Cooper to John Herschel, 21 March 1836.

3/3. 'Monographs. 17 Messier.'

3/4. 'Monographs. H. IV. 41./ V. 10 11 12. 17h 52' RA. 113 1 NPD.'

3/5. 'Monographs. c Orionis.'

3/6. 'Monographs. 30 Doradûs.'

3/7. Monographs of 8 Messier, including a letter from Herschel to James Prescott Joule, 24 April 1843.

3/8. 'Monographs. [Kappa] Crucis.'

3/9. 'Monographs. Moon.'

4. Notes and calculations from the Cape, mostly concerning John Herschel's work on 'astrometry'.

4/1. 'Variable Stars. [Alpha] Cassiopeiae', including Herschel's corrections to a proof copy of the chart that accompanied his papers on the revision and rearrangement of constellations in 'Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical Society', XII, and a letter to Herschel from Sir Francis Beaufort, 15 June 1840.

4/2. 'Star-batches': rude preliminary tables of the algebraic process.

4/3. 'Analysis of the lists. Groupes of Southern Stars by Alphabets as arranged in 1840.'

4/4. 'Chart-making. Memoranda. Scraps. Star magnitude notations. Triangles roughly filled in.'

4/5. 'Star-magnitudes: lists of Northern Stars under examination with collaterals to be successively introduced.'

4/6. 'Star magnitudes. Analysis of the lists. Groupes of Northern Stars by Alphabets.' Many of the pages are corrected proofs of Herschel's review of Whewell's 'History of the inductive sciences' and 'Philosophy of the inductive sciences' in the 'The Quarterly Review', LXVIII.

4/7. 'Northern Star-groupes in process of Successive arrangement as resulting from the alphabetic analysis.'

4/8. 'Northern Star-magnitudes. Numerical Evaluation and First steps to their continuation with the Southern so as to carry out a uniform Scale of magnitudes for Both Hemispheres.'

4/9. 'Alphabets for Corrected Sequences', including a letter from Charles Pritchard to Herschel, 11 November 1845.

4/10. 'Southern Star groupes & lists preparatory for numerical assignment of magnitudes as resulting from the Alphabets.'

4/11. 'Southern Star-magnitudes. Numerical evaluation and comparison of the results with those deduced from the direct Photometric Process.'


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