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Papers on time signals, 1939 - 1955

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Correspondence and papers regarding time signals, including the following items:

Correspondence between H. Spencer Jones, H.M. Smith and the Admiralty concerning equipment required and installations at Abinger, clock radio receivers and aerial systems, 1952-1955.

Correspondence with Central Rediffusion Services Ltd and the Admiralty concerning the availability of the 6 pips time signal for the Independent Television Authority, 1955.

Correspondence between R. Atkinson and H.M. Smith regarding photographic chronographs and variations in time, 1954.

Correspondence with H.M. Smith concerning variations of the Muirhead timing devices, with a graph, 1954.

Correspondence with the British Council and Tacubaya Observatory concerning modernisation of the time service in Mexico, 1953.

Time Service Notice on change in the time system, 1953.

Correspondence of R. Atkinson, H.M. Smith, H. Spencer Jones and the U.S. Naval Observatory regarding the annual fluctuation of the rate of rotation of the Earth and the N30 and FK3 Star Catalogues, 1953.

Correspondence with W.H. Shortt and Dr Benynon regarding the continuous transmission of a standard frequency by the Post Office from Rugby, 1953.

Correspondence with the U.S. Naval Observatory regarding stars observed at Abinger with the Bamberg instrument, the N30 catalogue and FK3 corrections, 1952.

The apparent places of stars, 1952.

Note on 'Outstanding Stars observed with the Bamberg Instrument', 1952.

Correspondence with the Bureau International de l'Heure concerning synchronizing a pendulum by the speaking clock, 1952.

Schedule of transmission of the M.S.F. Service, 1952.

Correspondence with H.M. Smith regarding instruments and equipment construction, decimal counters and the development of an atomic clock, 1951-1952.

Details of the M.S.F. experimental service from Rugby, 1952.

Analysis of Bamberg observations, 1951.

Correspondence with Messrs Ferranti Ltd concerning a high speed digital computer, 1951.

Correspondence on polar variations, pendulums and quartz clocks, 1951.

Correspondence with H.M. Smith and the Admiralty concerning the condition of the land-lines between Rugby and Abinger and the use of the Criggion station as a standby in the event of a failure at Rugby, 1950-1951.

Correspondence on extended and mean time radio signals and a German quartz clock, 1950-1951.

'Notes on Finch's paper on a periodic fluctuation in the length of the day' by Dr Jackson, 1951.

Correspondence with Dr R. Tomaschek of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Co. Ltd concerning variation in the Earth's rotation, 1951.

Measurements of tidal tilts of the Earth's crust, 1951.

Correspondence with Professor Stoyko regarding velocities of propagation of radio time signals, 1950.

Correspondence with H.M. Smith regarding corrections in the adopted longitude of the Greenwich small transit instruments, errors in the longitude of Abinger, graphs and tables, 1950.

Correspondence concerning signals for observatory programmes in East Africa and survey work in India, 1950.

Correspondence with the U.S. Naval Observatory on the long-wave propagation velocity programme, 1950.

Correspondence with Dr Bullard of the National Physical Laboratory and H.M. Garner of the Ministry of Supply regarding variations in the Earth's rotation, 1950.

Correspondence with G.W. Clark and P. Sollenberger of the U.S. Naval Observatory concerning the trans-Atlantic programme of transmissions, 1949.

Air Ministry paper on time and time-keepers, 1949.

Correspondence with P. Kulikovsky of the Soviet Academy of Sciences regarding the transmission of signals from Tashkent and Steinberg, 1949.

Correspondence with H.M. Smith, R. Atkinson and Mr Finch concerning the reception of time signals and errors from various observatories, 1949.

Report by Barocas on the Rugby line, 1949.

Material on GKU2 transmissions, 1949.

Correspondence with the Admiralty on a worldwide programme for standard frequency transmissions, 1949.

Correspondence between R. Atkinson and Professor P. Pavel regarding Potsdam signals and equipment, 1948.

Request from E.W. Edwards for information concerning pendulums, 1948.

Correspondence with H.M. Smith, Dr J.A. Ratcliffe and the U.S. Naval Observatory concerning the measurement of the velocity of very long radio waves, 1948.

Correspondence with the Admiralty concerning Post Office requests with regard to time signals; the Hong Kong Observatory; and committees, 1948.

Correspondence with H.M. Smith regarding solar noise work, latitude variation results for 1946, the work of the Bureau de l'Heure, and British time signals for notification to Berne, 1948.

Memorandum on solar radio noise, 1948.

Correspondence with J. Hahn concerning Hamburg Observatory transmissions, 1948.

Correspondence with Dr W. Rees-Wright on a design for a free pendulum clock, 1948.

'Notes on Electronic Send Relay', 1948.

Note on W/T time signals received at the Royal Greenwich Observatory, 1947-1948.

Correspondence with H.M. Smith and the Admiralty regarding aerial masts; sites at Abinger, Leith Hill and Wotton Common and the transfer to Herstmonceux; staff visits to the Paris Observatory; instruments; standard frequency transmissions; correlation of the time signals for the Bureau Internationale de l'Heure; experimental work on quartz clocks; and survey ships, 1946-1947.

Correspondence with the U.S. Naval Observatory concerning latitude results and uniform time, 1947.

Correspondence with R. Woolley at Mount Stromlo concerning the time of travel of signals from GKU3 to Abinger and the 74-inch reflector, 1947.

Correspondence with B.L. Gulatei at Dehra Dum regarding developments in time service methods, 1947.

Correspondence between H.M. Smith and Dr Bullard regarding time signals for Heligoland experiments, 1947.

Correspondence with H.M. Smith regarding Russian time signals, 1946.

Correspondence with R. Woolley concerning comparisons of signals between Canberra and Great Britain and the determination of the longitude of the Commonwealth Observatory, 1946.

Correspondence with the Steinberg Institute concerning time signals between Greenwich and U.S.S.R., 1946.

Correspondence with R. Atkinson and H.M. Smith on the use of Bamberg instruments and errors in time determination, 1946.

Correspondence with J.A. Ratcliffe regarding radio observations of time signals, 1946.

Correspondence with W.H.M. Greaves on a paper concerning the scatter of errors in clocks, 1946.

Correspondence with Dr J.J. Vormer regarding comparisons between frequency standards and radio time signals and instruments, 1946.

Correspondence with Professor B. Lindblad concerning time signal data, corrections to rhythmic signals, work on eclipse material, and the difficulties of Dr Opik as a fugitive from Estonia and a request on his behalf for assistance, 1946.

Correspondence with I. Bonsdorff, Finnish Geodetic Institute, 1946, concerning Rugby signals used for the determination of time at the moment of the total eclipse of the Sun in July 1945.

Correspondence with various European astronomers, including M. Stoyko, Professor Baeschlin and Dr E. Delporte, regarding time signals, 1945.

Correspondence with various people, including the Admiralty, regarding the equipment and construction required for the emergency time service at Abinger, 1939-1940.


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