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Typescripts of articles, lectures etc., 1920 - 1987

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Scope and Contents

The collection is accompanied by three lists compiled by Vera Seal: a list of most of the published writings by BW; a list of some of BW's talks, lectures, addresses of which no copies are held; and a list of some of BW's contributions to various books of which typescripts are held.
File 1; items numbered as follows:
1. The Countryside Act, 1949?;
2. A Sociological Approach to the Study of Delinquency, 1953;
3. Summary of paper on proposed survey of the social sciences (part of documentation submitted to the Nuffield Foundation ?1950-1951);
4. Social Change in Contemporary Britain's Social Administration, 1952;
5. Are the Social Sciences really Necessary?, 1952;
6. Education in the Affluent Society [after 1952];
7. Adjustment to What? - a Sociological Approach to Maladjustment [NAMH Interclinic Conference], 1953; 8. The Long Term Impact of the Social Sciences on Democratic Political Practice, 1953 [article];
9. Public Welfare and Public Conduct in the New Society (Margaret Ashton Lecture), 1954;
10. Summary of Evidence to Lord Pakenham's Committee on the causes of crime, 1954, together with related letter 1989;
File 2; items numbered as follows:
11. The Impact of Income Security upon Individual Freedom, 1954 [article];
12. Address to the Howard League on Psychiatry and Moral Responsibility: A Layman's Reflections (summary only), 1955;
13. Untitled, post 1955, re social change;
14. Freedom under Planning: The Great Indian Experiment, 1957;
15. India? Is it Socialism?, ?1957;
16. India - A New Look in Industrialism?, ?1957;
17. The Arbitrator's Task, lecture delivered 21 November 1958 at Oxford University;
18. Social Aspects of Wage Policy (? for the British Sociological Association), 1953;
19. Implications of the New Society [late 1950s / early 1960s];
20. Five Thousand Children, re BW's dealings with children breaking the law or in trouble of some other sort (? For New Society ? Daily Telegraph) [July 1960 or December 1961];
File 3; items numbered as follows:
21. From Hunch to Science, re the part played by unscientific predictions in the making of important decisions, the use of information, computer technology etc, [early 1960s?];
22. Notes on Priorities in Criminological Research [late 1950s / early 1960s?];
23. Mental Disorder and Crime [during or after the 1960s, probably soon after the establishment of Grendon Underwood prison];
24. Sociological aspects of crime and the criminal law [lecture at Bedford College, probably soon after 1960];
25. The Scientific Approach to Social Problems, being a lecture given by BW at Ruskin College as part of a course of lectures sponsored by the Rationalist Press Association and convened by BW, the course being entitled 'The Current Contribution of the Social Sciences to the Problems of Man in Society', 1960s? [P19 includes a reference to Galbraith, which means it must post date 1958];
26. The Future of the Social Sciences [lecture], ?1961;
27. Talk about crime and the criminal [after 1964];
28. Christianity Today [? Published in Knight's Humanist Anthology: Confucius to Bertrand Russell, Pemberton 1967];
29. Crime and the British Penal System: Reflections of a Long-Service Magistrate, for the Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine, 1968;
30. BBC Appeal for Agnostics Adoption Society, re an appeal for subscriptions to an Adoption Society which helped couples who were unable to adopt a child because they had no religious beliefs, 1969;
File 4; items numbered as follows:
31. Wage Policy - its Ethics and Economics: summary of opening remarks [1970s];
32. The Report on Non-Custodial and Semi-Custodial Treatment of Offenders, for Probation, March 1970; 33. The Sidney and Beatrice Webb Introductions, 1973;
34. The British Cannabis Report and After, 1973;
35. Notes on income distribution for a BBC World Service programme, 1974;
36. Action Society Trust (talk on low pay), 1974;
37. Is an Incomes Policy Possible? [probably April 1976 or New Society 1980];
38. Nothing in Particular, re the continued existence of the House of Lords and possible alternatives for a second house [? Submitted to New Society 1978, or possibly circa 1962?];
39. The Administration of Criminal Justice, being the introduction to the Frank Dawtry Memorial Seminar, July 1975, at the University of Leeds;
40. A Blue Print for Britain's Future [lecture delivered at the London School of Economics], 1975;
File 5; items numbered as follows:
41. The Mutual Obligations of Citizen and Authority in Contemporary Society (King's College, London), 1975;
42. Letter to ? The Times Literary Supplement re the Equal Pay Act and continued barriers in the way of women applying for many types of job, 1975;
43. Official Advisory Bodies [lecture?], 1976;
44. My Relations with the Police, 1978;
45. Article re marriage laws [almost certainly for New Society?], 1978;
46. More Equality, Less Freedom?, 1978;
47. Towards a National Pay Policy, for New Society, 29 March 1979;
48. Introduction to 2nd edition of 'Working Class Wives' by Margery Spring-Rice (original Pelican 1939), 1979;
49. Article on the future of the Labour Party, 1980;
50. Note on Values, 1980;
File 6; items numbered as follows:
51. Introduction to Martin Wright's book 'Making Good: Prisons, Punishment and Beyond, 1982;
52. Notes on price control, 1981;
53. Notes re political judgements made by the judiciary with particular reference to the case of London Transport fares, 1982;
54. Review of Norman & Jeanne MacKenzie (ed.) The Diary of Beatrice Webb, Vol. 1 1873-1892, Glitter Around and Darkness Within, for London Review of Books, 1982;
55. Foreword to Jim Herrick, 'Vision and Reality: A Hundred Years of the Freethinker', 1982;
56. A follow-up, 1983, to 'The World in 1984' Vol. 2 ed. N Calder, first published in New Scientist in 1965; 57. Arbitration instead of Strikes, for New Society, 1983;
58. Women's Political Heritage, in New Statesman, 1982 (photocopy of final article);
59. missing??
60. Women's Political Heritage, for New Statesman, 1982 (typescript);
File 7; items numbered as follows:
61. Review of Norman and Jeanne MacKenzie (ed.), The Diary of Beatrice Webb Vol. 2 1892-1905, All the Good Things in Life, for London Review of Books, 1983;
62. Social Psychiatry and Psychopathology: a Layman's Comments on Contemporary Developments, for Proceedings of the American Psychopathological Association, 1968;
63. The Relation of Law and Morality in Contemporary Britain, lecture delivered in BW's capacity as an honorary fellow of Bedford College, 1970;
64. Outline of opening remarks upon 'Differentials', for The Industrialists (radio programme), no date;
65. Notes on capital punishment, which became 'Morality and Mistakes' in 'The Hanging Question: Essays on the Death Penalty', ed. L. Blom-Cooper, 1969 (typescript and photocopy of final essay);
66-68. Vera Seal's lists, as above.


  • 1920 - 1987


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DateText: The typescripts are of works dating from 1949-83; the lists are of works compiled 1920-87.


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