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Offprints from scholarly journals, edited collections and pamphlets, 1920 - 1985

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Item 1. 'Linguistic Malpractices in Economic and Social Contexts' in Question 11 (successor to the Rationalist Annual), published by the Rationalist Press Association, June 1978;
Item 2. 'Towards Reason in Pay' in 'The Roots of Pay Inequalities' by Guy Routh, Dorothy Wedderburn and BW, published by The Low Pay Unit, Discussion Series no. 1 [1980 or 1981];
Item 3. 'Reflections on Crime and Penal Policy in Contemporary England', reprinted from Current Legal Problems 1978 on behalf of The Faculty of Laws, University College, London;
Item 4. Galley proofs, 1969, of a review by BW of Inquiries in Psychiatry, and The State of Psychiatry, both by Sir Aubrey Lewis, 1967; and of Michael Davies Shepherd, Studies in Psychiatry, 1968;
Item 5. Socialism and Federation: Federal Tracts no. 6, published Macmillan and Co Ltd 1941;
Item 6. Social Security and the Beveridge Plan, no. 4 in the Common Wealth Popular Library [early 1940s?];
Item 7. Full Employment - Fabian Society publication, research series no. 74, published in conjunction with Victor Gollancz Ltd September 1943;
Item 8. Review by BW of Abraham Goldstein's The Insanity Defense, reprinted from the Yale Law Journal Volume 77 no. 5 April 1968;
Item 9. Russian publication entitled Przyszlosc Demokratycznego Socjalizmu, including an article in Russian by BW entitled Wolnosc i planowanie August 1945 ['freedom under planning'?];
Item 10. 'Some Reflections on the First Five Years of Community Service' in Probation Journal Volume 24 no. 4 December 1977;
Item 11. Preface by BW to 'Community Service Works', a publication of the West Midlands County Probation and Aftercare Service on the first two years of community service for offenders in Birmingham, Solihull and Sutton Coldfield [BW chaired the working party which led to the introduction of community service] [1981?];
Item 12. BW on 'Community Service' in the Criminal Law Review January 1973;
Item 13. BW on 'The White Paper on Children in Trouble' in the Criminal Law Review September 1968;
Item 14. 'Journey to China': BW's reflections on a month's visit to Eastern China in the late autumn of 1972, published in Encounter June 1973;
Item 15. 'The Right Kind of Education': BW in a question and answer session with John Ardagh of The Observer, published in 20th Century, autumn 1963;
Item 16. 'Into the Second Century', being a report on the 61st annual dinner of the National Secular Society at which BW was present and spoke, including a precis of her speech, reprinted from The Freethinker 5 May 1967;
Item 17. 'The Philosophy of a Social Scientist' in The University Humanist Federation Bulletin no. 13 Autumn 1963, produced by the University College London Humanist Society;
Item 18. 'The Labour Party and Social Services' in The Political Quarterly January-March 1953 (photocopy); Item 19. 'Some Implications of Anglo-Japanese Competition', in Pacific Affairs Volume IX no. 4 December 1936, published in the USA by the Institute of Pacific Relations;
Item 20. 'Social Prestige and Social Class', being a review by BW of 'Social Mobility in Britain, ed. D V Glass, published in the British Journal of Sociology 5, 1954;
Item 21. 'Some Aspects of the Social Structure of England and Wales', in Adult Education, The Quarterly Journal of the British Institute of Adult Education, Volume XIII no. 2 December 1940;
Item 22. 'A Plea for Long Views' in Adult Education (as above), Volume XII no. 3 March 1940;
Item 23. 'A Plea for Constructive Teaching' in Adult Education (as above) Vol. X no. 2 December 1937;
Item 24. 'Who Shall Pay for the War?' in The Political Quarterly Volume XI no. 2 April-June 1940;
Item 25. 'Economic Problems of Federal Union' in The New Commonwealth Quarterly, published by the New Commonwealth Institute (a review devoted to research into problems of international justice and security) Volume V no. 2 September 1939;
Item 26. 'The Contribution of Science to Democracy' in The Plain View no. 3 volume VIII 1 November [1952] (special number on the first International Congress on Humanism and Ethical Culture);
Item 27. 'Record of the Labour Government in the Social Services' in The Political quarterly Volume XX no. 2 April - June 1949;
Item 28. 'Scientism and Barbara Wootton' I. by J B Coates II. by BW, in The Fortnightly, no. 1015 New Series July 1951;
Item 29. Report presented by BW on the issue 'Should the protection of neglected and morally abandoned children be secured by a judicial authority or by a non-judicial body? Should the Courts for delinquent children and juveniles be maintained?' at the 12th International Penal and Penitentiary Congress - the Hague 1950;
Item 30. 'Is there a Welfare State? A Review of Recent Social Change in Britain' in Political Quarterly Volume LXXVIII no. 2 June 1963 (address delivered at the 2nd Annual Mary Williamson Harriman Lecture, Columbia University, 30 April 1962);
Item 31. 'Reflections on Resigning a Professorship', reprinted from the Universities Quarterly, November 1952, volume 7 no. 1, pp 36-49;
Item 32. 'Classical Principles and Modern Views of Labour', in The Economic Journal, Volume XXX no. 117, March 1920, pp 46-60;
Item 33. Introduction to the 2nd edition of 'Social Foundations of Wage Policy', 1962 (some passages of which appeared in BW's Eleanor Rathbone Memorial Lecture, 1961, on Remuneration in a Welfare State); Item 34. 'Sex and Society: A Sociologist's View', in The Twentieth Century, Volume 163 no. 971, January 1958;
Item 35. 'Who are the Criminals?' from The Twentieth Century, August 1957;
Item 36. 'Daddy Knows Best' (Problems of Social Work), in The Twentieth Century, October 1959;
Item 37. Galley proof of 'The Puzzling Politics of China', for The Twentieth Century, May 1958;
Item 38. 'Chaos in the Social Services', in The Sociological Review, Volume XXXIV nos. 1 and 2, January - April 1942;
Item 39. 'Am I My Brother's Keeper?', re legal responsibility, in Agenda, A Quarterly Journal of Reconstruction), Volume III no. 2 May 1944;
Item 40. 'On Public and Private Honesty', in The Political Quarterly, Volume XVI, no. 3, July - September 1945;
Item 41. 'Before and After Beveridge', in The Political Quarterly, Volume XIV no. 4 October - December 1943;
Item 42. 'The Beveridge Report', in Agenda, Volume II no. 1 February 1943;
Item 43. 'A Plague on All Your Isms', re academic language, being the substance of a lecture given to the Fabian Summer School, 1941, printed in The Political Quarterly Volume XIII no. 1 January - March 1942; Item 44. Use of Social Sciences (a preface to ?), 1955;
Item 45. 'Do the British need their Empire?', in Common Sense Volume X no. 12 December 1941;
Item 46. 'John Maynard Keynes' (an appreciation), in The Highway, November 1946 (published by the Workers' Educational Association);
Item 47. 'Social Service in the New Society', in Social Service, A Quarterly Survey, Volume XXV no. 4 March-May 1952;
Item 48. 'Sickness or Sin?' re mental health, in The Twentieth Century, May 1956;
Item 49. 'Why not Change the Schools?', in The Highway, March 1956, published by the Workers' Educational Association;
Item 50. 'The Ethics of Wage Structure: Retrospect and Prospect', in The Hibbert Journal, a Quarterly Review of Religion, Theology and Philosophy, January 1956;
Item 51. 'Holiness or Happiness', re divorce, in The Twentieth Century, November 1955;
Item 52. 'The Law, The Doctor, and The Deviant', reprinted from the British Medical Journal, July 27 1963; Item 53. 'The Juvenile Courts', in The Criminal Law Review, October 1961;
Item 54. 'The Image of the Social Worker', in The British Journal of Sociology, December 1960;
Item 55. 'Does the Country Want You?', in The Countryman, Autumn 1946;
Item 56. BW and Prof Hayek, 'Economic Planning: Serfdom or Freedom?', in Left, November 1946;
Item 57. Galley proof of 'William Beveridge, an Appreciation' [after 1955];
Item 58. Galley proofs of a review of 'Winds of Change in the Criminal Law' [after 1960];
Item 59. Galley proofs of 'Humanism and Social Pathology', in The Humanist Frame, ed Julian Huxley, Allen & Unwin, 1961;
Item 60. 'Reflections on the Welfare State', being Chapter 18 of 'Approaches to Welfare', ed. Philip Bean and Stewart MacPherson, pub. Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1983;
Item 61. 'Winners and Losers in the Rat-Race' (re social change), in The World in 1984 Volume 2, The Complete New Scientist Series, ed. Nigel Calder, pub. Pelican, 1965;
Item 62. 'The Moral Basis of the Welfare State', being Chapter 2 of P Bean, J Ferris and D Whynes, 'In Defence of Welfare', London, Tavistock, 1985;
Item 63. 'The Social Work Task Today', in Community Care October 4 1978;
Item 64. Letter to the British Journal of Criminology re sex and delinquency, 1965, in reponse to an article in the July issue by Drs Cockburn and Maclay;
Item 65. 'Mental Disorder and Crime', in State of Mind, November 1968;
Item 66. 'Abolish Juvenile Courts', being extracts from a conversation between BW and Paul Cavadino, Editor of Inside Out (prepared by NACRO for care of offenders and prevention of crime), October 1978, in the wake of the publication of 'Crime and Penal Policy';
Item 67. 'A Social Scientist's Approach to Maternal Deprivation', in 'Deprivation of Maternal Care: A Reassessment of its Effects', pub. World Health Organization, Geneva 1962;
Item 68. 'What I Believe', being BW on secular morality and humanist beliefs, part of an anthology of views, pub. George Allen & Unwin 1966;
Item 69. 'The Changing Face of British Criminal Justice', in 'Law and Crime: Essays in Honor of Sir John Barry', ed. Norval Morris and Mark Perlman, pub. Gordon and Breach, 1972;
Item 70. 'What is the Function of the Criminal Courts?', in The Law Society's Gazette, June 1964.


  • 1920 - 1985


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