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Personal diaries: Volume 8, 1926-04-25 - 1927-05-09

Reference Code: GBR/0271/GCPP Graham, A2 1/8

Scope and Contents

Lengthy entries, though at much more irregular intervals. Pages numbered only to 129, c. 300 pages in volume. Friends and visitors include Tom Henn, Mr Balfour, Alan Goodman and Gerald Wormal
pages 1-21 has been to King's Norton near Birmingham to stay with Mina. Athol Page was also a visitor, whose company Agatha enjoys
pages 21-24 re Alethea in Paris
pages 32-34 Gerald Wormal, President of the Sophists, a Peterhouse literary society
pages 35-55 on the General Strike / undergraduate volunteering and emergency work
pages 55-64 visit by cousins Pattie and Robert [Tillyard] from New Zealand [Robert giving lectures]
pages 62-64 Miss Lund, Mother's Danish pupil
pages 70-72 Mother's Greek pupil - 'Mother's extraordinary knowldege - she hasn't told him how she gets it - of modern Greek literature impresses him - - '
pages 91-100 May Races on the Cam
pages 102-103 description of Juan Mascaro, an acquaintance of Mother's - 'he felt that the only way to find out the meaning of life, & a back stairs to heaven is to read the Hindu scriptures in the original - - '
pages 104-108 tea with Mr Brown at his rooms in Tennis Court Road. 'I don't care about Mr Brown's admiration'
pages 108-110 Alan Goodman
pages 110-118 Old Persean Reunion at school, performance of Comus for the Old Perseans, dinner, speeches etc
p 121 'We've got wireless - without telling Oracle [grandfather] - - And Oracle loves it now, though before he said he'd never have it'
pages 122-129 re Alethea in Paris
2 July - 17 August - gap for holiday in Brittany [described in separate diary]
19 August - Merton House family, including Veronica's whooping cough. Choosing Alethea's room in Girton
26 August - including 2 pages on Letchworth where Cara [grandmother] and Oracle are holidaying - 'full of worthy people who want to reform the world' etc; 12 pages on a bike ride out to the Papworth Tuberculosis Colony to visit Nadja; and Joan Wood pays her first visit for some time
31 August - 21 pages on visit of 'Poor Old Owssie' [W Owston Smith] and on Tom Henn, and a little on P.O.O.'s brother Ralph Smith
10 September - 6 pages on preparations for Alethea going to Girton
18 September - 10 pages on bike rides round surrounding villages
19 September - 6 pages on visit by Tom Henn and his mother
23 September - 7 pages on return to school, new mistresses, new activities etc, and 11 pages on visit to Tom Henn at his flat on Victoria Road and in St Catharine's College
2 October - 4 pages on Tom Henn's wedding, attended by Cara
11 October - 11 pages on Alethea and her friends etc in Girton
22 October - 18 pages chiefly re odds and ends at school - skipping Scripture lessons, Science club etc, various friends including Helen Tansley, starting Italian lessons with Signor Pettoello (2 pages on him), also tea at Girton with Alethea, and with Ian Parsons (a friend of Tom Henn's) and Ruth Warren
2 November - 5 pages on 'a sort of musical squash (my first squash) at the Murrays at Selwyn Lodge' and 5 pages on the removal of Oracle's eye at the Evelyn Nursing Home
14 and 19 November - 25 pages re various events, some in half term, including first Cambridge cinema trip to see The Sea Beast, based on Moby Dick; tea with Alethea and 'three very handsome undergraduates'; Stephen, Veronica and Phyllis; Gerald Wormal; 4 pages on a squash at Westminster College; Science Club at school
3 December - 14 pages miscellaneous - school; Helen Tansley; Alethea; tea with Ian Dalrymple; Les Miserables at the cinema
9 December - 8 pages on various, including chaperoning Alethea to tea at Mr Davidson's rooms in Malcolm Street
18 December - 13 pages re various including: talking to Mother about the relationship between Alethea and Agatha, Aelfrida, and Cara and Oracle; lecture at the Guildhall on 'How to get rid of war' by Dr Norwood with Helen Tansley; 5 pages on school Speech Day; Tom Henn and his wife - 3 pages
27 December - 16 pages re Carol Service at King's College and Christmas Day
1 January - 13 pages re 2 New Year's dances
20 January - 9 pages chiefly re the Pettoello family, also having flu
5 February - 22 pages re various especially school, which has been divided into houses; reflections on Miss Cattley; visitors to tea include Miss Janisch and Miss Bell-John of Newnham, Tom Quibell, Gerald Wormal, Ian Parsons, 'Timothy' White; E M Forster lecture on 'Some Aspects of the Modern Novel (4 pages); Festival Theatre with Alethea and Isabel Mills (8 pages)
27 February - 3 pages on another Festival Theatre trip. 'Lately I haven't wanted to write my diary'. Longish gap till -
18 April - 6 pages on laziness, not wanting to write, getting into 'a good many rows - about not wearing a hat, & things like that'. Joan Cooper has given her a doctor's certificate, ostensibly relating to her back
21 April - 11 pages re various including 'Timothy' White. Also includes a poem from a play written by Agatha and Helen Tansley
28 April - 5 pages on Alethea in Italy after her return from Turin where she stayed with the Vezzettis
4 May - 8 pages, including 3 on Bice Vezzetti, who is visiting
9 May - Agatha has remedial gym etc for her back. Various visitors including 'Timothy' White who 'is really called Terence'
At back: list of books read from April 1926; b/w photos of Alethea and Agatha, also Perse Hockey Team 1925-6 with key to names; and Honor, Hope and Faith Tillyard in New Zealand 1925; and a news cutting with photo about the Lent Races (1927?).


  • Creation: 1926-04-25 - 1927-05-09



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